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[color=darkslateblue]Well, here's two new banners from me, Leh. Both are of Nightcrawler.[/color]

[color=#483d8b]The first is the movie version of him, a good version, I think. I edited the background of Nightcrawler out and put the X2 logo behind him.[/color]

[color=#483d8b]The second is a picture of Nightcrawler from his own mini-series [i]Nightcrawler[/i]. My favorite version of him so far.[/color]

[color=#483d8b]Tell me what you think, please. Also, [u]constructive[/u] [u]criticism[/u] only.[/color]
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I don't like the first one... it's too hard to read the text and I think the background and foreground images blend to well in color to add any depth to the work (I also don't like the pose Nightcrawler is in and how you cropped it). Contrast is your friend.... The second banner shows that contrast, which is why I like it. I like the pose you picked out and the text, however the coloring of the text could use some work. I dunno if you just cropped that specific picture out of comic or if you layered it any, either way sometimes you don't need layers (ie: my banner) cause it looks good anyway. Very nice on the second one.

On a side note my boyfriend has a Kurt fetish. So he'd probbaly like them just because Nightcrawler is in them.
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