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[COLOR=Gray][SIZE=2][FONT=Courier New]You could accuse me of being a nerd for it, but one of the things I find the most intruiging is the use of slang. Although I don't know why...

Every society (online or off) has its own way of speaking, its own inside jokes, and its own expressions unique to it. Cliques have their own slang, entire schools or workplaces have their own slang. Every forum seems to have its own little bit of flavour, unique to it.

Simply out of curiosity: what are a few commonly-used slang-terms by you and your group of friends, school, neighborhood etc... ?

My group of (incredibly geeky--*nyah*) friends uses some of the following (I don't know any one else who says these things specifically):

"Dude, that's, like, woah." (<--- the stupidest thing that has ever passed my lips--yes, I was the first one to say this, to my everlasting shame. Though this isn't really slang, come to think of it...)

"Coherant" means [I]does not show good thinking skills[/I].

"Holy water" = Mountain Dew (I told you we were geeks)

These are kind of pathetic, I guess, but there are probably more I simply don't notice.

It's funny: I cannot think of any country-wide slang when it comes to Canada. [/FONT] [/SIZE][/COLOR]
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My favorite piece of slang my friends use is when anyone mentions how guys are useless, someone yells out "coat hanger!" but thats a long story, inside joke. One I probably shouldn't tell here. O_o

[QUOTE]It's funny: I cannot think of any country-wide slang when it comes to Canada. [/QUOTE]
Eh? Or is that regional thing?
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[COLOR=Gray][SIZE=2][FONT=Courier New]"Eh?" isn't slang--it's just the equivalent of, "neh?" or "huh?".

I preffer "keh", myself.^_^

Inuyasha7271, I highly recomend using more frequent punctuation marks. *sweat* Not meaning to be rude or pompous, but I think you could use a few commas in there...

The kind of slang that isn't unique to my friends and I is basically Dungeons and Dragons/'net lingo. By this, I mean that an average conversation consists of many-syllabled words, and multitudes of acronyms, all at incredibly fast speeds. We talk like gnomes, if you're book-based RPG-inclined.

"And then I rolled a 20, and the DM was all, 'Look in the friggin' PHB! No! Don't touch the DMG, your hit dice are too low! You can't cast that now and expect anything to result from it! Fine! What's your DEX mod? No! That can't be it! How the hell could you have a plus seven when you're level 1?! You soxorz--that is, it is impossible for you to pwn, seeing as you are LEVEL ONE.' So, she made me roll again, and I ended up with a one, and she was bitter from before, so she improvised and decided that a dragon lived in a cave beneath us, and I woke it from its would-be eternal slumber. Then, we got pwned."

_ _U [/FONT]
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Slang words come in and out of our vocabulary. I haven't been able to keep up with all the changes! Growing up in the 80's (which is the time many of you were born!) leaves me with very dated slang words. I still find myself saying "totally" totally too much. LOL Of course, I am with my friends who are the same age and have the same old slang words. You will all see when you are my age you will be using the slang words you grew up with!!

As for all the new slang words, I am really out of the loop on this. The newest thing I find myself saying is "meh". Other than that, the old tried and true sayings are what I stick with.

As for group appropriate speech patterns I find myself using lots of medical terminology when with my friends. Since we all work in health care it is something we all understand and what we are familiar with. "My TPR and CRT seems a bit off today, I might be a bit anemic, I think the boss should take us out to lunch!" :laugh:
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[color=darkviolet]It's not so much the slang, as how we use it.


[b]Someone let the children out[/b] Basically means that there are some prepubesent girls with too much make-up and not enough clothing walking around a mall.

[b]Put a bee in your bonnet[/b]-Horray for you

[b]Go take a nap[/b] or [b]I think someone stayed up past their bedtime[/b]-Kind ways to say someoen's cranky.

[b]Pagan Standard Time[/b]-This isn't my friend's slang, this is from the open circle my husband and I attended while at FT.Hood (too much politics and drama in that group, but the only pagan group listed) The lady who was High priestess was always late so we'd say she ran on pagan standard time. Which would come to mean the given time plus fifteen to forty-five minutes.

