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Sword of Mana


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As I am a huge fan of squaresoft/enix, i try to get everything they produce. After they left Nintendo I somehow managed to bring myself to pickup a Playstation. Although I now rejoice at my decision I am not going to follow them around for every console they produce a game on. Not enough dough for it. However I have been pondering whether or not to get an GB SPbut the deciding factor wil be what you guys thought of the game. Please let me know f it was good or not, because I dont feel like blowing $150 if its not worth it.

Thanks ;)
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Sword of Mana? To put it simply, no it's not really worth it. The game was originally released in the US as "Final Fantasy Adventure", and despite it's dated graphics, I think it's the better of the two. Sword of Mana is just a remake of that with some new features.

The design is pretty nice. Unfortunately it's brought down by a lot of weird graphical glitches. The menu system is a lot like Secret of Mana, the main issue is you have far less buttons to use it with. Control becomes a pain because you're forced to go through three seperate menus just to use an item. Same issue with choosing weapons, which you'll be doing constantly as some monsters are immune to certain types of attacks.

The fighting system on a whole is unbalanced because of this. You'll need to use spears against some monsters, arrows against others, magic against still others. Not bad in and of itself, but when you're doing well against some monsters and then go into the next room and it takes five minutes to kill ONE standard enemy, it's rather ridiculous.

The game also has a computer controlled character that follows you around. The problem with that is they they are incredibly moronic. I've had them stand idly by while I'm trying to kill monsters. They get stuck in walls. They randomly stop. Luckily going into a new room makes them automatically catch up, but it's still a pain.

I really didn't like the translation at all either. It felt like it was written for younger kids, basically. That and it constantly sticks in words like "ya" instead of "you" for everyone in the game. This is cool with certain characters, but I don't expect some refined woman to be talking like that.

So, in other words, I didn't like it much. I had been looking forward to it, but I think it's a waste of money at its full price.
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A SNES emultator would not run a GBA game heh. In any case, OtakuBoards tries to avoid emulation and ROMs in general, so as long as you keep away from giving links and such, we're good. Obviously just plain old discussion isn't a problem lol

Sword of Mana is a remake of Seiken Densetsu, a Game Boy game. It was originally released as Final Fantasy Adventure in the US to help its sales numbers. Seiken Densetsu 2 was on SNES and renamed Secret of Mana elsewhere. Seiken Densetsu 3 never officially made it out of Japan. Legend of Mana is of course on the Playstation.

I'm not really sure what point you're trying to make other than that people should download games instead of buying them...

cmac24, there's honestly some great GBA games out there, so a SP is still worth it in the long run. Just not if you're only interested in Sword of Mana heh. I play my SP more than anything else I own.
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[quote name='Gelgoog Pilot']Heh....I played a bit of the game.....game play is about the only thing that didn't bore me to death....the story line and characters were...a bit lacking to say the least. :sleep: I had high hopes for this one.......[/quote]

[SIZE=1][COLOR=Purple]I agree with ALL of you. Especially when Sem mentioned the graphics, lol!!

The A.I. sucks major donkey balls; everytime I have an ally, he just aimlessly wander back and forth and GOD it's just so--NAAARGH!

But I have to admit, I still like Sword of Mana. When you ask for advice on buying a game, you should check out both sides of the story. I overlooked the minor glitches (whenever you run across the screen horizontally, the top half of the screen graphics wiggles incessently).

But still, the game is neat in its own way. The music is good, too. But, still, Secret of Mana remains my favorite. However, if you want a GBA game, you should borrow it somehow, or go to a gaming store that should let you try before you buy, knowing that all the rental stores I've been to so far don't rent out GBA games (for good reasons, I'm sure).

If there's no go in any of these options, then just buy it like I did. I'm an RPG fan. I bought Sword of Mana 'cause I knew what I was buying. And, I like it. Simple as that. If you don't like it, then I guess you can just go trade it for another! ^_^

Whatever the case, every game has its ups and downs. And the translation for Sword of Mana? I DID hate the "ya" deal, but other than that, I have no complaints on the dialogue. Forging equipment and the AI are the only gripes I have for this game.

On the other hand, I like the graphics, the sound, and the replayability. It still has its shine, like other RPGs, although not as radiant as its sequel. And I can't say about FF Adventure. Haven't bought it yet. Will soon. :p

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Guest Lone wolf
what do u do after your in dime tower and the tower goes up? I have the robot with me but already read most of some things like a gravestone.

[color=indigo]Merged this with the exisiting Sword of Mana thread. Please look for threads already dealing with the same game before you create a new thread. - Desbreko[/color]
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[QUOTE=Lone wolf]what do u do after your in dime tower and the tower goes up? I have the robot with me but already read most of some things like a gravestone.

[color=indigo]Merged this with the exisiting Sword of Mana thread. Please look for threads already dealing with the same game before you create a new thread. - Desbreko[/color][/QUOTE]
[SIZE=1][COLOR=purple]You know those structures that look like bumps with dark etches on them? They protrude from the floor.

Whack them with a certain weapon, and they should light up. There's usually up to four or five in a room. Whack 'em all in a room, and an entrance should appear. You just need to be observant. ^_^[/color][/size]
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