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RPG The Winged Ones (PG-13 at the least)


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OOC: The Current Winged Ones
Unborn Lord Xion-Dark Angel-Dario Amarata Dante-Obsiatum
Unborn Lord Xion-Phoenix-Paige Myers-Iluminata
K.K.C.-Phoenix-William Trenor-Oksiana
Ohkami-Dragon-Chime "Chi" Itaki-Insiadre
vicky-Steel-Aranel LeDanth-Iluminata
Cyriel-Steel-Veil Arioso Treble-Obsiatum
Also, the Low Ones can look like just about anything, real or imaginary, so go wild.

Insiadre shoved open the doors to the meeting room for the Seven Gods. His scarlet robe flapped behind him, shimmering like waves of heat over flame. His hair was brilliantly colored, mostly bright crimson but with constantly changing waves of yellow and orange. His eyes burned as bright embers. Atop his fiery hair was a crown of flames that flicked, tongues of fire licking at the sky. His clothes were regal and bright red, with orange and yellow touches here and there.
"What is the meaning of calling us here, Caraoto!" Insiadre growled, his voice crackling like fire.
Caraoto sat upon his/her throne. He/she was clad in thick robes that obscured any gender or features. A heavy hood blocked all but Caraoto's gleaming eyes that changed color rapidly. In front of the throne, like all of the thrones, was a bowl. Caraoto's bowl was filled with a strange substance that shifted between the six other elements.
Insiadre took his seat, the bowl in front of his throne blazing with eternal fires. He sat between Akiata and Obsiatum.
"Yes, I must agree with Insiadre," said Akiata, her voice fluid and smooth. She was dressed in flowing blue robes that shimmered various shades of blue, even some greens and purples. She stretched languidly on the throne infront of a bowl of churning water. Her crown was metal, but spouts of water jetted from the top. Her eyes were crystal blue, pristine, and her hair was extremely long, waist length at least, and a dark blue.
"We must ask you to explain," Traarak said in his heavy, low voice. He was stocky and muscular, his skin a ruddy shade. His hair was short and deep brown, with veins of colors like ore in rock. He was clad in thick, dark armor. His eyes were deep and brown. His bowl was filled with rocks.
"All shall be explained, my fellows," said Caraoto in flat, genderless voice.
"Shall it now?" asked Oksiana, in his soft, wispy voice. She was dressed in shimmering grey, colored like sunlit clouds, and her long hair was blue streaked with silver. Her eyes were smoky blue and seemed to dance. Her bowl was filled with a small hurricane.
"I demand answers now," said Obsiatum in his low, cold voice. His jet black hair and fathomless black eyes both gleamed in the light radiated by Insiadre and Iluminata, whom he sat next to. His did not wear robes, but a black silk shirt and fine black pants that both shined and absorbed light in a strange, paradoxical manner. His bowl was filled with what appeared to be ink, but absorbed all light that hit it.
"Give him time, Obsiatum," said Iluminata in a light, soothing voice. Her hair was shorter than Akiata's or Oksiana's, and was white like powdered snow. Her eyes had no irises, pure white other than the pupil, and she wore briliant silver robes that seemed to shine. Her bowl was filled with a glowing liquid.
"Fine," said Caraoto. "I shall give you your answers. The Low Ones are rebelling once again."
"What!?" bellowed Insiadre, his bowl sending out a jet of fire.
Akiata's waters roiled and frothed in her bowl, and Traarak's earth quaked before him. Oksiana's winds shot up in a great hurricane. However, the Light and Shadow stayed calm, as did their masters.
"How can this be?" said Obsiatum.
"They have been biding their time, and have decided to strike now, when the human world is in greatest peril. It is the perfect time for their strike," said Caraoto, eerily calm.
"Then we must stop them!" raged Traarak.
"It is not that simple, my earthen brother," said Caraoto. "They have grown strong once again, and they have found allies once more. Not only that, but they have a powerful leader."
"Who!?" said Oksiana, her voice like a tornado.
"A great power that can match even us in combat, a mighty Dark God. He leads the Low Ones to battle, along side the Demon Wings and dark humans who have been seduced by his evil."
"Then we must strike back! Call the Winged Ones!" said Akiata, voice boiling like a hot spring.
"It is not that simple," said Caraoto, sighing. "The true, pure-blood Winged Ones are almost extinct. We must call upon the mixed bloods, the ones who have the powers of the Winged Ones."
"Are they strong enough?" asked Iluminata.
"We must hope so," said Obsiatum.
Caraoto nodded gravely.
Dario groaned in his sleep as his alarm clock went off.
"Bugger all," he grumbled as he slapped the snooze button.
He drifted back to the world of Morpheus (Greek God of Dreams, not Matrix Guy) for a brief time before his phone went off.
"Bloody 'ell!" he said, slamming his hand down on the snooze button agian. He rose from sleep, puzzled, as he realized it wasn't the alarm clock.
Feeling stupid, he grabbed the reciever.
"Hello?" he asked, voice thick with sleep.
"Dario Amarata Dante," said a low, cold voice that Dario didn't know.
"I am Obsiatum, King of Darkness, and I have need for your assistance."
"Goodby, ya' loon," said Dario, hanging up. "Crazy bugger calling me up at..."
He stared at the clock. It read 9:00 am.
"...All hours of the mornin' to say their some King o' Darkness."
The phone rang again. Dario picked up.
"Listen, mate, I'm not gonna deal with your crazy 'King of Darkness' nonsense until it's a respectable time of day, right?"
"Obviously, you do not understand who you are speaking to," said Obsiatum.
"Obviously, you're a loon," grumbled Dario.
"Maybe a personal meeting is in order," said Obsiatum. The line went dead.
"Crazy bugger," grumbled Dario, before Obsiatum appeared in his room. The Kind of Darkness towered over Dario's 5'10" height at a massive 7' + height.
Dario stared up at the imposing figure.
"I musta had too many drinks las' night," he said, cocking an eyebrow.
"I am no drunken dillusion, Dario Dante. I am Obsiatum, and I am here to reveal your lineage as Winged One."
"Right..." said Dario, disbelieving.
"You seek proof? Then I shall give you proof," Obsiatum said, annoyed.
Dario felt a strange itching sensation on his back. When he reached back to scratch it, he felt something protruding from his shoulders. He yanked off a feather, and it hurt like hell. He looked at the feather, and it looked like a large Raven's.
"You Dario, are a Dark Angel," said Obsiatum.
Dario passed out.
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[COLOR=DarkRed]"Oh my head.I feel like I truck.I now know not to stay up and watch late night docuerterys".Scarlet said as she rubed her head walking to her huge library.A small orange kitten brushed by her feet.She leaned down to pick him up.
"Hey Blazin how are you this morning"?Blazin meowed and curled up in her arms.Scarlet smiled and pushed the huge oak doors open with her back.The room was very hot and Blazin sturred looking over Scarlets shoulder and hissed.
"Um what is it Blazin"?.She asked as she turned around and saw a scarlet claoked man standing in the center of the library.
"Who are you are you and what doing here?"Scarlet said narrowing her eyes at him.She put Blazin down and crossed her arms.
"Well for one thing I'm Insiadre King".
"King of Fire.I read about you but what do you want with me a mer human.I thought you dealed with th Winged Ones.Who are extinct aren't they"?Scarlet said raseing an eyebrow.
"Yes all true but there are half-bloods who have the powers of the Winged Ones".
"So why are here"?
"You are a half-blood of the Winged Ones".
"What wait a sec one thing the Winged Ones have wings hint their names and if I was half-blood I would...",Scarlet put her hand on her back and turned around and saw a pair of dark red wings with a hint of yellow and orange,"would have wings".
"Appears that you that you do.I leave you poder I'll come back though".He said and dissappeared.Scarlet just stood baffled.
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Tarikeh leaned back in his seat at a small, dark bar. He hated his life sometimes. A year ago, he had promised himself he wouldn't get into drugs.. now look at him, pitifully high on some night-club concoction. However, he was still sane enough to realize how stupid he must look. He imagined what some people he knew would think of him now... dirty, hair all in a mess, sweating from the god-d*mned drugs... his mind drifted to Scarlet. Ah, now there was a girl... [I]ugh[/I] he thought, [I]I've gotta get this **** outta me...[/I]

