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RPG Shinobi of Gentatsu!


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OOC: (Theme: Historical, Drama, Action, Romance (maybe)

Long ago in Japan, there was a peacful Village in the Gentatsu country. This village was the Unashi. The village excisted long, and stayed in peace for a long time. They had no need of weapons and warriors, since no one wanted to destroy such a peacful place.

But in the end of the 8th century The first Shogun clan was created, and not long after, so was the second. These 2 clans were at war with each other. Unfortunatly, the Unashi were in the cross fire. The Unashi vilage was right between the small camps where the Shogun clans stayed.
When the clans waged war, Unashi would take most of the beating.

Just as the people of Unashi were about to give up and leave their homes of many centuries. The leader of Unashi assebled a few brave men who were willing to fight. Unfortunetly, they were unready for this tasc. So the chief braught in a very powerful Shinobi from a village of Emishes, very far from Unashi. He promissed to train and prepare the brave men for battle.

Now the story beginns. Will the Unashi survive this gang war of 2 Shogun? Or will this be the end?
You decide!

OOC: NOTE: No super-powers, demons, magic, etc.
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Asuka cleaned her blade and felt a sudden sorrow about her father diapperence. She looked at the inn keeper and smiled but the Inn Keeper could tell that she was in pain. Her sword was resting on her thigh when a small face appered in the Inn door.

Person-Uh, Are you Asuka? The one who has decided to help us? Cause if you are Asuka Narako then the Shinobi has asked for you o join the celebration.

Asuka-A samurai cannot enjoy the fruits of nature when they have lost the tree that bore them. My father has not returned but I cannot even begin to think how a celebration will help my pain.

Person-Please the Shinobi has asked your guidence. He needs you to challange the men, The need to learn somehow....

Asuka stood up her face showing little emotion. She grabbed her sword. Her Wakizashi was dangling on the end of the bed and she grabbed it making sur eit was against her katana. Asuka walked out into the village and began to slowly walk up the steps of a nearby temple. Getting on her knees she slowly lowerd her sword and prayed a few words. Standing back up she glanced at the gruop of men holding the swords as the struck at small mounds of dirt.

Asuka-Father give me strength to weild God-killer. Give me strentgh to hold this might sword.
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Shyquan sits in a crowded room with his hat covering his face listening to a couple of drunks talking. He stands up and walks slowly to the door." Hey! kid where ya going!" A man stood up and blocked Shy's path." I have some one to pick up." Shyquan said in a low voice." Alright then here's your pay." He toses Shyquan a couple off coins and moves out his way. Shyquan walked to a near by store where his sister was selling items of all sorts.

" Shy... your ready to go yet." Shyquan noded as his sister packed up her stuff. " So, how long is your training going to be?" She asked with a light voice. Shy just looks up." I don't really know Shakia." " I keep telling you to let me go too but you would probably find some way to make me return here, huh?" Shyquan doesn't responed.

They come up to a house Shyquan opens the door.He picks up a small bag with all the Items he needs for his journey. Shyquan goes in to a dark room and picks up a shiny sword and heads to find Shakia. Shakia picks up two swords and polishes them in a near by room." Take care of your self and Dark wolf too." Shakia said metioning his sword.Shyquan just smiles at her and heads out the door. He walks on an dark path olny lite by the light of the moon.

" I think I should plan what I'm gonna do next." he saids to himself now in a louder voice. though I hate to admit it I want to protect my village. but I want revenge as well. He thought as he came closer and closer to the training grounds.

(OOC: hope this is okay)
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"Brother! You promised! You promised me! Does that mean nothing??" Veil shouted, her fist clenched. Tears gathered in her eyes, but she refused to let them run. Instead, she let her anger take over a little, and it got rid of the sorrow.

Her brother slammed his hand down on the low table, commanding silence. His first lost of control in their quarrel. "I know! I know. Sit." He put a hand to his forehead, trying to ease his tension.

Veil sat, cross-legged, waiting for her brother to continue.

