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Yu-Gi-Oh: New Generation!


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[color=red][b][i]Ok, this is like only my third RPG I'm doing because my sister was doing all those other ones under my screen name. This is my first Yu-Gi-Oh RPG and I'm going to use three of my sis's made up characters as the "parents" in this story. Now, don't sue for any couples you don't like. This is all made up and will never happen. Exspecially the ones with my sis's characters.

[u]The Story:[/u]
It's been about twenty years after Marik was defeated. Seto moved to America right after Mairk is defeated. There he meets Amanda. Everyone else stays in Domino City. They all have families and are living peacefully. One day, Joey gets a phone call from Amanda. (Amanda is one of my sis's characters and she's Joey's twin sister. Don't ask me why she was in America) Amanda tells him that this strange kid has invited her family and all her friends families to a Duel Monsters Competition in America. Joey agrees to come and tell everyone else about it. When everyone arrives, they find out that the strange kid is Pegasus' step-child. They don't want to deal with the adults, so with their Millennium Item, they trap the adults souls in diffrent sections of their dark island. Now it's up to the kids to save their parents.

I'm not going to have everyone and remember this is all my scary imagination.

Seto & Amanda - Three Kids (these are mine)
Joey & Amber - Three Kids (reserved for my sister)
Tristen & Michelle - Three Kids (two are reserved for a friend. one is still takeable)
Yugi & Serenity - Three Kids
Duke & Tea - Three Kids

I also need people to play evil/bad duelist. Can be the kids of a advasary that any of the above went up against or completely made up. I also need someone to play Pegasus' step-son. Sorry for not leaving many spots open. It's just I'm doind this with my sister and my friend over here.

[u]Sign Up:[/u]

Age: (between 12-16)
Parent(s): (remember that you can also be the kid of someone like Weevile or Rex. I may even allow someone like Mai or Mako a kid to help the others out. Just PM on that.)
Favorite Card: (I ask this because we are using Deck Masters)
Millennium Item: (optional other then for Pegasus' step-child)

You're allowed three characters!

[u]Here's Mine:[/u]

Name: Seto Kaiba Jr.
Age: 16
Parent(s): Seto & Amanda
Favorite Card: The Blue-Eyes White Dragon
Bio: Seto is the oldest out of him and his two sisters. He has the odd tendacy to act like his father. He's really bossy and just a tad bit of a slave driver. He is really overprotective of his little sisters though. He's a very strong duelist and he has grudge his cousin, Joey.
Apperance: Seto looks like his father, but he has blonde in his hair and it's kind of rough looking. He has really light blue eyes too. He's usually wears a medium length black jacket, a black button up shirt, black pants, and black shoes. He also has black glasses.
Millennium Item: Millennium Rod[/color]

[color=plum]Name: Selena Kaiba
Age: 14
Parent(s): Seto & Amanda
Favorite Card: The Dark Magician Girl
Bio: Selena is part of twins and one of Seto's little sister. Selena is more like her mother. She likes to start fight and she usually ends them too. She's always in trouble. She's also very good at dueling. She up front about dueling too. Not to mention, a sore loser.
Apperance: Selena has waist length blonde hair and dark blue eyes. She wears a pink belly shirt with a black dragon on it, blue jean shorts, and white sneakers.
Millennium Item: Millennium Necklace[/color]

[color=magenta]Name: Setrina (se-tre-na) Kaiba
Age: 14
Parent(s): Seto & Amanda
Favorite Card: The Blue Eyes Toon Dragon
Bio: Setrina is Selena's twin sister and the total oppisite. She would rather spend her time on a computer then in a fight. She has her attentions on running the Kaiba Land in America. She's a hard worker and just as hard duelist. She's tough to beat and she doesn't give up easily.
Apperance: Setrina has waist length reddish/brown hair and light blue eyes. She usually wears a black belly shirt with a pink dragon on it, dark blue jean shorts, and black sneakers.
Millennium Item: Millennium Armband[/color]

[color=red]I hope you all enjoy this! ^_^[/i][/b][/color]
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[color=teal][B][I]Here we go! I like the idea of this by the way.

