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Something new, whatever could it be?

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It could be this! *cue dramatic music*

Anyway, I had a strong urge to do a Transformers banner and ofcourse it would have either my favourite transformer, Galvatron, or the Dinobots, and Galvatron was just easier to work with so I did it. So yeah, I think it's really good actually, rather pleased with this one. So yeah, tell me what you think.

Sorry to all the Teen Girl Squad lovers, the last one didn't last long.
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[COLOR=Gray][SIZE=2][FONT=Courier New]Aw, but I loved the Teen Girl Squad one! It was just so perfect in every way.^^

Though I have never been a huge transformers fan, I love the pattern in the background. The layout is quite nice, too.


My English teacher would be dissapointed in me.

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[size=1]Ahhh, TN, very nice. I love how the purple fits perfectly with the actual image. Overall, its a great banner... but everyone knows that I am quite picky...

Theres two things that kinda *twitches* irk me. The first is the Transformers symbol on the side, it just seems out of place to me. I think that it would look better if it was more I guess maybe faded into the background, but its no to bad looking. Now the second this is the glowing around the edge of Galvatron. I think it would look better without it, but it does give it a nice touch, so it can go either way. And I guess it looks pretty good with it so....

I guess theres only one thing after all, but overall, great looking banner. And I love the layout in the back.[/size]
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