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Ah yeah, I'm back. Sorta.
Because my computer decided to say my internet browser "performed an illegal opertain", I lost my whole original post. Let's just say I'm praying. ^^;
Recently, I've become obsessed with AniPortal's War of Genesis 3 gallery. The images are great, so I've been using them to create banners. And here are my first here.

#1 - Water Power
[size=1]Took me about five minutes. Hardest part? Getting that sphere to show up in her hand. Bleh.[/size]

#2 - Feel My Power
[size=1]I've become really attached to that image on the right..I just used three images, did some editing, and poof! 'nother banner.[/size]

#3 - Running in the Rain
[size=1]This one is definetly my least favorite of the batch. I should've used a different font. But the picture was cool, and so was the background. The lines are from a song by Globe called "Come Into Existence". The best part of the banner?
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First off....That first one....That she....is a HE! Indeed it is! HE runs by the name Ashurei. At least I am 95% sure it is a guy. ^__^' Anyways...

The first one: I'm not feelin' that font. I thought it was just symbol things. I can't read it well. It looks kind of cool though. ALso the globe is lop-sided. Neat looking, but lop-sided. And just one silly little thing. On his hair to the right down by his shoulder. There is just a block of white where the hair should be. Just look all around the hair and you will see.

#2: IT is unproportional. THat's all I can say. The one on the far left should be down some and to the right. He is cut off a bit. I would put the center guy in about the exact center. You don't really need Ashurei's hand do you? I would move them all over to the right. Also the guy on the far left looks a tad smaller than the others. They are both big, but he is kind of small (*slaps self* x__x me and my perverted mind). I would have never thought to put the 3 of them together...

#3: Hmmm.... For starters there is this big whtie rim around most of him. The text isn't too good either. Like you said, the font isn't too fiting. BUt the actual quote is nice. I really like that background and the filter. Very nice.

Nice work Katana! I like that first one. How in the world did you do that ball of stuff?!? It looks uber-neat. ^^
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I LOVE the pictures you used. Very nice.

Most of what I was going to say, Haze already said. I think the second one would be much improved if the guy on the far left was moved to the far right, and all the others moved down. It would add more symmetry to the banner, and utilize the space better.

On a side note, I love your avatar. Especially Megumi and the little fox. ^__^
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[QUOTE=Haze]First off....That first one....That she....is a HE! Indeed it is! HE runs by the name Ashurei. At least I am 95% sure it is a guy. ^__^' Anyways...
To controdict you...
Take a lookie at that image. Feminine hands, painted nails, slim waist...and, uh, the above part. -.-; That's a she, if you ask me.
Well, thanks guys for the comments! I know they aren't much to go by, but I'm glad people actually *commented* on them. Glad to see people still care about my work.
Megumi - Thankie. Got it off of that pic of Aoshi when he was comparing Kenshin's three girls and what they resemble. ^^
EDIT: WEE! New banner! I've taking a liking (aka, loving) to War of Genesis 3. So, I searched the internet and came up with some really cool pics.
The ones I used in this banner are of my favorite one, Saladin. As you can see, the image on the right is my avi because I loved it so much.
Wha'cha think?
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I adore the first two banners. I think the fonts in those are terrific (although on the second one, the 'N' looks a tad cut off at the bottom) and the minimalist feel of the white suits them well - it certainly focuses the eye on those atttractive images you've picked. I guess to round my comments on those, the second banner could do with centering the girl in the middle. And maybe you could shrink Ashurei a little so that she matches the proportions of the guy on the left (at least, I assume he's a guy - he has muscles, at any rate!)

Onto the second two. Congrats on the white border ^_^ I only just realised that a border of any sort looks best on a banner within a signature (*slaps hand to forehead*) I agree - the background's great (incidentally, how did you do it? I'd love to be able to conjure up something like that.) I agree with Haze that there's a white border about parts of the image (which I know are hard to get rid of, particularly with hair). I think the text takes up a bit too much space - it ought to be subtle and slight, so maybe you could pick a particularly poignant line from the song. Cool lyric, though. ^_^ I'd keep hold of that background and the idea behind the lyrics and experiment with what works best with those details. As the fourth banner, I like the gradient on the border very much, but the background and the foreground do have something of a discordant relationship. I also wouldn't put the gold of the image on the right beside the creams of the other two images - though the other two go fine together. The gold image makes a superb avatar, though.

I really think there are aspects of all of them (and a great deal in the first two particularly - I think the second one is my favourite overall) that can fantastic. I'm no banner expert, but they're very sharp and striking generally. Good stuff!
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