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Anime ...mon colle?


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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by amibasuki [/i]
[B]I saw the first 1 or 2 eps of it a long whilez ago. I don't remember what it's about, I just remember I really didn't like it. gee, isn't I a big help? -_-'
it's not anything special, but you should watch it for yourself to see if you like it anyway [/B][/QUOTE]

lol, thanks for responding at least. it doesn't look that good, but the characters kinda reminded me of digi charat , which, although annoying, was too cute to turn down ^^
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[color=royal blue]Mon Colle Knights is about a man named Hiragi who discovers the world of Mon(Monster world.) He plans on retrieving six "monster items," and bringing them back to benefit mankind in the real world. His daughter, Rockna and her boyfriend, Mondo become Mon Colle Kinghts; the knights can posses the monsters of Mon World, helping them to battle. However, Hiragi's arch rival, Eccentro... and his two minions, Batch and Gluko are out for the monster items too. They plan on using them to take over the real world.

I hope this helps you understand the anime a little bit better:toothy: (and you're right, the show [i]isn't[/i] that great.)[/color]
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i watched the new episode this morning.. good lord was it over-rated.. it really wasn't that good...

and I thought Mondo and Rockna were brother-and-sister?

and the two evil minons ppls of Eccentros'' which one is which?

i like the purple-chick.. she was cool
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