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Underworld: Exodus


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On a side note, no, this is NOT based on anime, videogames, OR the movie [color=red]Underworld[/color]. I just made this one up.

Out there, among the chaos of the normal world where time is so precious to normal people, there are but four known immortals on Earth, for whom time doesn't exist. The four are brothers and sisters: Sato and Kia Mitsaki, and Kai and Kyo Totunadi. In an ancient prophecy, it is proclaimed that if therse four individuals should meet, and should they fail to learn to live with each-other, the consequences would be almost unimaginable for all those on the Earth.
Then on one fateful day, Sato and Kyo met each other briefly on the streets of Tokyo. Luckily, neither of them could even begin to guess that the other was an immortal, and the World, unaware of the dire situation, never heard of the event. It was apparent, though, that these two 'families' were relocating themselves perilously close to each-other, though they were not aware of it. Indeed, they became next-door neighbors without even realizing it.
What will become of these two families? Come with me as we shape our fate...

[color=red]What we'll need:[/color]
Sato Mitsaki: --- [color=blue](OPEN)[/color]

Kia Mitsaki: Wave_of_Death [color=red](CLOSED)[/color]

Kai Totunadi: Paines_Revenge [color=red](CLOSED)[/color]

Kyo Totunadi: --- [color=blue](OPEN)[/color]

[color=magenta]*HEY! We could always use more people to pose as residents of the city! Come to think of it, it might even be fun to have a couple people as the city police...*[/color]

Sign Up Form: [size=1](Make it a good sign-up, I don't want any P.O.S. storytellers)[/size]

Character you want to take: [size=1](Include age, You can make up your own...)[/size]

Personality: [size=1](no less than three (3) sentences)[/size]

Bio: [size=1](no less than three (3) paragraphs (paragraph defined as three {3} sentences minimal)[/size]

(Anything Else is Optional)

[color=red]*NOTE: I'll post my character's information as soon as someone replies.*[/color]
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Guest Paines_Revenge
Name: Kai Totunadi

Seprate personality: He is a bully. He also goes to one of the most strict schools in Tokyo. He is also one of the toughest bullies in all of the schools in Tokyo. he doesn't care about reasoning and likes to just hangout.

Seprate Bio:6 feet 9 inch. is his height. He hangs out with his sister. He also likes to make the princepal angry. He also likes to dream that he could weild a sword.

Kai Totunadi is seventeen at konoko Highschool. He spends his time bullying. He gets in trouble with the princepal a lot, but he spends more time with his sister. The only reason for that is whenever he goes to his parents they yell at him for inappropriate behavior at school.
Whenever they say that he just lets it go. He hates all school rules and strict school uniforms. He is 6 feet and 9 inch. so that is why he bullies and doesn't care what the princepal says. If he could he would spend all his time weilding a sword.
In Tokyo he is considered the most fearsome school bully out of all schools. After school he waits till six playing Final Fantasy Tactics on his SP. So anyway he is just a regular everyday bully to everyone at konoko High. He is also hoping to get a car soon enough. So don't try to talk reason with Kai Totunadi he will just blow it off.
He is only seventeen to the people at Konoko High. In real life he is born from a japanese family the Totunadi. They died but didn't care much for such weak people of the ancient arts of holy magic. He liked practicing with dark magic toimprove stealth and other little hiding and concealing techniques. His sis would have came from the same family but let someone else get into details there. Anyway he pretty much weilded a sword and used black arts to sustain his youth. That is why he looks seventeen when he really is about 5000 years old.
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[b]Name:[/b] Kia Mitsaki

[b]Age:[/b] 1296 (but let's just say 17, okay?)

[b]Personality:[/b] Kia is what one would call ?evil?. The stereotypical Goth, she always finds a really good way to start trouble. One thing she?s never been good at is making an apology, and she?s never had a ?pleasant? conversation with anyone for a couple hundred years.

[b]Bio:[/b] Kia, age (approx.) 1296, was born into an immortal family. She shortly thereafter ran away from home after killing her parents with the Kaibori Sword, a fabled weapon able to destroy immortals. Generally detesting any form of gun since they were invented, she instead prefers getting ?messy? with the Kaibori Sword, which she kept ever since she found it. (She usually works as an assassin-for-hire.)
Kia has spent several life-sentences in prison, but she?s never stayed there permanently, because people got tired of waiting for her to die. For the past fifty years or so, she?s kept pretty low-key, and the Kaibori Sword has been collecting dust over the past few years.
Recently, her anger at being immortal has been re-kindled. She has fits, gets even more upset at the world than usual, and breaks things a lot. She also dropped out of school recently, because if she?d gone to school this year, it would?ve been her hundredth time going through high-school. That gets depressing very quickly, and she?s already depressed enough as it is at the moment.
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