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A sand-colored planet, scarred by brown mountain ridges and with no cities large enough to be observed from space, sits in the cold vacuum between the stars. No other planets are in the system, but two twin suns bathe the sole world of this sector in intense heat. Many small vessels, most appearing to be custom built ships souped up by hotshot mercenaries or smugglers with a need for speed enter and exit the atmosphere. Suddenly, they scatter and most vanish into the safety of hyperspace.

All around the planet, coming from several directions at once, arrive many heavily armed capitol class warships. Ring shaped Trade Federation vessels with spherical core sections hover menacingly over the planet?s southern pole. Their quad turbolaser batteries follow the few ships with the audacity to remain in the area, ready to obliterate their targets should they become aggressive. At the planets opposite pole, Banking Clan vessels reminiscent of ancient rockets exit hyperspace. Their hidden weapons emplacements are revealed by the opening of several bay doors, making these ships suddenly a much more formidable opponents. On the planet?s current night side, several diamond shaped Corporate Alliance vessels enter orbit. They possess formidable shields and large stocks of proton torpedoes, which make them the most resilient of the Separatist fleet.

The final vessels enter orbit on the dayside of the planet. One is a wedge shaped fighter that looks very similar to a Jedi starfighter, another is a solar sailor with a golden-brown sail and the third is a massive Droid Control Ship.

Slowly, the four different fleets merge and assemble into a massive armada that orients itself towards the inner rim. All of the ships pause for a moment, then blur into white lines as they enter hyperspace again?

OOC: The Jedi will start en route to Mechis III in a consular ship (Your personal starfighters are onboard the Republic Cruisers). ARC Troopers will start onboard any of the Republic vessels, which are currently on their way to Mechis III, but slightly behind the Jedi. Generals will be onboard the Droid Control Ship.

Remember, only those who were accepted into the RPG are allowed to post here. If you?re unsure of your acceptance, check the sign up thread.
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[COLOR=TEAL][SIZE=1][B]OOC: Boba, if it's okay with you, can I take control of Anakin as well seeing as no one applied for him and if not shall he be an NPC?.
Being reminded of his previous voyage on one of the Republic Cruisers was not sitting well with Obi-Wan. Though he knew Qui-Gon was one with the force and would all ways be with him he could use the reassuring presence of his master every know and again, that way it would feel things could never get to out of hand even with the war againsts the Separatist forces being commanded by Count Dooku, he signed slighty and left the front of the ships to converse with the other Jedi going on to Mechis III along with himself and his Padawan, Anakin Skywalker.

He glanced around he conference table to see who else was in the room, only Tsuni Roharim was there, [I]"Anakin must be training somewhere else," Obi-Wan thought, "Or else musing over Padmé"[/I]. Though Obi-Wan knew it was dangerous for a Jedi to be in love with another for it often lead to feelings the person never wanted to have he could hardly forbid Anakin to see her for that could be worse than the other emotions he could have.

He walked over to the window of the lounge and gazed out at the starts streaking past while the ships was in Hyperspace en route to Mechis III. Perhaps his worry was worn upon his face because, rasing his head, Tsuni noticed Obi-Wan and spoke up. "Ah, Obi-Wan. There is no need to worry about this mission, why, with out skills, the clone troopers and the ARC troopers we should have this whole mess sorted quicker than Mace Windu going for a hair cut" He said with a slight smirk.

Kenobi let out a small laugh and looked toward Tsuni with a smile, "Thank you for that my friend, I needed cheering up slightly...it's just things have been weighing on my mind resently and not only the mission...," Obi-Wan trailed of slightly and turned his gaze back to the window, "This whole conflict has the feeling of the Sith, I know that Dooku is not a Sith but I cannot fathom where the feeling comes from".

"Pay it no heed Obi-Wan, it is best not to get distracted and do not forget that you yourself defeated a Sith warrior only ten or so years ago so what should you have to worry from the Sith," Tsuni said rising from the chair, "Now I have to go and get some rest, don't worry yourself so much, trust in the force and let it guide you." He gave Obi-Wan a re-assuring nod and left the room leaving the Jedi Knight with only his thoughts to keep him company.[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=indigo]Tsuni hopped down from the chair he had been sitting in... well... standing in actually. When your only about a meter tall it can get difficult when talking to someone and your head is under the table. Nodding a farwell to Obi-wan, Tsuni left the almost empty room and headed near the back of the ship, wanting to find somewhere quite so he could think and meditate for a bit. After the battle on Coruscant, after many Jedi, who he had come to know greatly died, he had been meditating quite alot, thinking about death and why it happened. Master Yoda had been giving him some advice on this as well, but even he seemed not sure about it, just a bit though.

[i]"Quicker than Mace Windu going for a hair cut."[/i] Tsuni chuckled once again to himself as he made his way further into the ship. Jedi would pass by every few minuets, who he would greet with a simple nod of the head, chuckling once again when he greeted Master Windu. Eventually, Tsuni came to the small barracks (I don't know if the would have barracks or not, i'm just assuming) near the back of the ship. He opened one of the doors, with some assistance from the force and entered, already knowing that no one was there.

[i]I guess I may be slightly troubled myself.[/i] With that Tsuni sat on the floor and began to think about the past, present, and future.


