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  1. [COLOR="DarkRed"]"Say [B]'I'm sorry'[/B] one-thousand times, and I'll gladly let Satako go."[/COLOR] Can't beat Higurashi. You just can't.
  2. A little piece of Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni for you ^^- "Nobody ever learns the Truth about the village of Hinamizawa."
  3. [SIZE=1][B]What is it?[/B] .hack//TRUTH [B]Why is it nifty?[/B] Like DDG said, the going is so slow you could laugh at it, but we'll get there! Although [I]I[/I] might not still be in college by the time it's done! :catgirl: ...The sad thing is, there's been talk between us of a sequel! Zing! [B]What is it?[/B] The Official OB Time Capsule (though you can't see it anymore XD) [B]Why is it nifty?[/B] It's a great idea for a forum event, and I'm gonna facepalm when it reopens and me and DDG's oaths to finish .hack//TRUTH come back to stare us in the face XD [B]What is it?[/B] Desbreko [B]Why is it [strike]Annoying-as-all-get-out[/strike] nifty?[/B] Caramell. Effin'. Dansen.[/SIZE]
  4. [SIZE="1"]Servants. In the world of magic, hidden from normal human eyes, they are among the highest level of existence ? the most powerful beings, familiars beyond control or summoning. Servants are historic heroes granted immortality through the legends told of them, after all, and no mere magician could ever hope to form a pact with a great hero of men. At least, not until the Holy Grail came into being. Long ago, the three mage families Matō, Einzbern, and Tōsaka schemed together to come up with a system to summon the Holy Grail ? an immensely powerful spiritual body said to be capable of granting a single wish ? any wish ? to its possessor. In their scheming, they formulated a system that allowed Servants to be summoned by the power of the Holy Grail itself, and form pacts with the seven powerful magicians required to summon the Grail itself, therefore becoming known as ?Masters? ? magicians with control over Servants. But what then? Only humans can summon the Grail, but only Servants can touch it. And only one wish could be granted. This brought about the birth of a tradition called the Holy Grail War. Seven magicians, and their seven servants, would compete against one another in a battle for supremacy, and the right to the Holy Grail. As a magical war, it of course had to be carried out hidden from normal humans? eyes. Servants, as the most powerful beings, could not easily be killed, even by other Servants, so the easy solution was for the Masters to direct the Servants to attack the other Masters. Strip away all the magical and spiritual connotations of this tradition, and it was a simple, deadly game of ?last man standing?. Seven Servants, seven Masters. Never more, never less. Even the almighty Holy Grail had its limits, and could not give legendary heroes physical form limitlessly. To help aid the pulling of heroic souls from the spiritual plane, the Seven Servant System was created by the three families. The Holy Grail would only pick heroes from seven predetermined classes to participate. Saber, Knight of the Sword. Lancer, Knight of the Lance. Archer, Knight of the Bow. Mounted Soldier, Rider. Magus, Caster. Silent Killer, Assassin. Mad Warrior, Berserker. With these guidelines to expedite the process of pulling a heroic soul into the physical plane, the rules of the War were laid out to help govern the handling of such an immensely powerful artifact. The father of Kotomine Church was appointed as the overseer of the War, the idea being that it would be wise to have a member of the church, which obviously detested anything having to do with sorcery, to act as the organizer of the competition, to remove any fear that such authority be misused to obtain the Grail for oneself. The time for the Holy Grail War has come once again, and once again, seven magicians are about to be chosen to become the Masters of the most powerful beings, known as servants; a summoning and contract with a heroic spirit beyond human control, to win the Miracle beyond human grasp. [/SIZE] Welcome to the Fuyuki city Holy Grail War, an age-old battle for ultimate power, hidden away from human eyes. Based on the general storyline of the visual novel [u]Fate/Stay Night[/u], this adventure will feature the same basic mechanics and rules of [u]Type Moon[/u]?s ?universe?. Your goal should be very simple: to win the Holy Grail and fulfill your desires. The others will stand in your way, and there will be times when you have to fight, but there are no rules in how to obtain the Holy Grail; you may work your way through the War in whatever way you wish. Sign-ups for this adventure are going to be unusually involved, as you?ll essentially be creating two characters for your use ? the Master (you) and the Servant (controlled by you). Don?t be terribly concerned if you don?t fully understand the mechanics of the [u]Fate/Stay Night [/u]world, as I?ll be providing a general database of basic information in an Underground thread which will be up shortly after a few people begin signing up, and I?ll be happy to answer any further questions as they arise. For obvious reasons, the initial cap for sign-ups is going to be seven players, although circumstances allowing, I may re-open sign-ups later on in the adventure (you probably know what I?m talking about if you?ve done a lot of research on the original [u]Fate/Stay Night[/u]?s plot). Here?s your sign-up sheet. [SIZE="1"] [b]Master [/b]Name: (self explanatory, any nationality allowed)[u] Age: [/u](no restrictions here, either)[u] Gender: [/u](par for the course)[u] Appearance: [/u](images preferred, descriptions will not be discriminated against)[u] Magic Specialty: [/u](what type of magic are you best at? Shielding magic, altering magic, enchanting magic? Good old fashioned ?fricken lasers? magic?)