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The Hall Of Elders (Mutant type RPG) Recruit


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The Hall Of Elders is roughly a modern time like RPG, this is [B]NOT X-MEN[/B]. The players would then be mutants or normal. Normal people would prolly end up teaming up together but... let's just let the story roll out itself... In this there is no set of events that I want to occur, just one. That will remain untold until time comes, I will slap it in a post somehow. This one event is way this has got its name. This event will also explain why the battle has come. I will wait for people to get a good idea of their chars and have their chars start to gain control of their new abilities. Oh, and to make this known let's give our chars room to grow in all aspects, so they wouldn't have greatness in the begining...

I am attempting to have a player created city, a player created plot, and a player created adventure. So I only have one event and the rest shall be made by what the players make. In this way I am letting everyone in this have a hand in the plot and letting however many people join up put their heads together and come up with an interesting and unique plot, hopefully better then one that a single person would come up with on their own.

All though people don't quite know about the mutants walking around with them, surely prejudice would uprise if they did. Recent scientific discoveries lead to evidence that there may have been a recent implosion of a star. This star emitted a strange type of radiation, an unknown type. Researchers are looking for what effect these rays may have caused but all remains unknown. Even to the people who had obtained powers through the radiation.

A couple of rules you should follow

1) You can [B]ONLY[/B] have [B]ONE[/B] power

2) You can't control others characters unless you ask them in a message. Ask them what they want their character to do in the situation and then put that in your post if you chose. This way no one is upset because someone made they're nice innocent char a tough guy for one post, or the other way around.

3) You [B]MUST[/B] have a [B]WEAKNESS[/B]!!! Every power has a flaw, you don't have to tells us this in your bio post if you don't want but rather have it come out at times and have players discover it... We are running an honor system so we are trusting that you won't change your weakness in the middle of everything... Also just try to keep things logical, for example if your power is fire then your weakness would most likely be water. Of course you would most likely think more into it, not like the presence of water would be your weakness but perhaps when you touch it. Not the best example but it gives the point.

4) Try to keep things realistic(as possible as it can be with mutants) and don't have your char with a power that wouldn't be able to beat three other mutants beat three mutants... you have to get hurt unless your power is invulnerability.

5) Try not to use the same power as someone else. It will be funner if every one has differnet abilities and limits and strength. So don't expect everyone to be on the same power level... Not every one will be super advanced.

6) People are welcome in the middle just kind of slip in... You will be in a slight disadvantage because you most likely won't be as advanced as the others but whats fun without a little challenge?

Above all... Have fun... And post your forms like this in this thread... Be Creative!

Real Name:
Codename(what partners will call you... Mutant name):
Power(possibly a description if things are confusing):


Here is me

Name: Gage Macalevy
Power: Gravity
Mutant Name: Tonnage
Looks: Brown hair, green eyes, 5 foot 11, Brown leather jacket with a white undershirt, ripped and faded jeans, is obvious about being one of the "top dogs" in town.
Background: Lives with distant cousin Ralph Odolph after parents died in a fire. He now lives off any spare change he can come up with, no matter what that means doing. Gage has basically secluded himself from the big crowd in highschool and thinks of himself as one of the few leaves going against the breeze and fighting the pull downwards to becoming something bad. He is standing on the fence between becoming something bad, however, he can still go either way. He has no school life any more for he is currently keeping up with rent.
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Name: Ralph Odolph
Codename: Animal
Power: Change into one animal at a time.
Looks: Blonde hair, hazel eyes, 5 foot 10
Background: lives with distant cousin Gage Macalevy after running away from home when Mom & Dad found out about powers. In school, he has his conections, but is never in school because he thinks it's a waste of time to sit around and learn things he will never need in the future. Picks fights when ever he can to show off, he is kinda rebelious.
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[size=1][color=darkslateblue]While your rules for the RPG are thorough, the story's background is not. In order for this to stay in the Adventure Arena, it needs to be more than just one big battle. Please flesh the story out more - explain more about the mutants and how they came to be, or the rivalry between the mutants and the normal people.

Both of your bios could use a little work, as well. They don't have to be terribly long - quality over quantity - but one sentence certainly does not cut it. Characters are the driving force in any story, and the more detailed and interesting you make them, the better the story will be.

Please edit your posts and put more effort into your characters and the backstory so that I don't have to close this, and remember to check out Harlequin's sticky at the top of the forum. It explains more of what's expected from new RPGs in detail. If you still have questions after that, feel free to PM myself or one of the other Arena mods.

Thanks, and happy posting!
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Looks cool, I supose I'll give it a shot...

Real Name: Damon Ryatt

Codename: Demonesque... on the fly, just D

Power: Fire molding, creating, and missiles

Looks: A tall and slim, clad in a black jacket... not quite a trenchcoat and more then just a normal jacket. His jeans are riped and worn, as is his black shirt. He is very quiet and appears to have a cold personality from a distance. His hair is dark brown and greasy. Strands drip across his feet covering his scarred face and blue eyes.

Background: He was different. That describes his childhood perfectly! He was shunned by friends, parents hated him, and teachers despised him. So he dropped out of school and left. He never really had a reason to be anywhere... or to be at all. He went where he was needed and killed who he needed.

Like Arcadia said, I don't really know what the story is here... what are we doing? I'll add more to my background if I know what it is I'm doing... not that I'll probly know what I'm doing even if you tell me! Haha!
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I have one event planned. I just want the players too come up with the plot layout and story line, I think it would be funner for evryone if we didn't know what to expect. Perhaps normal people will find out about mutants, perhaps some teams of players will be created, perhaps some war will take place. I am hoping that this story will be full of surprises and twists. But to do this, I want everyone to take a part in making this story come to life and be interesting.
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