OOC: eh, hope that was ok :s [/size][/color]
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Grevious stared for a moment at the swirling of the stars as they streaked past the viewport of the [I]Noxious[/I] in flashes of white and neon blue. He considered this to be the calm before the impending storm... and it was something he took enjoyment in. He took this time to focus on the details of the battle ahead. An invasion, a vital planet; one where they could produce arms, and a port much closer to the Core Worlds than they were used to. Grevious was more than aware of the importance of this battle... his purpose was solely to fight, and to win. Normally he did so devoid of any feeling, which is what made him so effective... but he generated some excitement from the promise of fighting those gifted in the force. He had been given a taste of the powers of the force each time he had seen Tyrannus in battle. Grevious had longed for someone to face him with that kind of power... the thought of tearing his claws into their flesh as they stood in shock was an overpowering feeling, and it was one of the few emotions he had. This feeling was organic, and lent itself to the arguement that there was some human in Grevious. The General would get plenty of chances to lend his services on the battle field, but his main responsiblility was to lead Dooku's droid armies... hence his rank. A machine of war, Greivous was also quite the tactician.

Grevious sat, motionless, staring unblinking into the swirling void of hyperspace. His arms crossed over his chest, his claws grasping their opposite arms in a vice that would break the bones of most organisms. He knew, sparing any unforseeen problems, that he would spend the majority of the war effort at Count Dooku's side, where he would be subject to the constant whining of Nute Gunray and his Neimodian associated from the Trade Federation. Constantly he watched while the Count played the role of babysitter, forever reassuring and making promises to the Trade Federation's leaders, as they revelled in their cowardice. Grevious had often thought that as soon as Gunray had served out his purpose, Grevious would be given the order to dispose of him at the first sign of his cowardice. The Count, although he did it well, did not think very highly of his associates, many of whom he considered nothing more than worms.

The button below Grevious' comm. panel suddenly began to blink. He moved one hand over and tapped the button with a metallics claw, and the face of a battle droid flecked with red marks appeared on screen.

[B]Droid:[/B] General, we are approaching Mechis III. Please be prepeared to exit hyperspace at the next warning.

Grevious nodded once, and the comm. went blank. His own ship's sensors were more than capable of telling his to come out of hyperspace at the appropriate time, and yet he was always sent a message by one of the Droid's of the Trade Federation. Such things would have angered a normal man by now... but Grevious was devoid of such feelings, and gave no thought to trivial matters like that.
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[color=green]Sitting on the bridge of the Droid Control Ship in a swiveling gray chair padded with black nerf-hide, Count Dooku waited patiently for the ship to revert to real-space. Mechis III was mere minutes away from them; he could feel it. This campaign, if successful, would be the end of the war. The Separatists could split away from the core and rule the galaxy as it ought to be. His master on Coruscant would be most pleased?

He used the force to swivel his chair around to face the rest of the bridge crew. The entire Separatist army was made up of droids, so it was unusual to see so many sentient beings in one room. The bridge was staffed mostly by Nemodians, with a few other species thrown in here and there. An alarm sounded, and the bridge went onto battle alert.

All throughout the ship, automated systems prepared for battle. The reactor core?s internal shields went up, sheathing it in an impenetrable veil of blue energy. Turbolaser cannons charged and ran self-diagnostics in preparation for battle. Droid starfighters emerged from racks built into the ceiling of the main docking bay and began to power up. In the secondary docking bays, landing craft filled with assault vehicles prepared for combat.

Tension was building on the bridge; he could feel it through the force.

A final tone sounded and the fleet reverted to real-space above Mechis III. Only a few automated cargo vessels showed on the sensors. Hundreds of fighters were released from the docking bays of the Federation ships, escorting the slow and ungainly landing craft to their destinations on the planet?s surface. Banking Clan and Corporate Alliance vessels secured the hyperspace entry points in the system, planting mines to prevent easy reversion to real-space.

Dooku smiled, things were going exactly as planned. The advance teams from the planet?s surface had reported all communication knocked out and most of the human staff of the planet detained. All of the landing craft had landed and the second wave was on its way.

Alarms blared.

A Jedi Consular ship entered the system, followed by five Republic Cruisers. One of the mighty vessels, which had been the first to enter the system, was utterly decimated by the mines that had been laid at the planet?s secondary jump point. It vented atmosphere and began to drift towards the system?s sun, drawn in by its considerable gravity.

[b]Dooku[/b]: ?I want an interdiction field set up around the battlefield and communications jammed on all channels.?

[b]Nemodian Officer[/b]: ?Yes Sir, right away sir.?

Three of the remaining cruisers formed a perimeter that allowed the forth to enter the planet?s atmosphere and unload it?s transports.

Dooku frowned, and searched the viewscreen for the Jedi Consular ship. He finally found it, going as fast as its engines could take it towards the planet?s surface. These Jedi could be a problem?

[b]Dooku[/b]: ?Order Fighter Wings twelve and twenty-nine to engage the Jedi vessel.?

[b]Pilot Battle Droid[/b]: ?Roger, Roger.?

With baited breath, Dooku watched the Jedi vessel artfully maneuver though the hail of laser fire it was taking from the twenty-four fighters that were now chasing it. They needed to hit it soon; otherwise it?d enter the atmosphere. Atmosphere!?!

Before he could order the fighters to disengage, the consular ship entered the atmosphere, followed by the fighters. The Jedi vessel had shields, which protected it from the incredible heat generated by a full speed reentry. The fighters didn?t.


With a flurry of explosions, two fighter squadrons were incinerated. As he watched, Dooku noted that one of the explosions had damaged the Jedi ship?s engines. At least they couldn?t leave the planet?

He stood and strode from the bridge into the adjacent meeting room. There he dimmed the lights and turned on his holoprojector. Silently, he typed a series of numbers into a keypad.