[b] EDIT: [/b][u]Reality Marble: [/u](Only give yourself one of these if you know what it is, and think you can make a reasonable one. If you're really desperate for the extra edge this could give you, I highly encourage that you go out and do some research on Reality Marbles.)[u] Personality: [/u](Keep in mind that what sort of person you are will have an effect on what kind of Servant you can have ? brave and honest people attract brave and honest heroes, and so on.)[u] Bio: [/u](Give a little backstory, maybe a glimpse at what reason you might have for wanting the Holy Grail?)[b] Servant [/b][u]Class: [/u](Pick from one of the seven; this will also serve as the Servant?s primary name)[u] True Name: [/u](Which legendary hero/villain/monster does your Servant represent?)[u] Gender: [/u](Oddly, this does NOT have to be the same as the Servant?s gender in their previous life; their memories of their past life will also be modified accordingly.)[u] Appearance: [/u](What does your servant look like?)[u] Noble Phantasm: [/u](This is a Servant?s ?Proof of Heroism?, or their weapon from their past life. A Servant?s Noble Phantasm is the Ultimate Weapon without equal, but its name must be called out to bring out its full power, the drawback to this being that knowing a Noble Phantasm?s name gives insight to the Servant?s identity, which may betray their weakness.)[b] EDIT: [/b][u]Reality Marble: [/u](Only give yourself one of these if you know what it is, and think you can make a reasonable one. If you're really desperate for the extra edge this could give you, I highly encourage that you go out and do some research on Reality Marbles.) [u] Personality: [/u](This will determine how your Servant acts, and also will determine to what degree you can control them ? remember, Servant?s aren?t Required to obey their Masters? orders, and if you tell your Servant to do something that goes against their own personal beliefs, they can refuse to do so.)[u] History: [/u](What made your Servant into the legendary being that it is? What is their ?Claim to Fame??) [/SIZE] Don?t worry about making your Servants extravagantly powerful ? that?s the idea of a servant being the most powerful type of being, anyways. To put it into perspective, the ?Saber? class Servant from the original game?s ultimate technique involved firing a gigantic kamehame-hadouken-type energy blast from her sword, and that was probably the simplest and most straight-forward Noble Phantasm in the series. Create your Servant thusly. Well, there you have it. Commence sign-ups, and I will post my own after one or two people submit their entries. Technical excellence will be taken into as much account as creativity when I decide who?s ?in?, so do your best and proof-read your entry a few times before submitting it!
  5. [SIZE="1"]Indeed, if that's the kind of person the last American president was, one can't help but wonder if whatever ended up (ends up?) happening was really a bad thing o.O. I already have my next post about half done, since I'm operating independently from the others for this next part, but I'll be waiting to post it. Eagerly awaiting the continuation!:catgirl:[/SIZE]
  6. [SIZE=1]I'm thinking that I might have Ilya discover some more documents as she continues committing theft and the like (haha, dry humor) before she returns to the group (I'll have her leave the lab in my next post after everyone else has their next up). Vicky, if there's anything in particular you'd like her to find, lemme know and I'll be sure that she finds it. I might also throw some sketches and stuff together when I'm not busy juggling the like six other projects I've piled on myself :catgirl:.[/SIZE]
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    RPG Population Zero

    [SIZE="1"]There was a long silence after Chase left, as Ilya glanced around, stealing shy glances at Lon and Chiyoko. Mr. Chase was right, of course; there wasn?t anything they could do to further their situation until they had a better idea of what had caused this?whatever this was, to happen. But what could they do? Where to start? Ilya stared down at the floor, frowning. This was impossible, hopeless. ?But it would have to get done. Ilya straightened her posture, put a stern look on her face, and turned toward Lon and Chiyoko. [b]?Mr. Chase is right,? [/b]she asserted. [b]?There?s nothing more we can hope to accomplish here, it would be better to move on and find out what happened.? [/b][b] ?I already told you,? [/b]Lon said impatiently, clearly irritated with Chase? attitude, [b]??I?ve already looked this place over up and down, since before you three even woke up. There?s nothing to find.? [/b]That man crossed his arms and sneered, almost as if in defiance of the very world around him, [b]?Nothing but rats and wolves and the laws of the wild.?