"Is this...what you really want? Why must you ask for this? This is a man's -"

She interrupted again, hissing in her anger. "A man's? A man's job only?? How can you say this? How can you say this to [I]me[/I]??"

He nodded, closing his eyes, "I know, I know, I'm sorry. But...you're my sister. I cannot help but worry, and this... This is something that our parents will not accept."

Veil looked at him, her gaze scornful, "They are not my parents. Not anymore. But they are still [I]your[/I] parents. They will listen to you, and you know it. And you promised me. If you break this vow, then you are all dead to me."

"This is not what I thought you would ask for! To journey with our warriors to a foreign land, to train their people in combat? I would be throwing you in the midst of a battle! How, as your brother, can I do that???" He put his head in his hands, hiding his face from her in the shadows.

She looked down at the floor, feeling compassion come back to her. Her brother was always so kind, so level-headed, and she knew that in this he was right...but she had to go. She had to have this one, last freedom.

"Brother," she said quietly, inviting peace, "dear brother, I know that you fear for me. I know you fear that my passion and temper will put me in danger. I know that you fear that I will not look forward in my path, and not see the rushing torrents of my enemies. And I know that you fear that my blood will be spilled, that I seek only glory in battle.
But...how can I tell you the depth of the sorrow filling my heart, when I am forced to forsake my family name, and take on another? How can I tell you of the hurts and wounds from leaving the homelands of my ancestors and people? How can I tell you of the pain that cannot be expressed in words? Will you also trap me in a cage? Have I not done enough, to accept this forced marriage, and not run away? Will you also leave me no freedom, no last wish?"

He sobbed, and she saw his tears on the table, and glistening on his cheeks. Veil cried silently, her tears gliding down her smooth skin, and quickly dried and wiped away by her hands. It was agony causing her brother pain, but... she must have this. If the rest of her life was to be entrapped in a marriage not of her choosing, then she must have this. She had to be able to find her peace in this journey...or...her death.

Her brother caught his breath, wiping away his tears. He looked up at her, and her heart broke again. "Do you... must you really ask for this? Is there nothing else I can give you?"

Veil bowed her head. "I...I must explain to you. This journey...is to find...my peace. Perhaps I will find something that will allow this sorrow to disappear, to flow out of my heart. Please, I beg of you, let me go. It is the only thing I ask, and the only thing...that will perhaps alleviate some of my pain. Please..." She looked up, and found his eyes fixed on her face.

He finally nodded, and then turned away. He took off his ring, carved from cherrywood, and intricately engraved with twisting vines, flowers, and things of nature. On the inside was carved their family name. "Go. Take this to Koryu, and tell him to take you with his men. And...return in peace."

Veil took the ring, and slipped it on her finger. It was the emblem of the Prince, the ring that showed his stature in the Emish. He would not be able to rule without it, and if lost, their family would be cast into eternal shame. She realized that if she did not return, then he would not be able to lead the Emish people.

She took it back off, and held it back out to him. "Brother, you need not give me this. I promise you, I will return. You know me, I am no coward. I will not run from this, even if it will take away the rest of my life."

He stayed still. "I'm not giving it to you so that you will return. I'm giving it to you so that...if you choose not to return...then you will have something of me with you..always."

Veil slipped it back on her finger, trembling, and trying not to let the tears run. She bit her lip, and then closed her eyes. Slowly, she bowed her head and lifted her hands to her forehead, and sank in a slow, reverent bow. Her farewell to her brother, a woman's vow of eternal loyalty and servility. She left. Inside, her brother's head sank, the room filled with silent sobs and sorrows.
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Jim packed up his thinks and gathered his weapons and items he would need on his long journey ahead. He went down to the lower part of his house where he exited the door. Once he walked away form the house he looked back and marveled at his past life.

"I'll find you one way or another mother...we'll come back here and be happy again" Jim said as he gripped his Bo tightly and continued to walk dwn the mountain path to the nearest village. Once Jim had enterd the village he stopped at the temple for a quick prayer and then a bit to eat before he sets out of his jouney to different cities and villages.

