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Character Study: Jolie

Lady Asphyxia

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[size=1]I was going through my Piles of Paper [the real ones, not the one on OB] and I came across this short piece. It was a 'Character Study', [at least, that's what I've termed it.] a short piece focusing on the character and who they are and what they look like. This piece was probably the first piece that, in retrospect, I still think is quite good.

I never ended up using her for a story, though, which disappointed me.

Anyway, tell me what you think. I would have written this in Grade 8.

[b]Character Study: Jolie[/b]

Jolie's shoulder length blonde hair way cut that way for purely practical reasons. If it was too long, too much time was taken to put it up. Too short, and you couldn't put it up at all. Her often scowling face looked odd when combined with her eyes. They seemed to spark with as secret humor, as if she was laughing at them behind the baby blue irises. Jolie liked this. It put even perceptive people off their stride, not knowing if she was upset or just pretending. It gave her an edge in life.

Her cynical nature and devout religious habits were aftereffects of her parent's bitter divorce, where each parent fought to have her, but neither actually wanted her; each just trying to top the other. Jolie accepted that the divorce had left bad marks, and she dealt with that accordingly, throwing herself into her beliefs and promising herself that her marriage, whenever that might happen, would be the forever kind.[/size]
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[size=1]I think she'd make a very interesting character. The psychology aspect of it is really fascinating - the effects of her parents divorce on her beliefs. It's very believable, very well thought out for being just a couple paragraphs, and as short as it is, it explains a lot about the character Jolie.

Also, I think all good authors have to have some sort of understanding of psychology and what motivates people to think this or do that, and you seem to have a very good handle on that. Not just with this, but with most everything you write. Kudos. ^_~[/size]
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Well. That's... interesting. Honestly I have never done a character development for any of my stories, but seeing this i may consider it. She seems like a very fractured individual... and a Christian. Unfortunately the section about her parent's divorce is all too common in this day and age though.

Soz about the Mormons remark.
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