[/b] [b]?We have to try!? [/b]Ilya replied, an edge of desperation in her voice. [b]?We can?t expect to stay here and survive for very long. At the least, we should find a less dangerous area.? [/b]She thought about what she had just said, hesitating. [b]??W-well, I-I don?t mean to say that your shelter is inadequate?? [/b] [b]?Well, it [i]sounds [/i]an awful lot like that?s what you?re saying,? [/b]Lon returned. He shook his head impatiently. Ilya bit her lip to keep it from quivering, a tear welling up in her eye. She rushed past Lon to go back to the laboratory one last time, rubbing her eyes to hide her weakness. [b]??Y-you think she?ll be okay??? [/b]she heard Chiyoko grit out behind her. [b] ?She keeps following that Chase kid around, she?s gonna get herself killed.? [/b][i]I know what I?m doing, I know what I?m doing. [/i]She whispered to herself over and over again as she walked back down the road, if one could still call it that, back to the building where she had awoken. [i]I know what I?m doing. As long as I keep on their good sides, I?ll be safe. [/i]It was a weak reassurance and she knew it; in actuality she was terrified of all of them ? especially Mr. Lon and Mr. Chase. [i]I just have to be careful. Keep an eye out. [/i]Approaching the entryway to the building, stepping carefully around the shattered glass scattered near the windows, Ilya peered cautiously inside. The interior of the building was blanketed in shadow. Darkness. She hadn?t noticed it before, but in contrast to the bright daytime outside, this lobby could almost be described as foreboding. Intimidating. [i]Threatening[/i]. She glanced around as she stepped through the doorway, as if expecting to be attacked from out of the shadows. But there was nothing but the remnants of their morning fire and a few crumbs and seeds left behind from the fruit that Chase had gathered. Ilya sighed; compared to the obvious dangers that you could at least see outside, this was much scarier. With a bit of work, she found the labcoat that she had made into her wardrobe until she could find something more suitable. She threw this on, buttoning it up carefully. If they were going to get very far, they would need supplies ? tools, bags, weapons?anything that could be put to use. After a few minutes of fumbling around in the dark lobby, she discovered that the legs to the tables were made out of stainless steel, and therefore hadn?t corroded from oxidization. She also found a nice two-foot section of legging that was loose. With a few more minutes of pulling and twisting around the hinges, the pipe came free, and she tested its weight, swinging it a few times. It was definitely hefty for a girl of her stature and strength, but it still had some potential. The imprint of the pipe didn?t tell her anything, other than that it had been kicked a few times. With something that she supposed could be considered a weapon in a pinch in hand, Ilya took a deep breath and resumed her search. There was nothing left to be found up here ? The main foyer had already been well worn-in by her and the others when they?d set up camp here. The elevator didn?t work, so that left the underground area to search. She shuddered at the thought; back down into that nightmare of a place, huh. She straightened her back and got a determined look on her face. More importantly, she had to find more useful things, even if she was scared of what was down there. As soon as she stepped down those stairs, back down into the darkness of the lab, it hit her. That familiar dank, cold chill that she had felt as she took her first breaths in no less than a few centuries. The grime of overgrowth replacing cold metal over the course of unknown years, growing sickly and slimy and wet as it progressed down into the darkness where the only light was artificial, if it was there at all. That alien smell of rust and mold. After six minutes of slow, cautious fumbling along the wall, Ilya reached the locker room, which had retained some of its lighting, flickering as it was. She gripped the pipe tightly in her hand, glancing around. Little black beady eyes peered at her from the shadows, as if sizing her up. [i]Rats, [/i]she thought to herself nervously. She couldn?t fend off something like this. She took a cautious step forward, and the eyes scattered, accompanied by a skittering sound that faded away after four seconds. She sighed in relief. [b] ?I guess I?ll give a few more of these lockers a try?? [/b]she said to herself, examining the lockers to see if there were any more that weren?t locked that she had missed earlier. There were still two more, but there was nothing inside them but caked dust and tattered remnants of clothing. Dismayed, she shook her head and continued on. Through that nightmare hallway again that she had come out of in her first moments. The memories came welling back up to her as she felt her way along the unlit passage. The heavy smell of mold, dust hanging densely in the air, that choking feeling of wetness and blindness and closeness and [i]fear [/i]and [i]helplessness [/i]and [i]vulnerability [/i]that came with being in a narrow hallway in pitch-blackness. The memories of freezing cold that even now bit painfully at her inadequately-clothed body. In the flickering light of a ceiling fixture that was somehow still functioning, she saw her breath curl up in the air in front of her, the grime covering the would-be spotless walls. The word ?Cryopres? peered out from behind the green covering the wall. [b]?Cryopreservation?? [/b]she whispered to herself. So they weren?t kidding? Through the broken sealed door, and back into the freezer that she had woken up in. She wrapped her arms around herself, rubbing them against each-other to help warm herself. Narrowing her eyes, she resumed her search. Clearly, storage was not this room?s purpose. All that was in this room was wires and cables scattered across the floor, along with those faintly blue-glowing coffins that she was now sure were the cryopods that preserved humans were kept in. She squinted in the faint, flickering light, looking for anything that might be useful. She walked slowly up to the pod that she had been kept in, hesitant. She reached out her hand to touch the cold metal, but at the last second pulled back ? she wasn?t sure she wanted to see. There was another pod in the room, and she walked over to it, examining the surface. The glass in front of the face was broken, and inside? Ilya gasped, freezing. A human skull stared back at her through empty eye sockets. [b]?W-what is this??!? [/b]she asked aloud, her voice