[b]McDonald's Drama[/b]-Any thing that goes on at work which is too annoying for us to deal with.

I once got really silly with a friend of mine the day before I moved back up to New York and told her that my ETS date had come up and I was going to my Permanent Duty Station. Which coincidentally wouldn't be happening if my ETS date had come up. I also annoyed my husband and said Hooah-which means Heard and opperated (or something like that) when he asked me questions or wanted me to do something.

The worst thing I probably do now with slang is telling my surpervisor that it's a big 10-4.

and okay, so this isn't slang, but my friends and I get bored when we do road trips so instead of doing punch buggy-we have Silo-no punch back![/color]
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[B]We Slang...I use it a lot!!! Basically, because, me and some people I like to call frineds, have our own way of speaking, soo, many times, people just stare at us, and sya: "Their brains are on vacation, they speak nonsense!!"Or they just run away from us.. :p :p
A few of these "slang" terms are:

[B]The Lightswitcher(as in,"That guy is a total lightswitcher!!" or "He did that jsut like a lightswitcher") :[/B] Well, this is actually a VERY long story, but I'll try to make it as short as possible :D. One day, my friend and I were wacthing this dance/play thing, and we noticed that everytime the light went on, people clapped, and eveerytime they lgiht went off, people clapped again!! So, at the end of the play, we decided that, the person who did the best job in the WHOLE paly, was the lightswitcher, and fromt here, we stated calling lightswitcher everyone who did absolutelly nothing, and got made people happy, or got a lot of merrit for it.

[B]The Metric Argentinian System:[/B] Our horse riding teacher has a problem measuring the hieght of jumps, he always sais they're lower, like a 1 meter jump (Don't know how much that is in feet :p ) he says it's 75 centimeters!!So, we started calling his way of measuring jumps, the Metric Agrentinian System, because, he's from Argentina!

[B]Bolus:[/B] We use it to describe really ugly guys (I don't use it often, not really into guys...:p ), for example, this guy that rides, we started calling him Bolus, I don't know why we do this, we just do it!! A friend of mine starting doing it one day, and, we liked the idea, and they soon started calling ugly boys "Bolus"

[B]Pepu:[/B] Used to refer to people with a lot acne, and abad attitude towards people that are younger, as in, we start calling that person "Pepu".

[B]I went to the movies (Also can be used as "Man, this pop-corn is blowing!!"[/B] Usually refered when someone goes to a place where there are dumb people that only think about boys, and don't care about the rest of the world, bacuase, since they have "pop-corn brians" (a.k.a Stupid Jerks) and we eat popcorn at the movies, we started saying that, I use this frase VERY often..And when I say "The pop-corn is blowing!!" I mean that the convesation is getting to stupic, and makes no sense,a dn get me out of here!!

These are some of the frases, I can't remember more!!
HetepKa :angel:
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[size=1]I only have a couple slang words, and they consist of:

[b]Snap:[/b] A way of saying "s**t" in front of the parents or teachers in our school, its catholic so very strict.
[b]Son:[/b] A way my friends and I say like "homie" or "brother"... lol, we just use that in a very sarcastic way though
[b]Hey you, you with the face:[/b] Used to refer to people who are really ugly and we dont know their names so we just say it to them to get their attention
[b]And finally, Amor:[/b] Used to refer to our girlfriends/boyfriends because we dont feel like saying their names because of our/my laziness.[/size]
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Hmm do I use slang... I think I use it kinda often but not to the point of over use unles Im just teed off...

What do I use though!!!

[B]Sup cat [/B]or [B]'Ey dad[/B]- Pasiccaly its just my way of say hello to a male friend of mine.

[B]Let me be real wit you[/B] Basiic way of saying let;s dtop BSing and let me get to the point.

