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Terminator Uncut on SpikeTV?


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Not! Yes, I know SpikeTV is horrible, and only has one good show (MXC), but for all the advertising they had for their Terminator 1 UNCUT presentation, they sure flubbed it.

Every curse was edited out, every curse command was blurred. The eye surgery scene was what we'd find if Terminator 1 had been broadcast on Fox or NBC.

SpikeTV can--oh, wait, I've gotta censor this, lol--SpikeTV, to quote True Lies, can [spoiler]blow me[/spoiler].

So, my question is, does anyone else have a problem with TV cinematic censorship? What have been the worst cases of blatant disregard for a director's vision that you've seen? I'd say SpikeTV touting of UNCUT Terminator and then showing this rubbish takes the cake.

Though, Speed's network broadcast was pretty memorable, "Forget you!"

::goes to turn on TBS to watch Grosse Pointe Blank::
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Though, knowing you, Alex, you're more upset they cut out Sara[i]h[/i] Conn[i]o[/i]r's (Happy now, freak? lol) breast shot during the love scene than anything else. ~_^

Though, Speed's network broadcast was pretty memorable, "Forget you!"[/QUOTE]

That does bring back memories of one morning watching "The Breakfast Club", where the punk dude is [i]screaming[/i] "NO! FORGET YOU! FORGET YOU!"
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Screen them in their entirety, or not at all. :flaming:

The cream of the crop, had to be a NZ network's airing and subsequent censorship of Pulp Fiction, yeah, despite it being on late night, every swear word was taken out, if you've seen the movie, you'll know that cuts about 1/3 of the dialogue out! yet they fail to even bleep one word of that stupid Jay and Silent Bob movie. wierd eh?

have always hated censorship in some way shape or form, and I awlays have, not so much the age restrictions anymore, than ididot morons who try to ban the Kill Bill DVD's because they're violent. :nope:

hey! I'm over 18, and I can now legally watch whatever movie in my conscious I choose!

So in that sense, T.V censorship bites. :devil:
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The FCC has been kickin stuff into gear lately (you can tell if you listen to radio, specifically tlak radio)... I wouldn't be surprised if Spike just decided to edit the movie in fear of the FCC slapping a huge fine on them.

If you want to watch the movie in all it's true glory, head on down to blockbuster, spend the 3 bucks and rent the DVD.
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Tony and TN, I've got all three in the Special Edition DVDs right here, so no worries bout that. ;)

It just annoys me that to advertise an Uncut Terminator broadcast, even still advertising the Uncut presentation during the commercial breaks, and then give this.

I don't mind censorship, necessarily. I mean, Grosse Pointe Blank was censored on TBS and I was fine with it. Sure, I cringed at "forget you," but they didn't advertise it Uncut and uncensored. I expected Grosse Pointe Blank to be edited for content. I expect many movies to be edited for content on network/basic cable stations.

But when a station outright says, "Uncut; the way it should be," and doesn't follow-up to that, regardless of FCC influence or not, it doesn't gel with me, lol.

SpikeTV is good for one thing--maybe two things: MXC and the Bond movie marathons.
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