trembling in horror. She wanted to edge away, but instead she slowly looked closer. There were some scratch marks on the edges of the broken glass, and traces of what might have been blood at some point along the edges. Gulping, Ilya braved a peek further into the pod. The body was still partially preserved, the coolant fed intravenously through the veins slowing the decaying process to a near-stop. The face was clawed at, and there were many spots where the muscle and bone underneath were exposed. Ilya had never really seen an animal bite mark up close, but her instincts told her that what she was looking at was this taken to its logical extreme. Peering down, she was able to see all the way to the base of the pod, where the body had been eaten away at the most. She had a moment to ponder this before the cause became painfully obvious, her eyes adjusting to the dull-blue light coming from the inside of the pod. The bottom of the pod was filled with dead rats. And skeletons of dead rats. And torn apart pieces of dead rats. Ilya turned around, clasping her hands over her mouth. She felt something rise up in her throat, and a second later she was doubled up on the floor. [b] ?Th-this isn?t right?? [/b]she managed to cough, wiping her mouth off as she got up. She slowly stumbled back to her own pod, and saw the little scratch marks of small animals all over the glass panel in the front. There was a shallow crack where the scratching had almost worn through. She gulped; only a little further, and she would?ve been? [b] ?O-oh, yeah?I-I need to look for something useful?? [/b]she mumbled to herself, cringing at the bitter taste in her mouth. She stopped and peered curiously at the corpse in the pod. Leaning down, she tucked her hand into her sleeve and wiped away the thick coating of dust and grime that rested heavily on the smooth metal exterior of the pod. The stuff came away easily for the most part ? it appeared to be composed primarily of a metal that didn?t rust or decompose easily. Underneath one section of the grime she found a serial number. [b] ?Specimen no. A1-000-0000-00-000-06,? [/b]she read aloud. She remembered seeing the code up in the locker room. Without thinking, she ran back up out of the frozen room, tracing her steps back up to the locker room ? she had memorized the path, so even though it was dark, she didn?t have to much about in the dark hallway. She quickly found the locker. A1-000-0000-00-000-06. Dennis Wesley. She poked around a bit at the keypad, but quickly realized that it would be nearly impossible to randomly guess at the code. She sighed in irritation, banging the pipe against the keypad, which flickered for a moment. ?And also made a nice little dent in the locker door. She blinked, looking down at the pipe in her hand. Of?of course! The thought would?ve never occurred to her, naturally, but maybe if she applied enough force to the locker doors, she could force them open! [b]?Okay, then, let?s try it?!? [/b]she prepared the first strike, holding the pipe firmly in both hands. She swung, throwing all her strength into it, and the pipe rang loudly against the metal of the door as it broke into the keypad, causing a brief spark as the wiring cut out. The door didn?t break in, but the dent was considerably larger. [i]Alright, let?s try another?! [/i]She wound up again and threw her all into another strike. This time, one of the hinges came loose, and she smiled. With another, less forceful strike, the other hinge buckled, and the door came loose. Inside was a large totebag. She reached into the locker and gently took the bag out from the locker. Memories of the bag?s owner, Mr. Wesley, formed in her mind. She shook her head, embarrassed. It wasn?t her place to peer into other peoples? lives like this. She shouldn?t have even taken it. But right now she needed it more than mr. Wesley did, so she slung it around her shoulder. It was fairly heavy due to the man?s clothes, which had been stored inside it, but she managed. Regret still bothered her, so she quickly ran back down into the cryochamber, and stood in front of the pod with the skeleton inside. [b] ?Forgive me, Mr. Wesley?but I need to borrow this from you.? [/b]She fidgeted for a second before bowing politely, feeling somewhat ridiculous. Then she headed back up to the locker to see what else she could find.[/SIZE]
  8. [SIZE="1"]Yes, happy new year as well from the ADD catgirl! I'm still cranking out my post, it's about 2 pages long now XD. I still haven't done much further interaction between Ilya and anyone else, so you can still feel free to prep up the next post as if Ilya's just left the group for a while. She'll be rejoining with Lon, Chiyoko and Chase. She'll be returning to the group with a makeshift weapon for defending herself and a totebag, both of which she's retrieved from the cryolab. I'll explain it better in my post. Again, happy New Years, everyone! :catgirl:[/SIZE]
  9. [SIZE="1"]Sorry! XD It's becoming dreadfully apparent to me that I've inherited my mother's curse of never being able to keep to her own timelines. At any rate, I've got a page and a half done already, so just bear with me a bit longer :catgirl:. My post mainly consists of Ilya heading off back to the lab on her own to look for some more supplies. By the time she separates from Lon and Chiyoko, Chiyoko's beginning to recover from her attack, so that should open any of you to begin plotting out your next post in advance, if you so choose.[/SIZE]
  10. [SIZE="1"]I'm on it ^^ I'll probably have it up within the next four or five hours, and we can pick things up again from there. :catgirl: Oh, and Vicky, I can't wait for the surprise
