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  1. Maybe you guys can help me. I come from a small town in the middle of nowhere so i don't get a lot of exposure to different anime. The biggest store in our area is walmart :animeswea. Therefore when i do go to the nearest book store and stand in the manga aisle i feel like a preschooler trying to preform brain surgery. In the end, i end up getting the same old stuff and leave feeling dejected. But our town does have the internet. I was wondering if you guys knew of any good anime sites that i could read either full manga or just little snippets so i could decide what i like and then not
  2. Reading between the lines “Sit boy.” I hissed, feeling a tinge of statistic joy as I watched the young boy’s face slammed into the ground. Turning away from him, I took a deep breath and attempt to calm myself. I hate feeling like this. Feeling so much anger and hurt, but not quite enough to escape a twinge of guilt for sitting him. “Damn it wench, what was that for?” I heard Inuyasha say as he struggled to get up from the forest floor. A stab of pain goes through me. That word. I can’t hold back anymore. “Sit sit sit sit sit sit si
  3. i thought this would be a fun thing to try for all you fanfiction writter's like me. Try to write a fanfiction in less then ten words and post it to this thread. ill give you and example. Here is one for inuyasha Inuyasha is sleeping. Shippo yells sit. Death shortly follows. How short can you get while still being a complete story. send in your fiction, identifying which series or manga it is and take a wack at super short fiction. Have fun
  4. someone should let me know when they have repeats of bleach on. I watched it for a while then had to skip like a month then got so lost that i gave up. i liked the series when it started but now i am mucho confused.
  5. i liked both spirited away and howles moving castle. I think that was anime. sure looked like it. I was a super good movie recommended to me by a friend. if you have not seen it you should look it up.
  6. My opinion. Dork i agree is a clumsy socially awkward person. I am a dork. I am also a geek which i believe is the one that refers to a intelligent knowledgeable person. Unfortunately personally i have found that being a geek means that you also have "no common sense" or so my family says. Nerd i think is the obsession of the object placed before it. For example i am a vampire loving, star trek watching, bad anime enjoying nerd. :animeshy: yeah i know i got problems. Oh well.
  7. Im a fanfiction writter and my world is called firefairyslair. i post my stories there. its all inuyasha right nowbut don't let that stop you from reading it. Ill probably be posting others eventually. Dont kill the writer because she likes bad anime lol:animeswea. dont get a lot of exposure to it where i live. if you would like to suggest a good anime to me let me know on my world. Educate the mindless. :animeknow
  8. Hey i am frfry and i am new here. I am a fanfiction writer. I have my work posted in my world at otaku.com. its called firefairyslair. check it out
  9. [quote name='2009DigitalBoy'][COLOR=DarkOrange]You wound me! Also,[B] Dragon Ball Z[/B] and [B]Inuyasha [/B] are both pretty god damn stupid, but I don't wanna get into that a thousandth time.[/COLOR][/QUOTE] Ahh, whats wrong with inuyasha:animestun i love that show. though i do agree with you on dragon ball z. What i miss in ruroni Kention. I loved that one but they got rid of it. sadness. Oh well to each its own i guess
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