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The most recent Film you've seen [Warning may contain spoilers]


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[Color=#707875][font=tahoma]Well this has been my first thread in a while in this Forum but I have decided to post a new one to see what kind of a response I'll get to it.

Now some of you may think that this is just about the latest movie have seen in the Cinema. No, this is about the latest film you have seen whether it be on [b]Television, Video, DVD or in the Cinema[/b]. I just thought I'd clear that up before this turned in the [b]The Top Ten Movies on OtakuBoards this Week..... At Number Ten we Have...[/b], huh not a bad idea for a thread but I don't think it would work all that well but back to the idea behind this one.

Now for me the most recent film would be [b]My Cousin Vinny[/b] staring, if you could call it that, Joe Pesci, Ralph Macchio, Marisa Tomei [who won an Oscar for her part], Mitchell Whitfield, Fred Gwynne and Lane Smith. Now it's time for the good old spoiler tags [spoiler]Now this film takes place around the Trial of two "Youts" yes I said Youts, what is a Yout you ask ? I have no idea but Peschi seems to. Now as I was saying these two Youts for the murder of a Convenience Store clerk in a small town in Alabama.

Now the two boys know they have committed a crime [one forgot to pay for a can of Tuna] and when they arrested they quickly confess to what they believe is a simple case of Theft. However when they learn their actual charge things heat up as they attempt to prove their innocence they decided to call in Vincent Gambinni, attorney at law or just plain Cousin Vinny.

After a shaky start and several nights in prison Vinny pulls of a stunning victory for his "clients" and proves not only to the court but secretly himself that he is a true lawyer, as opposed to a personal injury attorney...[/spoiler] And so the spoilers end. I truly enjoyed this film and I haven't laughed as hard in a long while.

Well that's my most recent film, what's yours...[/color][/font]
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