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Inferno: Alright, listen up, and listen carefully. I'm accepting 10 people with unique powers. You will submit every litle peace of info if yourself and I will chose wether you will join or not.
This is not a simple desk job. I'll only accept top of the hill aplicants.

Submit your info and we will se wether you are good enough!
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Excuse, I just want to know where is the backstory and the sign up. Please go to the sticky. They will shut this down if you do not have backstory, just like the one in the adventure arena that does not belong there. If I was a mod I would should this and the one in the Adventure Arena
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[size=1][color=navyblue]jro13, I'm glad to see that you're trying to help keep up the quality, but please leave this sort of thing to the moderators in the future. This is our job, after all.

As for the thread. We expect a certain standard of detail and overall quality with every posts, especially those in the Recruitment area, and this doesn't cut it. There needs to be more information about your RPG - what sort is it? What are you looking for in characters, besides unique powers? What do you consider unique powers? Etc. There needs to be a basic story line, something that will give potential players an idea of what to expect. Right now, they don't really have anything to go off of.

Please, review Harlequin's sticky at the top of the forum, and you also might check out the standard OB rules, as well. Both will give you a better idea of what is expected. If you still need help after that, feel free to PM either myself, terra, or Harlequin for any questions.

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This is a millitary RPG. We will be going out on missions and kicking butt. No plot line included... I've never herd of millitary themes needing to explain themselves to recruits. They will only know what they need to know (Need-to-know basis)

Later on about 3 or 4 missions later something will happen to change the plot line... Trust me I've thought it through...
Powers are obviouse. If you have a special blend of Elements in your blood, you can get accepted, deppending on the kind of person you are. That is kind of obviouse as I said that there is only 1 sort of power of everyone, except they are in different forms.

There is nothing else anyone needs to know.

<-- Edit -->

Ok, I got informed by PM what was lacking.

So, I need your name, age, rank (Millitary ( you can't be higher ranked then me so you are all probbably primates, cadettes etc...))
I need to know what 2 elements you are (NOTE: You can't be stuff like Fire/Water, so be careful what you pick)
I'm gonna need info on past expereance.
Also describtion about size (Height, weight)
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