Two separate holograms cast an eerie glow through the darkened room. The first was of a steely looking being, with vicious looking claws. He bowed his head in deference and waited for instructions. The second, a young woman with a shaved head and wearing combat gear, looked straight at him with an expression of mixed fear and respect.

[b]Dooku[/b]: ?I want you to go to the surface of Mechis III and seek out the Jedi. Destroy them and bring me their lightsabers as proof of your success. Do you understand??

[b]Asajj Ventress and General Grevious[/b]: ?Yes Master.?

He closed the connection and stood.

This would be interesting?[/color]
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The battle had began, Seperatist and Repblic ships clashed. The entire background of space was now engulfed in battle and destruction. All six ARC Trooper companies sent to Mechis III had been preparing for this moment, and now it had come. General Gurath, a human from the planet Fondor, came in through the door to the docking bays were six modified Republic Gunships sat. They were almost the same as the conventional design except it had been stripped of all weapons in order ot make room for heavy durasteel armor and extra shield generators. The mission was practically suicide, but they were not made to think, they were made to fight and win.

General Gurath: ARC Troopers, our succes is the key to our mission. We all know what we have to do. We will use these specialized transports to enter the Trade Federation driod ship. We will be escorted by two squadrons led by wing leader Skywalker. Once we enter the docking bays we'll have to fight our way up to the bridge were we can disable most of their driod fighters. This mission is highly dangerous, but crucial to the defense of Mechis III. Now everyone, get on board your gunships we're ending this battle.
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The black slits that were Grevious' pupils thinned in anticipation. He had been hovering patiently about the Droid Control Ship that contained Count Dooku, and now, at his master's order, the twin ion engines kicked into live, and the [I]Noxious[/I] jolted forward into a dive, lining it up with Mechis III. Droid ships swarmed about him in controlled chaos, flying with mechanical precision towards their designated targets. Grevious was met with very little resistance, the occasional bolt from a turbo laser would flash past his viewport, but the Republic ships were too preoccupied for a ship that, as far as they knew, was just another droid fighter. Had they known the General of the Seperatist army was inside, he felt certain that he would have attracted more attention.

By forcing the Jedi Consular ship down on planet, Tyrannus had also guaranteed the safe entry of his 'apprentice'. Had they still been up here, one of them surely would have sensed her through the force, and would have treated her as a serious threat. Right now they were undoubtedly focused on staying alive in their impending crash. To the clones though, she was just another ordinary enemy.

The [I]Noxious[/I] hit the atmosphere of Mechis III like a fist of flame. He heard the momentary strain on his shields, before the lightning quick [I]Noxious[/I] ripped through the atmosphere altogether. The ship wavered under the sudden rush of gravity, so Grevious raised the nose slightly, killing the momentum of ships dive. His ship's sensors indicated where the Consular ship had landed.

As Grevious continued his descent, he activated the comm. unit, and the same black face of a battle droid appeared.

Grevious waited a moment, then spoke. His voice was harsh, raspy, deep, almost metallic in texture. It was as intimidating as the figure who owned it.

[B]Grevious:[/B] Get me the life readings on that Consular ship.

[B]Droid:[/B] Roger roger...
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[color=green]Dooku was back in the command chair on the bridge of the Trade Federations Flagship, and droid control ship, the [I]Pride of Nemodia[/I]. A heavily reinforced blast door, that automatically deployed when the ship went on red alert, obscured the viewscreen in front of him. The bridge crew was sitting around an oval shaped hologram projector that was showing the entire battle in progress, directing vessels to their assignments. It was obvious who?d win the battle, but it would still be messy.

There were ten Federation Capitol ships in a spherical arrangement around the droid control ship. The Banking Clan and Corporate Alliance vessels were engaging the two remaining Republic Cruisers. So far, three of the five Republic cruisers had been destroyed. In comparison, the Separatists had lost four Banking clan vessels and sustained minor damage to all of the Corporate Alliance Vessels.

The interdiction field prevented any ships in the area from going to hyperspace, and the jamming equipment of the Trade Federation would stop any distress calls from reaching the Republic. There was no escape?

Five thousand advanced battle droids had been deployed to the surface of Mechis III, where they?d secured all of the planet?s production control areas and other areas of tactical interest. So far, no sign of the Jedi Knights had been seen. He could feel them through the force, so he knew they weren?t dead. There were also approximately a thousand clones to worry about. There were also about a hundred ARC troopers on the planet. If they decided to wage a guerilla war, they might last a week or until they ran out of supplies.

His attention returned to the hologram, where one of the remaining Republic ships had lost shields, engines and weapons. It was dead in space, running on backup energy.

[b]Dooku[/b]: ?Leave it. We can use hostages to lure the Jedi out of hiding. Concentrate all firepower on the last ship.?

[b]Tactical Officer[/b]: ?Yes, Count Dooku.?

Satisfied that everything was once again under control, Dooku returned to the privacy of the adjoining meeting room.