Half way to the bathroom, a large robed... man? no.. woman... or..?

"Hello Tarikeh." This thouroghly convinced him that he was sky-high.

"Damn these f***in' drugs... damn 'em damn'em..." he said this al the way to the bathroom, wich he proceded to enter.

"It's time to realize your future." Tarikeh turned around, not surprised to see his "apparition" there.

"What the hell do you want from me? Stupid, bloody, drugs..." Tarikeh turned back around, but there was an intching sensation on his back... feeling his shirt stretch, he took it off to reveal reddish-grey wings. "Damn... how many doses did I take?"
He prayed now that some one would just take him home...
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[size=1][color=darkgreen]OOC: I sugest that you check your grammer a bit swordmaster, it was a bit difficult to read ;)

IC: "Thanks for stopping at [i]Great Late Coffee[/i], please come see us again and have a nice day." William cheered with a grin on his face as he handed the cup of coffee to the customer. The person nodded with a forced smile and exited the coffee shop. It was about 9:30, and William had the morning shift being he didn't have any classes in the morning. His grin faded to a normal smile which he always had on his face. Business was usually booming in the morning, but it was raining out side, so customers were a bit rare, rainy days always called for less customers. Though, he liked rainy days, they were just so peaceful to him. William leaned against a freezer door that held some soft drinks and closed his eyes for a few moments, just resting them. He had had a very restless night and had only gotten about 3 hours of sleep, waking up at 6 A.M. to go to work wasn't a great morning greeting, but he could cope with anything.

Suddenly, the alarm on his clock beeped, William glaced down at the digital watch. 9:40, time for a break. William quickly unstrapped the green apron and layed it down on a shelf under the counter.
"I'm taking my break! Be back in 10!" He called to back room which was replied with a dull "Ok". He then made his way out side into the streets of New York city, cars whizzed by, splashing water onto the side walks. With a smile, William walked down the street, soon entering a small book store. He wasn't really the kind of guy who went into book shops, but he enjoyed this one for some reason. Upon entering he greeted the girl at the counter and made his way to the magazine section where he picked up an issue of movie magic. He was the only one in the small store except for the worker who was on the other end and clearly out of his site. Upon scanning the index, William felt a soft breeze blow against his back... but... that was impossible... He turned around to see if anyone was there. A few magazine pages flipped and fluttered and the breeze suddenly stopped.

Being the curious person he was, William put down his magazine and began to tip-toe to the end of the magazing isle. The breeze started up again, but this time it didn't stop. As he came closer to the end of the isle the breeze grew stronger, but he rsisted and kept moving tell he reached the end and turned, look down the last and back isle of the stoor. standing about 7 feet away from him was a beutiful women dressed in a shimmering grey color and her eyes seem to sparkle when she saw him. Her silver and blue hair began to blow in the breeze which had come to a soft breeze.
"I am glad to have found you William Trenor... It is time for you to awake." She said in a whispy voice. William felt his breath chill and he breathed in the fesh air that seemed to come from her.

"I'm afraid your a bit late my mysterious, yet beutiful friend.... I was awake at 6:00 this morning." William replied with a smile. She smiled back at him and her eyes softened a bit.
"You have been asleep for a long time...." She said, seeming to ignore what he had said. She raised her hands into the air and the air began to pick up and race around William, forming a small twister around him. William grunted as he was almost thrown against the shelves and held up his arms trying to block the winds. The wind in the twister increased and he was lifted from the book store's carpeted floor where he hovered a few feet from the ground.
"Well, this is more exciting then I thought my morning would be!" William yelled to her through the roar of the wind, he closed his eyes as dust from the shelves began to drift into the twister. The mysterious lady said something to him, but he couldn't catch what it was and it seemed to be in an odd language.

Suddenly, a sharp pain cut through William's shoulder, he grunted and tensed up, tightning his abs and curling into a small ball with pain. Then with an extra burst of pain, he yelled and fell to the floor with a thud, landing on his knees and then falling forward. The wind began to die down and William saw a crimson red thing fall beside him. He focused his vision and could see that it was a wing. A crimson wing with dark green tipped feathers on the ends. He looked at the women and managed to say. "Who are you?" She smiled slightly and walked towards him, yet her feet didn't seem to touch the ground, it was almost as if she was gliding across the floor. She stopped in front of the fallen man and bent down, lifting him to his feet, to William's amazment he was hovering like she was, only it wasn't windy anymore.

"I am Oksiana, goddess of the winds," She said with a smile, William's breath was scarce as he looked into her eyes. "And you... William, are a winged one, a phoenix under my view." William suddenly landed onto the floor almost falling down backwards, but he regained his balance and looked himself over, he seemed the same, yet he felt different. William turned around and peered into a mirror pn the back wall of the magazine area, coming from his back were two large amazing crimson wings.
"Wow..." Wiliiam turned around and glanced over his shoulder to get a better look at them. The feathers closest to his back where the wings emerged were a shining dirty gold color which then turned to crimson and the tip feathers of the wings were a dark green. William turned to the women who seemed to be enjoying his astonishment. William smiled slightly. "So, what else have I awoken to?" [/color][/size]
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[COLOR=Navy]Chi looked around. She was in another of her bad moods. She kicked a drink can that was near her foot and sent it sailing across the sidewalk. She looked left and right before crossing the black, tar road. A car screeched to a halt as Chi walked in front of it. The man leaned out of his unwound window and held his cigarette between two fingers.