  11. [SIZE="1"]I can step in! I was gonna wait for Nessaja, but since she hasn't shown up yet I can get to work on one tonight. ...It's not like I have a brand new Xbox 360 to break in or anything. :luv: (Actually, there's some truth to this, because I don't consider Kung Fu Panda or Lego Indiana Jones as viable options for gaming. :catgirl:)[/SIZE]
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    RPG Population Zero

    [SIZE="1"][SIZE="1"][b]?What?s wrong with her?? [/b]Ilya asked quietly, watching timidly with a concerned face as Chiyoko clutched at her head, hard enough to make her fingers go white. Lon and Chase (in her concern, she had called back for both of them) both looked on with different expressions, Lon, one of irritation and concern, and Chase of annoyance and indifference. [b]?Probably just feeling sick,? [/b]Lon offered as a suggestion, scratching his beard in thought. [b]?Still getting used to everything.? [/b]Chase shrugged, although what exactly this was in reference to was completely beyond Ilya. [b]?Maybe, but?she was like this last night, too?? [/b]Ilya recalled, remembering seeing Chiyoko in a similar state last night before the?incident at the lab. Lon muttered to himself, recalling for himself the close call he had last night. Chase shrugged. [b]?I don?t get what the big deal is. We?ve already established that we?re all different from normal people here. She probably has some kind of abnormal trait.? [/b]He shook his head, closing his eyes running through a couple of offhand possibilities. He glanced down at the girl, clutching her head in pain. Headaches this frequent?and with no other explanation as to the trigger?[b] ?Episodic headaches, maybe? Whatever it is, it?s probably disease-related, considering she was placed into the program like us. Something they couldn?t cure at the time.? [/b]A good explanation, he figured, nodding his head. Gave the poor buggers something to explain things with, and at the same time provided an explanation that implied that there was nothing they could do about it. Ilya glanced down as Chiyoko?s face, contorted in pain. Whether or not Chase was lying, didn?t matter in the slightest. Chiyoko was in pain, and one way or the other, there was nothing any of them could do to help other than wait it out. But still, it didn?t feel right to just ignore it because of that. [b]?Are?are you sure there?s nothing we can do??? [/b]She glanced back at Chiyoko nervously; she would probably be seen as a liability to the others at this rate, and they might be inclined to leave her behind if she became too much of a nuisance. Ilya wanted to reach out and touch her, hoping to find a solution in the Chiyoko?s past, but she didn?t want to invade her privacy without permission, and it was impossible for her to use her ability selectively to target specific memories. [b]?Ilya, some over here for a second,? [/b]Chase commanded, turning away with a slump of his shoulders that clearly signified utter indifference to the situation at hand. Catching a glimpse of his expression, Ilya knew that it would be best for her to follow him; when he?d had her pinned down earlier, she had been able to see it in his eyes that his threat was no joke. Even though she could, it hadn?t took looking into his mind to see that. She looked back hesitantly. [b]?Mr. Grosvenor, could you stay with Miss Chiyoko? Please...?? [/b][b]?Huh, well, when you ask like that?? [/b]Lon coughed into his hand as if trying to cover up what he was saying. [b]?Be quick about it, it?s dangerous to stay out in the open like this for too long.? [/b]Ilya nodded her head in thanks before following Chase out into the road a bit. Standing out in the middle of the road like this felt a bit surreal to her; as she looked around, nature splayed out all around her, replacing the cold grey of the buildings she had seen in the pictures of her textbooks. Greenery grew out from the many cracks in the road, and moss and vines hung over and crept up and around the buildings that lined the road, decrepit skeletons of civilization as they were. There was something somehow?very beautiful about all this. All she had ever known was the world of grey in America, and the world of white cold in her home up in Russia. Warmth and life encircled them, replacing the mechanical precision of the world she had grown up in. [i]At least, until nightfall, [/i]she reminded herself. Even as pretty as all this was, there was no denying that they were now cornered in a world where they were no longer welcome. At night, green gave way to black, and the peaceful serenity of day was replaced by the cold killer instinct of the predators of the night. Chase stood in the center of an intersection, hands resting easily in his pockets ? although Ilya took the liberty of noticing that his one hand was resting lightly on the pistol in his jacket pocket. She stepped up to his side, her down. [b]?W-what is it??? [/b]she asked nervously, her voice shaking. If there was one thing here that terrified her more than the deadly predators that they had encountered thusfar, more than the almost alien surroundings of the environment they had woken up in?if there was one thing that frightened her more than that, it was this very man standing beside her. [b]?Not that I really care or anything, but what do you think of all this?? [/b]He nodded off into the distance, his gaze indicating the vast expanse of abandonment all around them. [b]?What do you think happened here? Can you get any useful answers out of that little head of yours?? [/b]She almost took offence to his remark, but instead focused on the question he had asked. She closed her eyes, thinking. [b]??We don?t know enough yet,? [/b]she answered hopelessly. [b]?There?s nobody here but us, and our only clues as to [i]when [/i]we are is the calendar in that lab, indicating that the lab, possibly even this whole place was abandoned in 2149, and that based on that statue, we can?t be any less than two hundred thirty-five years, seven months, two weeks, six days, twelve hours, twenty-one minutes, and thirty-nine seconds into the future, with all likelihood a lot further than even that. With a timeframe like that, [i]anything [/i]could?ve happened?? [/b]She shrugged her shoulders, shaking her head. [b]?We just don?t know enough yet.? [/b][b]?Huh. Not bad reasoning, for a kid,? [/b]Chase sneered. Ilya almost felt as though he seemed unhappy about it. [b]?Well, [i]I[/i], for one, have got a few theories about this whole mess?? [/b]Ilya shifted uncomfortably, not sure if she was ready to try tackling the question of what had happened here yet.