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Aeons ago, twelve Digimon Gods ruled over the world. They were Blazemon of Fire, Aquamon of Water, Terramon of Earth, Breezemon of Wind, Shademon of Shadow, Brightmon of Light, Solarmon of Sun, Lunamon of Moon, Boltmon of Thunder, Freezemon of Ice, Chaomon of Chaos, and Skullmon of Death. They ruled the world in peace, governing over the Digimon that fell into their elemental category.
Until the coming of Makallmon.
He rallied up rebels and created a grand army that challanged the Elemental Gods, Digimon above Mega and even the 4 Digimon Sovereigns, in power. Luckily, the Elemental Gods were able to push back the Dark Army and seal Makallmon in the Deleted World, a Digital Hell.
Sadly, the Elemental Gods used up all their power and reverted back to eggs in Primary Village. They have now been reborn, and are seeking their partners.
For Makallmon is back.

Here's the form!
Name: Standard
Age: 12-16
Gender: Male or Female
Digimon: All stages

Attribute: Virus, Data, or Vaccine

You will be awarded your new levels (Champion, Ultimate, Mega, Elemental) when I decide to give them to you. No one starts out comanding a Digimon above I-T, since we all just found out about Digimon. This handles like Season 1, with kids stuck in the Digital World trying to get out.

The Elements-

The Elemental levels have the same names I listed above. I'll post my guy later, but he controls Dark. We will start when we have seven, since that was the number of the original Digidestined. So, one more till start, and six spots.
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Guest Heezay
Name: Juno Haven
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Appearance: Wears a gray shirt and blue jeans. He is tall, tanned with black hair and dark brown eyes. Wears a sliver neacklace and a wristwatch.
Crest: Honor
Digimon: Blazemon of Fire
In-Training- Asimon
Rookie- Flamon
Champion- Shinmon
Ultimate: Shinemon
Mega- Sergiomon
Elemental God form- Blazemon
Bio: Juno always loved the Digimon show. Though he isn't a hyper fanboy, he just can't grow out of it. Juno enjoys playing sports so much that he is on all the school sports teams. He also draws. One day he was designing a new digivice. He scanned it on his computer to print. When he pressed the print command, the digivice popped out, colored yellow and red . When he held it up, a gateway was opened, causing him to enter the Digital World.
Personality: Varies according to mood, but usally he's a fun guy to be with.

Name: Asimon
Attribute: Data
Type: Lesser
Attacks: Hot Bite
Appearance: A small red digimon with basically a head for a body.

Name: Flamon
Attribute: Data
Type: Humanoid
Attacks: Baby Salamander
Appearance: A humaniod red digimon with red hair and pants.

Name: Shinmon
Attribute: Data
Type: Dragon Human
Attacks: Boiling Point, Atomic Punch
Appearance: -a tall dragonoid digimon(Lizardlike) with long red hair, powerful arms and legs, and some armor.

Name: Shinemon
Attribute: Virus
Type: Evil Dragon
Attacks: Shine Flash, Spirit Chain
Appearance: with wings on his back, more powerful , larger, more dragonoid, he's Shinmon on steroids. This Digimon has a seriously bad temper.

Name: Sergiomon
Attribute: Virus
Type: Dragon Warrior
Attacks: Spirit Comet, Fenix Weapon
Appearance: A fiery knight with the Crest of Honor emblazoned on the Shield the carries. The shield gives him the ability to fly. He has a long sword made of Chrome Digizoid metal, the sword can withstand extremely hight temperatures(when Sergiomon gets mad, his sword gets hotter).

