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So I was in an arguement with my brother a few days ago. We were discussing his artwork. Somehow the discussion moved to a certain piece of art of his that is hanging in my room. It is kind of big, yet gorgeous. It is unfinished which is one thing I like about it. He hates it though. Go figure. ^^ To settle the arguement I will bring it to you. Is it good as is?

There are a few notes I wish to make. The first image(01010001) is teh entire piece. Image 01010002 is the bottom right corner. The spots on the butterfly are watches cut out of a magazine. The wings are also magazine clippings. The butterfly under the word "but ter fly" is made entirely of dots. And teh butterfly below that one has some strange sticker thing that I don't know about. It isn't supposed to be there. *shrug*
Image 01010003 is teh bottom left corner. The pencil part is what is unfinished.
Image 01010004 is the top left. It was done in markers and paint.
Image 01010005 is the top right. It was done with watercolor and inks.

Now tell me what you think.
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I love how he used so many different mediums. I wish he hadn't cut the page into fourths though, it stops all movement from section to section. If he still could, I would like to see the different mediums blend into the same composition. I think I'll do that, but don't tell, lol. I enjoy the bottom right corner for the uniqueness. Your brother has a great imagination, this is pretty good ;)
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