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RPG Gundam Wing/Outlaw Star RPG(start)


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Shiro-Whew.What a boring day.

Bartender-Still can't find a job?


Bartender-I got a job fer ya.

Shiro-Yeah?Like what?

Bartender-A killer cyborg in town.Killin everyone!

Shiro-How much is the reward?

Bartender-3,000 wong.

Shiro-I guess I could do it.

Bartender-He's not some pushover ya know.

Shiro-Whatever.Where is he usually?

Bartender-A bar just on the outskirts of town.

Shiro-Be back in a couple of hours.
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Hey trunks your mailbox is full!
Shiro reaches the cyborg's hangout and walks in with his caster and desert eagle loaded.

Shiro-Where is he?*points to picture in his hand*

Commoner-Up stairs.


Shiro walks up the stair and throws the cyborg out a window.

Shiro-This reward is mine.

Shiro points his caster and shoots blowing the cyborg's head off.
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Sorry Safer, I just cleared it.
Craig is flying along in Black Ice when he see's a small town.

Craig: I'll park Black Ice a few miles out so they won't notice it.

Craig lands Black Ice 1 mile from the town, he gets his Gunblade, and starts walking towards the town.
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Craig enters the town, and walks around, looking for a bar. He finds one, when he notices something smoking sround the corner! He gets out his Gunblade, and walks over to see a cyborg carcus without a head!

Craig: What the?

He looks up, and sees someone looking out of the window, pointing a gun at the android.

Craig: Oh I see, cyborg causing trouble, mercanary sorts him out!*looks up to person in windo* Hey there! What's your name? I'm Craig.

Guy: I'm Shinro.
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Kevin: Space can be so boring. So Dragonfly(ship name and computer) how far is it to the next planet.

Dragonfly: Not far.

Kevin: Is there any action there?

Dragonfly: Yes I'll take you to the trouble down there.
*the ship landed near a bar*
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On top of that bar a lone person stands.He has adark blue jacket, black pants, a black hat, and long brown braided hair. he watches as an android is thrown out of a window and has it's head blown off.

Duo:Well,well,well what do we have here. Someone finally took care of that android. Better see who did that and congradulate them on being the only person who actually beat him.

Then he jumped off the roof and walked into the bar
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[COLOR=seagreen]Valeigh is in space, aboard her ship, the Cramona....

Cramona: We have reached the outskirts of Hei Fong.... will you want to go to a bar or an action filled place?

Leigh: Bar. Definetly.

Cramona: Just don't blow our money away....

Leigh: I won't. :D

[i]Instantly, Leigh glows blue, then disappears in a flash of white. Seconds later, Valeigh appears in a dimensional rip at the bar where Duo and Shiro were talking.[/i]

Shiro/Duo: :eek:

Leigh: Hey. I'm Valeigh, just came in from space. *extends hand*

[i]Shiro stares at her hand, it was smooth and normal, if you ignored the blue lines that started at her wrist, and moved down towards her fore finger and middle finger.[/i]

Leigh: Oh, that's nothing.

Shiro: Right. *shakes her hand*[/COLOR]
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Kevin: Just my luck all the action is over. I wonder who did this.
*as he walk around to the door he saw two people talking*

Kevin: Well hello. May I ask who did this?

Shiro: I did why did you ask?

Kevin: Just wonder. *he said with a smile*
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Shiro-I guess i'll be going now.


Shiro-To collect my reward what else.:rolleyes:

Valeigh-Ummmmmm...I don't have anywhere to go so could I come?

Shiro-*sigh*Sure but i'm leaving when I get my money.


They walk over to the police station to get the reward.

Shiro-Here is your killer android.

Officer-Here is your 3,000 wong kid.

Shiro-Great!Now I can finally get my ship out the docks.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Zero [/i]
[B]Kevin: May I ask where are you going after you get your ship? [/B][/QUOTE][COLOR=seagreen]Valeigh: He's going......to Sentinel 3.

Kevin: How'd you guess that?

Shiro: And how did you know that?!?

Valeigh: *shrugs shoulders*

Kevin/Shiro: .....okay...

[i]The guys look at her curiously and Valeigh nervously runs her fingers through her hair. As she does, they catch sight of her weird right hand again.[/i][/COLOR]
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Zero: So why Sentinel 3?

Shiro: What's with are the questions?

Zero: Sorry just curious.

Craig: Did you know curious killed the cat?

