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[COLOR=Navy]This is my first RPG, so can you cut me some slack. I'm taking a shot at this. I have some help, but not much. Tell me if anything is wrong.

It has only been a few years after Buu was destroyed. Everything was peaceful until a strange human appears on Earth.He declares that he will be holding a tournament. He wants to finds out who is the strongest. This isn't a normal tournament though. You're not put up against each other. You're put up against beast that this human summons. You must work as a team to get to this so-called-human. Then whoever lasts against him will be proclaimed the strongest.

Wow, that wasn't too hard. Well, here's what I need. I would like you too be related to one of the characters from the show. You can be from another deminsion and you can also be one of the original Z Fighters. Two characters are welcome.

Sign Up:

Relation to Original Character:
Weapon: Not Required

Here's Mine:

Name: Roko

Age: 16-18

Bio: Roko is the strange human. Yeah right, he's human/sayian. He comes from a diffrent dimension. He's the son of Riku(JoyKaiba's character) and Yamcha(long story). He has a slight temper promblem and he's only holding this tournament to find out who his grandfather is. Where he's from, Goku never came back. He never knew his grandfather and he wants to. He would rather determine who it is by strength and not image.

Description: Roko has spiked black hair and blue eyes. He wears a black and red version of his fathers outfit.

Relation to Original Character: Yamcha's son from another dimension

Skills: Wolf Fang Fist, Kumehameha, Wolf Fang Blitz, (I could go on forever)

Weapon: His grandfather's Power Pole[/color]

[color=green]Name: Trunks


Bio: Trunks is the only son of Vegeta and Bulma. He's very powerful and an excellent fighter. He will never give up. Trunks is overprotective of his friends and family. He forms a major crush on Riku.

Description: [url]http://valius.dragonspires.org/dbimage/TRUNKS.jpg[/url]

Relation to Original Character: Vegeta's and Bulma's son.

Skills: Burning Attack (I can't think of the others off the top of my head)

Weapon: a sword[/color]

[color=navy] I hope you guys enjoy this. I have two spots researved for my friends JoyKaiba and Maximillion404, but that's it. Please sign up! ^_^[/color]
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Name: Nimimi
Age: 16
Bio: Nimimi is full sayian unlike her brother Trunks.She trains alot and doesn't have much of a social life yet she's very chiper.She also very hyper and can get annoying.
Nimimi idolizes her brother and looks up to him.Her boyfriend is Goten and she trains with him.Vegeta doesn't like it when she stays out long becaues he says it distracts her from her training.When she heard that a tournament was going on.It was a perfect test to prove to her father that she didn't need any more training.
Description: [IMG]http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=17636&stc=1[/IMG]
Relation to Original Character: Trunk's sister
Skills: Kame-kame wave,power disks,criton blast(a purple beam that shots out of the palm of her hand)
Weapon: Gloves w/ retractable whips,feet,fist,and a sword(doesn,t use it that much) [/COLOR]

[COLOR=Red]Name: Zoma
Age: 8
Bio: Zoma is a mysterious boy who hangs out with Nimimi.He's parents are unknown and he dosen't remember his past.He dosen't talk much but when he does he address Nimimi only.He lives in a treehouse that Nimimi helped him build.That was how they first meet.He follows Nimimi everywhere and looks up to her.For some reason he knows alot about the torunment.
Description: Short messy black hair,white shirt,and brown shorts,and black shoes.
Relation to Original Character: Goten's and Nimimi's child from the future but no one knows that.
Skills: none known
Weapon: a dagger
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[color=purple]Name: Riku Son
Age: 16-18
Bio: Riku is also from another dimension. She's Goku and Chi-Chi's middle child. Her mother always wanted her not to fight, but she never listened. She's actually the strongest from where she comes from. After coming to this other deminsion, she falls in love with Trunks, who doesn't exsist in her deminsion for some odd reason. She vows to not go back to her dimension, which is falling apart anywho. She's going to stay put after the tournament.
Description: [url]http://fanart.theotaku.com/view.php?action=get_pic&pic_id=9153[/url] The only diffrence is her hair is longer and strighter.
Relation to Original Character: Goku's daughter from another deminsion.
Skills: All of the Z fighters moves, bad guys moves, and an energy sword.
Weapon: Her dad's Power Pole[/color]

