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I know, I know about my RPG's lately, but I can asure you, this will be good. I made to many at once I know, but after watching T3, I had to make this:


[SIZE=7][FONT=chiller][CENTER]Terminator: The Final Annoucement[/FONT][/SIZE][/CENTER]

[SIZE=5][U]"Our Mission wasn't to stop Judgement day, it was to survive it."[/SIZE][/U]

[SIZE=1][B]There was one sent to kill John before he was born, one sent when he was a boy, and another sent, whne he was an adult, before Judgement day. John Connor was the last hope for the world, in the future, he led humans into battle against their own creations; Machines. He sent a Terminator into the past to protect himself from the other assassin machine out to kill his past self. John Connor was murderer in the future after that (as you all know). Finally, in the past time were John was always trying to be assassinated, he lived to 22 where he was always on the run. The T-X cyborg was sent to murderer him and the wife he would marry. But, a Terminator was also sent to protect him and his future wife. As John Connor went to the core to stop Judgement day, he knew that he was only sent to the core... to survive. He couldn't stop judgement day.

So, now it begins. The future was never saved, nor was the past. The war between man and machine had begun once again, Judgement Day. John couldn't do anything, but whatever happened, he had to keep on fighting. He was indeed going to become the commander of the humans, to rise against their creations. How do you kill what cannot be Terminated? A cyborg that cannot be shut down? Once again, a new breed of cyborg was created in the future, the XxX3000 (Triple X 3000). The fastest, strongest, smartest Terminator created by man. Most of all, they could feel emotions. 5 XxX3000 were made, all of them could not be reprogrammed, and their mission could not change. There were more than two people to protect this time, that's why five were sent. As always, assassins from the future to stop the XxX3000's missions were sent. It was like the last time all over, only this time, the fight to protect John Connor and the other imporant humans, were in Judgement day. The five XxX3000 models had the same mission, only to protect different people. But these new machines had emotions, would they take their mission further?[/B]

If you haven't seen Terminator, then, you'll have a hard time here. The new XxX3000 models can shape shift at will, and they do not look the same, so no one looks like Arnold. In the past, it's Judgement Day, and the idea is, the XxX3000 models might take their mission further, meaning they might try to end the war. In the past, the only machines as advanced as they are the assassins sent back, so they stand an even chance. I'll allow 5 Terminators, 2 assassin Terminators, and as many important humans. Here's the sign-up:

[U]Code-Name:[/U] What people call you
[U]Model:[/U] XxX3000, or an assassin that is no lower than the T-X model
[U]Side:[/U] Assasssin or XxX3000 portector
[U]Model Number:[/U] XxX are 1-5 (doesn't matter), and assasins are any
[U]Personality:[/U] Keep it a little plain, the XxX3000 models can feel some emotions, not lots. Assassins don't count.
[U]Normal Description:[/U] The description your character always uses
[U]Weapons:[/U] Not built in weapons
[U]Back-story:[/U] Doesn't have to be much

[U]Name:[/U] First and last
[U]Age:[/U] Duh
[U]Weapons:[/U] Not many
[U]Rank:[/U] John is first in command, second command is Katherine Brewster(however you spell her name), and the rest of the ranks are up to you
[U]Skills:[/U] Don't have a page full
[U]Description:[/U] What your character looks like
[U]Protector:[/U] Pick one of the 5 Terminators that is NOT an assassin, a Terminator can be picked more than twice
[U]Gender:[/U] You heard me

You may play John Connor, and you may play a character that has lived through the first attack of missles, but you may not be a dead character. I can't believe I'm posting this... anywhy, here's my sign-up:


[U]Code-Name:[/U] Rex

[U]Model:[/U] XxX3000

[U]Side:[/U] XxX3000 portector

[U]Model Number:[/U] 1

[U]Personality:[/U] Plain, almost. He can speak and act in a full modern way, but he ignores people and gets on what he wants to. No one will stand in his way, no matter what he says. He only listens to the person he was sent to protect, and most of the time, he doesn't listen to people on his side. He acts like his emotions are just a system built in by humans and that he was just a machine, and he could never feel like humans. He could feel, but not like them. Like all machines, there's no death for him, but the only thing he truly, truly cares about is stopping chaos between machine and man.

[U]Normal Description:[/U]
Very crappy, but a short description.

[URL=http://www.imi3d.com/tnm4a1-rifle.jpg]Heavy Machine Rifle[/URL]

[U]Back-story:[/U] The first XxX3000 made of its kind, and supposed to be a test model. As time went by, and time for the future ran out, the last model meant to be made failed, so Rex was sent in it's place. He was given the code-name Rex for his unstoppable strength, and was said to be the strongest of the XxX's made. No one knows if it's true, and Rex has a very complex personality.[/B]

Once I have too many humans, I'll close the Human sign up then people can sign up as assassins.
Good grammer please.
If you've never seen one of the films, then, I suggest you do before you join.
Some of the things people say here may be wrong, no one can jump on them saying the did this and that wrong.
Have fun my gory little Terminator fans![/SIZE]
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