Zero: Well I'm not a cat now am I.

Leigh: Okay?
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]As the three are standing in the bar talking, a hodded man sneaks around behind Zero and Shiro. Raising his hands to strike, Leigh suddenly dashes forward and grabs him with her left hand. Bringing up her right hand she extends two of her fingers and injects something into the man's face.[/i]

Leigh: Scummy coward...I think that'll tie you over.

Shiro: What did you do?

NPC #1: What did you do? My face! ....*screams*

Zero: Oh that is disgusting...:eek:

Leigh: I just rewrote half his D.N.A. He'll suffer for another few hours, then perhaps, he will die. Or we turn him in and collect the bounty.

Shiro: Did you say, bounty?

Leigh: 5,000 wong. I just tapped into the computer. He's there alright, and he ain't the nicest of people...

NPC #1: Curse you Valeigh Darkmoon!

Leigh: :p.

Shiro: You're a Darkmoon?!?

Leigh: :blush: er...yes.[/COLOR]
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Shiro-I'm going to go free my ship and check on my mobi.....

Leigh-What was that?You were about to say mobile suit!



Shiro-I got into some trouble with the kei pirates...

Leigh-The kei pirates!!!

Shiro-Wasn't my fault!They attacked me!

Craig-You should have ran.

Shiro-The past is the past and the present is know.

Leigh-I'm going to go collect my bounty.

Shiro-This outlaw has got to go before they catch me.
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Zero: (quietly) You have a moblie suit too I see.

Shiro: What did you mean by that?

Zero: I have one too and I not on friendly term with the Kei Pirates too but who is.
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[COLOR=seagreen]Leigh: Not me. :p.

Zero/Shiro: :eek:! How do you do that?

Leigh: My right hand can open dimensional portals. It's very simple to pass in and out of them.

Zero: Just what is it with that hand of yours?

Leigh: It's a long story.

Shiro: Tell us.

Leigh: Later. I've got to check on my ship. She just told me that she has picked up two Kei Pirate ships approaching the city.

Shiro: Alright, let's go! *dashes down the stairs*

Leigh: HOLD IT!

Shiro/Zero: What?

Leigh: Both of you take my left hand. I'll take both of you through my shortcut.

Shiro: Uh...okay...

[i]Slashing her hand up, then down, a rip in space appears. Walking through with Zero and Shiro, the three move through a strange blackness, then apear in the hanger.[/i]

Shiro: ...that was fun...*falls over*

Leigh: *pushes him back on his feet* Sorry about that, I forgot how humans don't move through space as easily as me.

Zero: Okay, let's see your ships.

Leigh: Right...[/COLOR]
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Shiro runs to his ship [I]The Cloud[/I]and jumps in and starts it up.

Shiro-Alright Cloud let's go!

Cloud-They're are two Kei pirate ships coming towards us.

Shiro-I know.Get ready to deploy my suit.


Shiro pilots his ship into space with Leigh and Zero coming up behind.

Zero-You ready Shiro?

Leigh-What are you two clowns about to do?

Shiro-Alright Cloud!

Cloud-Deploying mobile suit Ultima Destroyer in T-10 minutes.

Shiro hops in his Gundam and flys off with Zero next to him in a Gundam.
This is a pic of my Suit.
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[COLOR=seagreen]Valeigh: Well then, I'll just watch from space. *teleports to Cramona*

Cramona: Ready?

Leigh: *jumps into seat* Ready.

Cramona: Initiating engine sequence. Blast off in 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!

[i]The blue ship rockets into space. With both hands on the blank console, Leigh directs the ship with her mind.[/i]

Leigh: Do we have visual contact?

Cramona: Yes. *screen pops up* The Kei pirates are attacking a moblie suit.

Leigh: Take us in.[/COLOR]
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Kevin: This should be fun.

Shiro: You got that right.

Kevin: Let get ready for some action.
*Kevin power up his gundam twin buster rifle*
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Craig stands there puzzled.

Craig: Well...... thanks for taking me too Leigh.

Craig runs out of the town, in the direction of his Gundam Black Ice. He enters Black Ice.

Craig: Lets go Black Ice.

Black Ice launches into the air. Within a few minutes he is in space. He locates Zeros Gundam.

Craig: Hmm.......... I got the Kei pirates ships on my radar.

Craig lifts his Vulcan Cannon. He aims, and in the other arm charges up his beam saber.

Craig: Lets do this.
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