"What d'you think you're doing?! You're crazy! Get off the road!!" he hollered.

Chi turned to him and fixed her piercing emerald gaze at the driver in a glare. The man gulped and slid back into the car, taking a drag of his cigarette. Chi turned and continued walking.

She was walking past an alley when she felt there was something or someone inside it. Chi wanted to ignore it but her curiosity made her walk into the alley. It was dark and damp and she heard rats' claws clammering over water pipes. A cold wind blew through, making her chocolate brown hair fly. Her eyes searched the darkness for something, she didn't know what. Then she heard a flutter of wings and there was a tall man infront of her.

"Who are you?!" Chi growled angrily.
"My name is Insiadre, I'm --" he began.
"Insiadre? You mean the supposed Fire King, one of the 7 gods of the Winged Ones, who are extinct?" Chi interrupted boredly.

Insiadre smirked and nodded, not surprised that Chi knew so much.

"So what do you want me for? You're after a Winged One. And they're all extinct."
"Very true, but there are Half Bloods. They have the power of Winged Ones."
"What are you saying? You think I'm a Half Blood? I don't think so! Don't they have..." Chi trailed off as she felt something pushing out of her back.

She groaned in pain as her wings sprouted from her back. She looked at her reflection in a puddle of water and saw wings, she couldn't tell the colour because of the darkness.

"What am I?!" Chi asked, touching the wings on her back.
"You, are a Dragon Wing." he said "Haven't you ever wondered why, when you changed your clothes from depression, why you chose to order someone make you lots of shirts with the same styles? Have you ever wondered, why you have a Flame and a Dragon, embroidered on your black shirt? I'll leave you to think about that on your own." Insiadre smirked again, "I'll see you again soon." he said before another flutter of wings and he was gone.

"Damn, just my luck, now I turn out to be a freak." Chi said angrily.[/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1][B]Aranel lay looking up at the ceiling in his bed. He hadn't gotten any sleep for alongtime now, and he didn't feel sleepy. It was midnight now, the sky was so dark, even with the light of the street. Aranel sighed heavily, and closed his eyes trying to get some sleep. As he began to drift off, there was a clash of thunder and a flash of lightning... just his luck. Heavy rain began to patter on the roof, Aranel had it. He got up from his bed and decided to go out for a walk in the rain, he just felt like it. He walked over to his closet and pulled out a white shirt, and his normal clothes, which weren't normal to everyone else. Aranel brushed his long blonde hair out of his eyes, and just before he went outside he noticed Mike wasn't asleep either, his friend.

"So, where are you off too?" Mike asked have asleep. Aranel shrugged.

"I'm going out." He replied slamming the door.


Aranel sat crossed legged on the bench outside, far away from any light. The thunder lit up the street every now and then, but Aranel hardly noticed the rain and thunder. He needed to get away from reality once and a while, it was strange, but he had too. The street lit up again, and Aranel snapped his head up too see a dark figure stood at the other side of the road. The street lit up again, and so did the figure... Aranel stood up slowly.

"Aranell LeDanth." The person said. Aranel thought it was a women, it had to be, who else? Aranel glared.

"Yes... who are you?" Aranel asked the figure. He shook his head, rain flicking off his long hair.

"Iluminata." She said. Aranel raise his eyebrow.

"Who?" Aranel asked again folding his arms over his chest. He caught the name alright, he just never heard of a name like that before. Iluminata walked forward to Aranel, and it seemed to be a lot lighter. Aranel shook his head, as if he thought he was going crazy.

"Did you know that you are a Winged One?" Iluminata asked him. Aranel shook his head.

"I don't even know what those are, I've heard stuff, but never really known a lot." Aranel said. "If I am where's my wings?" Aranel laughed.

"You are a half winged one, and are you sure you don't have any wings?" Iluminata asked him. Aranel winced and fell to his knees, feeling a sharp pain in his back. It seemed like his jacket was ripping too. Suddenly, the pain stopped, and Aranel felt his back was much heavier. He touched a pair of silver wings, that seemed strong and very sharp. "You are Steel Wings." Iluminata said. Aranel gasped, and pulled a feather from his wings. It seemed so hard and sharp. He rubbed it in his hands, and dropped it quickly when the feather cut him.

"H-how? Why are my wings so sharp?" Aranel asked looking at his hand.

"Because you're Steel Wings..." Iluminata replied. Aranel sighed, and the thunder clashed again. Aranel knew how he always took the heaviest blows and always fought back... but why him? He looked up, and Iluminata was gone... maybe she had other to tend too or something. Aranel's sad face turned into a smile.

"Wait... I can fly! I can do the one thing most humans can't!" He laughed jumping up.[/SIZE][/B]
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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]Kenmei took a step out of the chapel's two bright, red, doors. Stretching her arms up wards a strong gust of wind suddenly arose, almost knocking her over. Leaves from trees went flying around madly in twirls, three branches went hurling to the ground. A few minutes went by of the leaves twirling in the wind, many getting shred, but then settled down lightly to the ground. She knew that couldn't have been a normal, something was a mist. She began to walk swiftly around to get to the back garden to the chapel.

Once around, Kenmei took a seat on one of the stone benches. There was a high pitch. Looking down at the plants around her, all of them were cringing downwards. As though wilting to the ground, she stood atop the stone bench. Waiting she folded her arms together and continued to stare out. Closing her eyes she waited and listen, the ground had a bit of rumbling. It gave off a feel that made her want to destroy something.

Opening her eyes someone was in front of her. The eyes peered out of the hood, but she could see nothing else. Her eyes open wide, she stepped backwards off the step. Staring upwards, she grew angry. Caraoto grunted.

"You've spent far too long among humans, Kenmei."

"Dose it matter?" she said, looking at the ground "I practically am one. I no longer have my wings."

"I am well aware of that, and that is the very problem." Caraoto's voice rose in anger, too, "A while after you left almost all of the Winged Ones dead out. You?re the only one left that has a direct relation but now you no longer even have your wings. You discuss me. I'm surprised you'd even remember me, let alone that you once had wings. You've lost to much of your memories, no one even considers you to be a full breed Winged One."

"Shut up!"

"You will awaken once again, whither you like it or not. And this time you will fight."

Kenmei took two steps back, as Caraoto raised his hand. She lost control of her body and her feet left the ground, as if being held in Caraoto's grip. He slowly released his/her hand. Still off the ground, she watched a black dust slip out of Caraoto's hand and began to engulf her. On her back she could feel a warm lqiuid dripping down, in an instant of pain, Kenmei dropped to the ground. Looking up Cataoto was beginning to vanish. Jumping up she ran to tackle him, but s/he was already gone.

Kenmei, reached back. There was blood with glistering sparkles on her hand. Dropping to one knee, she punched the ground.