[color=teal]I'll be Goku too since you need him........
Name: Goku Son
Age: In his 40s
Bio: Goku is a Sayain that lost memory of his mission after getting a bump on his head. He becomes friends with Bulma, Yamcha, and many more. He winds up marrying Chi-Chi and they have two kids. Now Goku learns about this tournament and can't pass it up. He also learns he has a daughter from another dimension. Go figure.
Description: [url]lhttp://members.lycos.nl/mistermjb/Goku189.jpg[/url]
Relation to Original Character: He is an original character.
Skills: Kumehameha, Super Sayian 1,2,3,4, and many more. :I can't think of any more:
Weapon: His Power Pole[/color]
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Name: Rio
Age: 16
Bio: Rio is the son of Trunks' and Riku. Him and his twin sister, Ruby, come from the future. They are very close to full-blodded Sayain. This makes them very tempermentally. Rio is the more agressive of the twins. He's very nice, but he has a short fuse. He's like both of his grandfathers put together. Rio loves his father and looks up to his mother. His mother is his idol.
Description: Rio looks like Trunks, but with black hair. His outfit looks like Trunks' too, but his jacket and boots are red.
Relation to Original Character: Trunks' son from the future
Skills: All of Riku's
Weapon: His grandfather's Power Pole

[color=red]Name: Ruby
Age: 16
Bio: Ruby is the daughter of Trunks' and Riku. Her and her twin brother, Rio, come from the future. They are very close to full-blodded Sayain. This makes them very tempermentally. Ruby is the more mellow of the twins. She's very nice and it takes more to get her mad. She's more like Goku then Vegeta. Ruby loves her mother and looks up to her father. Her father is her idol.
Description: Ruby looks like Riku, but she has lavandar hair. Her outfit looks like Riku's too, but it's black and pink instead of orange and blue.
Relation to Original Character: Trunks' daughter from the future
Skills: All of Trunks'
Weapon: Her father's sword[/color]
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Name: Gojin
Age: 15
Bio:He is the son of Gohan and Videl. He trains hard to become the most powerful warrior he can be. Most of his attacks are based from Vegeta and Goku and a little from his father. He likes to train all the time so his skills will improve. When he is not training he spends most of his just goofing off and having fun.
Description: [IMG]http://e.1asphost.com/Serren/Pictures/Gojin2.JPG[/IMG]
Relation to Original Character: Gohan's son
Skills: Kamehameha,Kaio-Ken,Masenko,Big Bang attack
Weapon: none
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Hi! Can I join? I'm new and cute! :bats eyes:

Name: Prina
Age: 20
Bio: Prina is from the same dimension as Roko. She's actually a close friend of Roko's. He father does his best to raise and train her, but she's hard headed. She rather go out on dates our go to the mall. She's just like any other girl. Even though she doesn't want to train, she's an excellent fighter.
Description: Prina looks like any other Namek(sp?), but she has long black hair and teal eyes. She wears an outfit similar to her father's, but it's black and pink.
Relation to Original Character: Piccolo's daughter
Skills: all of Piccolo's. (I can't think of the names at the moment)
Weapon: None

I'll be two characters:
Name: Yukie
Age: 18
Bio: Yukie is Roko's older sister. She kinda of protested against Roko. She really wants to go against him. She's closer to Prina then Roko is. She's not much of a fighter, but she does try. She relays alot on her parents, brother, and friends.
Description: Yukie looks like Riku, but her eyes are the same color as her father's. She wears an outfit that looks like Riku's except it's pink and purple.
Relation to Original Character: Yamcha's daughter
Skills: the same as Roko's
Weapon: None
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Name: Vegita-san

Age: 52

Bio: Bejiita "Vegita"- Vegita is the Prince of the former Saiya-jin race. He was born in 732 AD and was destined for greatest when as a child, his power level exceeded that of even his father's. Vegita comes to Earth, with his former bodyguard Nappa, searching for Dragon Balls so that he can become immortal. However, as we all know, his plan is foiled when Gokou shows starts to show up, but he comes to the realization that the Planet Nameck must have Dragon Balls as well, so he loses interest in the ones on Earth and after getting rejuvinated from his fight with Gokou, he heads over to Nameck where he eventually meets up with his old adversaries and is forced to team up with them. After the Freeza saga, Vegita is basically stuck on Earth, (although in the anime he flies around the Universe searching for Gokou), so he learns to live with it. He really doesn't care about the Earth, and he probablly would destroy it, if he didn't feel the need to defend his pride and become stronger so that he can face off against Gokou again and beat him. Vegita is pulled into the fights against the Androids, Cell and the like because he feels the need to establish his superiority, not because he has any regard for Earth. However, eventually he reforms himself and fights for the sake of the Earth when he envokes his suicidal attack to kill Buu. He later admits his faults, including the fact that Gokou has always been stronger than him, and is ressurected when all the GOOD people who died since Buu arrived are brought back to life. Vegita does marry Buruma, although the exact date is unknown. It can be assumed that it was sometime between the end of the Cell Saga, and before the Buu Saga.

Description: He wears more typical human attire of recent. He does, however, have a blue body suit that he could utilize instead of the more clumsy human wear. His hair hasn't changed, and he doesn't have a mustache (much to the ire of GT fans, no doubt). His hair is still jet black, and his Saiya-jin blood has delayed his aging.

