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RPG Fight!!


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If you dont know what to do please ask me also if you have aim please post your aim id! *Walks into a clearing of a forest with trees on 3 sides and a big rock wall on the other* *takes off cape and throws on the ground *"My name is NightWalker" lets fight!!*sits down next to rock wall and concentrates*
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O.K. I'll join in..
lets see now...um..ok!
*Walks into clearing holding a piece of paper. After standing for awhile in deep thought, aproaches NightWalker. "Err..excuse me? do you know where the river is?" NightWalker remains silent. "HELLO!!! I'm talking to YOU!!Do you need a smack?!" Smacks NightWalker. NightWalker makes eye contact with SSJ4 Gotenks and is angry. "UH-OH!!"*
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i am undfeatable right ML? i am the terminator telletubby and combined theme songs with barney so MWUAHAHAHAHA!!! beat that? i am undefeatable....damn them deleting the PRP but o well...ur going down.... *put away golf club and takes out a stickand wacks everyone on the head* DIE DIE DIE!!! *wack wack wack*

everyone: uh....amber....

ssjchic: *WACK WACK WACK* yea? *WACK*

everyone: *sweatdrop* nevermind...

ssjchic: never underestimte the power of stupid ppl! MWUAA!!!!
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by shibatku [/i]
[B]*Shiba Tku takes a marble and throws it and knocks ssj chic flat.* [/B][/QUOTE]
*everybody freezes*
#1 u NEVER...no matter hat u NEVER hit a girl!

er...ok lost my temper there.... *picks up gulf club and wacks shibatku in the shin*
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*Stands there shocked at the speed of shibatku "......" gets hit with kamehameha "AHHHHHHH!!!!" gets up battered and torn "Thats it! I'm pulling out all the stops!" begins to power up. "Kamakaze Ghost Attack!!!!!" begins spewing out 5 ghost. They all turn and charge at shibatku. And explode on impact
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