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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray]In the 19th century the school of Ghoulsville was first built but it was said to have been built ontop the gravesites of ancient sorceres and warriors that would someday come back to get revenge on those still alive. In old tales, still shared by the children that inhabit this school, it is said that these ghosts were able to get there revenge just after the school was built. An evil sorcerer was disguised as one of the students and began to summon these spirits in many different forms. His plan was to trick these spirits into letting him have control and eventually creating a supernatural army that would help him to concure the realm of the living and the realm of the dead. If he had succeded then the world would have been thrown into utter chaos. The powers of light and dark would have lost its balance and the energies binding everything together would have been torn apart and the life would cease to exist. That's what would of happen if a group of students hadn't been aware of this and hadn't had books of exorcisims and magic. Each of these children learned three special spells the day of thier summoning. Together they were able to deport these spirits back to the underworld and track down the evil sorcerer and destroy him. It is said until today the books that these students had are still in the school. Only a small group of individuals who have not met each other yet beleave these stories. This will soon pay off.[/COLOR]

Up to eight people can join and that doesn't include myseld. I will soon post my character and after I get enough players the hauntings will begin. This is what I need from you.


[B]Age:[/B] (within highschool age limits 14-19)


[B]Spells:[/B] (only three spells)

[B]Spell Effects:[/B] (what they do)



Remeber that none of these characters have met each other yet.
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Name: Joanne W. Nickanme Joey. (Don't ask)

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Spells: Kasumi, Kaze, Nami.

Spell Effects: Kasumi: Creates a think haze, that if she is strong enough turns into a force field, trapping all caught in it.
Kaze: Creates a strong wind.
Nami: Water blasts from where the spellis cast, usually drowing the opponent.

Description: (URL: [url]http://www.angelroms.com/anime/Anime%20Girls/School%20Girl/SchoolGirls-00043.jpg[/url])

Bio: She is a tomboy, always getting into fights, strong will, loves video games and is constantly suspended for almost murdering fellow student (usaully because they harmed her video games), she also sheould not be in school if it wen't that her mother wasn't the principal, she's killed 2 students for reasons unknown, even to her. Everything else that I would be to put would be very irrelevent.
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Name: Damion Hart / Nickname: Hunter

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Spells: Full Calibur, Messa, and Calminer

Spell Effects:
Full Calibur- Creates a mental shell that is projected at an enemy at a high speed. Explodes on inpact.
Messa- Creates an unbreakable net.
Calminer- Causes object to slow.

Description: School uniform. Black hair with a velvet tint and dark green eyes. A blue diamond earing in his left ear. His face is long and thin but very handsom. He is lean but strong.

Bio: Generally a womanizer that swoons them with words though he has never taken any of them seriously he does enjoy the attention and how they flirt with him.The only thing he enjoys more is investigating strange occurences. Recently there has been two murders of his classmates and he wants to find the killer. He believes that the cause could be supernatural.
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Name: Trea Skye Daniels; Nickname: Kris

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Spells: Triple Trill, Ohkami, Azure

Spell Effects: Triple Trill: Creates a high-pitched sound that often renders anyone in a mile radius deaf for an hour.
Ohkami: Makes a blizzard of flower petals with razor sharp edges that explode upon impact.
Azure: Makes the chosen person see only a sheet of blue, even in their periferal line of site. Lasts until called off.

Description: [url=http://www.animeshrine.com/gallery.php?series=seraphimcall&image=20] Imagine her without the apron.[/url]

Bio: She is a bog bookworm. Often picked on, she loves fantasy novels, murder novels, and romance novels. She isn?t big on science fiction, but still enjoys them. A big boy-magnet because of her looks, she often ends up in a bad situation.
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Crap, this one sounds fun... I need to check recruitment more often -__-

Name: Rodney Aaron (Nick-name: Crazy...)