[/SIZE] Finally :catgirl: Sorry for the hold-up, guys. For now, I've decided to get down to the whole 'discussion' business. Hope I didn't screw anything up.[/SIZE]
  13. [SIZE="1"]It's all good, I think it works better this way, anyways. I just have some revision to do, then it'll be up. If it's alright, there'll be some dialogue about what may have happened to everyone between the four in my post, but other than that it's mostly just Ilya putting things together in her head. (And recovering from Chase, haha. :catgirl: )[/SIZE]
  14. [SIZE="1"]Sounds good, Vicky. I'll go ahead and wait until your next post before moving ahead anymore with mine. I'd like to watch things play out a bit more before finishing my segment. :catgirl:[/SIZE]
  15. [SIZE=1]If there's anything we can do to contribute to the website, by all means, let us know! I'm currently trying to work out how I want Ilya and Chiyoko's conversation to pan out, but once I think up a nice, juicy idea, I'll begin typing - unless, of course, Mr. Blonde or Vicky are keen on putting up the next post. I [I]do[/I] have a tendency to get the urge to start typing after reading any post that's not made by me, but I'm trying to hold back a bit, because taking up two out of the past three posts seems a bit unfair on my part. :catgirl: Once I find a scanner, I've got a nifty little picture for you guys. This story inspired me to put pencil to paper again, after about five months of artistic absence. [/SIZE]
  16. [SIZE="1"]Sounds good by me! :catgirl: And since Ilya is a good-natured girl, she'll go along with Chiyoko's assumption, seeing as how A) she's (actually) very good at hiding her emotions, and B) she really [I]is[/I] upset about Echota's death, anyways. It'll be a good chance for some heart-to-heart type stuff.[/SIZE]
  17. [SIZE="1"]Vicky: no problem at all :catgirl: I like it, I find that it gives us even more reason to dislike Chase (cuz, you know, we didn't have enough already, ha!), and it has potential to be a factor behind Ilya's increasing...[I]instability[/I]. Nessaja: Seems like a fine idea! I was getting kind of bothered that I didn't seem to be paying enough attention to Chiyoko in my past post or two, so some interaction between Chiyoko and Ilya is A-Okay by me. Just don't expect Ilya to talk about what just went down. If she seems upset about something, she'll most likely do her best to hide it and pretend everything's fine. Chiyoko';s been acting as the likable but neutral-ish character so far, but I'm hoping she gets her chance to shine soon. :catgirl:[/SIZE]
  18. [SIZE=1]I kind of figured the actual 'how' of humanity's fall hadn't been determined, just throwing some ideas around. When I read the story (especially considering the graphic, gritty nature of all the images and dividers you've made), the whole thing just sort of screams 'I am Legend'. The transition between Man vs. Nature to Man vs. ?????, if there is to be one, doesn't even have to happen until much, much later, depending on how fast the four characters piece together / run into whatever caused the 'vanishing' of humanity. It took me a good six or so seconds of looking at the Spidermunk picture to realize what was so strange about it. My brain must be out to lunch... At any rate, Vicky, I think I'm gonna get to work pulling some extra material together for the site. I needed a good excuse to dust off my tablet, anyways. :catgirl: [B]EDIT:[/B] Chase was delightfully heavy-handed in your post, Vicky. I'm sure Ilya's gonna be having nightmares for years, haha. [/SIZE]
  19. [SIZE="1"]This may sound stupid of me, but Spidermunk = wut? At any rate, I though it might be nifty if we used the site as a sort of secondary material reference, or repository of 'extra stuff' like short stories and whatnot of our characters' pasts, or any other random thing that comes to mind. So far, I could see this adventure taking any number of directions. Man vs. Nature, alien invasion, zombie apocalypse (my personal vote, even though this seems highly unlikely so far). Action, drama, mystery, horror. Anything could be possible so far; everything's been left open and nothing's been explained yet, so the entire situation is completely open to speculation. I'm excited. :catgirl:[/SIZE]
  20. [SIZE="1"]I'll be switching back to limited third person, probably. I decided that my standard posts would be done in the normal third-person narration, reserving my crazy first-person style for moments involving unusually large amounts of internal dialog, emotions and the like (such as our predicament just now). Sulfer vs. Sulpher? You british people always [I]did[/I] love to cheat at scrabble...(points for the comedian reference?) Looking forward to the new scenario; rodents aren't really Ilya's strong suit, for obvious 'icky' reasons, not to mention she's already had a bad experience with one...*is deviously awaiting* :catgirl:[/SIZE]
