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RPG Cesto's Fort


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"My name is Cesto, Cesto Le'Danthe. I am neither living nor dead. I am the Master of Magic, the Dragon Master, I am the one who could simply click my fingers and create a universe, were as it took others longer. I've always been interesting in Earth, but I couldn't do one thing: I couldn't create the entertainment I wanted. I knew everything that went on in the minds of the warriors I created, it was never a thrill. I cannot have what you have, I can't make that. So what do I do then? I don't want too just take over earth and make warriors fight, were is the thrill in that? No, I'm Cesto, and Cesto only likes to fight warriors who show the courage to come forth. So... who shall I bring to my Fort on the island of doom? In the middle of the sea, were there is no escape from my wrath? Were I can unleash monsters at me will? I'll invite, you. You, and a few others, too show me what you have got. If you defeat me, you win. But how will you find me in an Island that is invisable to everyone, unless they are one it? Simple. Work as a team with the other warriors. My Island cannot be seen, unless you have been on it, it cannot be touched, unless you have been on it. My Island is as big at America, or whatever you call it. How will you find me? Well, how ever you do it, you better hurry. Find my Fort, face me, defeat me, win the knowledge that your planet is safe. Are you ready to face...

Cesto's Fort?[/SIZE]

[B]Vicky as Robin
K.K.C. as Greg Sanders
EnternalYoung as Kwey Akuni (Evil)
Lord Rannos as Rannos
Takuya as Damian
and Sword Saint as Kyle Matt[/B][/CENTER]

Let the games begin!

[SIZE=1][B]Robin was stood in the wrestling ring, with the screaming crowd all around him and his buff foe in front. It was only a small match before he left to find out who that Cesto guy was. Robin was in his wrestling suit (see his description), also his fighting suit. His foe, Tornado had long black hair, a black cloak, and his face was covered with a black mask. Robin didn't care for people who hid their face, he did too. Tornado cracked his knuckles and smirked.

"I'm no punch bag, Legend or not, you're going down!" Tornado hissed. Robin just grinned, and the starting bell rang. Tornado and Robin charged at each other, both of them in a lock, pushing on each others shoulders. Tornado was laughing anf teasing Robin, but they were both in a power lock, no one seemed to be stronger. Robin had enough. He pressed his leg on Tornado's knee, and pulled Tornado over his shoulders, and onto the floor. Robin moved back a little, still not speaking. Tornado lifted himself off the ground, and grinned. He charged at Robin, but Robin caught him in another lock and tossed him in the air. Robin suddenly jumped up higher in the air, and as he came to Tornado he spun over. Suddenly, Tornado crashed hard on the ground, and Robin fell on top of him backwards. Tornado let out a cry of pain, and the match bell rung again, Robin, had won, with ease.

Robin hadn't spoke all day. Why? It was his birthday. He hated it, though. It reminded him too much of his past life, but now was a new start, he couldn't be bothered about these things. The only thing he would do on his birthday, the only thing that would make him think, was looking at the picture of his old friends, on his last birthday with them. Robin sat in his own star room, were him, the Champion, went everytime he won a match. He had his bag ready, his coat on and everything. He was going to find Cesto, nothing would stop him. Robin sat leading back on the chair, looking a photo. He was in the middle, when he wore the blue knights helmet for the first time. Beside him was Mike, his best friend, on his left was John, and beside him was Liam. He could still name everyone of them, after years. His old life was ruined, he could never go back to it, he ruined it. The smiling faces of his friends were a light in darkness. He had never seen them for years, they would have forgottan him now. A small, clear tear dripped from his eye, and down to his neck, the only part visable below his mask. Robin clenched his fist, and put the photo in his pocket, for safe keeping. It was time to leave.

Robin rode a blue superbike, with red flames painted on it. He drove slowly on the rode behind a few cars, with his bag on his back and his hand gripping the bike tightly. He would make one last stop before he went to find Cesto; the house were his last birthday with his friends were. The cars in front of him began to move, and Robin sped around them, whizzing around the corner. He kept his eyes on the rode. The place looked so familiar... as he sped onwards, the wheels of his bike made a cracking sound, when he suddenly stopped. His bike swayyed to the side a little, and Robin jumped off. The let his bike drop to the floor, and he just ran up to the path, looking up at the old abandoned house. No one had lived there for ages, but once... he had his birthday party there with his friends... He could see everything there, happening again. The water fight, the cakes and food, and most of all, when his best friend gave him the knights helmet. What had he done? He ruined his perfect life with his friends... Robin closed his eyes and clenched his fist.