Name: Joey Wheeler Jr.
Age: 16
Parent(s): Joey & Amber
Favorite Card: The Flame Swordsman
Bio: Joey and his twin sister Aurora are the oldest out of three. They have a little brother. Joey is the street punk like his father. He has a short fuse and a very bad temper. His middle name should be trouble. He will protrctive his siblings with his life. He's a good duelist and he loves to win. He puts his father to shame. He has a grudge aginst his cousin, Seto.
Apperance: Joey looks like his father, but his hair is a lighter blonde and his eyes are purple. He wears a red and white shirt that looks like his father's in Battle City, tan cargo pants, and white sneakers.
Millennium Item: Millennium Wristband[/color]

[color=indigo]Name: Aurora Wheeler
Age: 16
Parent(s): Joey & Amber
Favorite Card: The All-Seeing White Tiger
Bio: Aurora is Joey's twin sister and she's just like him. She makes double trouble even though she trys to hide it with a sweet attitude. She's a daddy's girl and her daddy almost always believes her. She loves to duel, but it's nothing big to her. She doesn't care if she wins or loses. She's more protective over her little brother then her twin brother.
Apperance: Aurora has shoulder length blonde hair with slightly darker blonde chin length bangs and blue eyes. She usually wears a dark pink belly shirt, a black vest with the letters KC in pink on the back and right front, black leather flares, and black boots.
Millennium Item: Millennium Earrings[/color]

[color=blue]Name: Noah Wheeler
Age: 14
Parent(s): Joey & Amber
Favorite Card: The Red-Eyes Black Dragon
Bio: Noah was named after his deceased uncle on his mother's side. He really wants to run the Kaiba Corp. in Domino City since his mother is running it now. He loves his computer and trys his best to learn all he can. He uses dueling as a passtime and could careless if he loses. He doesn't like to fight, so his older siblings protect him.
Apperance: Noah has shoulder length turqoise hair with teal bangs and purplish-blue eyes. He usually wears a black t-shirt with a teal dragon on the back, black jeans, black sneakers, and black leather fingerless gloves.
Millennium Item: Millennium Chain[/i][/b][/color]
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[color=navy][B][I]Thanks for saving those two spots for me! ^_^

Name: Tristen Taylor Jr.
Age: 16
Parent(s): Tristen & Michelle
Favorite Card: Firewing Pegasus
Bio: Tristen is the quietest out of his siblings. He loves to day drem and write stories. He wants to be a great author one day. He's always found it strange how he's related to two of his dad's friends though his mom. He's a great duelist, unlike either of his parents. His creative imaganation helps him come up with great stratagies. He'll do almost anything for his siblings.
Apperance: Tristen looks like his dad, but he has red hair where whis dad's lighter brown would be and light green eyes. He usually wears a dark blue jacket, a off white t-shirt, blue jeans, and blue sneakers.
Millennium Item: Millennium Pendent[/color]

[color=green]Name: Malinda Taylor
Age: 15
Parent(s): Tristen & Michelle
Favorite Card: Cyber Commander
Bio: Malinda is just the oppisite of her big brother. She's loud and has a temper problem. She loves the thrill of fighting, but will never start a fight. She's also a ruthess duelist. She's more ruthless then her 2nd cousin, Seto. She always wants to win. She doesn't even want to hear the word lose. She doesn't like her 2nd cousin, Aurora, too much.
Apperance: Malinda has waist length light brown hair with drak brown chin length bangs and dark green eyes. She usuall wears a long sleeved black shirt with purple flames coming up the sleeves and bottom of it, black leather flares, black boots, and black finger less gloves.
Millennium Item: Millennium Chocker[/i][/b][/color]
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[B]Name: [/B]
Caleb Moto
[B]Age: [/B]
Yugi & Serenity
[B]Favorite Card: [/B]
[B]Bio: [/B]
Was introduced to playing dual monsters from non other then his father. Of course his uncle joey did teach him a few things as well. Caleb took a liking to the game jsut like his father. Though one day after visiting yugi friend tea he became interested on how themed her deck was. So Caleb tried to imitate her by taking his favorite kind of cards in one deck, winged beasts cards. Caleb is kind of a shy person and isnt very out spoken yet he is a veyr nice boy and cares a lot for his family.
Caleb took on most of his moms appreance. He has light brown hair and blue eyes. he is 5'3". He wears a pair of kahiki shorts and a green t-shirt. He wears a red visor. His hair is short and messy. He wears regular white shoes with the laces tied.
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[color=red][B][I]Cool! I'm going to do what my sis did on her Inuyasha one like this. I'm going to give a list so everyone can keep track of which spots are open. ^_^

[center][u]Seto & Amanda[/u]
Seto Jr.

[u]Joey & Amber[/u]
Joey Jr.

[u]Tristen & Michelle[/u]
Tristen Jr.
(one spot open)

[u]Yugi & Serenity[/u]
(one spot open)

[u]Duke & Tea[/u]
(one spot left)

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[color=hotpink]Yay, a Yu-Gi-Oh RPG! ^_^ How come JoyKaiba aways gets something to deal with Joey. Oh well, here I go!

