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Kayin Cloud

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Text placement is way off and your cropping skills need alot of work. Are you using photoshop (or paintshop pro) or are stuck with MS paint -_o? Either way I reccomend you spend more time cutting out your stock images and making them appear less jagged also the background on your megaman signature is rather bland try adding something to it whether it be subtle or complex anything to spice it up a notch would be nice. Also horizontally flip the megaman picture so that he is facing the other way either that or but the megaman stock image on the right side of the signature and the MMX6 logo on the left side of the image. Oh yes and speaking of text placement center the MMX6 logo it looks really odd as it is x__X.
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[size=1]I personally like your last Megaman one the best of all of them. It has good placement of the character and logo, plus the added darker shade of blue suurrounding them kind of randomly instead of just having a flat, blue background. It is visually interesting.

Your last actual banner is just a mess. The file quality is very low and nothing seems to fit together. I just looks like a bunch of random images stuck together.

Your abilities are less than average, keep trying. You can only get better (at least we hope so, heh).

Also, we (the OtakuBoards staff) ask that you please do not double post, like you did with your two posts right before mine. Just keep that in mind.[/size]
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