It was time to update his master on the events that had transpired?[/color]
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[font=Verdana][size=1]Boba has very kindly allowed me into the RPG...[/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=1][i]Shots echoed across the bow of the Rebuplic Cruiser [b]Perceptor[/b], it was the last of the Cruisers that had not been blown into debris, Jedi Master Van Ambrose was most thankful that Dooku hadn't realised he was on the ship, otherwise he'd more than likely be one with the Force by now. He watched as the back-up power flowed through smoking circuits and damaged consoles across the bridge, he knew that the Separatists would have already set up interdictors to block a retreat and jammed their communications to eliminate the possiblity of calling for re-enforcements. Van pushed back his long whitening hair as he looked at the five dead individuals on the bridge floor, a turbo-laser shot had hit one of the main power distribution lines and the overload had killed them. His dark blue eyes gazed into the view-screen as the shots had stopped bouncing off the hull, he activated the comm to find out how many casualties the ship had sustained.[/i][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=1][i]So far over fifty percent of the crew had been killed or injured however the Clone Troopers had sustained only a two percent fatality, he knew he would be unable to get the ship anywhere. The engines were shot and that interdictor made it impossible to get out of the system, beisdes if the ship even lurched the wrong way Dooku would probably have it blasted into vapours. His plan was made in that few seconds, he informed the ARC Commander that he would be leaving the ship for the planet and that he was to ensure it's survival, the Clone who was trained to follow a Jedi's orders complied with no hesitation. Van strode forwards and headed for the docking bay to his Starfighter, he'd only need the Fighter section since the planet was only a short flight away, he hooked his lightsaber into his robes before entering the craft and powering up. The engines were working at least but the fighter's weaponry had been in the middle of an upgrade before he entered this death-trap and were unavailable.[/i][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=1][i]The R3 unit by his side chirped loudly as Van activated the thrusters and prepared to leave the bay behind him. The fighters engines glowed orange as it emerged from the flight bay, Van carefully tried to keep the fighter from attractin attention too early, that would prove fatal and most unwanted. The droid fighters seemed not to have noticed the fighter and Van held his breathe as he punched the thrusters for maximum acceleration, [u]this[/u] got their attention but the fighter was nearly out of range by the time they had noticed it, however several other Droid fighters were close enough to enage the one-man ship in combat. Van cursed as laser shots arched near his ships outer hull, the shields around it wouldn't hold out for long against a tough barrage like he'd recieve if he stuck around too long. The fighter was closing in on Mechis III and he would hopefully shake the fighter before he hit the atmosphere.[/i][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=1][i]The fighter stayed on Van's tail, mortality was not the concern of a droid fighter so it stuck to Van like glue, he was only a few hundred meters from the upper atmosphere and hoped that his shields would be enough. The R3 unit told him that he was now entering the upper atmosphere, he gave orders for the droid to reenforce the shields for the atmospheric descent, the droid chirped back and Van hoped it was enough. The heat on the outside of the ship was intense and Van noted a flaming hulk streak down ahead of him, obviously the droid fighter that had persued him from earlier. He reached the lower atmosphere and began scanning for the Jedi Consular ship which he hoped had survived the descent, his scanning confirmed both it and another ship who's physical description was like nothing he'd ever seen before. He felt the Force echo through him, a dark presense on board, not as strong as either himself or Dooku but powerful and dark, a name flashed into his mind... [b]Ventress[/b].[/i][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=1][i]He set the fighter on a descent course intending to land and hopefully meet up with Master Kenobi and the others before the Sith Apprentice did...[/i][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=1]I just wanted this post to get Van ready to join the other Jedi, Jokopoko if you want to meet Van that's fine, the same goes for Yoda if he wants Van to meet Grevious although I'd like him survive that encounter. [/size][/font]
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Boba... I may have missed it, but I can't find a description of Mechis III anywhere in this or the sign up page. I'd just like to know if Grevious' ship should be landing in a city, a jungle, a desert or whatever.

The [I]Noxious[/I] sensors kicked into life like a hunted animal caught sleeping, indicating the arrival of a hostile ship in the area... but Grevious already knew it was there. He allowed his piercing yellow, reptile-like eyes to cut towards the fighters' direction. A Jedi Starfighter... which obviously meant another Jedi. His grip tightened on the 'stick... when he noticed Asajj in her ship much closer to the new holstile. Sensors had confirmed atleast three Jedi on the surface, and they were Grevious' priority.

Grevious gently pushed the 'stick away from him, tipping the ship's nose into an arc that brought him closer to the surface of Mechis III. He had almost circled the Consular ship once, waiting for the life readings to come back from the [I]Pride of Neimodia[/I]. Meanwhile, he had been trying to get a visual on any survivors, but so far the smoke from the wreckage had given them excellent cover. Ideally, he would liked to have picked them off out of the sky, and left without having to leave his ship. This was becoming ever more an impossibility.

Grevious picked out a spot to land... some four kilometres away from the crash site of the Consular ship, basing it at a 10 degree angle from the direction he believed his quarry to be heading in. The twin ion engines of the [I]Noxious[/I] radiated with energy and a crimson glow as he ripped through the air as a dagger, heading towards the surface of Mechis III.
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[COLOR=TEAL][SIZE=1][B]OOC: If this is an industrial[sp?] world I'd assume it is like a barren and rocky planet [Like Genosis] so I'll play it like that for now...

Cutting his way through the commotion and smoke Obi-Wan called out for his Padawan. "Anakin! Anakin! Where are you!?" He turned his head and looked down each corridor was it came, they needed to get of the ship and they needed to do it fast. As he looked down the service shaft he heard Anakin calling. "Master, I'm here, we can go", the Padawan was ashen faced but he didn't seem to be hurt in anyplace. "Quickly then Anakin, we must hurry". The two Jedi took off down the main corridor as more Jedi joined them and Obii-Wan caught sight of Tsuni's small frame running amongst the many pairs of legs which gave Obi-Wan hope as Tsuni was a powerful Jedi and one of his closest friends.