Age: 14

Gender: male

Spells: Senzo, Grid, Fearos

Effects: Senzo: Emits a stream of mental beams, that twist around who-ever it's directed at. Grid: Basicaly, a spell shield, deflects other spells. Fearos: A flame spell, it emits anywhere from candle-inensity, to an veritable inferno.

Description: (try and find a pic later) Sky blue eyes, and dark brown hair, at nearly nose length. About 5'10'' and not incredibly formidable looking. Though he despises it, he wears the school uniform.

Bio: Enjoys being the school nut-case, and never let's down an audience. Though he's found that being insane is best kept [I]away[/I] from teachers. When not making somebody choke with laughter, or flirting, he's probably, well, in trouble. But depsite that, he enjoys catching up on sci-fi, with the limited supply he finds within the school. He tries to make everyone happy, but has made several not-so-friendly aquaintences in his attempts. Somewhere in there, he's actualy very philosophical, but he prefers not to let it show.
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Name: Clesia Davis
Age: 14
Gender: female
Spells: Whirlwind Spell,Gardean Wind,Song of the Wind
Spell Effects: Whirlwind Spell~Creates a whirlwind;size depends on users will.Gardean Wind~A sheild of wind force.Song of the Wind~By playing a different meldoy on an oracarina she can summen strong gust of wind or light breezes.
Description: [URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=17078&stc=1&thumb=1]here[/URL]
Bio: Clesia grew up never knowing or having ant relationships with the outside world.Her parents constinally moved not wanting Clesai to get to attached to a place.They homeschooled her intill now,changing her teachers often.Clesia grew a pasion for drawing and became very talkented at it.Though her parents triend to keep her ditrated from drawing by making her do other things.Clesia still found time to draw though.Her parents sent her to public school in hoping that school would keep her from drawing.

OOC: This sounds cool.Can't wait for it to start!

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[B]Name: [/B]
Paul Clemens



Circla Magica, Enticing Rings, Orbos

[B]Spell Effects:[/B]
[U]Circla Magica[/U] - Creates a magic circle that protects from evil magic and spirite attacks. Over time the circle gets weaker.
[U]Enticing Rings[/U] - Sends out magical rings that can be any size and trap a target in them. He can control how tight they are depending on emotions or concentration
[U]Orbos[/U] - Creates about six chillign orbs that will fly all in different patterns at target. Will hurt and chill target.

Paul has short brown hair and blue eyes. He is 6'1" . He is usaully found wearing a pair of black jeans and a blue t-shirt. His hair is messy most of the time becuase he is usually to lazy to fix it. Brings a Black backpack to school with his stuff in it.

Paul surprisingly likes to play tennis. He is on the schools tennis team. He is not a violent kind of person and has a nice personality. He lives with his mom and dad and is an only child. After his recent 16 birthday and getting his licence his parents were nice enough to buy him a car(Jeep Liberty) to drive to school and other places as well.
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[color=darkslateblue][b]Name:[/b] Maria Blue

[b]Age:[/b] 19

[b]Gender:[/b] Female

[b]Spells:[/b] Mystic, Darkness, Flame

[b]What the Spells do:[/b]
[i]Mystic:[/i] A fog that surrounds the enemy, making it drain magic power. The fog will disappear in a short time.
[i]Darkness:[/i] Shields Maria from all attacks, making the attacks fly back to the opponent.
[i]Flame:[/i] A flame Maria sends out of her hands by saying enchanted words.

[b]Description:[/b] See link

[b]Bio:[/b] A quiet, mysterious 19-year-old, Maria is preferred to be a loner, and is a good fighter, although her appearance doesn't seem she is. She has her own apartment, and spends most of her time on the internet. Her only companion is the internet, and if she's not in school, she's on her computer.[/color]
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It is okay for these people to start out as outsiders, but remember that these people will become good friends after the spirits begin to awaken and they will have to work together. Make sure that your character will be able to interact with the other characters and not just ignore them.

I will begin this most likly this Saterday. Be prepared fo a wild ride.

Also we can have a couple other people join in that time. Get in fast.
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