Whispering to her self: Caraoto...[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[i][font=Garamond][size=3]You wait for me for endless days,[/size][/font][/i]
[i][font=Garamond][size=3]you wait for me with a deadning gaze,[/size][/font][/i]
[i][font=Garamond][size=3]you are but tired of waiting for me,[/size][/font][/i]
[i][font=Garamond][size=3]but yours will come in the end, you'll see...[/size][/font][/i]

[i][font=Garamond][size=3]You wait for me as your tortured inside,[/size][/font][/i]
[i][font=Garamond][size=3]you wait for me without cower or hide,[/size][/font][/i]
[i][font=Garamond][size=3]you are but tired of waiting for me,[/size][/font][/i]
[i][font=Garamond][size=3]but yours will come in the end, you'll see...[/size][/font][/i]

[i][font=Garamond][size=3]I shall come soon, wait only a bit longer,[/size][/font][/i]
[i][font=Garamond][size=3]I shall take you away to places yonder,[/size][/font][/i]
[i][font=Garamond][size=3]your pain will be gone, wait and see,[/size][/font][/i]
[i][font=Garamond][size=3]I am death, here soon to be...[/size][/font][/i]

[font=Garamond][size=3]Wryth had awakened, screaming in agony, like all the nights before. He couldn't go on like this, this pain in his soul would not leave. He arose from his bed, stretching his cluttered and twisted wings. He was one of the last few of pure-blood winged ones, but he hoped for that nomore.[/size][/font]

[font=Garamond][size=3]Wryth rubbed his ripped chest and then walked out the door. Today, he was called to meet his god again. Obsiatum knew of his pain, but he was a valued follower with a sense of war. This was the only reason why Wryth wouldn't commit suicide. He sighed and continued on, leaving his surprisingly modern and normal home.[/size][/font]

[font=Garamond][size=3][i]"Where be my ruler? Lead me to you..." [/i]Wryth closed his eyes and imagined, past his horrible broken memories. Then shined a dim light, Obsiatum had replied to his plea. He opened his eyes and opened his huge, but poor set of wings. Feathers fell and he took to the skies.[/size][/font]

[font=Garamond][size=3]Obsiatum was conversing with a half-brother. It seems something big was happening soon. It wasn't long untill Wryth reached the boy's house. After stares and camera flashes from neighboring humans, he finally entered the house. Obsiatum was just leaving.[/size][/font]

[font=Garamond][size=3][b]"Entering another man's home?"[/b] Obsiatum had a surprised look on his face.[/size][/font]

[font=Garamond][size=3][i]"You called for me and I answered. I now ask why."[/i] Wryth's gloomy eyes had opened with a dreadful look in them.[/size][/font]

[font=Garamond][size=3][b]"Wryth, an angel who fought beside the low ones to defeat us in the last war. You were captured and stripped of your angelic wings. You, now a poor winged one wish to end your life of torture." [/b]Obsiatum put an arm on Wryth's small shoulders. [b]"I ask one more thing of you. You must help the others end this war, then you get your wish..."[/b][/size][/font]

[font=Garamond][size=3][i]"You do not kid...I am grateful. But I wonder who are the others?"[/i][/size][/font]

[b][font=Garamond][size=3]"You shall meet them in time. Infact one is sleeping in his room right now..."[/size][/font][/b]

[i][font=Garamond][size=3]"Then I will wait for his wake."[/size][/font][/i]

[font=Garamond][size=3][b][i]"Very well. We shall meet again young Wryth..."[/i][/b] Obsiatum dissappeared in a cloud of darkness. Wryth went deeper into the house untill he found the boy's room. It wouldn't be long untill his pain was over...[/size][/font]
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Dario groaned and opened his eyes, muttering about crazy dreams and dark angels. Then he saw the eerily skinny man who stood over him. No, man wasn't the right word. This was some...some thing that Dario couldn't name.
The creature was too skinny, and all its bones were visible. The tips if it's ribs jutted out of pale gray skin. Huge, terribly broken wings emerged from the narrow shoulders and glowed black. Its eyes were a fierce red.
"Wha...what are you?" gasped Dario.
The being smiled in a twisted way. "Yes," it croaked, "I usually get that kind of reaction. We Broken Wing always do. Even more-so than Dark Angels."
Dario blanched at the term. Could his strange dream have been real? He reached back, and felt huge feathered wings.
"Sweet God..." he breathed.
"Now, before you pass out again, I feel I must inform you of the situation. You are a decendant of the Winged Ones, my race. We are the servants of the Seven Gods that govern the universe. And our governing God," he pointed to himself and Dario. "Obsiatum, has called upon our services. I do not yet know why, though. But we must stop a war that..."
The Winged One's eyes widened, and he twisted around. Feathers fluttered to the ground. The twisted creature rushed to the windowsill and let out a harsh cry.
"No! Not...not them again!" he groaned.
"What? What happened?" asked Dario.
"Come, look out this window. Tell me what you see."
Dario went to the window. He just saw a bunch of people.
"I see people, English people to be exact, since this is England," said Dario.
"What else?" said the Winged One.
"Um...cars? Buildings? Trees?"
"No!" yelled the twisted being. "The Low One!" he hissed.
"The wha?"
"Low Ones are the servants of all beings. They revolted millennia ago, but they were defeated. And it seems one has gotten loose."
"Well, what do they look like?" asked Dario.
"They can look like anything," said the Winged One. "The Low Ones have many forms, but they can be found. You must reach out with your power and find it."
Dario stared out the window. He strained his mind, trying to focus his power, and then he felt it. A cold feeling that made his skin crawl and his feathers itch. He traced the feeling to a man in a tweed suit holding a scuffed briefcase.
Then the man looked over. And what Dario saw in his eyes was nothing but the purest hatred, a cold fire that burned with vengeance and sheer fury, a fire that ached to use Dario's skin as fuel.
"Uh, I think I spotted him," said Dario, gulping.
"And he spotted us," the Winged One moaned. "Well, it's a good a time as any to tell you, so my name is Wryth."
"Uh, Dario's my name," said Dario, fearing the Low Ones fury.
"Come on, we must stop it."
"Wha!?" yelled Dario. "What do you mean! I've rarely fought before in my life! How am I supposed to fight a Low One!"
"You don't even know what a Low One is," Wryth said. "And you can fight. Call upon the power of your ancestors. Oh, and get some clothes on."
Dario stared down at his naked form and, for what was probably the first time in his life, blushed.
"Uh...right..." he said, grabbing a pair of jeans.
Then he focused, like Wryth told him, and called upon his ancestors for help. He felt stupid, until he felt something heavy in his hand. He looked down to see a slender, ebony sword.
"Now, let's go!" said Wryth, jumping out the window. He flapped his tattered wings before calling upon his powers of flight.
Dario looked down at the several story drop.
"Um, I've never, uh, flown before."
"Concentrate on the power of flight, and just jump!"
Dario gulped, and took a step onto the windowsill. Then he jumped, pushing off the sill and soared into the air. He heard gasps of shock and began to fall a little before the power of his blood-line filled him.
Then he heard the most frightening sound ever.
It was a shriek of animalistic fury, mixed with the purest, quintessence (vocab word, means purest) of hate, and the sorrow and pain only brought on by years of slavery to those undeserving of your work.
The Low One had changed.
Instead of being just a man in a tweed suit, the beast had sprouted vines that wrapped around his body. Its eyes glowed furious green and it sprouted thorns from its gums, pushing out the teeth. Its hair grew long and leafy, and it dropped the briefcase, its arm being surrounded by bark that formed a blade.
"Aw, bloody 'ell!" yelled Dario.
"Time for your first fight, Dark Angel!"