"So your leaving already kid" a lady said at the resturant, she knew Jim since he was a young boy.

"Yes, its time I searched for adventure, and some personal things as well" JIm stated as he payed the check. Then the lady gave back the money before he left.

"Keep it, your welcome to eat here free whenever you like. Come back to try my new food sometime" She said. Jim walked out the door waving goodbuy to everyone he knew. Once Jim left it would only be a day's walk to the city and adventure he desired so long for.

"No turning back" Jim wispered to himself as he walked down the path through the dark woods.
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The day had finally arrived. Shino was the first person in front of the tempel, waiting.
After a few houres a lot of people had assembeled in front of the temple. When finally the arrivel of the Emish warrior had come.
Everyone was cheering and happy. New hope had lit a fire in their hearts. Finally they could fight back.
Shinos eyes were glowing as he watched the majestic warrior ride in through the gates on his beatiful black horse. When he reached the tempel, he climbed off, stood on top of the podium and started speaking to the public, who were all excited to heat his words

OOC: Sorry... Too busy to write any more :P
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Veil's eyes were on the people when she rode through the temple gates with the other warriors of the Emish. She whispered to Koryu, "They're so...happy to see us. What causes them to be so elated at our arrival? Have they been so ravaged by the Shogun?"

He answered her quietly, keeping his eyes on the surroundings, "I have heard that the Shogun...is not known for its mercy or kindness. They have suffered much here. I believe that if our village were to be attacked by this Shogun, then even I would offer any help that came."

Veil nodded, and was silent. There were so many people, staring and smiling at them, and happy yells filled the temple courtyard. And...so many children, smiling and waving, staring at their foreign weapons and armor. She wondered if they all had parents, or if some were orphans. She dismounted with the other men, and a monk greeted them on the steps.

"Welcome," he said calmly, and with a little bow. "Thank you for coming. We greatly appreciate your aid."
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Asuka kept her Wakizashi close to her stomach. Pulling out her Katana her fingers traced the Japense writing.

Asuka-God-Killer, Please keep me safe....I need Atonment.

As Asuka walked by a Cherry Blossem Tree she saw the petals fall and remembered what her father had said.

Remembrance- The Cherry Blossem though short lived forever leaves a imprint of it's beauty on the people of Japan. May you do that with God-killer and Nova-Blade.

Resting her hands on God-killer Asuka began to walk out to the crowd of people. A little girl had been watching her and she ran up to Asuka tugging her Kimono.

Little Girl- My name is Rin...I am an orphan. Please the monk has been kind to me and the other urchins please save my town..I need a home and this town gave it to me...Please kind lAdy please.

Asuka her face becoming soft and her hard eyes gently becoming more loving oicked up the little girl and kissed her forhead.

Asuka-I will..And when I come back I will Take care of you.

Rin hugged Asuka's Kimono and smiled glancing at the swords. She did not know Asuka well but still hugged her as if they were realted. Asuka began to see a purpose in the fight. Lifting Rin up in her shoulders she walked by a mon k who bowed.

Monk-Praise Budda..We have many who have come to fight. And we have on who comes to love.

Asuka set Rin down on the steps and smiled. Rin Grabbed a small hand and showed Asuka another child.

Rin- This is my brother Yuhi. Can he wait for you too? Please Kind Lady?

Asuka bent down and hugged both the children as if they were her own. She knew the two had seen many trial and she kissed both on the head.

Asuka- Rin, Yuhi I am Asuka. I will return to both of you. When this over You will have a True home.

Rins eyes welled up with tears and her brothers face began to show a wideing smile.

Rin and Yuhi- Thank you Asuka Return! Please Return!