As Kenobi and Anakin ran out of the ship Obi-Wan could see that Master Windu was splitting the Jedi up into small groups so to be harder to track. "Master Windu, I believe it would be best if Anakin, Tsuni and myself stayed together as a ground and locate Master Ambrose from the [I]Perceptor[/I]. "Very well, Obi-Wan. But be careful and only defend yourselves from attack, do not begin it" Mace Windu replied. "Yes Master Windu, may the force be with you", he quickly returned the farewell message and Obi-Wan along with the others set off into the rocky landscape of Mechis III going in the direction he could feel Van's presence coming from through the force.

[Sorry for the shortness but I'm kinda busy right now :sweat:][/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[size=1][b][color=indigo]Though much smaller than the other two, Tsuni was able to keep up with their long strides in running, being small, he was actually very quick on his feet. Brushing a large wisp of blur fur from his eyes, Tsuni jumped onto a near by rock and looked out, trying to catch any sign of jedi Ambrose, droids, or anything else that might enjoy harming them. In the distance he could see some kind of ship, maybe a Jedi Starfighter, but it was difficult to tell from the distance they were at. Tsuni felt through the force, trying to conferm who could be piloting the ship, it was Ambrose, he was sure of it, but something harmful was lingering close to him, similar to what they had felt when leaving the consular ship.
Staying low, Tsuni jumped from the rock, coming next to Anakin and Obi-wan.

"I am sure that is Ambrose in a Star Fighter, but something in very close to him," Tsuni's large, yellow doe-like eyes locked against Obi-wans. "I presume it is one of Dooku's generals." Obi-wan sighed slightly. Anakin seemed impatient, wanting to hurry up and find Ambrose so they could meet up with the other Jedi.
With a quick nod of the head, they started off towards where Ambrose was and what ever was after him.


My creativity is low today [/size][/color][/b]
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[color=green]OOC: Mechis III is a completely industrial world, covered in factories. It?s very similar to Coruscant in appearance, but covered in factories instead of cities. I?m sorry, I completely forgot to mention that vital piece of information when posting the recruitment thread. There?s no need to edit previous posts; this was my fault. Just play it as I?ve described it above from now on.

[center]--- --- --- --- ---[/center]

A crystal clear holographic projection of a human male dressed in black robes appeared in a darkened room. The man?s face was obscured by his robe?s hood and his hands were hidden beneath the folds of his robe. The room behind him wasn?t visible, shielded by an electronic privacy screen. The only visible identifying mark on the man was the clasp on his robe.

The figure spoke, in clear and slightly condescending tones that resonated throughout the room.

[b]Darth Sidious[/b]: ?Darth Tyranus. What news have you from Mechis III??

Count Dooku, who was kneeling in front of the holographic display, raised his bowed head. After taking a deep breath and slowly exhaling in an attempt to calm his nerves, he spoke.

[b]Count Dooku[/b]: ?Our forces have entered the system and taken control of the planet. A Republic force entered the system shortly after we did, but we destroyed them with minimal losses.?

[b]Darth Sidious[/b]: ?I sense fallacy in you. Do not lie to me. I always know when people lie to me. You of all people should know that, my apprentice.?

[b]Count Dooku[/b]: ?Lie? I didn- Oh. You sense my concern over a force of Jedi and clones that landed on the planet. I?ve dispatched two of my most prized warriors to deal with them.?

[b]Darth Sidious[/b] [I]Laughs[/I] ?Your most prized warriors have a habit of failing you. Mace Windu, who?s currently on Mechis III, defeated Jango Fett. His successor, Durge, was killed by Obi-Wan Kenobi; also on Mechis III.?

[b]Count Dooku[/b]: ?My apprentice has killed Jedi before, as has my highest ranking General. They will not fail me.?

[b]Darth Sidious[/b]: ?I hope, for your sake, that they do not??

[I]The connection closed and the hologram vanished.[/I]

Dooku stood. If he didn?t get those lightsabers from his operatives in two days, he?d go down there himself. Better dead than face the wrath of a Sith lord?[/color]
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[COLOR=Teal][SIZE=1] The ARC Troopers and remaining Clone Troopers set up possitions in the capital of Mechis III. Before the plan to launch the attack force to destroy the Driod ship and knock out all driod fighters had been able to be put into effect, the ship had begun to loose shields. As a result all of the ARC Troopers along with many Clone Troopers armed the Transports and Gunships and where sent down to the planet. The heavily armored transports had been saved though with almost no damage, their mission could still be pulled off if they sprang the attack at just the right moment.

All five of the Cruisers were destroyed, but many fighters managed to flee to Mechis III when the rout began. When the Clone Force landed, they found the capital had already been occupied by seperatist driod legions. They were however unprepared and many were smashed by the gunship's keen cannoniers. The driods were taken by surprise and blasted back about 10 km. They had taken over a huge series of buildings seperate from the rest of the city. It was a huge circle with the greatest buildings in the planet inside of it. It was then cut off by a huge gapping abyss that lead into the sub levels of the city, connected to the other part of the city only by a series of bridges. The Clone Trooper Engineers of course blew them all to slow down the endless flow of Seperatist counter attack forces.

The ARC Troopers had been set up on the outer edges of the small Republic buble, machine gun and heavy blaster emplacements where they could blast any Driod attacks. Unfortunately most if not all the strategists that were sent with the force of Clones had either been killed or MIA. Without leadership the Clones had no idea were to go from securing a well fortified possition and now waited for a new commander to take up the command. Just then, the comm crackles and all the soldiers in his tower shifted and took up the guns within. #16 took his heavy repeating blaster and was now very tense, the ever going skirmish had been going on for 16 hours and now it was heating up again.