Name: Blazemon
Attribute: Vaccine
Type: Angel Dragon
Attacks: Spirit Cannon, Final Flame
Appearance: A majestic dragonlike angel with 8 angel wings, red armor, but still humanoid. He has earrings, spiked , fiery red hair, and black eyes.
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[color=teal]Name: Coje Luck
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Appearance: Coje has long blue hair that ends at his chin with black bangs that end at his shoulders and blue eyes. He usually wears a a blue t-shirt, a blue cargo shorts, a blue vest with a black dragon on the back of it, black & blue sneakers, and a pair of goggles around his neck.
Crest: Luck
In-Training - Kittenmon
Rookie - Pawmon
Champion - Icemon
Ultimate - IceAngemon
Mega - MagnaIcemon
Elemental God - Freezemon
Bio: Coje was a big fan of the Digimon show at one time, but it kind of rubbed off of him. He kind of lost intrest until he found some of his old drawings. He had a Digivice drawn before. He decide to scan it into the computer to fix it up, but something happened. His scanner and computer screen started glowing. He then was sent backward by something hitting him. When he looked down, he discover he was holding a blue and white Digivice. It looked like the same one he drew. He know something strange was going on.
Personality: Coje usually laid back, but can have a slight temper promblem. He's cool for the majority of the time.

Name: Kittenmon
Attribute: Vaccine
Type: Kitten Monster
Attacks: Bubble Blow
Appearance: Kittenmon is a blue head type Digimon with little blue cat ears, fangs, a little blue tail, and light blue eyes.

Name: Pawmon
Attribute: Vaccine
Type: Small Cat Monster
Attacks: Frozen Bite Frozen Scratch
Appearance: Pawmon looks like a blue cat about the size of a small dog. It has big fangs, lite blue strips on it tail, light blue eyes, and light blue fuzz on the tips of its ears.

Name: Icemon
Attribute: Vaccine
Type: Cat Monster
Attacks: Ice Paw and Blizzard
Appearance: Icemon looks just like Gatomon except he has blue where her purple is and his paws are gray with blue strips.

Name: IceAngemon
Attribute: Vaccine
Type: Ice Angel Monster
Attacks: Frozen Punch and Frozen Wind
Appearance: IceAngemon lookes just like Angemon except his outfit his light blue and dark blue and his hair is light blue.

Name: MagnaIcemon
Attribute: Vaccine
Type: Ice Dragon Monster
Attacks: Ice Breath and Ice Throw
Appearance: MagnaIcemon is a blue dragon with glowing blue eyes. The scales on his back (the raised ones) and his horns are made of ice.

Name: Freezemon
Attribute: Vaccine
Type: Cat Person Monster
Attacks: Ice Grip and Ice Arrows
Appearance: Freezemon looks like Coje, but his hair completely blue, he has fangs, claws,white tiger ears, white and blue tiger paws, and a white and blue tiger tail. He wares blue armor with ice spikes on the shoulders and a blue visior. [/color]
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[color=red]Name: Coal Luck
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Appearance: Coal has shoulder length black hair with red bangs that end at his chin and blue eyes. Coal usually wears a black tanktop, a red vest with a black dragon on the back of it, black leather pants, black boots, black fingerless gloves, and black sunglasses on his head.
Crest: Peace
In-Training - Dartmon
Rookie - Darkmon
Champion - Yami-Darkmon
Ultimate - Demitrimon
Mega - Deathmon
Elemental God - Skullmon
Bio: Coal is Coje's twin brother and he was also interested in Digimon. He lost intrest faster then Coje. He still played the card game though. When he was going through his deck one day one of his digivice cards fell out. It started glowing. Coal picked it up and it turned into a real black and red Digivice. Coal was suspecting something weird was about to happen.
Personality: Coal is usually seriouse around strangers, but is a major goofball around his brother. He easily warms up to people quickly.

Name: Dartmon
Attribute: Virus
Type: Hedgehog Monster
Attacks: Bubble Blow
Appearance: Dartmon is black with blue eyes. He has little spikes all over his soft body. He's a spike ball basicly.

Name: Darkmon
Attribute: Virus
Type: Dark Wolf Digimon
Attacks: Darkness Paw and Death Bite
Appearance: Darkmon is just a small black wolf with red eyes.

Name: Yami-Darkmon
Attribute: Virus
Type: Werewolf Monster
Attacks: Dark Energy Ball and Shadow Sword
Appearance: Yami-Darkmon looks like a human with long black hair, claws, fangs, a long black tail, red eyes, and black wolf ears. He wears black armor.

Name: Demitrimon
Attribute: Virus
Type: Vampire Monster
Attacks: Energy Drain and Shadow Whip
Appearance: Demitrimon looks like Mayotisemon, but his outfit is black and red and his hair is black.

