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RPG Resident Evil RP (Play)


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Ok, this is for all the people that posted in the Resident Evil RP thread... This is all the People that went:

[u]Username...................................Charecter Name[/u]

SS Trunks...................................Craig
Single H...................................Murdoc
safer cloud...................................Gene Amada
Krillin6913...................................Chris Redfield

I think that's it....
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It's midnight. Footsteps can be heard in the alley next to the gas station. Emerging from the dark alley is Murdoc, wearing a trench coat, holding in his hand his trusty Five-Seven, bought at the famous weapon shop downtown which is called (C-S). No one knows why it's called that. Murdoc coutiously walk away from the alley. Heart pumpimg faster than a train.

Murdoc: A little more.

He walks straight into a building, climbs the stairs until the top floor and opens the door labelled 99. Looking around for anything suspicious, Murdoc takes out his gas mask that's hidden beneath this trench oat. He puts it on and walk inside, closing the door behind him.

Murdoc: Where's my grenade launcher?

He looks around in the dark, his feet steps into clouds of poisonous gas on the floor. Wandering around his apartment (what else) he finally spots his grenade launcher on the couch. He reach for it and checks it's condition.

Murdoc: No bullets! [SIZE=1]curses....[/SIZE]

He's about to leave the apartment when the door explodes and hit him hard on the forehead. Lucky for him he survived. His left arm is squashed though. At the doorway stood a figure.

Murdoc: Get the hell out of my apartment! :flaming:

Figure: Roar! (I can't think of anything for the zombies voice)

Murdoc: [SIZE=1]curses....[/SIZE]

The figure takes a step closer, the closer he gets, the better Murdoc realized the figure wasn't a man on a women, a fierce, horrible looking zombie.

Murdoc: So this is the end, is it?
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Just as the Zombie is about to reach Murdoc, a teenager with blue jeans, a black vest, and a black trenchcoat bursts in, and blasts the creature with his Custom Shotgun. The creature is hit in the back of the head, and he falls temporarily to the floor. The boy runs over to Murdoc, and lifts the door off his arm.

Murdoc: Thanks........ but who are you?

Boy:*cough*I'm Craig*cough*but there's no time for*cough*that now*cough* lets get out of here.

Murdoc and Craig run out of the room, and the zombie gets back to his feet. Craig loads an explosive shotgun shell into his Custom Shotgun, and shoots it at the Zombie's head. The shell explodes, then it reacts with the gas, and the top 3 floors explode. Craig and Murdoc make it out of the building without any injuries.
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Murdoc: No! They're here! Racoon City is doomed! We must evacuate the civilians.

Craig: Hold your horses! We still got time.

Murdoc: You don't understand kid! the zombies are just the beginning. They'll be back!

Craig: I'll get you to the hospital.

Murdoc: No! Head for downtown.

Craig: Yeah, right. Come on, the hospital's just around the corner.

Murdoc: No! (grabbing hold of Craig's trench coat) It'll be too late.

Craig: Sorry, but... ( knocks Murdoc unconsious)
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As Craig carries murdocs unconsious body a zombie appears around the corner.

Zombie: urrrrehhhhhurrrruhhhhh!!!

Craig points his shotgun at the zombie. The the zombies head explodes, Craigs eyes are astonished.

Craig:What the!? I never pulled the trigger.

Then around the corner a man lurks around the corner holding a magnum.

Craig: Huh? Uhhhh.... Thanx! Where you headed?

Chris Redfield: Hospital.

Craig:huh. small world!

Chris:chris by the way.

Craig:im craig, im trying to get this guy to the hospital too.

Chris truns around the corner again and drags out a body.

Chris: Uhhh, Gene amada, why did you get me into this.

Chris: well we better hurry, zombies have already infested the hospital, but with yur help i might be able to make it in to get the antibiotics.

Craig:(oh no, Murdoc warned me about the hospital, he was right, how could i have been so foolish) right!
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*as they got in to the hospital they can hear gun shots coming from the ER*

Kevin: What have I got myself into.

*a figure blast out of the ER*

Craig: Who are you?

Kevin: No time for introduction. Start shooting!

*they fire rounds after rounds until the monsters stop moving* *Craig put the shotgun to Kevin head*

Craig: Now who are you?

Kevin: My name is Kevin Kevin Le and you guys?
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Craig is about to introduce himself when a Zombie bursts out of the door next to him. Craig flips out his Custom Magnum and blows the zombie's head off. He puts his Custom Magnum away, and lowers his Custom Shotgun.

Craig: My name is Craig. This guy *points to Murdoc* is Murdoc.

Zero: What are you doing here?

Craig: We need to get to the antibiotics ward.

Zero: I know the way.
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Gene-Almost out of bullets...

Kevin-Huh?Who's there!!

Gene-Don't shoot!

Craig-Who are you?

Gene-Name is Gene Amada.

Gene aims his Desert Eagle.50 at Craig and fires at Craig's head.


The bullet flys past Craig and hits a Zombie dead on blowing its head off.

Gene-I need some medicine fast.I've been bit...I won't turn for a couple of days.
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(( Sorry guys I've been away from my computer for a while, but I'm back now))

*As more zombies come crahsing throught different doors a guy in green t-shirt and jeans comes running through and starts blasting the zombies like crazy*


*While Brand shoots most of the zombies more start comming through other doors*


((ok, no more caps guys don't worry))
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Craig pulls out his Custom Magnum, and puts his Custom Shotgun away. He blows zombies away one after another! Suddenly he sees some blood dripping from the ceiling above him.

Craig: What the?

Craig looks up and sees a licker staring at him, his large tongue protruding from his mouth. Craig fires a Magnum bolt into the lickers arm, then another to his chest. The licker drops to the floor, and whips his tongue aroung Craigs leg. Craig blows his tongue off, then shoots the licker in the head, killing it.
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Josh was walkin in the streets.........''somethin is strange.......everythin is too quiet here.....''suddenly he saw a young woman lyin in the ground......
Josh: Are you ok?
The woman: ughhhhu.....
He got closer.......and closer and then the woman grabbed Josh's leg and tried to bite it.
Josh: What the......Huh?
He saw many zombies coming from everywhere.
He kicked the woman's head and runned away shooting the zombies with his ouzi. From the shadows a dark figure appeared......it started to kill most of the zombies and then runned straight to Josh.
The creature: STARS!
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*as the group blast away at the zombies Kevin toss a tube to Gene*

Kevin: Take it!

Gene: What for?

Kevin: If you don't want to turn take it now.

*the last zombies has been killed for now*

Craig: Now let find that antibiotics.

Kevin: First you Gene take the med.
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