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Kingdom Hospital


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I am a candid Steven King fan. I worship the ground this man walks on after I saw IT. Rose Red, last year was also a excellent series that actually brought fear back into me. I'm working on finishing up The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer and now I'm going to watch Rose Red again. I've been waiting for Kingdom Hospital to come out since I heard about it two years ago at a King book signing. I've seen this shows plot somewhere but I can't remember. Its basically a scary ER with a haunted hospital inhabited by ghost of not only dead patients, but also spirits from its dark history.

The Cast

Ed Begley, Jr.- Dr. Jesse James
Jack Coleman- Peter Rickman
Bruce Davison- Dr. Stegman
Diane Ladd- Sally Druse
Andrew McCarthy- Dr. Hook
Stephen King- Executive producer/Writer

I've seen some of these actors and actresses in other of King's shows. I think some were in The Langoliers and others are from Storm of the Century, but I'm not sure.

Anyhow. What everyones favorite Steven King movie? I really like Thinner and Carrie but my favorites are The Green Mile and Shawshank Redemption.
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I've seen the commercials for this show, and I have to say I'm not all that impressed. Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of Stephen King. My problem with the series is that I don't believe that a long-running show can keep an air of terror, or any other emotion affiliated with SK. Then again, i could just be a very pessimistic person. ^^x
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I'm a fan of Stephen King but I can't say I'm terribly interested in the show. I might watch a couple episodes to get a feel for it, but I probably won't end up watching the show for too long.

Of the Stephen King movies that I've seen, my favorite is easily The Shining (Stanley Kubrick's version, of course), since I loved the book so damn much. The movie is really faithful to the book (besides the ending, which I never really cared for but eh) and Jack Nicholson's performance in this is pretty lengendary, heh.

The Simpsons parody of it (The Shinning) is almost as good, though :p
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