[B]STUUPID[/B] Just my way of calling a person silly...May be used interchangably with [B]OFF THE CHAIN (OTC for short)[/B]

[B]Naaw Dude, listen! [/B] My way of 'hold up, saying let me explain."

[B]Jesus Juice[/B] What Micheal Jackson knows as wine has now been taken by me!! It still stands for wine or any other alcholic beverage!

[B]Diablo[/B] Spanish for Devil.. I mean it was a way of saying D***

I think thats all fr now.. see ya!!!
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[font=Arial][size=2][color=darkred]I agree with Godensensai on the D+ D slang. It makes for good entertainment watching the newly initiated struggle to understand whats going on.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Arial][size=2][color=darkred] At our school we don't have much slang but, I am willing to share it with you. We have:[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Arial][size=2][color=#8b0000]Meh- which pisses me off endlessly.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Arial][size=2][color=#8b0000]Chaddy- which means bad or ill made[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Arial][size=2][color=#8b0000]Bodgy- which is the same as chaddy.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Arial][size=2][color=#8b0000]Thats about it really, the salng at our school[/color][/size][/font]
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Slang? We have very bad slang in our friendship group... like a mix of bad grammar, net speak and laziness. What are a few of the norm?

[b]B*tch[/b] - Used by basically anyone when reffering to someone smaller than ourselves.

[b]Vegie[/b] - People younger than us

[b]Sup[/b] - What is up -> Whats up -> sup An exercise in laziness, the phrase has been steadily getting shorter. It will one day be 'p'

[b]Poonce[/b] - Unliked. eg: Phillip is a Poonce

[b]Geek[/b] - Net nerd

[b]Nerd[/b] - Someone smarter than Mitchell (not hard)

They're kind of common, but meh (also used extensively). We also have a bad habit of using net speak in convo like lol, rofl and saying actions like they are between *s. Normal conversation:

CrH: Hey b*tch. Sup?
Mitchell: Not much. Man Chris is a nerd.
CrH:That's just cause he's smarter than you. Woah, watch the vegies. (*)Dodges short people(*). (*)Sees Phillips(*)PHILLIPS A POONCE!!!

So yeah. That's slang words for you. They make NO sense whatsoever.
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I do ocaisinally say things as if they're between * I also use web slang in general conversation, but there is some fairly localised slang.

These are used in most of England...
Cuppa: Cup of tea
Brew: Cup of tea (I like tea)
Tea2: Tea with two teaspoons of sugar in (I really like tea)
Scalie: Gangster wannabes, get drunk, smoke weed and throw bricks at old ladies. Not very nice people.

My brothers friend made these up...
Grib, and Gerrood. Grib is an insult, Gerrood is cool, I think

I do use Sci-fi and Fantasy swearwords, usually from Farscape and Warhammer 40k
Frell, general swearword
Tralk, bimbo (prostitute)

Feth, general swearword
Gubbins, gadget, thingy, gizmo, (one of my favourites)

I also insult my friends in forign languages, (it's somehow funnier when they don't understand)
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Guest firegirlinuyash
here some slang we talk at my school coz all we talk is slang all the time

round - firends

be - you just ues it in a sent.(I not know what you be talk'n bout.)

aint - it's like saying is not,no,not (I aint never going to that party.,That aint my car.)

