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[COLOR=Crimson]In the age of dark terror and darkness, vampires and demons run rapid? A group of misfits, and outcasts are the only ones who can save the world now; and they aren?t on the ?Good? side, but on the ?Dark?. The ?Good? side was the cause of all the problems.

They told the vampires that they could not suck human blood, which caused human overpopulation and angry vampires.

They said that demons had to wear limiters, humans who wanted revenge killed many demons.

They asked magic folk to stop casting spells, which made all species suffer.

They demanded angels bless the humans; the angels who said that their blessings were earned not requested were destroyed.

The only ones who could save the world were tossed ten years into the future. There?s still a chance, but it is very slim, they must find the ?Great Power? and bring it to the top of the world. No one knows where the ?Great Power? is hidden, the only clue is in many prophecies telling of a band of unlikely friends, and their adventures, through other dimensions, times, and places.

?Only Hope? May hold their only clue, and their only chance. The few who know of it actually believe it exists, and even fewer know where it may be.


Name: (Simple)
Age: (Vampires/Vampresses should be: 15-60, Humans should be 13-30, Mages/Magic Folk should be 40-190, Demons may be any age over 19.)
Gender: (Either male or female, no genderless people.)
Race: (Vampires/Vampresses, Humans, Magic Folk/Mages, or Demons)
Biography: (Simple, avoid sob stories, the whole world is sad enough as it is!)
Personality: (Don?t list, describe how they act ect?)
Appearance: (Be descriptive, and you may use an image, but please describe part of it anyway, like the part that doesn?t fit you person just right.)
Weapons: (Please have it be something your character would use.)
Other Items: (Scrolls, magic supplies, daggers, ect? Please DESCRIBE THEM.)
Special Traits: (Odd coloring, weird body parts, ect? Describe it!)
Powers: (Obvious, describe them!)
Social Class: (Not just, rich, poor, but like Royal, and then say how or whatever.)

NOTE: ONLY THE TOP FIVE BEST WILL BE PART OF THE MISFITS GROUP, IT DOES NOT MEAN THAT ONCE FIVE PEOPLE HAVE SIGNED UP YOU CAN?T BE IN IT!!! (I said the five BEST!) Also If you do not make it into the Misfits, then I may ask you to be someone who joins us in our quest, or you may become an enemy, the so-called ?Good? side.

I can and will reject any I think is not up to the standards for this, unless you state that you will finish it up later or have told me that you are still working on it.

I?ll add mine later, I?m really tired (An' sick, Ish gots reawy sick...)[/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkRed]EDIT: My Sign-Up

Name: Kurai Ran (Dark Orchid)
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Race: Vampress
Personality: She doesn?t listen to anyone no matter what, and never has feelings for anyone so she rarely save their butts when they get into trouble, she usually gets bored, and flies off.
Appearance: URL: [url]http://www.advancedanime.com/pictures/angels/darkangel2.jpg[/url] Though her wings are black, not white. And her eyes are slight dark, though still green.
Weapons: Black Staff; a 7 ft. black energy staff and Yami Katana; a silver sword, reverse blade, it is slight enchanted, only with enough power not to brake no matter what force is put against it.
Other Items: She has a sheath for he sword, and a cover and back strap for her staff.
Special Traits: Her right eye is more of a light green. Also she can make her wings appear and disappear at random.
Powers: Telekinesis, and defense magic.
Social Class: She is a top quality thief.[/COLOR]
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Name: Duke(I just relized what the other name was from and that show sucks)
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Biography: Duke had too many demon and vampire friends, or so the "good" humans thought, so he was punished like the rest of them. Duke was imprisoned but later escaped, and walked the land looking for his friends.(Who he later found out where killed for disobeying the "good" humans). Duke went searching for several years untill he was summoned to a mountain by some mage...
Personality: Duke is an easy guy to get along with; if you're not human. Because of the deaths of his friends, he tends not to trust humans to much. But once you earn his trust, it is almost impossible to lose it.
Appearance: Duke has long, pure white hair, done in a ponytail, a burn scar on his left cheek, dark green eyes, wears a dark blue puffy shirt, black baggy pants with many pockets, a black cape that has red lining on the inside. Duke is lean, 5'11, and naturaly handsome, even for the pale skin
Weapons: A gleamless, black sword, a scythe that can cut through almost any substance. The scythe can also "fold up" to a foot long pole
Other Items: lockpicks, medical herbs, powders of different magical properties
Special Traits: Fangs inch and a half long
Drain: Bites an enemy and sucks there blood, gaining briefly their abillities.
Social Class: Jack-of-all-trades
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Ah, only one problem, the whole mage thing doesn't really work. It was more a mage gathered them all together at the top of the world, but the "good" ones found out and ripped open a whole in time and space. Other then that fine. :) Thanks for signing up.
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Wow, an RPG where evil is supposed to triumph! I love it already!