"I'm sorry..." He muttered. Another clear tear, dripped from his mask, running down his neck.[/B]


Okay, make your character bump into another one (except evil ones who are with Cesto planning and stuff), but if your character comes near mine, remember he's very depressed and not so talkative.[/SIZE]
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[size=1][color=indigo]"Wow... I guess England isn't as bad as I though it would be." Greg chirped happily in his Scottish accent as he skidded to a stop infront of a small appliance store. He pulled the roller blades from his feet and slipped on his tennis shoes. No shoes no service, he showed them! Greg opened the door, a little bell rang indicating that a customer had arrived. He greeted the clerk with a friendly hi and then made his way to the back, where he grabbed a can of malt whiskey, his favorite drink.

"This be all for ya'?" The clerk asked as he took the whiskey from Greg. Why did they always have to ask those questions. If he wanted something else, he would have already gotten it.

"Aye." Greg simply replied, trying to tone out his Scottishness, making it sound more British, but the clerk raised his eyebrow as he handed his the bottle. Greg just grinned and then quickly scooted out of the store, putting on his skates and rolling out of there, he decided he wanted to just skate around for a while, he rolled into a naborhood that had some old abandoned houses. It was a bit late to be out and about... 8:00... maybe even 9:00, Greg had never been good at keeping time with things, all he knew was that he was having a good old time chugging down his Malt Whisky. [i]I wonder if drinking and skating is against the law...? Or is that only in America?[/i]

While consumed in his own thoughts and tasty drink, Greg didn't notice that a large figure was standing near the side of the road, just standing there looking at the ground.
[i]Of course... England and America are alot alike.. Arn't th- Holly ****!!![/i]
"Holly ****!" Greg exclaimed his thought as he skated smack dab into the large figure in the road. They both fell to the ground with a large thud, Greg being on the bottom in some strage turn of event. He grouned, this guy was pretty heavy!

The figure quickly jumped off from of the now squashed Greg and pulled him up on his skates. Geg turned to see who had helped him, feeling very dizzy from event. All he could make out was a large bluish purple mask. His vision then became blurred and he felt a sticky substance seeping through his shirt.
"You owe me a whisky..." Greg mumbled before losing his balance and falling to the ground unconsious.[/color]

OOC: Don't ya love it when your serious/depressed character runs into my stupid goofy character in some odd way? ;) [/size]
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(Damian is in a dead-end alleyway. He reaches behind a dumpster and pulls out a plastic bag. In it is a stolen wallet with several hundred dolars in cash, as well as a couple stolen rings and a set of stolen straps. Also in the bag is a stolen can opener, and several food cans, also stolen)

Damian: (Thinking) I'll have to leave the food, but I need to bring the money. I'll sell the rings, then figure out where to start looking for this Cesto guy. (He reaches behind the dumpster again, this time pulling out two metal poles, which he straps to his back. He puts the wallet and rings in the pocket of his stolen shorts, then stands up and turns around. Six people, all male, block his way) Haven't you guys given up yet? I thought you were smarter then this, Ralph.

Ralph: Shut up. I want to know how you did it.

Damian: You mean how I snuck past all of you and stole all your food? I don't think I'll tell you.

Ralph: Then we'll make you.

(Ralph and the other five draw various weapons, from lead pipes to chains. One even has a sword)

Damian: No guns? Too bad. You might have had a chance with guns.

Ralph: You talk tough. Let's see you back that up.

Damian: Your lives. (He draws his two poles) Bring it on.
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Rannos beat aside his students blade and hit him across the head. "Keep your blade up, dammit!" he shouted, pressing his advance. The student retreated frantically, trying to guard himself from Rannos's fierce attack. He was panting, and his blade started to droop. Rannos leaped forward, striking his opponent in the chest. There was a loud ding signaling that Rannos had won. "Not bad, I suppose. Come back next week."