mug- fine..mostlly to talk about girls

ribb'n - to make fun of a person

tripp'n or trip out -you are cazy,forget

dogg - a firend that is a boy

my bad- sorry

pout you- forget you

slip dip - loser

therr- there

that's all i can think of for now
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Let's see...
f*g hag: girl that hangs around gay guys constantly
shibby: multi-purpose word created by me to curb the cursing
shubba: (see above)
Carla: long, inside joke
my bubbles: that's mine (another inside joke)
a bit o' tha bubbly: tropical remix sprite, or any other clear soda
lax 4 life: no real explanation
jesus: anyone (inside joke)
act of god: anything you do (inside joke because of the jesus thing)
SEPTA: public transportation (not technically slang)
the cheesy: school buses
private manga library: inside joke
prendified: something/someone extremely preppy
jock: anyone who plays any sport (even me, oddly)
evil nun: any old, irritable nun
And I think that's about it. Yes, we're an odd little bunch, we are.
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[color=firebrick] People at my school are now obsessed with saying [b]'Eyeball this'[/b] or[b] 'EYEBALLUS'[/b] at point to their eyes whenever they beat someone else at something. Or the ever popular [b]'Get off me!'[/b] or when we put our arms up and swing our wrist around while [b]'gotcha!'[/b]. All of them invented by the ingenious Andrew 'B-Dale' at my school...:P He's actually funny at times. [/color]
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[size=1]I love words. I just do.

I have a lot of fun playing with them and their definitions/usage, and I tend to pick up mannerisms from my friends, so I have quite an array of not-quite-official rhetoric.

Some fun stuff:

[b]Whither the dillio?"[/b] Pretty much a greeting, yoinked (there's another one!) from my friend Dave, who offered this explanation: [i]"What's the dillio?" equals "What's the deal" or "What's up." I just randomly old-Englishified it.[/i]

[b]old-Englishified[/b] is another example of something my friends and I tend to do--basically, wreaking havoc of parts of speech. Any noun can become a verb by adding the suffix [i]ify[/i], and any verb can become a noun by adding [i]age[/i]. (Not that it's necessarily restricted to respective nouns and verbs.)

Examples: [i]I need to typify my essay[/i] or [i]Time for sleepage.[/i]

You can also add [i]tastic[/i] to almost anything, and it will become a positive adjective (or interection, as needed.) And example would be a [b]cowtastic[/b], um....cow. Which I suppose would be a cow that exemplifies all the ideal traits of cows...or something to that effect.

I tend to use the word "Spiffy" a lot, and end up with new forms of it. Spiffy, Spiff-tastic, teh spiff, spiffiness, muy spiffendo, les spiff, spiffage, spiffify (heh, that looks funny)...the list goes on. [/size]
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[COLOR=Gray][SIZE=2][FONT=Courier New]Heh. Sounds like you're onto the suffixes as well, Sara.

Suffixes are, in shortness, what make the world go 'round. Though I guess I have been trying to refrain from using them out of context on OB (because it really gets on some people's nervesnessoscity). We don't really stick to definitions--we just stick 'em on at the end.

Words are one of my favourite passtimes.

A common greeting: "Aiya! It's a (name)-nessoplasm!" I know: -oplasm isn't even a suffix, but still.^_^ It's just fun to stick at the end of a random word.

Another sort of slang we have, I guess, is the use of the (fake) word, "misinforminate." I guess this is actually kind of rude, but we say this instead of "preach" when it comes to religion and religion-type-things.
"Inating" is just fun to add to the end of anything.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[QUOTE=Godelsensei][COLOR=Gray][SIZE=2][FONT=Courier New]Heh. Sounds like you're onto the suffixes as well, Sara.

Suffixes are, in shortness, what make the world go 'round. Though I guess I have been trying to refrain from using them out of context on OB (because it really gets on some people's nervesnessoscity). We don't really stick to definitions--we just stick 'em on at the end.

Words are one of my favourite passtimes.

A common greeting: "Aiya! It's a (name)-nessoplasm!" I know: -oplasm isn't even a suffix, but still.^_^ It's just fun to stick at the end of a random word.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR][/QUOTE]
[size=1]Dude! You use [i]oscity[/i], too!

[b]-oplasm[/b] sounds like great fun. ^_^ I'm sure I'll be incorporating that into my speech now, heh.

[i]Inate[/i]....Type-inating...I like it. Heh.[/size]
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[SIZE=2][COLOR=Gray][FONT=Courier New]That's coolnessoscityoplasm!

Heh. Gomen ne.