  21. [SIZE="1"]Alrighy, it's up :catgirl:. Since we seemed to have reached a pretty climactic moment by the end of Mr. Blonde's post, I worked reeeally hard to make mine look good, so it'd better be fuckin' epic. At any rate, yes, that [I]was[/I] horribly out of character of Ilya to do. Sometimes, people act differently under intense pressure or emotion. At any rate, she's pretty much pushed herself [I]way[/I] beyond what she should've. Don't expect her personality to reflect any of what she's just pulled off - when she wakes up, she'll be back to her normal, prim n' proper self. She's gonna feel HORRIBLE about holding Chase up at gunpoint to help out, although I'm sure that won't spare her any verbal abuse from him. :catgirl: Sorry, Vicky, but I used six of your bullets. I don't know how many shots the gun had when you found it, aside from that full magazine, but you can't have any more than twenty-four shots left. Sorry.[/SIZE]
  22. Neko

    RPG Population Zero

    [SIZE="1"]Fire. The warmth rises up into the trees, up to the roof, and carries smoke along with it, inking out the remaining light from above. Only the ground ? glowing now with the orange light of spreading fire ? provides a source of light for me to see. And I see. With chaos unfolding below, and the howls of hunger and pain and fear screaming out from the pack of wild dogs, I see [i]everything[/i]. In that hellish glow of flames, I see as Mr. Grosvenor?s companion bravely stands by his side to the very end, lashing out angrily at the pack of ravenous wolf-dogs surrounding them. I see the flames grow closer ? the circle of wild animals grow tighter. I even see, in those last moments, the one dog leap, just out of Echota?s reach, to pounce on the loyal wolf. I [i]see [/i]it. Every instinct, every desire in my mind screams at me to turn away, but I am somehow compelled. I watch. Watch as even as he is clawed at, torn at, bitten at, he lashes out, still fighting even now, digging deep furrows into the face of the one that pounced on him. I see redness begin to outline the movements, almost too swift to see. It seems to last an eternity, but in reality what I am seeing surely must be happening in the blink of an eye. I?m [i]enthralled [/i]in the moment, overcome by fear and horror and regret. My eyes remain fixated even as that sudden, vital burst of red blossoms out, and, for the first time in my life, I truly see death. I blink, and notice the wetness across my eyes, the beginning of a tear forming in the corner. This shouldn?t be happening. A mere eleven minutes and thirty-two seconds ago, we were all safe, thanks to that very man down there and his brave companion. Now he is mere moments away from possibly being torn apart, if not burned alive. I never should have followed Mr. Chase out here ? no, that?s not right. None of us should be out here in the first place. Mr. Grosvenor is going to die. This is a simple, inescapable fact. Between fire and fang, there is no hope for him; he came to save us, but there is nobody to save him. I looked down at myself ? physically weak, inept at fighting, and practically naked. What use am I? And yet, I?m the closest one, and Mr. Chase probably won?t do it anyways. [b] ?We have to save him!? [/b]I shout over the din of the fire below and the wild dogs beyond. I can feel my heart racing, my vision blurring. [b] ?I ain?t going down [i]there[/i]!? [/b]Chase yells back, pointing at the flames licking at the base of the statue. He shakes his head. [b]?Crazy girl, this is no time to go playing stupid!? [/b]I shake my head, horrified at Chase? attitude at a time like this. I look pleadingly at Chiyoko, but she?s having problems of her own; the rising ash has burnt out most of the leaves on her branch, and the wood will catch fire once it finishes drying out. It?s up to me. Nightmare. I see something metallic gleaming orange in Chase? pocket, something that wasn?t there when he left Mr. Grosvenor?s shelter. I recognize the handle of a pistol; I?ve read about pistols, naturally, and my father was something of a collector so I know the design. Mr. Chase probably found it while he was rummaging around. I glance back down to Mr. Grosvenor, measure the distance between us and him, between the dogs and him. If I can get a hold of that gun? Mr. Chase isn?t paying attention to me; his gaze fixed below on the developing chaos. I have to be quick. Without making any sound, I hop back onto the branch and quickly cross back to the statue. I can feel the heat radiating upwards, washing over my body, but just now, in this moment, I don?t have time to be scared. Without thinking, without any wasted or unnecessary movements, I reach over to Mr. Chase? pocket, grab the handle of the weapon, turn around, and bolt back down the branch, onto the building. It is all one fluid motion, and in total, takes three point two seconds. By the time Chase turns around and shouts [b]?What the fuck do you think you?re doing?!?