The student left, weezing. Rannos packed up his gear. " Well, let's go pay this Cesto guy a visit, shall we?" he walked out and got into his car. He began driving towards the docks where the boat was supposed to be to take him to Cesto's Fort.
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qwey sits talking to quenkch (her phoenix), "I dont no what this war is about yet. Probably just one of cestos strange attempts to take over the world," she giggles.

A stone door opens and a guard steps in, "lord cesto to see you."

"You called me?" Asked the young girl.
"I thought I said to stop wearing those tight skirts," said Cesto with no emotion.
"humph...your not my mother," retorted qwey.
"yes but i am your brother."
Qwey goes wide eye at this,"what! imposible! i have no family!" she shouts.
"Yes well i am afraid that in this half of the universe i get the orphans. Your mine now."
" you cant treat me like property!" qwey storms out of the room as Cesto smirks
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[SIZE=1][B]Robin smiled a little, it was the funniest thing he had saw all day. He sighed heavily, and noticed the man open his eyes a little. Robin held his own out, and the guy on the floor grapped it and pulled himself up. Robin smiled a little, but no one could see, under his mask. The guy staggered a little, he seeme... drunk.

"So the tin man hangs out with guys that are pi**ed out of there head now?" A voice shouted behind. Robin sighed heavily. If anyone said that to him, he would be insulted, but clearly, the guy he fell onto just looked round at the person who spoke. Tornado, the ninja like wrestler, who clearly couldn't take losing a match. Behind him were three more people, each of them looking strong and fast. Robin closed his eyes and looked away. "I know why you're acting so sad today, want the fans to feel sorry for you? You do don't you? Why do you always get the fame? A few fancies moves and crap, now you have your own reputation and everything! It took me all my life to even be known to a few people in this country, while it took you a few monthes!" Tornado snapped walking up to Robin. "I've had it, let's see how tough you are outside the ring! Knowing you, you'll bring up a load of references to your old "friends", the ones that you used to know, good friends were they? I'm surpriased you had friends, who would want to be friends with a fake like you? No way can anyone pull off a move like that, you're a faker!" Tornado laughed loudly. Robin growled loudly. He charged forward and lifted Tornado onto his shoulder. Robin lent back, and crashed Tornado on the ground head first. Robin was leading over like an archway of a bridge. Robin let go of Tornado who lay still on the ground, and Robin slowly got up.

"There's more to me than what meets the eye." Robin said. The three others walked up, two of them going after the other guy Robin had met before, and one of them after Robin. Tornado got up, shaking from the attack. Robin however, felt like showing off a little more. Tornado's friend kicked Robin in the neck, and Robin just fell to the floor, letting Tornado grab his legs and pull him into a lock.

"The oldest lock in the book!" Laughed Tornado. Robin was being crushed because of the weight on his neck, and Tornado knew how to pull up a lock with pain. But Robin had a few tricks of his own. He put his hands on the ground, and pushed up, releasing some weight off his neck. Tornado gasped, and Robin kicked him off. The other guy Tornado knew ran off, and the two others left got a kinda-drunken kick off the person Robin had met before. As soon as the other two saw Tornado run off, they did too. Robin rubbed his neck, and walked to the guy left, who he met before.

"What's your name?" Robin mumbled.[/SIZE][/B]
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[size=1][color=indigo]Not only was he gifted in different forms of fighting styles, but Greg was also one of the few people who had the gift of getting drunk off of one bottle of something. His vision was a bit blurry as he watched 4 figures scurry away from him and the other guy who he had bumbed into. He looked down at the ground to see broken glass and his skates... [i]Why am I wearing no socks?[/i]

"What's your name?" The big fellow asked, taking Greg's attention away from his sockless position. Greg smiled and rubbed his eyes, trying to make himself not look so drunk. He was now able to see the man more clearly, he was... pretty damn big. He was wearing a big freeky helmet mask thungummy that covered everything on his head except for his neck, but.. then again that wasn't really part of the head...

"Name be Sanders... Greg Sanders." Greg replied with a grin holding out his hand to the guys mask. His drunkness rubbed off a bit more and he corrected the position for a normal hand shake, but, he soon felt gravity pushing on his arm and just decided to shake hands at all.

"You took care of those two guys pretty well, you fight?" The man asked with curiosity, ignoring most of Greg's drunk movements.