Thinking of more strange slang...or just weird ways of speaking in general:

It's fun to speak in Franglish, a combination of English and French. Par example: le Franglais est the best damn thing en le terre parce que it allows nous to parle avec ne pas de beacoup de vocabulaire and not get caught. Heh. If you get into the habbit, it comes naturally, though that was a rather pitiful example.

Another irritating manner of speach: swearing out of context.

Id est...

"What the damn?!" Gah. This is just so irritating...even though I am guilty of this kind of thing now and then. Heh.

Another interesting way of communicating is to simply speak in as many languages at once as possible. It really builds the old French/Japanese/anything else vocab. and grammatical capability.

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My group doesn't really have it's own slang... We just use slang that's currently going around the school that everyone uses. We constantly put down other people or other groups. Basically, we use slang all the time when we're taking the good reputation out of others. And there's usually alot of swearing in with it aswell.

There's currently a phase going around now, and trust me, everyone in the school uses the phrases, even the year-seveners.. Like "What's that up dere, bra" and "Lets come up dis here way, dere bra".

I do it to. :sleep:
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[COLOR=Gray][SIZE=2][FONT=Courier New]What are you [I]talking[/I] about, Inuyasha??

Becoming a laughing stalk through using words that belong in Shakespearian English and early children's books?? That's a sad assumption to possess. Truly.

"How fair thee on this fine day?" is a greeting my friends and I use very frequently.
We also say "Robatessin (sp?)" every time some one coughs--don't you just hate that commercial?

Another funny enough thing I've heard alot of recently is, "Dude! I just got pwned by three girls and an ORANGE." This isn't slang, aside from the "pwned" part, but it's still highly amusing...*sigh* There are some things you never think you'll hear, until you hear them. Then, they're just hilarious. Heh.

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The slang word around my way are crazy.. Not many of them have been touched upon.

Vicious = Really good
Snap= Substitute for SH***
SUB!= Basically, you suck, and need a substitute (for sports)
Young ...= For those who are talking to younger people and are angry
Peep= Look at
Peeps= People
Aiight= Alright
Dog= Used to address a good friend
Trippin= You're stressing too much over something, blowing up
Frontin= Not "bein real"
Bebo latte (pronounced bee-bow lah-ti)= To describe someone who's got a huge head
wet= REALLY Cool
Off the rict, off the scale, off teh rictor= Literally- Off the Rictor scale (measures earthquakes). In context- Really cool
Off the hook, off the chain= REALLY Cool
Cheese-man= used to describe a REALLY FAT PERSON. As in if they roll on you, you'll die.
Squad-up!= Get your 'crew'(see below) cause we are about to 'wreck'(see below)
Crew= Friends, people you hang out with
Wreck= Fight, big time
Rollin= Laughing so hard, you're rolling.
Roll out= Lets go (vamos)

I have more, but you dont wanna know

Heres more on my edit, i just remembered
See ME!= Lets fight, right now
See ME wit dem hands= above definition.
Punish= Destroy, beaten to a pulp. Ex.- Im bout to [I]punish[/I] you wit dem hands
Respect my Gansta!= Saying that you are better than the person you say this to. Basically is like YOU BETTER RESPECT ME, IM STRONGER THAN U!
Hit dat= Take a swig of ______<--- fill in the blank
Hit dat, Tax dat, Smash= Well, not appropriate for OB
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[size=1]I would just like to point out that the fact this is a discussion of slang words and phrases is no excuse for incoherency. I've deleted some of the less sensible posts. If yours was one of those removed, you're free to re-evaluate what you said and try again, utilizing punctuation.

Thaaaaaaaaank you.[/size]
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[QUOTE=Sara][size=1]I would just like to point out that the fact this is a discussion of slang words and phrases is no excuse for incoherency. I've deleted some of the less sensible posts. If yours was one of those removed, you're free to re-evaluate what you said and try again, utilizing punctuation.

Thaaaaaaaaank you.[/size][/QUOTE]
I figured it would be deleted but we're talking about slang and thats slang among my friends, nothing I can do about it.
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