Relation to Original Character: Uhh.. Prince of the late King Vegita of planet Vegita...
Skills: Kikou Ha,Yubisaki kara no Kikou Ha (fingertip blast),Renzokou Kikou Ha (machine gun-like energy), Gyariku Hou "Garlic Gun", Saishyuu Saigo no Waza "Ultimate Final Skill" (the attack he used when commiting suicide), Zenshin kara no Shyougeki Ha(arms outspread.. explosion), Big Bang Attack, Final Flash, (Bukujutsu, he can fly), Fusion, Ring Jyou no Energy Ball (death by dismemberment)

Super Saiya-Jin Levels:
-Super Saiya-jin
-Super Saiya-jin Dai 2 Dankai "Ultimate Super Saiya-jin Stage 2"-
-Super Saiya-jin 2

Note: I suppose Americanized DBZ has been out so much that I must turn a deaf eart towards the misspellings and errors concerning DBZicana. I will do my best to portray Vegita as he was in the JAPANESE version. To this extent.. I suggest you edit in an R rating, if anything, for Vegita's sake.. as he is quite.... vulgar. Also.. I probably wont want anyone portraying my character at all unless I grant them that ability, considering Vegita is fairly complex and nothing like the Toonami version.
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Bio: Ubuu is the reincarnation of Majin Buu, and the most powerful pure human that ever existed. He was taken into training by Goku during the 28th Tenkanchi Budokai, and has vastly increased in power since, learning flight as well. When angred, he has tremendous latent power, waiting to be brought out.
Description: Slightly dark-skinned, skinny boy of average height, now with a full head of hair instead of a Mohawk.
Relation to Original Character: Son Goku's disciple
Skills: Buku-jutsu, Ki blasts, Kaio-ken(since he can't go SSJ, he needed to multiply his power.)
Weapon: None
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Name:Matthew Prower
Age: Looks 15 but is the same age as Vegeta
Race: 1/2 Saiyan, 1/2 Mobian
Bio: Born on Mobius with his mother and father, Matt never had a hard life. But when Frieza attacked his planet a second time, Zelex, Matts Saiyan father, defended Mobius from Frieza. But in the end, the fight was a draw. Frieza was beaten badly but not killed. As for Zelex, he DID go Super Saiyan, but the power was too much and his body exploded, hurting Frieza. Frieza escaped, and Matt was too young to remember most of it. It was when he was 15 on Mobius he found a sping that was beutifully sacred. He was thirsty, so he took a drink. It was a youth fountain, most on Angel Island. And since he drank it at 15, he stays and looks as if he's 15. A few years later, he went to Earth, searching for Frieza. It was the time that Vegeta attacked. Matt fought Vegeta, since they were even. Nappa killed everyone else, except Krillian and Gohan. The journey went on as Matt joined them. On Namek, he fought Frieza and utterly lost, but Goku saved him. After they all went back to Earth, he trained with Vegeta, reaching Super Saiyan during the week untill the Cell Games. He bonded with Vegeta, becoming best friends with him. Matt still considers Vegeta the Prince and will do almost anything he wants. When Buu appeared, Matt fought along with Goku and Vegeta on the Planet of the Kais. He had ascended to Super Saiyan 3 by then and could go beyond that a little bit afterwards. But when he heard of this tournament, he just had to join!

Description: Looks like Tails from STH, but has 1 tail, a scar over his left eye (Future Trunks got angry at him), has black fur instead of orange, and grey fur instead of white. Always wears a pair of jean shorts that reach his knees. He has one of the 7 Chaos Emeralds around his neck, keeping it safe.
Relation to Original Character: His father, Zelex is Bardoks half brother. Zelex was born from Bardoks mother but a different father. Matts main relation would be Goku, his cousin.
Skills: All of Vegetas, Kamehameha, and the Spirit Bomb (took a LONG time to learn it)
Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2, Super Saiyan 3, Ultra Super Saiyan 3 ( black fur turns blue and yellow-gold hair turns purple. His eyes turn an ice blue.
Weapon: Has a katana but usually uses his fists.

Is that good?
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Eh. I did a battle thing...but I can'r help myself sometimes.

Name: Goken
Age: 16
Relation to original character: Goten's son from the far future (for clarification, around the time of what would be Goku Jr.)
Race: 3/4 Saiyan, 1/4 earthling
Description: Short, spiky black hair like any other saiyan (that HAS hair ::thinks of nappa:: ) except when in super saiyan form, but something other saiyans lack; gray eyes that barely change when Super Saiyan.
Implaced Abilities (things no other of his race knows): Special Beam Cannon (taught to him by piccolo)
Special Info: Part of the project 'New Vegeta', the true reincarnation of Planet Vegeta; succeeded.
General skills: Special Beam cannon, Demon Roundhouse, Big Bang Attack, Final Flash, Kamehameha Wave, Destructo Disk
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