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Art my site banners


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okay. I've made banners for my forums. I cant post the link because I'm afraid of braking rules....0.0 :rolleyes: but here are my banners and I have the link in my sig if you want to check it out ^^:






and the last one is in my sig......^^ coments? lol...click on the banner in my sig to see the boards ^^ but coments on the banners?
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[COLOR=Gray][SIZE=2][FONT=Courier New]Ooooh...Pretty. I think you could have upped the save quality just a bit, though.

I like the idea, but the Naruto one definately could have been made using a better picture of the character. (no offense if you drew it, it's a good drawing, but I think the angle looks weird) Also, I don't think fanart should be used in a banner unless it's for your blog or fanart site.


Later then.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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All of your banners, with the exception of the last one (the blue one), are unique and bring about your own way of art into them. The addition of the abstract eometrical shapes is really good.

However, the text and borders could use some work. The 4th one almost looks like a border and the colours match well. The second one dos well in the addition of the top and bottom rectangles. The text is plain and cheap. That could deffinantly use alot of work, but text certainly isn't everything. It's like your banner is a song and the text is the lyrics, they certainly can be very good without the text, but if you add text you have to make it good or it could ruin the whole thing.

Also one more thing I wanted to point out about your banners is the simplicity. There are certain ones where the simplicity works, but others where you simply need more. Like 1,2, and 5. I think you need to add something more to them. Maybe not so much in 2 as you do the others.

PS: You should really crop your sig banner down to 100 pixels high instead of 120... as stated in the rules.
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Ah! yes I see....that would be ggod but when I made them I din't sespifically make them for this board...^_^....but I'm happy for the advice and I made them pretty quickly actually....lol...I really should have taken more time on them....thankz for the info and I'll take that into acount on my next try! -_^

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