Name: Deathmon
Attribute: Virus
Type: Death Dragon Monster
Attacks: Deadly Breath and Death Claws
Appearance: Deathmon is black dragon with parts of him decaying like and red eyes.

Name: Skullmon
Attribute: Virus
Type: Death Humanoid Monster
Attacks: Death Grip and Death Arrows
Appearance: Skullmon looks like Coal, but his hair is completely black, he has fangs, claws, black dragon wings, and a black dragon tail. He wears armor made of black metal and bones. The shoulder parts are dragon skulls. He also has a red visior over his eyes.
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[b]Name[/b]: Zarrin Caota
[b]Age[/b]: 14
[b]Gender[/b]: Male
[b]Appearance[/b]: Standing at 5'6, Zarrin is pretty short for his age. He has dark green eyes and silver, spikey hair that is mostly hidden under his britsh hat (though he isn't british). He wears a black shirt with a dark green jacket over it and baggy blue jeans. He also wears knuckle-cut gloves and normal tennis shoes. He has a pair of round, orange sun glasses pirched on his hat. Around his neck hangs a dark polished green stone.
[b]Crest[/b]: Freedom
In-Training: Brushmon
Rookie: Scruffmon
Champion: Soramon
Ultimate: WarSoramon
Mega: Suzumemon
Element God: Breezemon
[b]Bio[/b]: Zarrin isn't really a TV person, so he knows very little about Digimon. He's heard some of his friends talk about it, but he's never taken the time to actually interact with it. One day, his friends had some of the cards and asked Zarrin to play the game with them, just this once, figuring it would change anything, Zarrin borrowed a card deck and began to play, one of his buddies explaining the rules as he went. Amazingly, Zarrin was a natural at the game and beat the top two players in their school. Though he didn't plan on playing the game that much, his friend let him keep the deck. On his way home, one of the cards was blown under a box next to a telephone poll. When Zarrin lifted the box, a orange little... thing was there instead of the card. Deciding maybe he could sell the thing, Zarrin went home and later discovered it was like a digivice from the card game. Fiddling around with it, Zarrin pushed some buttons on it and a large light sienly grew from his bedroom wall.
[b]Personality[/b]: Zarrin is a very laid back carefree kind of guy. He always goofs off, even during some of the most serious situations. For some odd reason, he can find some thing funny in almost any seen. He can get along with just about anyone and doesn't see any other people as weird cause he thinks he himself is one of the weirdest people on Earth. He loves to party and can always make someone laugh. He does have a serious side, but it is very difficult to pull out of him.


Name: Brushmon
Attribute: Data
Type: Chick
Attacks: Bubble Blow
Appearance: Like most in training digimon, Brushmon is like a blob. He is a orange color and he has three large crimson feathers coming from the top of his head.

Name: Scruffmon
Attribute: Data
Type: Lion Bird
Attacks: Flying Slice, Spinning Assult
Appearance: Being part lion cub and part bird, Scruffmon has a lower half like a bird. His legs are covered in Crimson feathers, but his feet are that of a lions (paws). On each side of his foot is a small wing. Around his waist his feathers are replaced with a tanish orange fur. Though, his lion like claws look more like an eagle's talons. Across his chest is a symbol that looks like a cat head with wings. Scruffmon basicly has the face of a cat, but his ears are feathery. He also has a long cat tail with a single feather on the tip.

Name: Soramon
Attribute: Data
Type: Griffin
Attacks: Wing Blades, Griffin Claw
Appearance: Like a griffin, Soramon is part Lion part bird/eagle. He stands on all four legs. All of his feet are that of a lions with eagle talons instead of claws. His back side is still that of a birds, covered in crimson feathers. From his back grow two large wings. His front side is the tanish fur and his head has a Crimson lions mane around it, he has basicly a lions face with feathers on the tides. He has a lions tail, but at the tip is a large beak. He has the same odd symbol on his back.