OOC: As far as Low Ones go, you can make them look like just about anything. They can start out as dogs, trees, people, cars, whatever, or they can first appear in their true form. Whatever. Go wild.
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Tarikeh had nowthrown up several times, and was confident he could walk. All the while, the strange hooded man/woman just stood there, like a statue. He couldn't stand it.

"Well?! What do you want with me?!" Tarikeh could feel the effects of the drug wearing off, and was deeply relieved, except for the fact that this person wasn't disappearing.

"You know now that you are a descendent of the Winged Ones."

Tarikeh didn't let hi mfinish "Oh God, not this again."

"You have been called," he/she sounded a bit angry if it were possible, "to fight for your survival againts the rebelling Low ones."

"Excuse me?"

"They have rebelled before, and were crushed, but they are returning, in greater numbers."

"And I'm supposed to do what about it?!" Tarikeh began to walk out of the bathroom. The person "Caraoto" he/she had called himself, grabbed his shoulder and handed him his shirt.

"Oh.. right, wouldn't wanna go out without that..." He struggled to put it on with the wings, and finding it impossible, ripped holes in the back for them to stick out of. "Uhh... am I supposed to keep these secret?"

"Do as you please, as long as you can stand the attention." This wasn't entirely re-assuring, but most of the people out there were probably drunk or high anyway...

He walked out, cautiously at first. Upon reaching the exit, he looked back to see Caraoto still right behind him. Nervously, he stepped out onto he streets, and began walking in the direction of... hell, he couldn't remember what direction he had come. When all hope seemes lost, a car pulled up near him and Scarlet stepped out.

"I thought I'd find you here... come on, we've gotta talk.." Without further delay, she pulled him into the car and started to drive. Tarikeh suddenly noticed that she had wings also... some day this was turning out to be. Remembering Caraoto, he looked back at the sidewalk, but he/she was gone.
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[size=1][color=darkgreen]William was still trying to calm himself from the sight he had just seen on his back, but it wasn't just the wings that he felt different about, his whole bady felt stronger and seemed to have some odd new emotion, it was quite a strage feeling. He looked back up at the Oksiana women, but before she could tell him anymore the counter girl had finally decided to see what all the noise had been about.
"Hey, what's going on back here?" She said allowed as her foot steps drew closer. Oksiana looked up with out moving her head and then looked back to William.
"Meet me on top of the large building down the street." She whispered quickly. William was about to object, but before he could open her mouth she had disappeared in a poof of white smoke. William looked around as the shadow of the girl began to grow from behind a book isle.

She steped out and glared at William angrily, who was shoved himself in between two seperate book shelves, he had shoved his wings behind them and he was now feeling quite awkward. He looked at the glaring girl a mustered up his best customer smile.
"Look, this a book store! If you want to goof off go to a bar or something." She growled angrily and then stormed away back to the counter. As soon as she was out of sight William jumped out from the odd position and shook his back, trying to get his wings to loosen up. He looked around trying to see if he could find anyway out of the store without being seen with wings. He was in the back of the store, so the stairs to the roof had to be near by. He looked around until he finally found a single door. He silently krept over and opened it, revealing a stair case leading upwards. He stepped in and closed the door behind him, making sure the counter girl didn't hear him. With that he climbed up a short distance up still he opened another door and then stepped out onto the small shops roof.

With a huge smile William looked around and spoted a large office building not too far down the road, it must be the one she had been speeking about.
"Hm... How do I get up there?'' He asked himself. He then slapped his forhead and laughed. "Wings, ya moron!" He looked over his shoulder and began to shift his wings. He must have some king of new bone that led into the wings now, he had to control them some how. He began to move the wings in an up and down pattern. He had watched many movies on birds over the years and had the basic idea of the flying pattern. He began to make the flap of the wings larger and stronger, these wings already had flight feathers, so, unlike most birds he didn't have to wait around and grow any.
"Well, this will be fun..." With that, William sprinted towards the side of the roof and leaped of with a large bound. He let himself fly out slightly before he started to beat his wings in the pattern he had been doing just moments ago. He felt himself begin to fall and pumped harder and made his flaps longer, he was rising! William looked up at the sky and then down below, he had to be at least 50 feet from the ground. "Whoo Hoo!" He screamed with glee and then sped off into the sky, realizing that it would be a bit odd if someone with wings suddenly started to fly down Main Street.

He took some cloud cover and peeked out every moment or so to see where the building was, he eventually drifted down in a circling position like he had seen birds do, but... his landing wasn't what he had hoped for with a thump and then skid, he tripped over his feet, expecting the landing not to be so hard and flipped over landing flat on his back.
He grouned and opened his eyes to see Oksiana peering down at him, chuckling slightly.
"Before I make my next landing, and die, could you please tell me what's going on." He lifted hiself from the ground, regaining his balance and ruffling his wings a bit.

"You are a desendant of a Winged one, fighters from long ago who helped the gods, myself being one, defeat the low ones, slaves to us who revolted long ago." She explained."Luckily, we were able to win that war, but winged ones nearly became extinct. They decided the only way to keep their species alive was to mix with humans. You are one of those who have the blood of a Winged one. I am Oksiana, and you are one of the winged ones whom I watch over, you are a phoenix winged one." She then smiled as she looked at his young face. "You must be a decendant of Kyok, you look quite similar to him."
William cocked his head slightly, still a bit confussed by all of it. Oksiana then lifted her hand into the air, Wind began to spin abover her out stretched arm and a crimson pole began to form from it. William squinted as it grew longer and two blades came from each end. It then fell to her hand and she held it out to William.
"This was Kyok's glaive. He gave it to me before he went to live a human life. I believe it belongs to you." William took hold of the glaive and she let go, it was pretty heavy, but he felt like he had held it once before, it seemed very familiar and soon its weight disappeared.
"I have called upon you because the low ones have once again began a revolt, we need all the help we can get." [/size][/color]
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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]Kenmei sat swinging her legs back and forth, impenitently. Her transparent wings beat slowly against the leaves, and sparkling dust fell off. Slowly being caught in the wind and tossed around. She ran her hand up and down the handle of her scythe, the blade gleamed. As if welcoming her to use it, she stared out to the sky.