[B]Clone Spotter: [/b]Enemy Seperatist Driod movement, heading North East of perimeter, heavy weapons and gunships heading in for support.

After the warning, he saw them. A huge battalion of driods. Some large and humaiod, others spiderlike and one was no more then a huge tank like box with heavy weapons placed all over it. The assortment of driods was more then enough to have overwhelmed the Replublic forces had they not blown the bridges. They where at a huge tactical disadvantage with them wide in the open, and the Republic forces hidden inside the towers and buildings. Then it began. Missles smashed through the windows and pounded the driods. The enemy answered with a wall of blaster bolts and cannon fodder. All the clones weapons sang, and in overhead the sound of gunships were heard as missles and cannons lanced out into Seperatist positions. [/color][/size]
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[COLOR=TEAL][SIZE=1][B]Darting around the corners of the industrial plant they had arrived at Obi-Wan quickly hid himself from the on coming Battle Droid patrol, this was giving him memorys of Theed avoiding, what seemed to be, the very same Battle Droids along with Qui-Gon Jinn. [I]'Remember what he told you, keep your mind on the moment, do not let your mind wander'[/I] Kenobi reminded himself harshly as he went back to fetch the others. Quickly dispatching two Droids who'd spotted him he took of full speed toward their place of hiding. Arriving slightly out of breath he quickly gathered the other two together. "We must hurry, I can sence Master Ambrose through the Force, but I fear he is in grave danger" He told them quickly and turned to go, with Anakin in tow. Before he'd made it out of the door Tsuni raised his hand.

"Obi-Wan, wait. I also sence his presence but there is a disturbence in the force around this place, though I cannot locate the source, we must be mindfull and not hasty" He said. Taking note of this Obi-Wan took his enthusiasm down a notch, unlike most Jedi of his age he still had the same energy of a Padawan, something that could be a failing at times though it served him well when it had to. After waiting several minutes Tsuni, being the smallest, came out first and scouted around the area before allowing the others to venture out. "Master, why are we looking for this Master Ambrose?" The young Padawan questioned Obi-Wan. "He is a very wise Jedi Master and knows much of the workings of the force and may be able to aid us in locating where the disturbance is coming from. Though he had reassured the Padawan, Obi-Wan remembered the last time he had felt a disturbance akin to this, it had been almost ten years ago....located around the Sith warrior responsible for the murder of Qui-Gon Jinn.[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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The ship levelled out, the landing gears lowered, and the ship settled to the floor with the low hiss of the ship's reverse thrusters. Grevious had landed the [I]Noxious[/I] on an abandoned factory roof. Atleast, sensors had indicated no major life-forms present. He just wanted to take sure his ship would be there when he got back. He stepped out of the ship, and the hatch closed. In his left hand, he held his primary weapon, his double-bladed vibro-sword. The handle was covered in a crimson cloth, which was always new. The blades were thin, and curved, like Katana's, and faced in opposite direction. They hummed in a low pitch, almost anticipating the taste of the flesh they would be cutting into. He looked about, to the West, almost on the horizon, there were the flashes and screams of war... the battle must have been taking place there. His Jedi though... they were to the South.

Approaching the southern side of the factory, he stood at it's edge, and looked down. He was 50 feet up atleast. Below, he saw several people, in a frantic rush. Either they were wondering what the commotion to the West was, or they were trying to get away from it. Grevious crouched, pressing one hand against the buildings edge. In a single whipping motion, his limbs snapped upwards, launching his body into a pounce. His cape fought backwards against the momentum of his jump, and he landed, knees slightly bent, on the nearest factory to the south... some 20 feet away. He broke into a run, and went into a straight leap over onto the next building. In mid flight, something caught his eye... on the ground to his left.

He landed, and moved straight to the edge, looking down over the building's Eastern face. Below, on a street, in the middle of the road... he saw a single figure. The figure was doing... nothing. It was just standing there, with it's eyes closed... and Grevious got the feeling it was absorbing everything around it. The robes, and the mannerisms of the character instantly told Grevious it was Jedi. That was all the information he needed.

Grevious stepped off the edge of the building, allowing himself to fall freely towards the ground. The Jedi's eyes snapped open, and it cut a glance at Grevious as he hit the ground. Any normal organism would have landed in a mess of his own bones and liquidised blood. Grevious landed, bending his knees to almost touch the floor, and then instantly regained himself... as if he had fallen but 5 feet.

Grevious eyes the creature for but a moment. It's species; human. It's sex; female. Quite old by human standards, her hair was greying at it's edges, and signs of age and wear lined her face. Also, she was calm... focused. He knew from experience, the younger the Jedi, the cockier... or edgier they were. Grevious let his sword drop from his grasp. It hit the stone floor with a foreboding clang. He knew this weapon was no use now...

Grevious' cape whipped backwards as he broke into a charge. The Jedi acted instantly, spinning backwards as she drew her lightsabre. Its green blade sprung to life with a menacing hiss, and she drew it to her side, waiting for Grevious, she assumed, to make his charge into death. Surprise took her, when Grevious sprand into a corkscrew over her, landing in a crouch, as she instinctively went into a spin, bringing her lightsabre in a swing that took it over his crouched form. His lightning speed, he bounded vertically, bring his left claw in a thrashing motion, drawing it up her side. Blood tipped his claws as his momentum took him into a backflip, away from his opponent. The female moaned in agony, before quicky regaining her composure.