Name: WarSoramon
Attribute: Data
Type: Warrior Griffin
Attacks: Air Cannon, Top Gun
Appearance: Now beginning to look more human like, WarSoramon stands up right. His legs are still that of a birds and his feet are also like an eagles now. Around his waist is a thick metal belt with two large guns on either side. Running across his tan fured chest are extra amo. Attached to his back/neck are two large cannons that can rotate in different directions, the neck part comes up and covers WarSoramon's mouth. The tail still has the sharp beak on the end and the ears are still feathery. Because of the device on his back, WarSoramon has a large wings coming from the outside area of each ankle. The symbol remains

Name: Suzumemon
Attritbute: Data
Type: Lion Bird
Attacks: Blasting Wind, Flying Torpedo
Appearance: Suzumemon has many pairs of wings. On the outside of both wrists are wings and the same goes for the ankles. Two large wings on his back as well and he even has one extending from his head. Across his eyes is a large metal headband with a sharp beak extending out from it. Bottom part is still mostly feathery with large eagle talons. A large sash falls around his shoulders and covers up parts of his chest because it is very ripped. On the top of it (where it isn't ripped) is the same symbol.

Name: Breezemon
Attribute: Data
Type: Human Griffin
Attacks: Static Tornado, Top Breeze Gun, Cutting Twins
Appearance: Basicly looks like Silphymon, but a a pair of Katars are attached to his wrists (And his fur is tan). And the symbol is on his chest.


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Here's my dude.

Name: TJ Graves
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Appearance: 5'8', 13lbs., brown hair with long bangs, smoky blue eyes. Wears a black t-shirt, jeans, a leather jacket, and a black baseball cap.
Crest: Wit
Digimon: Kunaimon, Shurikenmon, Shinobimon, Mega Shinobimon, Zhoumon, and Shademon.
Bio: TJ has liked the TV show since it first came out. He still watches it, and was surprised to find a black and blue Digivice sitting on his table one morning. He pressed a button on it and, lo and behold, he was sucked through the computer into the Digital World.
Personality: TJ is usually calm and peaceful, prefering to be alone, but he can be demanding, controling, and quite egotistical. He's very intelligent, and knows it, and almost always wins arguments. Though usually laid-back, he can become violent and furious in an instant.

Name: Kunaimon
Attribute: Data
Type: Slime Digimon
Attacks: Bubble Blow
Appearance: Like Shurimon's head with little arms and legs, and clad in black.

Name: Shurikenmon
Attribute: Data
Type: Warrior Digimon
Attacks: Shuriken Ballistics and Invisible Throw
Appearance: A Kunaimon with a body, standing about 3'.

Name: Shinobimon
Attribute: Virus
Type: Warrior Digimon
Attacks: Shadow Blade and Doppleganger
Appearance: A tall, lean man dressed in the traditional outfit of the Ninja.

Name: Magna Shinobimon
Attribute: Virus
Type: Warrior Digimon
Attacks: Doppleganger Shuriken and Invisible Slash
Appearance: Shinobimon with a metal plate covering his right arm that ejects shuriken, and a cape.

Name: Zhoumon
Attribute: Virus
Type: Demon Man Digimon
Attacks: Demon Bomb and Doppleganger Shadow Blade
Appearance: Shinobimon without a mask, revealing an somewhat angular, yet handsome, human face. Instead of a cape, he wears a duster. And no metal arm plate.

Name: Shademon
Attribute: Virus
Type: Demon Man Digimon
Attacks: Shadow Destroyer and Dark Blade
Appearance: Zhoumon clad in black, platemail armor, a la Nightmare from SCII.

Three things, as well. One, Heezay, you must create profiles for all you Digimon like the rest have done. Two, your Digimon can have two attacks. And three, you can make you Elemental's form.
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[color=navy]Name: Josh Black
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: Josh has shoulder length blond hair with black throughout it and dark blue eyes. He wears a black shirt with black netted long slevees, black pants with flames on the sides, black fingerless gloves, and black boots.
Crest: Honor
In-Training - Pridemon
Rookie - Loyalmon
Champion - Yami-Loyalmon
Ultimate - Honormon
Mega - Warmon
Elemental God - Chaomon
Bio: Josh was a master at everything Digimon. He was unbeatable at the card game, unbeatable at the video games, and he could tell you anything about the show. He still loves the show even though some people think he's too old for it. One day, while watching Digimon, Josh felt a strange feeling. Suddenly his TV started glowing. He was sent backward by something hitting him in the chest. To his surprise it was a black and teal Digivice. The next thing he knew, he was being transported to the Digital World.
Personality: Josh is really laid back. He's too easy going. Not much scares him easy either. At the most, he scares other things. He's a kind-hearted goth.