Still light out, the blue sky was bright with its white and gray clouds flowing by. Two shades appeared but then disappeared within the clouds. Standing up on the sturdy branch, Kenmei beat her wings rapidly. Jumping off she began to fly. It seemed as though staying still it was like she was floating more then flying. Gripping the handle to her scythe she went higher and higher up into the sky. Heading in the way of the way of a more populated place, swiftly she flew in a flash past two others. One a Winged One and the other was one of the ruling Gods?And yet, she did not slow her speed.

Coming into a area where the buildings rose high. She landed atop it?s roof. Looking around, most of the buildings tops were of the same level but only to a certain extent. Four buildings down, it rose far higher with a sprawling top. She began to run to the end then Kenmei jumped to the next. She continued on until she reached the one of which she could not jump to, looking out Kenmei noticed flashes of blue light. Stretching her wings, she jumped. Flying close and closer she heard a voice in the back of her head. That voice, she knew it well.

[i]Why are you here?[/i]

Caraoto sounded angry?.

Kenmei: [i]Because I have to be?[/i]

[i]Don?t help him.[/i]

Kenmei: [i]Why?[/i]

[i]You have your own problems to attend to.[/i]

With that, Caraoto?s voice vanished looked down she was hovering feet above a battle just beginning. Some other fighting for the Gods had gotten there first. She relaxed, floating. Out of the corners of her eyes, in a near by tree red eyes glowed. But made no movement. Keeping one eye on the battle and one eye on the glow red eyes.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[size=1]Lucifer walked among the people. His jacket's white fur brushed against his neck, hiding it almost. He opened the door to the apartment building of which he lived in. The double doors swung open and closed behind him as he made his way to the hall. He managed to get to the elevator just in the knick of time. It closed behind him and up it went. he could here the music, very bland music. Elevator Music. The door slid open and he walked out on cue, he took out his keys as he came to his door and opened it. The room was as it normally was. Everything neat and organized. Except one thing was different. [/size]

[size=1]"Iluminata..." studdered Lucifer. He bowed at her presence for she did not alwasy appear in front of a human, even a half-human.[/size]

[size=1]"You may rise, Lucifer of Light." said Iluminata, standing herself. "There is a problem. The Low Ones have retaliated once again. They've already sent their first strike force though, as much as we wish, it is certainly not the strongest force they have for us.[/size]

[size=1]"I see, why do you come to me?" questioned Lucifer. He was still a bit shooken up at her presence. It had only been a month since he found out he was half Winged One but he had learned much.[/size]

[size=1]"Because you and other Winged Ones are our only hope. You must fight them." explained Iluminata. With that, a blinding light spread through the room and when it cleared she was gone.[/size]

[size=1]"I understand what I must do." said Lucifer, to himself.[/color][/size]
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Dario stopped short of the Low Ones range. The plant-like humanoid let out another ferocious shriek. People screamed and ran, scurrying around eachother like frightened deer. The Low One reached out with one vine-wreathed hand and gripped a young woman with dirty-blonde hair up in a ponytail. She screamed loudly, but the Low One stretched its vines around her body, wrapping her tight.
"Stop!" bellowed Wryth, before darting in at the plant-monster. He stabbed a twisted spear into its vegetation-coated hide, and thick green liquid spurted out. Some of the vines retracted, and it dropped the woman.
Dario, noting her helplessness, dove in. He stabbed his sword through a belt-loop in his jeans and scooped her up, filled with unnatural strength. He flew up out of the dive and headed towards a roof to deposit her.
"Who?" she managed to choke out.
Dario smirked seductively. "Call me an angel, though note that I'm a Dark Angel," he said, grinning widely.
She blushed a little, and turned her head aside.
"Thank you...for helping me..."
"No problem," he said, floating off the ground again. "It's all in the job description, I think." He flew off towards the Low One, but called out, "Wait there, I'll be back!"
Meanwhile, Wryth was fending off the ferocious Low One. It stabbed out with it's bark-blade, but he easily dodged and stabbed again. The beast blocked with its wooden arm, and bark chipped off.
"HYAAH!" roared Dario, diving in for an attack. He drew his sword and cut a long cut across the monsters back.
The Low One let out a fierce roar of pain and swung at Dario with its vine-arm. He held up an arm to block, and a shield of darkness appeared. Dario was shocked by the sudden appearence of the shield, but took the opportunity to cut another swathe through the viney hide of the beast.
Wryth had been doing his job as well, and the Low One was clearly overwhealmed. With Wryth at one end stabbing with his twisted spear, and Dario at the other with his sword and dark-shield, the Low One didn't stand a chance.
A huge, hairy beast leapt from a rooftop and landed on its massive back legs. It was somewhat lupine (wolf-like) in appearance, but stood like a hunched man. Thick cords of saliva dripped from its snarling maw. Its eyes were a bright, feral yellow. One hairy arm hung at its side, with lone talons like steak knives. The other was bent, holding someone to its wide chest.
The girl.
The Wolf had her held tight, as a hostage. The message was clear. Lay off the Plant, or the girl wound end up as dog-food.
"Dario, forget the woman! We have a beast to slay!" growled Wryth.
The woman let out a muffled cry, the Wolf's hand clenched tight over her mouth. Tears escaped her eyes and she let out a muffled sob.
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Veil felt her bones tremble. A whisper...a thought passing through her wings...folded inside her body. She turned off her blow-torch, and put up the visor on her mask. Others around her worked on their pieces, their imaginations coming to life in jagged edges, smooth curves, burnished metals, and the heat of fire. Nothing seemed out of place...but...there was that feeling that swirled in her blood, something that was barely aware of strange prescences...

The instructor came over, looking at Veil's piece, on which she was just touching up, and reinforcing the bonds. "Wonderful! Veil, you never cease to amaze me. The curve here, and rough, browned spatter gives it that depth. Is this for anyone?"

Veil smiled automatically, putting the instructor at ease. "Oh, well, thank you. No, it's not an order. Actually, it's something that I wanted to put up in my apartment...but now that I've almost finished it, it seems different than what I had planned, so I'll have to wait and see..." She ran her hand over the bronze, which was still warm from her light going-over with the torch. The instructor nodded, said a few words more, and moved on.

Veil didn't watch, her blindsight telling her that he had turned his attention to another student, one having trouble using the metal-cutter. [I]Such a simpleton[/I], she thought absentmindedly. [I]He could have been very good...but his pride gets in the way.[/I] She put away the torch, and hung up her mask and apron. Time to be done for the day - class was almost finished anyway, and probably no one would mind if she slipped out early. Although she usually surrounded herself with people, Veil could walk unnoticed when the time called. It was just a matter of sending off the right feelings and tone, and about movement, gesture, subtle differences in step and weight.

