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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Master Quest


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I need some serious help. In Master Quest, I can't figure out what to do in the Water Temple! I tryed to figure it out, but my brain is fried trying to get through the other dungeons. The data was lost and now I'm back at the Dodongos Cavern. Please tell me something soon because I'll get to the Water Temple soon enough!
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[color=indigo]Well, where were you stuck in the Water Temple? Unless you give some more details, I can't really help, short of writing an entire walkthrough for the dungeon... And I don't remember [i]that[/i] much about it. But yeah, tell me where specifically you were having trouble, and I'll be glad to help.[/color]
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[color=indigo]Yeah, it's okay to post links to walkthroughs.

A good place to look for help would be [url=http://www.zelda.com/ocarina/background.html][u]Zelda.com[/u][/url]. The site actually has a downloadable player's guide in pdf format that you'd probably find useful. Just click on Dungeons, then Water Temple in the Master Quest column, and it'll give you info on the dungeon and a link to the pdf file.

[url=http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/gamecube/game/35017.html][u]GameFAQs[/u][/url] also has some walkthroughs for Master Quest, so you could try there too.[/color]

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[color=#087B00]While trying to keep myself awake yesterday (having stayed up all the night before), I decided to play Ocarina of Time Master Quest yesterday and collect some of the 38 Gold Skulltula Tokens that I didn't bother with while playing through the game when I first got the disc. Most of them that I collected yesterday were just on the overworld, so I already knew where a lot of them were since everything on the overworld is the same as the original OOT. But today I decided to keep collecting until I got them all, and that led me into the dungeons.

Now, as everyone should know, everything about the dungeons in Master Quest short of the basic architecture is different from the original Ocarina of Time, so for the most part I didn't have any idea where to find the remaining Gold Skulltulas. This resulted in me randomly wandering through the dungeons until I found the rest of the Gold Skulltulas in them, and while doing so I got to re-experience a few of the puzzles, which was really fun. Today I managed to collect all the rest of the tokens except for one in the Spirit Temple and one in the Shadow Temple, and the highlight of the day was the Fire Temple.

In the Fire Temple (my favorite dungeon for both OOT and OMQ) I was reminded just how tricky Master Quest's puzzles can get since I had left a couple of the unnecessary ones undone. And the puzzles are what I really love about Master Quest; it's like they take everything you know about the original OOT and turn it upside down. They make you think of entirely new ways of doing things as well as putting twists on old concepts while also just being downright sneaky to test your perception.

But my favorite kind of puzzle, I think, are those that are deceptively simple, and there was a perfect example in the Fire Temple. On the top floor, in the eastern room that's large and round, there's a switch at the top of a sloping hill that spirals up around the outside of the room. At the top of the hill is a block that you need to move, surrounded by flames, and at the bottom of the hill is a switch that will remove those flames for a short time; the middle of the room is a huge pit, and at about the middle of the hill (across from the switch) is a Hookshot target that you can use to pull yourself across the pit.

That was the setup and here was my initial reaction: I thought, "Oh, I remember doing something like this in the original OOT. I need to hit the switch, then pull myself halfway up the hill to save enough time to be able to get to the block." And that's where I forgot the first rule of Master Quest: [i]Never assume that a similar looking puzzle is completed in the same way as the original OOT.[/i] Upon putting my plan into action, I found myself falling down that huge pit in the center of the room ... all the way back down to the second room of the dungeon. But, undaunted, I began to make my way back up through the dungeon. "I must not have hit the Hookshot target high enough up to be able to catch its edge and pull myself up on top of it," I thought, "and it's right on the edge of the pit, so I fell."

Back up in the room again, I was almost about to make another attempt when I finally remembered the first rule of Master Quest. So instead of simply trying again, I decided to check out the target by climbing up the hill and looking around. I discovered that, yes, the target was right on the edge of the hill, but what I was wrong about was my assumption that I just hadn't hit it high enough up to catch its edge. Turns out, the target was on enough of a slope that no matter where I hit it I couldn't catch its edge and pull myself up. And after some testing and looking around, I came to the conclusion that it would be impossible to effectively pull myself up the hill by using the target.

So how did I solve the puzzle? [spoiler]I climbed the hill the normal way and looked around the block. And there, right next to the block, was another switch that was obscured from view when looking up from the bottom of the hill and it made another Hookshot target appear at the edge of the ledge overlooking the bottom of the hill. So then all I had to do was press the switch at the bottom, pull myself straight up to the top, and move the block to uncover a Gold Skulltula.[/spoiler] It appeared to be hard while in reality being very simple and easy, and I loved it; it actually made me laugh when I figured it out.

But anyway, I just wanted to post up my little experience there and see what other people think about Master Quest. The game hasn't really been talked about at all since the old thread in the archives, which was over a year ago.[/color]
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