Name: Pridemon
Attribute: Virus
Type: Black Seed Digimon
Attacks: Bubble Blow
Appearance: Pridemon is a green head like Digimon with a little sprout at his head. He has sparkling green eyes and a bluish bubble thing for a mouth. (kind of like the babies)

Name: Loyalmon
Attribute: Virus
Type: Fairy Digimon
Attacks: Razor Wind and Dark Arrows
Appearance: Loyalmon is a male fairy. He has black hair and green eyes. His wings are black and he wears a black greek outfit. He has no shoes. (he's kind of chibi like)

Name: Yami-Loyalmon
Attribute: Virus
Type: Animal Fairy Digimon
Attacks: Dark Wind and Dark Claws
Appearance: Yami-Loyalmon is a werewolf fairy. He looks like Loyalmon, but he has key diffrences. He's much taller, he has black wolf ears, black wolf tail, fangs, and claws.

Name: Honormon
Attribute: Virus
Type: Dark Wariorr Digimon
Attacks: Dark Slash and Dark Darts
Appearance: Honormon looks like a very tall Loyalmon, but he has no wings. He wears a black suit of armor, a black helment that shows his face, and a blood red cape with the symbol of chaos on it in black.

Name: Warmon
Attribute: Virus
Type: Dark Angel Digimon
Attacks: Chaos Sheild and Dark Energy
Appearance: Looks just like Honormon except he black angel wings and no helment.

Name: Chaomon
Attribute: Virus
Type: Demon Digimon
Attacks: Chaos Nightmare and Chaos Mirage
Appearance: Chaomon looks like Josh with black hair. He has Warmon's outfit on, but his wings are black and blood red demon wings. He also has a blood red visior on.[/color]
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Name: Reis Terras
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Appearance: Reis has short black hair with silver on the tips. He wears a black shirt with a white dragon on it and wears a black button up jacket over it unbuttoned. He also wears black jeans and white shoes.
Crest: Fear
Rookie- Eclipsemon
Bio: Reis was the #1 fan of digimon, he had every single card and every single digimon related item. He would daydream that he had a digimon every day, sometimes pretending he was the digimon. One day when he was on his computer, a blood red digivice appeared on the screen. Since he thought his dreams were coming true he reached out to it and was sucked into the screen.
Personality: Reis is a little hyper at times, but is easy to get along with. The only thing you have to watch out for is when he is holding something and he is daydreaming about digimon. For instance, if he has a sword like item you might get hit by it.

Name: Lunarmon
Attribute: Virus
Type: Nightmare Digimon
Attacks: Lunar Claw
Appearance: He is basically a ball with two black claws coming out of the sides.

Attribute: Virus
Type: Nightmare Digimon
Attacks: Eclipse Blade, Shattered Moon
Appearance: A tall digimon with a snakelike body and red eyes. He has claws made of steel

Name: Exilemon
Attribute: Virus
Type: Nightmare Digimon
Attacks: Lonely Shadow, Exile Blaze
Appearance: Has chains covering most of his body, he has red eyes and clawed feet.

Name: GigaExilemon
Attribute: Virus
Type: Nightmare Digimon
Attacks: Giga Shadow, Shadow Rockets
Appearance: A Machindramon look alike except has chains trailing off with black auras and has black rockets.

Name: Nightmaremon
Attribute: Virus
Type: Nightmare Digimon
Attacks: Nightmare Claw, Deadly Eclipse
Appearance: He takes on the shape of your worst fear

Name: Lunemon
Attribute: Virus
Type: Godly Digimon
Attacks: Lunar Wave, Lunar Cross
Appearance: Has silver hair, wears a black cape. Has black skin, and has a staff with a crescent moon. Wears light all over the rest of him except his hands and feet which are black shoes.
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