Name: Lena Pegasus
Age: 16
Parent(s): Pegasus his her step-father
Favorite Card: Toon Mermaid
Bio: Lena was adopted by Pegasus when Pegasus felt the need to love something. Lena was treated like royalty. Everything was good until her step-father grew ill. He planned on holding a compatition before he fell ill, so Lena decided to hold it for him. She didn't want to deal with adults, so she trapped them all in diffrent parts of her dark island. Her dark island is actully surrounded by the mist of the Shadow Realm.
Apperance: Lena has waist length black hair and one blue eye and one green eye. She wears a black female suit with a white dress shirt underneath and black high heeled boots.
Millennium Item: Millennium Headband[/color]

[color=darkorchid]Name: Mika Istar(sp?)
Age: 15
Parent(s): Marik is her dad.
Favorite Card: Revival Jam
Bio: Mika was raised only by her dad after her mom ran away. Marik still had some evil in him, so Mika picked up on it. The evil in her raised even more after she recieved the Millennium Bracelet. Both Marik and Isis didn't like the evil presence inside of Mika. They tried to bring a little good through, but it didn't work. Now Mika seeks revenge on the family of Yugi because he beat her dad.
Apperance: Mika looks a little like Marik, but her hair is longer and she has blue eyes. She usually wears a light pink tanktop, white pants, white sneakers, and a white cloke.
Millnnium Item: Millennium Bracelet[/color]

[color=deepskyblue]Name: Terren Devlin
Age: 16
Parent(s): Duke & Tea
Favorite Card: Strike Ninja
Bio: Terren love his dad's Dungeon Dice Monsters game. He's a master at the game and plans on beating Yugi so he can be clamed King of DDM. He likes to play Duel Monsters too. He's in consist compatition with Joey and Seto. They seemed to be the best at Duel Monsters. He wants to rule over that game too. Terren may seem aggresive, but he's really as nice as his mom.
Apperance: Terren looks like his dad, but he has red hair and teal eyes. He usually wears a white tanktop, a dark blue vest, dark blue pants, and black boots.
Millennium Item: Millennium Beltbuckle[/color]
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[COLOR=DarkRed] Name: Clesia Devlin
Age: 14
Parent(s): Duke & Tea
Favorite Card: Magician of Faith
Bio: Clesia has a passion for Dungon Dice Monsters like her father and likes to create games.She's the a master at the game and also likes to play Deul Monsters.She's a brillant stagist(sp?) and likes compalcate puzzles.She doesn't like her mother and is a major tomboy.She hopes to become better duelist.Though she hates to amiit it she has a sencitve side.She loves poetry and has a good eye for fashion.Her means of transportion are skateboarding.
Apperance: [URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=17078&stc=1&thumb=1]here[/URL]
Millennium Item: Millennium Dice
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Name: Matthew Duffey
Age: 15
Parent(s): Mai and Kieth
Favorite Card: B. Skull Dragon
Bio: Having a normal life, Matt was a pretty good duelist. His favorite cards being the Red Eyes Black Dragon and his B. SKull Dragon, they was there whenever he needed them in a duel. When he hears that some kids need help saving their parents, Matt agrees to help out. He has a major crush on Selena Kaiba.
Apperance: Average height with short brown hair and hazel eyes. Has many scars from getting in fights and rumbles with kids at school. His ear is peired with a BSD with its mouth open.
Millennium Item: Millenium Sword

OOC: srry if i mess up on this. PM me or post so I can change it!
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Name: Maria (Ri or ReeRee [only her father and uncle can call her ReeRee]) Moto
Age: 16
Parent(s): Yugi & Serenity
Favorite Card: Change of Heart
Bio: When Ri was young, she took an interest in the cards that her father played with, and began creating new and better decks in her little notebook. Of course, they weren't that good at first, but when her father and Uncle Joey started working with her, she got better. She prefers working with the cards to create combos and working with duelists to reach their full potential.
Apperance: Ri is approximately 5'6" tall, and she looks like a combination of her mother and father, with blonde-brown hair and purply eyes. She wears jeans and t-shirts, although on the first night of the tournament she'll show up in a dress (which she can't stand, even if her mother is Serenity). She does love jewelry, though, so she has a thin silver bracelet engraved wiith charms that stand for luck, love, and happiness.
Millennium Item: her father's Millennium Puzzle

Please let me know if I should change anything.[/FONT]
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[B][I][color=darkred]OOC: I guess I'll play one more character!