Greg sat down of the ground (away from the broken glass) and began to put his skates back on.
"Well, I don really like fight, but sometime the only way to brush off the hatin is to kick some ***." Greg stuttered through his horrible diolog and blinked many times thinking if he had said the last sentance correctly. He stood up and the fell right back down fore he had put his skates on the wrong feet. he quickly switched them and then stood back up and sighed. "Damn i'm drunk!"

"You must be Scottish, Greg..." He held out an arm and held onto the drunkin Scot, knowing that if he tryed to get back to where ever he was living he would be surely hit by a bus. "I'm Robin... I think maybe you should stick around with me for awhile... at least until that stuff you were drinkin' wears off."

Greg blinked again and looked at the broken glass on the road. "I wasn't even finished yet..." he said with a frown. [/size][/color]
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[SIZE=1][B]OOC: I thought I'd post a picture of Cesto, so you know what he looks like guys, go [URL=http://members.xoom.virgilio.it/spineworld/Immagini/Cavaliere%20nero%2004.jpg]Here[/URL]


Robin adjusted his blue helmet a little, and walked over to his bike. He picked it up, to make sure he didn't damage it. It seemed fine, tough bike! Robin turned back to Greg.

"Are you by any chance heading to Cesto's Fort?" Robin asked him. Greg shrugged.

"Why should I?" He asked. Robin breathed heavily trying to change his depressing mind into a happy one this time. He pushed his motorbike over to Greg and held it up by the handle.

"You should if you're a good fighting though. I'm going. I know you must know, so do you need a ride to the port or something?" Robin asked Greg, getting on his bike. Robin pulled his bag off the back of it and put it on his back. "I could get us there before dawn." Robin added, starting the bike. A long line of dirty smoke pushed out of it, and the engine rumbled heavily. Robin waited for Greg's reply.[/SIZE][/B]
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[size=1][color=indigo]Greg looked down at the road and the back up to Robin, who was starting the motor bike. The engine began to chuckle and smoke began to puff from the eguast pipe. He had been planing on going to this Cesto guy's island, but once he arrived in England he lost track of everything and wasn't sure if he wanted to go...

"Ok..." Greg said with a small smile. Though he couldn't really see it from the mask or the darkness, Greg had a feeling that the large Robin dude was smiling at him. He began to get onto the bike and stopped half way up. "You owe me a Malt Wiskey.... understand?" Robin nodded and might have chuckled and Greg climbed on the rest of the way. "Ok, let's go!"

They traveled through the night, The boat that would be leaving for "Cesto's Fort" was almost half way across the country, luckily Robin had a pretty damn good bike and it was faster than most. Greg comlained at least twice every hour that it should be called "Cesto's Island" cause it sounded more welcoming, Robin ignored most of his coments on this. [/size][/color]
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Damian: I'll give you one last chance to leave.

Ralph: And I'll give you one last chance to tell me how you did it.

Damian: I'll take that as a "no". Well, if that's the way you want it, then that's fine with me.

Ralph: Let's get him, boys. (Ralph and his boys charge. The one with the sword reaches Damian first. Damian doesn't even try to block the swordsman's strike. Instead, the strike passes right through Damian. The fake image of Damian dissapears, and Damian suddenly appears behind the swordsman. He slams his poles into the man's head. The man falls to the ground) Holy ****!

Damian: Had enough yet?

Ralph: How the hell did you do that?

Damian: Your man attacked an illusion. I got behind him under the illusion that nobody was there, then took him out.

Ralph: What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Damian: It means that you can never be sure where I am, even if I appear to be two inches from your face. In fact, you're all looking at another illusion. (The fake Damian dissapears, and the real Damian appears behind another of Ralph's boys, attacking in the same manner and with the same results) Obviously it was the real me that just took him out, but the question is, am I still where you see me? (Ralph pulls out a gun and shoots Damian) You just prooved that I'm not. Intresting that you didn't use the gun at first. I guess you wanted to see if you could find out how I did it. Well, now you know. (The fake dissapears, and Damian takes out another of Ralph's boys) Had enough yet?

Ralph: Let's get out of here!

(Ralph and his remaning two boys leave)

Damian: (Thinking) Well, then. Now that they're taken care of, it's time to get going.
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OOC: Sorry bout being late!