[/b], I?m already over the gap between the branch and the building. [b] ?Get back here!? [/b]Chase shouts. I don?t have time to listen. Below is covered in fire, and simply jumping down to the ground would probably be the death of me. I race along the edge of the building, and a solution presents itself in the form of a fire escape. I veer my course, running madly down the stairs, running hard into the outer edge once or twice, but never losing a step ? I don?t have time. My heart is racing wildly to match the frantic beat of my steps against the rusty metal, which creaks in complaint and threatens to shatter under even my light weight at any second. Ground. The sidewalk is cracked and overgrown with grass, which helps lessen the pain on my feet as I go back around the building, back to that orange-hued hell. And, as I round that corner, the heat from the flames rushing out to welcome me back, for just a brief moment, somewhere in the back of my mind I become dimly aware of exactly how stupid and crazy what I?m trying to do is. Heart racing, adrenaline coursing through me, I pick up my pace before stopping ? the dogs are still advancing slowly toward Mr. Grosvenor, still unable to move. Only one or two more seconds, at most. Time?s up. I raise my arm, taking aim. And I feel the world suddenly slow down, as if my body is focusing all its energy into this one last moment. I become aware of a lot of things in that last moment. The feel of the cool steel under my hand, the history of the pistol resonating in my mind. I see things like targets, like the kind you would expect to find at a shooting range. Clay discs. The former owner of this gun must?ve been a professional or a policeman. I recall the days that papa would take me out back and let me fire off a round or two of his favorite Makalov. I feel my heartbeat reach a manic threshold, and the blood in my temples thrums, my vision going red with dizziness before everything becomes crystal clear. Three rounds. Without thinking, breathing, or even consciously aiming, I fire three rounds. The closest three dogs go down. Through sheer luck, or maybe somehow through the countless hours of practice on the part of this pistol?s previous owner, all three bullets found their target. I take another step closer. [b]?Get away from him!? [/b]I shout, accentuating my demand with another shot. Another dog goes down, a hole where it?s left eye had been. The rest of the pack turns to face me as I continue to slowly close distance. Cold, numb, and with a perfectly calm mind, I take two more shots, every motion automatic. A knee shatters, a lung collapses. Two more go down. The pack turns its attention away from Mr. Grosvenor. To me. Facing the gleaming eyes of thirteen natural-born killers, the cold-blooded instinct inside me fades, and I become aware of something that should have been obvious to me in the first place. This is hopeless. They say animals can smell fear. I tremble, the gun in my hand wavering. There is a dangerous moment as twenty-six eyes stare at me, and I look back. I don?t know why I feign fearlessness, staring back at them like that, re-steadying my aim. Animals are below the threshold of intimidation. Slowly, the first dog turns and backs away, growling with its tail between its legs. One by one, the rest follow their ?leader?. I breathe for the first time in forty-one seconds. [b] ?Are?a-are you okay, Mr. Grosvenor?? [/b]I ask as I reach him. He?s clutching at his chest, out of breath. [b] ?Echota?? [/b]he replies. I look behind me; the advancing flames are consuming the fallen as they go, and I am able to make out the remains of Echota, more torn apart than the others, before his body is overcome by the fire. [b] ??I-I?m sorry?? [/b]is all I manage to say. [b]?Can you stand?? [/b]The man nods and slowly rises to his feet, but the lines on his face are creased in concentration and pain. I do my best to help him up, but he?s much too heavy for me, and I can?t help him more than a few feet further away from the flames. I turn and look up to Chase and Miss Chiyoko, both watching me intently with mixed expressions of rage, horror, and perhaps maybe even relief. Well, the latter only from Chiyoko, but even so, it?s there. [b]?Please come help get him to safety!? [/b]I call. My voice is rough and raspy, and with that knowledge comes the rest of what I?d been ignoring as I rushed to help Mr. Grosvenor. Every fiber of my body is screaming for rest, my heart hasn?t slowed its frantic pace. I?m shaking, and I can?t catch my breath. My legs are numb ? I could fall over where I stand now. [b] ?Like Hell!? [/b]is the reply I get. Chase, naturally. [b]?It?s still way too dangerous to get down from here, and-? [/b][b] ?Fire escape. Over there. Do it.? [/b]Exhausted, overrun with anger, sorrow, and guilt, I?m unable to maintain my calm. I raise the gun again. [b]??Now.? [/b][b] ?Alright, alright, I get it!? [/b]Chase complains irately, throwing up his arms in frustration. [b]?Jeeze, kids these days?? [/b]He helps Miss Chiyoko from her tree just as the end of the branch begins to catch fire, and makes his way, with her following, over onto the building, before heading off to the fire escape, disappearing from view altogether. I sigh, and step back, the cold pistol falling from my numb fingers, before losing the remaining feeling in my legs and falling back down myself. Mr. Grosvenor kneels down slowly, his face still contorted in pain, and looks down at me. [b]?I suppose you saved me, then, huh,? [/b]he grumbles. The usual grate of irritation and age is still there in his voice, but I can tell that he?s being sincere. [b] ?That?s one-for-one,? [/b]I reply with a weak smile. [b]?We?w-we?re even now, okay?? [/b]It?s a poor joke, but he smiles anyway. [b]?Yeah?? [/b]he says, and I can almost make out a smile on that old, weathered face, [b]?Sounds good.? [/b]I smile, and exhaustion finally overtakes me. [/SIZE]
  23. [SIZE="1"]Sounds like fun! :catgirl: It can be like a sort of 'Population Zero' extra material site. Sounds like it'll be a lot of fun. Lemme know if you want help with anything, code-wise. Along with drawing anime stuff and storytelling, that's just about all I'm good at, and I take every opportunity that I can to show off. :catgirl:[/SIZE]
  24. [SIZE="1"]Wow, sorry for the huge delay, guys. I've been busy helping my parents get everything moved into our new house. I'll definitely have it up sometime today, though. (Apologies especially to you, Vicky, I know you want to start up the new chapter :catgirl:)[/SIZE]
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