As she had known, no one noticed when Veil left the classroom/workshop. She walked slowly on the campus, the sun warming her cool features. This...whisper in her bones and blood...it was...becoming agitated, crawling across her wings, which lay latent beneath her skin. She scratched at the itch. [I]Why is this happening? What is this going on?[/I] She walked towards her car, and whipped out her keys. And then, she stopped.

And whipped around. Looked carefully at the scene. Searching for the subtle hints, the infinitesimal clues that a God left behind when He walked the earth. [I]Obsiatum[/I]...her blood whispered, hissed. The God...and others of the High Order, had been here, on the earth. Walking. And waking others of the Winged Blood.

And instantly as she realized this, her blood swelled in her veins, the metal and steel of her wings swirling in her mind. Images, her senses calling clues to her brain, the signals her body had received in the strange whisperings of the blood...the places of the others, standing out like bright lights because the Gods had touched those places with their power.

And then...Veil's eyes widened. The call of a Low One. He had revealed his true form. "No," she whispered. Instantly, she started to unfurl her wings, but stopped at the warning screech of the metal in her blood, cautioning her. "Ok, too dangerous...I don't know who the other Winged Ones are yet... Oh, but.." She bit her lip, and jumped into her car, taking off for the area in which she sensed the unveiled Low One... and to the two Winged Ones.
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[B]OOC:[/B] Stormwings are from Tamora Pierce, I might be using a few of her immortals in this.
[COLOR=Navy]Chi sat on the rail of the balcony of her apartment. Her legs dangled over the side and swung back and forth gently. She looked up at the setting sky. It was a beautiful mix of colours. The corners ofd her mouth twitched into a small smile as she remembered when she used to paint the sunset and sunrises when her family lived near the beach.

Chi sighed and stared up at the blankness. There weren't any clouds in the sky and there were cool breezes coming through. Chi tilted her head and looked at the city. There were cars travelling around and people were walking home from work.

She reached a hand behind her to feel the wings on her back, when she had gotten home, she had discovered that her wings were a sapphire blue. They waved lazily behind her, the whole walk home, they had fluttered crazily behind her, wanting to fly, now they'd given up but still waved.

Chi flipped off the rail and onto the balcony. She took a last look before turning to her apartment. She heard a flutter of wings as something or someone landed. Chi spun around and saw a bird sitting on the rail. Chi glared at it, it didn't seem normal, there was just something about it.

"Who are you?" Chi asked coldly. "I know you're not just a normal bird."

The bird started to change and a figure flapped in it's place, smirking. Chi growled angrily as she looked at it. It had a human head and torso, with steel wings and metal talons and it came with a stench that could make people faint.

"I am a Stormwing, my name is Rikash, not that you'll be needing to know, because you're going to die." he laughed.
"We'll see about that." Chi snarled.
"And how do you think you're going to defend yourself?! You can't even fly yet, let alone call upon the powers of your ancestors." Rikash said before realising his mistake.
"Calling upon the powers of my ancestors?!" Chi said, then she concentrated on her ancestors, or what she could think of them, she imagined dragons and people like her, then her hand felt weighted.

Chi opened her eyes and saw a red blade in her hand. She smirked and twisted it into a proper grip.

"Now, let's see..To fly...I should..." Chi said as she ran towards the rail of the balcony and flipped over the side.

She felt the wind rush past her and then she soared up into the sky. Her wings were flapping happily, finally able to fly. She heard a scream of anger and she knew Rikash was angry. She twisted her head and saw that the Stormwing was following her, actually knowing how to fly. She lost her concentration and dropped before climbing back up to her previous height. She heard Rikash snicker at her.

'I got to get away from him. I need other Winged Ones to help.' Chi thought as she turned sensing a Winged One close by and two others further off.[/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1][B]Aranel stood on the roof of the apartment, it wasn't midnight anymore. He looked up at the sky and sighed heavily. That wasn't the only thing heavy now, his wings. They seemed like Steel, and they were sharp. Suddenly, Aranel heard a voice behind him.

"Where'd you go last night?" Mike said coming up from behind. Aranel didn't speak. Even though he was his friend, Aranel feared that their friendship would break. "Wow, cool wings, where'd you get them? A costume shop or something?" Mike asked standing beside him.

"No... they're as real as you see me." Aranel mumbled. He looked back, and moved his wings. Mike smiled.

"Cool..." He said. He put his hand on Aranel's wings, and jumped back when he cut himself. "Damn those feathers are sharp." Mike laughed looking at the cut on his palm. "So when did you know?"

"Last night... Iluminata told me, and then... these things appeared. I cut myself on a feather, it's strange, but I'm Steel Wings. Sh said something about the Low Ones, and I'm not the only one with wings!" Aranel replied. "I do know for sure I have to find the other Winged Ones, or they need to find me."

"'Kaaaaay... could you explain, what you just explained?" Mike said blinking.

"Uhh... it's a long story." Aranel replied smiling. He closed his eyes and breathed deeply. "I know there's some Winged One's nearby, and there's a Low One..." Aranel muttered.

"Okay... what's a low one and where is it?" Mike asked.

"Right down there." Aranel replied, pointing at a man below, who had saw them too.[/SIZE][/B]
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Veil barely avoided an accident at an intersection, almost ramming her car into a semi. All these feelings and whisperings..had turned into much more. Pain kept shooting through her in quick, lightning bursts, paralleling the calls of the Low Ones. They were revealing themselves...everywhere! What was happening? The metal in her blood screeched and screamed, and her head was ringing from the constant cacophany of discord. [I]Why was this happening??[/I]

Suddenly, she slammed on her brakes, and looked out of her window. [I]Wings. Those two people have wings!![/I] Veil had driven to the place almost unconsciously, led by her instinct, almost a calling to her. She watched in shock as they flew in the air...she hadn't seen other beings fly yet...even though she had flown many times by herself. Her gaze was drawn to the slime and ooze on the street...a Low One lay defeated on the ground. Helpless. It's silent cries rang in her ears and wings.

She slowly got out of the car, and looked up, just in time to see the other Low One leap down from the roof with the woman in its mouth. Veil heard the skeletal Winged One say something to the other about leaving the woman, and slaying the "beast." Her eyes narrowed at the word - [I]beast?[/I] she asked herself.

Veil didn't move, watching in silence, and locked eyes with the Wolf. Her wings suddenly vibrated under her skin, and she felt her power yearn to be unleashed, revealed to the other Winged Ones. [I]No[/I], she said to herself, stilling the metal from rising. Her gaze didn't waver from the Wolf, who still stood with the woman in his mouth. And...the two Winged Ones circled around it...