Kyle's stern face broke into a slight grin as Ralph and his two punks ran. Damien replaced the impromptue staves to his back before leaving the alley. '[I]Maybe he can help me?[/I]
"Excuse me sir?" damien whirled around at the voice, drawing one of the staves."Easy there, I was just wondering if you could help me?" Damiens eyes narrowed in suspicion.
"Are you with Ralph's gang?" Damien looked Kyle over, he wore a Heavy wolfskin cloak, hiding his well muscled frame, a beaded, red bandana held his hair out of his piercing brown eyes. In his gloved right hand he carried a duffle green duffle bag that bulged with his possesions.

"You mean those chicken shits that ran from you? Naw, If I were, they wouldn't have run from you." His slight grin broke into a broad smile acrossed his dark face. Damien smiled.

"Cocky aren't you?"
"I got the skills to back it up." both fighters chuckled. Damien set his stave back in place.
"whatcha need help with?"
"I'm trying to find Port Royal, to catch a boat to Cesto's fort. Have any idea's?" Damien's eyes narrowed in suspicion again, but it passed quickly.
"I'm goin to Cesto's fort too, but I didn't know anything about port royal." He pointed down the east road on the interesection. "It's a few blocks down this way."
The two aqauintinces(sp?) strode off down the road, neither noticing Ralph and more of his buddies shadowing them...
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Damian: What's your name?

Kyle: My name's Kyle.

Damian: Mine's Damian. (Pause) (Whispering) Stop moving, and don't move until I tell you to. Don't ask questions, just do it. (They both stop. A few seconds pass, then Damian starts walking again. He stops) (Out loud) Cone on, Kyle. (Kyle walks over to Damian, who stops him) (Whispering) We're being followed.

Kyle: (Whispering) How can you tell?

Damian: (Whispering) I heard footsteps. The footsteps stopped when we stopped, and didn't start again until you started walking again. We're definately being followed. I think there's six of them. I guess Ralph brought some backup. Be on your guard. they won't get me-I'm too good for them, and besides, they don't want me dead, just incapacitated-but they won't have any problems with killing you. And Ralph has a gun.

Kyle: (Whispering) I can take care of myself.

Damian: Good, because I'm not going to be protecting you.
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[SIZE=1][B]Robin rode onwards on his bike, Greg looking around him at the road. The only light was the headlight from his bike, but Robin could see clearly. They came up to some kind of docks, the water was a black as midnight and the full moon above them. Robin slowed down a little. His eyes suddenly opened wide, and he skidded to s full stop. He and Greg lunged forward, but didn't fall off. They were just over the midnight water. Robin and Greg looked to the side.

"I think this is the right port..." Robin mumbled. There was a huge ship-like ferry in front of them, that seemed pretty old. It was black and white, it had red paint that looked like blood on it, and on the side in big words;

"Cesto's Cruise"

This was really freaking Robin out now. The boat, ship, ferry, whatever it was, would set off at dawn, Robin just hoped nothing would happened before dawn. He jumped off the bike, and so did Greg, the drink must have been wearing off. Robin pushed his bike along, with Greg behind him. They walked onto the ship, and Robin just put his bike down on the floor.

"This is creepy...." Greg muttered.

"Tell me about it.... I just hope that red paint is really paint..." Robin gulped.[/SIZE][/B]
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[size=1][color=darkgreen]Greg just then had noticed how the writing on the boat looked splattery like blood. "Did you have to say that?!" He asked angrily, his Scottish accent echoing through out the docking area. Robin just smiled and then took a seat on a bench near by, he seemed very alert, he didn't seem to trust anything about the boat or anything near it.
Greg sighed and glanced at his watch, it was about 5:00 A.M., the sun would be rising soon and he still hadn't gotten a wink of sleep, how was he supposed to help kick some Evil *** when he could barely stand on his feet. He made his way over to the bench and dropped down next to Robin.

"Wake me when someone... Or [i]Something[/i] gets here..." Greg then closed his eyes, but didn't go to sleep all the way, he dosed, keeping on ear open just in case anything were to happen. He trusted Robin of taking care of just about anything that wanted to slit their throats, but it wasn't a curse just to make sure of it.