Asuka waved her hand at the two children as they picked up sticks and began to pretend that they were her shouting out about how the God killer would strike down Nova blade.
Asuka smiled and said

Asuka- I will return for them. Father I found where I will leave my imprint. I will Leave my imprint on these children. The Imprint of hope.
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Jim had just entered this bg village when this man was talking on a poseum. Then some of them looked at Jim and cheered him all, then someone told him of the situation.

"The people have sufferd a lot and now they need us to get id of their sorrow" Jim thought as all the fighters and temple peole went through the "parade". He noticed some poeple up front ans started to head up there past all the people trying to talk to him.

*Sory cant wite much, g2g home for the day, i'll edit later though*
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Shyquan enters the village. Hes surprised by the large crowd. He walks quickly to the Temple not wanting to be noticed by the crowd at the moment. He heard of the things they had gone throuh and the hardships they had encontered because of the long battle with the Shogun clan.

He felt bad for them. He knew alot about how the Shogun clan could go on killing springs with no regard for human life what so ever. He experienced it himself when his parents were killed.He watched some of the small children wander around care free happy because their village was to be saved. It remineded him of him and his sister when they were little so care free. But, after their parents died they lost that sense of child like innocense.

" I got to do this for them and my family." Shy looked down at his feet and then looked at the other warriors around him. He stood against the side of the building waiting for further instructions. His hat pulled over his eyes a little. Showing he didn't really want to be seen or noticed by the crowd.
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Shino was standing way out in front of the crowd, chering the Emish as they came on their horses, while the leader of the Emish, the man who was gonna help the Unashi was speaking to the public Shino looked and saw a young girl among the Emish.

[b]Shino[/b]: [i]What's a girl doing with a group of Emish warriors? Although she is kind of cute[/i]

Veil was standing beside the speaker just as the other Emish followers. She was looking around at the public when she suddenly noticed Shino staring at her. When he saw her and understood that she knew he was staring at her, he turned his head quickly.
Veil Smiled and then turned away as th speaker said

[b]Speaker[/b]: And now my daughter Veil. I know many of you might be sceptical to the idea of a female warrior, but you should all know she a very talented fighter and shehas every right to be here... Veil, please say a few words.

Veil had a nervouse look on her face as she stepped up and looked out at the people...

OOC: Take it away Veil! ;)
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OOC: Wha..? Uh, when did Veil's father get there? She's kinda in a bad mood with him right now, and I thought he was back at the village...? How about...we'll just change the father part to the leader of the warriors, Koryu, k? And he'll just introduce her as the princess of the Emish or something like that...
Oh, and what the heck? :D You told me not to fall in love with you! So don't say that I did - you're the one making the first moves here. ;)


Veil gathered her voice, and scanned her eyes over the crowd. She made her voice strong, and yet gentle and comforting at the same time - these people had so much sorrow in their eyes...they needed hope and peace. "First, I want to thank you all for your warm greeting. Even though you don't know us, you have come out of your way to welcome us into your village. And...I have to say that it shows your people have strength, because even though you fight a war, you still have the time and the generosity to come and greet strangers."

She paused, and took a breath. "I must say...that I had my doubts coming to the Unashi. I asked myself, what do my people, the ancient Emish, have to do with these conflicts? Why do we go to their aid? But...now that I am here...I can only say that I'm thankful that I came. I think...that perhaps all of our separate tribes have been...too proud, and too cautious. We're afraid of dipping our hands in conflicts that are not our own, we're afraid of getting involved in battles that we have not started."

Veil took another breath. "But...over the years, all these different tribes have forgotten something. It doesn't matter if it's not the Emish that I am fighting for, and it doesn't matter that I'm taking a chance on my life here. What matters, is that a force has come, breaking the peace. The Shogun has violently entered into your peaceful existence, shattering your hopes and dreams, and slaughtering the Unashi. They come not with hands held out in peace, but with their swords already drawn against the innocent."

