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Who here likes Buffy the Vampire SLayer???


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I do. If you like it please post here saying:
What your favorite episode is:
Who your favorite charater is:
Who your favorite big bad is:
How long have you liked Buffy:
Have you seen a lot of episodes:
What seasons have you seen:
Do you own any Buffy merchandice, if yes what:
Here's mine:
Once More With Feeling
The First
3 years now
I have seen every episode
All of them
Yes, I have a claudduh ring, the board game, a stake, Some books, and DVDs.
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What your favorite episode is: Many actually, I like them all when Willow goes Uber-Witch

Who your favorite charater is: Willow

Who your favorite big bad is: Spike

How long have you liked Buffy: Since first season

Have you seen a lot of episodes: Every single episode

What seasons have you seen: All

Do you own any Buffy merchandice, if yes what: All Dvd Sets out so far.
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[size=1][b]What your favorite episode is:[/b] "The Gift" is probably my favorite episode of the series, just because it managed to pack so much emotional punch into one episode. All of the major plot points weren't resolved until the final episode, but they WERE RESOLVED (something that cannot be said for s6 and s7's conclusions.) Heck, even Xander had his chance to shine in the episode.. how often does that happen?

[b]Who my favorite character is:[/b] I don't have a favorite, but there are a lot of characters that stand out. My top picks would probably be Anya, Dawn, and of course, Andrew.

[b]Who my favorite big bad is:[/b] All of them really have their interesting qualities, but I'd have tosay that Glory is my favorite Big Bad. Season Five's storyline was the most consistent, and I think having an overall good season is better than having a mix of spectacular/terrible episodes.Learning bits and pieces about "The Key" all season long was really compelling, and trying to figure out Glory's motivations was even better.

[b]How long have you liked Buffy:[/b] I saw the first episode the night it premiered. (I remember asking my Mom if I could stay up later to see the entire thing. It was a big deal at the time.)

[b]Have you seen a lot of episodes:[/b] Every single one.

[b]What seasons have you seen:[/b] All of them, actually.

Normally I wouldn't post in this type of thing, but I'm a huge Buffy fan. You have to remember that Star Wars 411 started out as something simiilar to this, and turned out to be an excellent thread.

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My favourite episode is : Once more with Feeling(Also known as the All singing, All dancing episode.) or Fear Itself.
My favourite character is: Spike because he is very humorous in the third episode of Angel.

My favourite bad guy is: The little fear demon from Fear Itself.

I have been liking Buffy: since the movie of it.

Have you seen a lot of episodes?:I own series 1-6.

What seasons have i seen?:Seasons 1-6.
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[color=crimson][size=1][b] Favorite Episode?[/b]: "Hush" just because of Joss Whedon being able to completely pull of almost an hour of no talking and still make the episode amazingly awesome at the same time.

[b]Favorite Character?[/b]: Xander... why because Xander rules. I was incredibly mad when [spoiler]In the seventh season Caleb punctured his eye rendering it useless for the rest of his life.[/spoiler] I couldn't believe it at all. Though Spike is basically tied with Xander for favorite character.

[b] Favorite Bad Guy?[/b]: Adam.. why Adam because for some reason to me he seemed more down to earth realistic as though it could "HAVE" happened for real (except for the demon body parts that were involved). Plus he was totally indestructible.

[b]How long have you liked Buffy?[/b]: Since the day it aired (I'm not exaggerating either), I watched non-stop.

[b]Have you seen a lot of episodes?[/b]: Every single episode more then twice.
What seasons have you seen: Every single one.

[b]Do you own any Buffy Merchandise? If yes what?[/b]: I own a special collector bucket..(that is supposed to hold candy, like Suckers and such) which I got for Christmas, it came with stuff inside. It was awesome though. I also own season's 1,2,3,4, and 5 on DVD. [/color][/size]
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I like Buffy! (No one knows this except my roommate, though . . . it's a secret.) I don't know the names of any of the episodes; I'm no good with that--although I do like the one that goes in depth all about Spike's past.

[B]Favorite Character[/B] : Spike! He's cute. He's blonde. He's British. ([I]Some[/I] people say that he's old, but that just makes him a classic, in my opinion.)

[B]Favorite Baddy[/B] : Spike, of course. That might be redundant. I can like him, despite any awful things he's done, because on the inside, I know he's just a poor, tormented soul in need of intensive cuddling. . . . . mehehe.

I don't know how long I've liked it, and I don't know what seasons I've actually seen--I miss a lot because I can barely tell time, and thus miss crap while I'm doing other stuff. Hmmm. Yeah. I've seen a lot of them, though . . . enough to know what's going on if I happen to catch one. I do not own any Buffy merchandise. If I wanted anything, it would be Buff's hairdo. So simplistic, yet so soft--and the way it stays [I]just so[/I] in the face of evil is a real benefit.
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[b]Favorite Episode:[/b] After some thinking, I've decided to go with "Restless." It wasn't the best episode to see the first time, but it's great to see in reruns. If you watch it after seeing the entire series, you realize that one episode predicted a lot of the events from seasons 5 to 7. Dawn's introduction, Willow's personality issues, the true origin of Buffy's powers. Plus it was completely random-- as most dreams are.

[b]Favorite Charater:[/b] Anya. I just love her blunt honesty with little regard for tact. Whenever the rest of the characters are afraid to say something in fear of hurting someone's feeling, you can always look toward Anya. She'll tell the truth, because, frankly,it's the truth. And it's fun to watch her re-integrate into humanity. 1,000 years of immortality and smiting an entire gender has to take its toll on your social skills. Plus there's her wealth of demon knowledge. There were times when she put Giles to shame-- mostly because she knew half of the demons personally.

[b]Favorite Big Bad:[/b] The Trio!
Just kidding. I'll have to go with The Mayor. He had to be the most polite evil man to ever walk the Earth. Frankly, I think the 100+ years of life had driven him a little mad. He was completely unkillable in human form, yet still had a fear of germs. He smiled at all times. He was at his least scariest after he turned into a giant snake. Gotta give him credit, though. He was Faith's anchor. He may have turned her against the Scoobies, but he's also the only thing that kept her from going completely berserk. He's the first kind person she ever responded to. He wasn't very menacing, but he was still fun to watch.

[b]How long have you liked Buffy?:[/b] Since the original movie.

[b]Have you seen a lot of episodes?:[/b] It's strange. I've seen every episode except "First Date" from season 7.

[b]What seasons have you seen?:[/b] All of 'em.
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What your favorite episode is: What a hard question but I am going to have to say Two To Go, Grave, and Empty Places

Who your favorite charater is: Willow/Vamp Willow

Who your favorite big bad is: Willow if you consider her a big bad if not the First/Spike

How long have you liked Buffy: I Remember my very first time watching and the episode was Innocence part 2

Have you seen a lot of episodes: Each and every one

What seasons have you seen: All 7
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