Name: Warren Underwood (oh that's lame)
Age: 16
Parent(s): His father is Weevile(sp?)
Favorite Card: Insect Queen
Bio: Warren is the son of Weevile Underwood. He takes after his father when it comes to bugs. He uses a bug theamed deck and he loves to duel. He has a grudge on the Muto family because Yugi beat his father in Duelist Kingdom and he has a grudge on the Wheeler family because Joey beat his father in Battle City. He takes this compatition as a way for revenge. He'll beat every Wheeler and Muto that stands in his way.
Apperance: Warren has shoulder length aqua green hair and blue eyes. He wears a dark blue shirt, a black vest with a blue bug on the back, black pants, and black boots.
Millennium Item: none[/color][/I][/B]
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Name: Tenkazu Devlin
Age: 15
Parent(s): Duke and Tea
Favorite Card: Wingweaver (1 of 2)
Bio: Tenkazu inherited his father's confidence and cockiness, not to mention talent and brilliance, and his mother's affinity for light monsters. He identifies more with his dad, since he's often embarassed by his mother's 'friendship' stuff. He has always been a pretty good duelist, and is good at Dungeon Dice Monsters as well. Unlike his siblings, he's not very competative, but only because he [i]knows[/i] he's better than everyone else. He doesn't need to challange them.
Apperance: Tenkazu looks like his dad, but with brown hair and blue eyes. He wears dark colored t-shirts, jeans, and a black baseball cap. In fact, that's all he ever wears.
Millennium Item: Millennium Shuriken

This good?
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[size=1][color=#999999][B]Name:[/B] Alexandra Moto- everyone calls her Alex. Her father calls her Allie, no one ever uses her full name.

[B]Age:[/B] 15

[B]Parent(s):[/B] Yugi and Serenity

[B]Favorite Card:[/B] Dark Magician- her father's favorite card

[B]Bio:[/B] Alex is the 2nd child of the Moto family, she is the rebellious one as well. She stays quiet and distant from people. She believes that trusting people will only end up hurting herself. She is very protective of her family. If anyone says otherwise, she'll beat them to a bloody pulp, which has happened before. Alex doesn't start fights, but if she has a reason to start one, then she ends it as well. She was introduced to Duel Monsters and had not interest in playing, but the cards made her feel like no one was watching her, and that the only friends she had were the cards.

[B]Apperance:[/B] Alex is 5'4, with a slender body. She resembles no one in her family. Alex despises wearing skirts, skorts, and dresses- especially dresses. She likes to wear black, white, grey, or dark colored shirts, and black jeans. She has a chinese symbol tattoo on her left shoulder, a double snake symbol around her upper arm near her shoulder, and the egyptian symbol that's found on the Millenium items on the small of her back. She also has a silver bracelet with the engraving of a chinese symbol for rebel, truth, strength, and chaos, as well as other unknown chinese symbols.

[B]Millennium Item:[/B] Millenium Locket[/size][/color]
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[SIZE=2][FONT=Century Gothic][I][COLOR=Green]OCC: Well, I've been meaning to do this for a while, but, I haven't had the time!! Also, here Yu-gi-oh! is still in the Pegasus faze, so, sorry if I make a mistake or something.

Name: Ayumiki, last name is unkown

Age: Unknown, appears to be 15.

Parents: Unkown

Favorite Card: Ryu-Ran (NOT the Toon form)

Bio: She was born somewhere in Egypt, and, has a vast knowladge about the Shadow Realm, and about Duel Monsters, her deck is made up of very powerfull cards, and, she has a secret strategy, that is only known to her, and using that strategy she, wins her duels. She never liked Yugi, even though she has never come face-to-face with him, she believes that the he was never worthy of the title King of Games, or any of the Millennium Items. She was hired by Lena Pegasus to eliminate all of those who tryed to rescue the adults on her island, also, unkown to many, she has the ability to surround her with the mist of The Shadow Realm, whenever necesary.

Appearance:[URL=http://fanart.theotaku.com/view.php?action=get_pic&pic_id=17100]She has black hair, dark skin, and is 5'9, she wears a black , punky shirt, and a short, black skirt, also, she wares boots and fishnets (I think you call them like that , I don't remember XD )[/URL]

Millennium Item: It is believed she has none of the Millennium Items

I hope this is good, I really worked hard on making her up!! :( Also, I'm a very bussy person, so I'll try as much as possible to post things in this RPG.... [/COLOR][/I][/FONT][/SIZE]
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