Grevious' mask... devoid of all emotion, was as powerful a weapon as any he carried in his arsenal. Intimidating, blank, beset with two venemous yellow eyes. To stare into this mask was to stare into fear itself. The Jedi, however, barely had time to glance, at it fully... Grevious was on the offensive again. He kept his claws at his side, allowing her to take a swing at him. She brought her sabre in an arc that would have cleaved him from shoulder to hip... but his back arked abormally, allowing the blade again to come down over his shoulder. The experienced Jedi went into a spin, going to one knee, and bringing her sabre across in a cut designed to separate his body from his legs. Grevious hopped... his reaction were unhuman, and he brought his foot across in a sweep like her sabre had. The cap of his foot connected with her cheek... and he heard the crack of the cheek bone chattering, as she was sent hurtling into the middle of the street. Even the mighty force could not save her now...

Grevious crouched slightly, then launched himself into an ark that took him over her kneeling figure. He seemed to hover over her, and suddenly, a crimson blade extended from his left hand, and he brought it into a low cut, then the blade quickly faded. He landed, not even facing her... and felt something lightly clash with his heel. He turned to it, and saw the severed head of his opponent. Her green eyes stared at him in a mixture of shock and pain. Her face was a ghostly white... and the cortorized neck wound still sizzled and smoked with the putrid stench of burnt flesh. Grevious pushed her head aside with his foot... and moved over to her body. He leant down, and pryed her lightsabre free from her lifeless grip. He slotted it into a pouch in his belt, turned, and walked away from his victim. This was to be the first of many.
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[color=green]The corridor was made of durasteel, with convex sides and a low arched ceiling of a slightly darker hue. It was unusually wide, to facilitate transport of troops and cargo around the vessel.

Count Dooku, dressed in his usual attire minus his cape, walked down the center of the hallway towards a blast door at its end. He was very tired; all this business of rebellion had taken a toll on his energy and his health. Hopefully, this campaign would be the end of the war.

If it weren?t, it?d be the beginning of the end for the Separatists. They had a significant portion of their fleet here, along with almost all their ground troops. Either Mechis III would be remembered as the fall of the Republic, or the turning point in the war against the Separatists. Either way, after this battle he?d be able to return to his significantly less stressful normal life of meditation and writing.

Reaching the blast door, he used the force to move the switch inside the door that would open it. He?d had this door specially made on Geonosis for his private quarters. It was a measure of security that?d allow him a sense of security in a rebel movement filled with manipulative power players.

Dooku stepped inside darkened room, closing the door behind him with a wave of his hand.

[b]Count Dooku[[/b]: ?Lights at 50%?

[I]The ship?s computer raised the lighting, but only just.[/I]

[b]Count Dooku[/b]: ?Active training program Dooku one.?

[I]With this command, a panel opened on the room?s left wall. From this opening came a single remote droid, which hovered noiselessly over to the center of the room.[/I]

The count drew a curved hilt from his belt and pressed a recessed button on its handle. A crimson blade shot to life, casting an angry glow over the room.

This action seemed to aggravate the remote droid, which began tracking Dooku?s movements?[/color]
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He watched it descend, the Jedi Starfighter he had seen in the skies of Mechis III earlier. He watched the eerie precision with which the ship lowered into the streets. Blood still dripped from the tips of his clawed hand, watching with intent as his next victim lowered himself into darkness.

Asajj was on planet by now too, and no doubt she was causing her own form of mayhem. Grevious had only met her in person once... and he realised that she could be a very intimidating person, with a very volatile persona. Of course, Grevious did not experience these feelings himself... but, as he did with his own mannerisms, he was well aware of their affect on other people.

The battle raged to the West, and already it was kicking up fierce amounts of smoke and dust, which raged across the city like a sand storm. His cape thrashed in the battle generated winds, and he started moving towards the Jedi Starfighter.

He bounded over buildings effortlessely, racing towards his next fight. He had a feeling this one would be a lot nearer to the Consular ship, so he had to be ready. He could quite easily find himself outnumbered. It did not matter though, they would all die...

Very short post... very big case of writer's block. My apologies, it shan't happen again.
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[color=green]A single bolt of thin blue energy shot from a recessed blaster in the remote. As it fired, the droid moved swiftly left.

Count Dooku?s lightsaber came up and deflected the bolt back at the droid. The reflected bolt missed the droid by a few centimeters, hitting the wall with a sizzle.

[I]He scowled. Obviously, all this leading business had dulled his combat skills. He?d have to practice more often.[/I]

The droid glided smoothly upward, firing three bolts down at Dooku in rapid succession. The energy blade intercepted each of the blue bolts. The first two impacted on the remote?s tough outside, without damaging it. The final stun blast was deflected into an energy charging station on the droids underside, causing it to short out and fall to the ground with a clunk.

Three more remotes emerged from the shadows, but before they had a chance to fire the lighting returned too normal as his com unit beeped. There was an incoming message. Count Dooku deactivated his lightsaber and strode over to the com panel on the wall.

The three droids fired. Dooku sensed their actions through the force and activated his lightsaber just in time, sending several dozen stun bolts flying through the air.

[I]The droids are supposed to de-activate when the lights go on, I?m going to have to talk to that Nemodian programmer?[/I]

Not wishing to waste any further time, Dooku threw his lightsaber like a boomerang, slicing each of the droids neatly in half. After completing it?s arc, the lightsaber returned to Dooku?s outstretched hand and deactivated.

