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Anime Purple Oozaro?

Guest Imsirion

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[QUOTE][i]Vegita of Canadaland [/i]
[B]Wouldn't that make him gay? Just what we need, another large purple annoying creature to hate. I wonder who would win? Barney or Trunks in Oozaru form? [/B][/QUOTE]

[b]Uh,...you missed out the Great Grape Ape Man ;)[/b]

[QUOTE][i]Transtic Nerve[/i]
[b]How would that make him gay? I'm confused....[/b][/QUOTE]

[b]I think he means 'gay' as in, stupid[/b]

[b]Oh...y'all said black...ya meant brown,....right?[/b]
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How do you know that Trunks wouldn't be a purple Oozaru because we've only seen Saiyans with black and golden hair turn Oozaru. All the Oozaru we've seen are black because the Saiyan had black hair. So what if Trunks was a Purple Oozaru that would be something to see, wouldn't it?
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