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Art Panda's Avatar!


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[SIZE=1][COLOR=Purple]Here's an avatar I made for Panda; I can't remember how to send it to her. ~_~

Well, strangely enough, I had a hard time dealing with borders, so I just let a little background in on the sides. Sometimes, borders just don't work. :p

I love this avatar, just 'cuz Genma's my favorite Ranma 1/2 character.

Note that I "marked" Genma's forehead with Panda's name. :rolleyes: I added a dull-colored outer shadow to give it a "raw, drawn-on" look, as if someone just walked up to him and stamped Panda's name on his face. I was kinda going for that "smudgey" look.

Cropping it took some time. I decided to show "less face" so it looked as if Genma was embarrassed by the situation. Whenever I see the avatar, I can't help but imagine Genma thinking: "Why me??"


EDIT: I'm also going to post up Panda's banner pretty soon, too.

EDIT #2: There we go! The bordering was a cinch.

Valid criticism welcome! [/color][/size]
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