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My First Banner

Bullet Theory

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[size=1][color=chocolate]Eh, sorry but first banner needs much work.

The Vegeta sprite (correct me if it is not Vegeta) is blurred, along with the images of Brolli, Goku, and the other dude (sorry, I have seen him, but don't remember his name). The font though is OK, and it looks like you did add a border, but very very thin.
Well MS Paint isn't a great program, so blame that for it. Just practice and see what can come out of it.[/size][/color]
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Like it was said before: the program...? *ack* The picture's are rather distorted, and I think you could have used nicer pictures over all...but the font is interesting enough, though it doesn't really suit the banner itself. Try using clearer images--and I think it would look better if the text didn't have its own box...

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