He hit the comm panel, and a droid voice spoke in clear and unhurried tones.

[b]Comm Droid[/b]: ?A fleet of heavily armed merchant ships and mercenaries has entered the system.?

Dooku closed the comm channel. This situation just kept getting worse?

He paused for a moment, and then strode across the room to his holoprojector. After hitting a code, a holographic image of General Grevious appeared.

[b]Count Dooku[/b]: ?The situation has changed. It appears that the Inner Rim trading alliance has decided to defend Mechis III. They?ve also hired what appear to be Hutt mercenaries. Their numbers are almost even to ours.?

[b]General Grevious[/b]: ?That is not good news??

[b]Count Dooku[/b]: ?I want you to return to the [I]Pride of Nemodia[/I]. You?ll be far more useful here as a tactician.?

[b]General Grevious[/b]: [I]Pauses[/I] ?As you wish.?

Dooku closed the connection and stormed off towards the bridge. This was not a good day?[/color]
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[font=Verdana][size=1][color=black]Boba is the entire planet automated or will there be some inhabitants to the planet istelf ?[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=1][color=black]Tigervx, Boba asked that The Perceptor be kept intact so that it the people inside could be used as hostages against the Jedi so there is one Republic Cruiser left.[/color][/size][/font]

[center][font=Verdana][size=1][color=black]------------------ [/color][/size][/font][/center]

[left][font=Verdana][size=1][color=black][i]The Jedi Starfighter passed in low between the skyscrapers of Mechis III, by all accounts the planet was very much similar to Coruscant except for the lack of people. The R3 unit on the outer wing chirped that there was a problem with the engines and it would attempt to correct it, Van hoped that it was nothin serious but he had a feeling otherwise. He felt a wave of anger pass over him as he pulled close to one of the smaller buildings, seconds later the fighter was rocket by the sudden impact of what appeared to be a Separatist mounted blaster-cannon. Van held his breath as the fighter became increasingly sluggish to his commands, but that was only half of the problem, the fighter was headed on a collision course for one of the largest buildings...[/i][/color][/size][/font][/left]

[left][i][font=Verdana][size=1][color=black]Van ordered the R3 Unit to blow the hatch on the Fighter when he gave the word. [/color][/size][/font][font=Verdana][size=1][color=black]The fighter was getting closer and closer towards the building, by his estimate he had about 5 seconds before impact. .. His timing would have to be perfect or else he'd end up one with the Force, he began the count: [b]5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Now R3[/b] !!. The fighter's hatch blew, and Van hurled himself with all his might out of the doomed vessel. There had been an open window about 5 meters above the impact site and Van hoped he'd be able to reach it. His ascent was fast, but it may not have been enough, he felt the push of gravity against him and just hoped he'd been right.[/color][/size][/font][/i][/left]

[left][font=Verdana][size=1][color=black][i]His hands latched onto the cill of the window as the fighter crashed below him, the resulting explosion was going to envelop him if he didn't get inside quickly. Suddenly a pair of arms reached down and grabbed onto Van's... Jedi robes, they were Jedi he thought, he heard Master Kenobi shouting. "Anakin pull as hard as you can !!", Van let out a sign of relief as he was pulled inside before the flame reached him. The three Jedi in the room looked down at him in concern hoping he was unhurt, Van was breathing heavily and apart from a singe on the end of his cloak he appeared to be fine.[/i][/color][/size][/font][/left]

[left][font=Verdana][size=1][color=black][b]Obi-Wan:[/b] Master Ambrose, are you injured ?[/color][/size][/font][/left]

[left][font=Verdana][size=1][color=black][b]Van:[/b] [[i]Calmly[/i]] No I should be fine, I guess stunts like that are for the young... [[i]Glances up at Anakin[/i]] Thank you, young Skywalker for saving me.[/color][/size][/font][/left]

[left][font=Verdana][size=1][color=black][b]Anakin:[/b] I would have done nothing else.[/color][/size][/font][/left]

[left][font=Verdana][size=1][color=black][b]Van:[/b] [[i]Smiles[/i]] I see... [[i]notices Squib behind them[/i]] Tsuni, is that you ?[/color][/size][/font][/left]

[left][font=Verdana][size=1][color=black][b]Tsuni:[/b] Yes, good to see you again Master Ambrose but we have other urgent business to we cannot delay here too long. [/color][/size][/font][/left]

[left][font=Verdana][size=1][color=black][b]Obi-Wan:[/b] Master we have felt a Dark presence here on the city, do you know what it is ?[/color][/size][/font][/left]

[left][font=Verdana][size=1][color=black][b]Van:[/b] [[i]Looks solemn[/i]] Indeed, it is a Sith Apprentice... Dooku's apprentice... Vendress. She is close, very close, I believe her to be the one to have shot me down. This means that should could already be in this building along w-[/color][/size][/font][/left]

[left][font=Verdana][size=1][color=black][b]Anakin:[/b] [[i]Interupts[/i]] with an entire squadron of Droids.[/color][/size][/font][/left]

[font=Verdana][size=1][color=black][b]Van:[/b] Yes, but I sense that she is much like Dooku and would prefer to face us alone, I... [/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=1][color=black][i]Van glanced out the window he'd entered, they were only about 20 floors up and he could see a Dark figure entering the building. He knew that it was Ventress, the echo in the Force was the same he'd felt on both occasions before, he knew what he had to do. Van told Obi-Wan to get Anakin and Tsuni out of the building before it was too late, Ventress was a powerful threat and could mean the end of them all...[/i] [/color][/size][/font]
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