She heard the other Low One's injured cries again, and went to it, trying to calm it with her presence. Adjusting her motions, each slight flick of her hand, the weight in each of her steps...all should exude a peaceful presence, a calming air. [I]Like morphine[/I], she thought. [I]Can this one still live?[/I] She didn't touch it, but he quieted, and watched also. [I]The Winged Ones circle around the Wolf like vultures[/I], she thought. [I]Why haven't they attacked yet?[/I]
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Five pointed whips shot out of Scarletts gloves peircing the Wolf's heart.Two pairs of eyes landed on her as the whips snaped back into her gloves.She waved and streched out her wings.They flew down infront of her.
"Who are you"?One boy asked.
"Duh I'm a Winged One.Oh you mean my name.Names Scarlett yours".
"I'm Dario."
"And I'm Wryth."
"Why don't you two come to my place it's not not that far."
"Sure why not"Dario said.
"We better hurry befor those Low Ones come back".
"You know what there called"?Dario asked.
"Ys I read about them".Scarlett said walking to her home with the boys behide her.
"Wait that woman"!Dario ran to the wolf and as he got there the injuryed Low One stood up and charged at Scarlett and Wryth.

OOC:sorry I fixed my post.If there are anymore complants P.M me.[/COLOR]
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OOC: And...what happens to the woman? Is she in the wolf's mouth still?? And there's still a Low One lying on the street, severely injured, but alive. Oh, and there's a Winged One beside it, named Veil, but she's been watching. Did they just...leave??
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Dario raced back for the girl. He grabbed her arm and felt her intense shivering. She looked up at him, eyes hollow and frightened. Dario noticed her eyes were a beautiful shade of hazel, laced with a reddish brown that was quite extraordinary. He pulled her up.
"Come on love," he said, pulling her to his side. He draped her arm around his waist and reached across her shoulders to grip her close. "We have to go."
"What..." she stammered, in shock.
"I'll explain soon love, just come with me," he said, fully concerned for her safety and health, physical and mental.
He quickly reached Wryth and Scarlet.
"She needs help," he said.
Scarlet gave her shaking form and frightened gaze a cursory glance before announcing, "she's in shock. I think I can help her."
"Good," said Dario, beginning to walk forward. "We need to get to your flat soon, she's in a right bad state."
Wryth walked to the woman's other side and grabbed her other arm, draping it over his narrow shoulders to support her more.
"Thanks, mate," said Dario, weakly smiling. The ordeal had been straining on his as well, quickly draining his mental reserves. He needed to rest and recover as well. "Hey, girl, can you tell me your name?"
"Paige...Paige Myers..." she managed to say.
'Paige, eh? Pretty name, for a pretty lady,' Dario thought, not saying as he normally would, as the situation was harldy appropriate.
Quickly, they reached Scarlet's home. Luckily, few people had returned to the streets, so the sight of three people with wings, the more frightening two holding a seemingly unconcious woman, went largely unnonticed.
Dario and Wryth set Paige down in a plush arm-chair, and Scarlet went into the small kitchen. Dario looked around the room and let out a low whistle, surprised by the sheer number of books.
"Impressive collection, Scarlet."
"Yes, quite," said Wryth, examining a large, dusty volume labled 'The True History of the World.' "Is this where you learned about us Winged Ones and the Low Ones?"
Scarlet came out of the kitchen holding two steaming mugs of liquid. "I hope everyone likes coffee. I can't stand tea, myself. And yes, that did tell me some of what I know. I have a few other volumes as well, if you'd like a look."
Dario took a mug, looked at it, and shrugged. "Caffine's caffine, I guess. Never been partial to coffee, though." He shrugged again and took a gulp, shuddering a little at the bitter taste.
Scarlet handed the other mug to Paige, who looked at it and took a sip, then a large gulp. Color began to return to her face, and her shuddering stopped some.
Suddenly, a light appeared in the room, everyone turned to look and saw a woman with silver hair that gave of a radiance. It was Iluminata.
"Good day to you, Winged Ones Ones," she said in her calm, light voice.
"What's so good about it," growled Wryth.
"I am sorry your conflict with the Low Ones, but I have come here for a reason. To awaken the powers of the girl," she said, pointing to Paige.
"Paige!?" yelled Dario.
"She is a Phoenix, and her powers must be awoken."
Before their eyes, large, crimson feathered wings sprouted from Paige's shoulders. She looked to them, confused.
"What the..?" she said.
"All shall be explained, my child of Light," said Iluminata, soothingly.
And so, the story was told again to the newest Winged One, Paige Myers, the Phoenix.
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Luckily for Veil, the other Winged Ones had left, forgetting all about the injured Low One in the street, in their haste to aid the woman. Veil had hurriedly helped the Low One to find another transformation...she didn't like allowing them to take other peoples' appearances, but right now it was imperative. She looked away when he slid into the skin, his appearance melting back down to another human's... When he was finished, the blood was gone, and he looked quite normal. Quickly, without speaking to him, she drove him to the closest subway, and let him off, watching the Low One disappear into the crowds.

But...the manner of the Low One towards her was still very evident. [I]Which side am I on?[/I] was Veil's whole thought as she drove back to the house where the battle had been.

Getting out of the car, her wings were now quiet...and the metal in her blood only murmured comfortingly. She breathed in slowly, and then went up to the house, Dario's house. Then, she smiled, and tried the door. It wasn't locked, and she went in, hardly making a sound.

Just as she had guessed, the Winged Ones had not returned to this house. Veil was free to look through it, and she did so slowly, examining each room separately. Her eyes would run over all the belongings, the way the furniture was arranged...she was looking for anything that might afford her clues of who this Winged One was, and his companions. She had to be able to meld herself perfectly with them, as one with their group... So she walked through the house, not touching anything, but seeing everything.

Veil knelt on the floor by one of the book cases. She slowly ran her mind over the battle she had seen, stewing in each detail...and then an idea flashed into her mind. A certain being of the Winged Ones, the one that this house belonged to, was clearly very sensitive to helpless beings. Ones that were usually female... She fished her cell phone out of her pocket, and called a number.

A voice picked up. "[I]Hello?[/I]

Veil smiled, "I need three. Tonight or tomorrow. Corner of Saint and Davison. The plan...will be explained."

The voice on the phone confirmed the meeting, and then hung up.

Veil was still smiling when she walked out of Dario's house. She had left no trace, and had come up with the perfect plan to meld herself in with the Winged Ones. That is...if one of the Gods didn't screw it up...but she had to take that chance.

The metal in her blood picked up quietly, excited now...
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OOC: well, you've effectivly forgotten about me Swordmaster... lol, no worries...

IC: Tarikeh couldn't stand this any longer... he was confused and afriad for his sanity, wich had been slipping as of late. He put on the biggest jacket he could find, trying to hide his wings, with parcial success. He hoped no one questioned him about the lumps on his back.

An hour later he was at Scarlet's door, knocking nervously. "Hello? Oh, hello Tarikeh..."

Tarikeh poked his head inside, and said "Hey Scarlet... am I going insane, or..." he saw the other three winged ones in the room. "Yes... I must be..."

This was quite a scene... four people with wings, and a glowing Goddess, all standing around in some one's house. Time to get off the drugs...
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