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HatakeKakashi's Art


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I'll begin posting art from now on here (my first art thread anyways NARF)...It's going to be a bit crazy for me the first few times trying to figure this out .....hope it works.

Ok the first drawing I'm putting up is from Hellsing. It's Alucard, he's a beautiful character (not to mention he's funny) It took me maybe 3 classes to draw this, (I draw in school mostly cuz I hate listening to the teachers blabber) I used #2 Mechanical Pencil and in a few spots graphite.

The 2nd picture here is Orochimaru from Naruto. A baddy who I love as a character, he is so...sly. I guess thats what I can say. I'm not going to give spoils here I'll leave that to those Naruto freaks...(I'm one) in the Anime Lounge. This is all #2 pencil. I [u]DO NOT[/u] color my pencil drawings. [b][u]NEVER[/u][/b] Making that clear. :D

3rd: Gekkou Hayate from Naruto.I went through a Naruto phase and drawing characters for Dan Rugh. (Though I don't know why he'd want me to draw for him when he can do a much better job then me.) I like Gekkou and his little cough. ^^
(I'll be posting a chibi version of him whenever I can find it.)

4th: Naruto from....uhhh what's that anime...ummm OH YEAH NARUTO. I drew this on my own time, like always. I drew it from the manga which I love just as much as the anime. For this one I used #2 pencil aswell and I actually attempted to color this one which didn't come out good AT ALL.

5th: Demon Fox Naruto from Naruto once again lol (It was that Naruto phase) I don't want to give spoils, there drawings are enough. It's just one time he lets loose which is a good scene I think. If you are watching Naruto I hope you're having fun Because it's great. (I usually draw from the anime)

Well Thanks for looking here....on to the next post lol.
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That's nice, really nice. That's great the way it's drawn and colored in without those little annoying white spaces popping up left and right. I like the way the picture looks overall, and it's just great, heh. I'd rate it, but I don't give out ratings.

The second, well, I don't really like it. I'd probably like it better if I had seen the fight, but I haven't so.... yeah. There's just something about how it looks.... dunno.

Oh, and you didn't have to double post, you could have edited your first post and added in another attachment. Just letting you know, heh.

Well, nice drawings, hope to see more.
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Thanks...I didn't think about the double posting D'OH. Yeah I really don't like my Sasuke one either thats why I wanted it up and out of the way. It's icky poopie. Well off I go to attach more. Thanks for the comment. I just got to devise a way to post what the drawing is without confusing myself lol.
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Ah yes, I remember when I forced you to draw Orochimaru and Hayate. They're good! Maybe I'll force you to draw more... mwahaha....

You shall draw Gaara, Shikamaru, Kiba (w/o hood), and Dosu. Come on now! Get to work!

lol I'm just kidding, but you are a good artist, Cory.
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