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Yellow Submarine


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"We all live in a yellow submarine, yellow submarine, yellow submarine..."

Hey everyone!
Duorocks17 and I are starting this RPG using the characters from the crazy Beatles movie: Yellow Submarine.
duo and i have dibs on Paul and Ringo.
We will be jointly in charge of determining who qualifies for which character.
Optional good guys:
Captain Fred-

Optional bad guys:
The Glove-
The Chief Meanie (His Blueness)-
Max (2nd in Command)-
The Blue Meanies-
The Apple Bonkers-
The Snapping Turtle Turks-
The Count Down Clowns-

If you come up with any others, mention them. If they're legit, we'll let you in.

Other requirements:
1. grammar...[i]Please[/i] attempt to use good grammar and proper English...I can't stress that enough!
2. a good description of your character...not [i]all[/i] that important since there isn't a great deal of character depth involved. (It'll just help us decide who to put in. In cases of doubt, it'll go to the first entry.)
3. a sense of humor...this is, very obviously, going to be a humorous story. Please be funny!
4. knowledge of the movie or at least the Beatles...don't try to join if you have no idea what's going on!

Sample application:

Name: Paul McCartney
Instrument of Choice (if applicable): bass guitar, keyboard, and flute
Personality: Paul tends to be sure of himself. He's a bit of a lady's man and pulls it off nicely. His British accent is especially attractive. He is energentic and likes to get things done.
Appearance: (you can post a pic if you'd like) Paul is fairly tall with dark brown hair. (He's the one of the far left.)
Good or Bad: Good

We'll start the RPG when we have at least all 4 Beatles and a few bad guys.
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Also, please make sure you have at least seen the movie before signing up. And please stay committed!

[B]Name:[/B] Ringo Starr
[B]Instrument of Choice:[/B] In St. Pepper's Band: Trumpet. In the real band: Drums
[B]Personality:[/B] Ringo is an fun-loving, entergetic guy, who is sometimes considered a loner. But his funness and charisma more than make up for this.
[B]Appearence:[/B] (third from the left, or second from the right, however you look at it! on the pic above) Ringo is shorter than the other beatles, and has brown hair.
[B]Side:[/B] Good!
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I was having a hard time deciding if I wanted to be cheif blue meanie or John, looks liek john won.....

Name: John Lennon

Instrument of choice: Guitar (oh god! I forgot what he played in Sgt. pepper!)

Personality: Unwaveringly cool, with a calm sense of humor even when things start to look bad. Somewhat the leader of the band...

Appearance: John's tall with a mustache and glasses (second from the left)

Side: GOOD
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[COLOR=blue] Alright, looks like we have another Beatle! I'm going to put Angelus as John for now, but if you want you can challenge him for the spot. Me and Art will decide who is better.

We still need some bad guys, and the Chief Blue Meanie is still up for grabs!

P.S. Angelus~John plays the Trombone. (sp? you know what I mean ;))[/COLOR]
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Angelus, you can count on being in! I like your work in duo's Harry Potter RPG. now....if we could only get a George and a few meanies....Please? Anyone?
I suppose, if no one comes for awhile, we can double up on characters.
I'll check this again in a week and half. If no one else has joined, we'll just start.
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