"And so..it is because of this that I have understood something. It doesn't matter if the conflict is not our own. The Emish people are here to aid you in your defense of your people, your ancestors, your way of life. Why? Because...the preservation of life is more important than separate tribes or existences. Life is the most important thing in the world, and those who seek to take it without cause...must be stopped. So...again, I want to extend my thanks to you, not only for welcoming us, but also because you were wise enough to ask for help. So..I thank you for allowing us to come here, and to help you. And...I pledge to you all, that we will fight for your lives, even if it means giving up our own. Thank you."

Veil bowed, breathed deeply, and stepped back.

OOC: Was that too long?
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OOC.. I was joking, you can fall in love with me ;P lol...BTW: I already thought that the leader and the father were the same person :P

As Veil stepped back the people were at first very quiet. Still sceptic to the idea of a woman warrior. But then Shino started clappin. And soon after everyone did to. Cheering more loudly then when the Emish arrived. Veil smiled and and look at the Shino who was whistling. She nodded her head to him as thanks, and he smiled back.
The Emish leader stpped forward again.

[b]Koryu[/b]: I as well want to thank you all. But now I and your leader must negociate, and decide just what we are suppose to do about the Unashi. So thank you for coming, and I hope to see many of on the training grounds when the time has come. Good Night!

The People cheered like crazy, as the Emishes stepped away with the leader ofUnashi and his men.
The people slowly started walking away to their homes but many justpicked a spot to sit outside since their homes were destroyed by the Shogun.

OOC: Dorry, don'thave time for more.
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Asuka noticed the warriors her eyes hit Shino and he glanced away. She felt almost lost within the masses of people and even though they were all on her side she felt alone. She saw a young male sitting with his back against the wall a hat covering his eyes. She noticed that he was trying to keep a low profile. Knowing that she felt the same she leaned against the wall with him her hands still touching the sword. The guy looked over at her and noticed that she was wearing a Kimono and that her hands were resting on two swords.

Guy-(Thinkin) She has a Katana and A Wakizashi...A girl Samurai?

Asuka saw his eyes glance at her and she shrugged her shoulders. He noticed that she seemed to not speak up and that was fine by him. He leaned against the wall and realized that she may become his good friend. Her casual demaonr was comfertable and he felt like he did not have to say anything. She nodded her head as if to answer his question. Laying her hands on her sword she began to close her eyes remebering so cite the honor code. The man noticed she was begining to feel sad and even though his shy qualties would get in the way he grabbed her hand for a brief second.

Guy-Shyquan is my name....Yours?

Asuka saw his face it was becoming red and smiled. Her smile was warm and she had often not been able to have such a warm smile.

Asuka-Shyquan what a lovely name....I am Asuka.

Shyquan returned his hand to his side and leaned against the wall pulling his hat over his eyes. Asuka also returned to the wall her hand returning to the side of her wakizashi. As they leaned against the wall the crowd of people kep chattering and surronding Shino an the young girl Veil. Asuka and Shyquan needed no words, they understood each other perfectly through the silence. As Shino looked at the two he noticed that they were talking without words.
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Jim appauded as he listen to the spirtiual speech made buy the people up front, it really gave these people somethng to hope fore in the fighters. Jim moved up front a bit to join the others, one of the villagers said he should be with his friends up there. Jim was basically carried up by people and passed up front, he saw some of the other fighters haveing gone through the same process. Once they all were up front they gave many cheers and played some music. There was a big feast yol honor the fighters and thier work, then they introduced themselves to eachother.

"My name is Jim"
"I'm Veil"
"Greetings, I'm Shiro"
"Hiya, i'm Asuka" They all talked about where they came from and why they are doing this to help these people. Jim was very moved by the kindness of these fighters, and was willing tohelp in any way.
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OOC: Ok, that was a really quick meet-up...and kinda unrealistic. Please keep in mind that Veil isn't here to chat amiably with others that she's never met before, even though she's young and all. Seriously, Veil's got more important stuff to talk about with Koryu and the leaders of the Unashi. And...where are they getting the stuff for the feast if they're in a middle of a war? Could I have a chance of an edit? I hope I'm not being rude - sorry if it sounds like it.
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