[color=indigo][u]Name:[/u] Katami
[u]Age:[/u] 24
[u]Gender:[/u] Female
[u]Race:[/u] Vampress
[u]Bio:[/u] Katami had a sister named Maia, who was an angel on the good side. Her dream was to heal the world with song and music. But Katami got angered by this and threatened to kill her. She always hated the good side and was angered by all their rules. One day, the good side got mad with the mages and opened a portal that would take whoever jumped into it forward in time. While Katami was fighting with Maia, she fell into the portal by accident.
[u]Personality:[/u] Katami tends to be a loner, and can get cocky and antisocial. She also has a very fierce temper and prefers to work alone. But she will do anything to finally destroy Maia and the good side.
[u]Appearance:[/u] Katami stands about 5'7" and looks sort of more like a cross between a bunny, a harpy, and a werewolf than a vampire. She has long, batlike ears and is covered in dark indigo fur. She has bright yellowish green eyes and long, straight black hair. She wears a long purple dress with a hint of blue and a pitch black cape, and she also has sharp black claws, rabbitlike feet, and black wings with feathers at the ends.
[u]Weapons:[/u] none
[u]Other Items:[/u] a magic black pendant, a pocketwatch, and a few tiny bottles filled with a mysterious black liquid...
[u]Special Traits:[/u] Described in Appearance; she has traits of certain animals and other creatures, and she has some powers of a mage...
[u]Powers:[/u] Hypnotic powers and mind control, plus various kinds of black magic (curses, ability to take people's souls away, etc. '"Soul thief" ability is only usable when enemy is weak.)
[u]Social Class:[/u] Inexperienced thief and very poor[/color]

If Katami doesn't make it, I'll be Maia instead. (see bio)
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lol, Ya made this one on S.T. too... yes, now I know your OB identity... heh, you don't seem so random anymore...

Name: Kaisek Lairein

Age: 34 (appears about 18)

Gender: male

Race: Demon :devil:

Bio: Kaisek was born from a demon mother, and a vampiric father, wich ment he was not only different, but not quite right in the head. Although for the most part sane, he didn't think like everyone else... different situations would enduce different thoughts. He aged slowly, being mostly demon, and seemed acceptable to neither vampire or demon society, though this may only be because of his oddety. He has retained that demonic oddness of his mother, and, though he does not have to drink blood, his father's lust for mystery and blood. He keeps away from most people, and the "good" side was not even aware he existed for a very long time. In a last attempt to remane in his own dimension, Kaisek had hidden in a human building, living off of whatever wandered by, until he could stand it no longer, and was thrown into the gate.

Personality: He is solitary when no opportunity presents itself, and tends to ignore people who think he's strange. He does not get angry easily, but takes offense to teasing. Of course, he's also a bit of an odd-ball.

Appearance: (I'll try and find a pic later) 5'11'', with one dark violet eye (his mother's) and one deep green (his father's). Black hair, that comes down to chin-heighth in a scraggely mess. He wears a woven brwon cloak, dirty and torn from wear, a red tunic, and blue jeans.

Weapons: a jagged knife that can shift into becoming a spear (ever seen Prophecy 3?)

Other items: a lighter, and a book called "Bible", though he has no idea that it is actualy a religous book.

Special Traits: Demonic qualities allow him to balance himself on almost any small ledge, and his spine seems to have odd cricks in it at random spots.

Powers: very slight fire control (nothing spectacular) and a blind-sighte ability.

Social Class: Odd-ball
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[quote name='FirePheonix727']lol, Ya made this one on S.T. too... yes, now I know your OB identity... heh, you don't seem so random anymore...[/quote]

That's cause I told you.

So far everyone who has sign-ed up is in. I need at least three more though...
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