Soon enough, the sound of birds began chirping through out the docking area and a sliver of light began to peak over the horizon. Greg opened his eyes, and heard something from a short distance away, it sounded like a total of... 6 or so people. greg jumped to his feet, as well as Robin and looked out to see two men being chased by about 4 others. A gun shot went off and Greg leaped off of the boat, landing on the dock and then running over to where the group was. [/size][/color]
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[SIZE=1][B]Robin looked up. He didn't run after Greg, he ran back to his bike and took the bag off the back. He scrammbled through his items, until he found two Broad Swords. Robin smiled faintly, and spun them in his hands. He then sped after Greg too see who was there. As he got to the edge of the boat, whatever it was, a strange force pulled him back, and into the dark depths of the boat. Robin hit his shoulder on the stairs hard, and tumbled down them. Robin fell right off the bottom of the stairs, and the boat seemed to be very big. Now he just felt himself falling in mid air, but he could see something above his head. He quickly stuck his broad swords in the chain he saw, and in a few seconds he found himself hanging inches from the ground. If Robin hadn't caught that chain with his swords, he would've went "SPLAT!" on the ground. How was is possible though? The ship looked smaller, but he had fallen down stairs, then off them and down again. Robin slashed the chain with his swords and landed firmly on the dusty ground.

"Who was that? How could I fall that far?" Robin asked himself panting. "This place isn't as calm as it seems." He muttered to himself. He looked around him and decided to climb back to the top where Greg was. "I could try..." He muttered looking at the cracks in the woodl. He put his swords on his back and began to climb up, gripping the holes in the wood as best he could. Suddenly, another powerful force dragged him down.[/SIZE][/B]
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Kyle Turned to see Ralph, and his five little friends. They were all armed with various weapons, chains, knives, bats, and Ralph had his pistol out. Kyle grinned widely, Damien groaned when Kyle spoke.

"Didn't you guys learn your lesson the first time this guy beat your ***?" Damien fumed angrily being reminded of his defeat. He waved his pistol at Kyle threateningly.

"A Wise guy huh? Not to smart to be makin fun of me,"Damien turned, drawing his staff "Might be a bit...Unhealthy,"The man sneered evily "How about you run along and "have your little pow-wow somewhere else, you god damned savage."

Kyle dropped his duffle bag and threw back his fur cloak, revealing his large twin tomohawks, and his feather adorned long sword. He grinned wolfishly.
This isn't a pow-wow...It's a war dance." His hands snapped onto Ralph's arm, twisting it until he heard a satisfying crunch of bones, the gun fell from the screaming Ralph's hand. Damien stood back, studying Kyle's style of fighting. The other five thugs closed in. One swung his bat, Kyle Ducked under it, slamming his huge fist into his unprotected gut. He fell into a gsping heap.

Another swung his razor sharp knives wildly, and another flung his chain like a whip. Kyle whooped as the cahin wrapped around his arm, he blocke both knives with it, then landed a solid round house into the guys face. Blood splattered acrossed his leggings. The 4th thug let go of his chain, throwing a punch to Kyle's face, Kyle threw his head down, the fist impacting on the top of his skull. He heard the mans wrist crack like dry twigs. The last ran away, terrified of the towering [I]savage[/I] . Kyle screamed his war cry as he hurled the tomohawk into the poor man's back.

He looked around, the 6 men lay scattered about, most moaning in pain. Silently, he retrieved his Tomohawk, wiping the blood off on the thug's pant leg. He looked at Damien, who stood, still evaluating Kyle.
"He was a coward, cowards have no place in this world." Kyle looked over at the port, a single ship was docked in it. "That's it over there, let's go."
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Damian: No.

Kyle: Why not? After all, it's clearly marked, or can you read?

Damian: I can read, and I am well aware of what it says. That's why we're not getting on it.

Kyle: Why not?

Damian: You're a very good fighter, but you don't think right. That boat is obviously the one that this Cesto guy wants us to get on. And he's the one we'll be up against. The boat's a trap. You can get on it if you want to, but I won't. I plan to follow it.

Kyle: How? I doubt you have a boat.

Damian: Well, seeing as how I stole the registration forms for a pretty fast motorboat, I do. And I know how to steer it, too. I'd be no good in rough waters, but under standard conditions I'm good enough. You can come with me if you want, but it's your choice.
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