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The Robe of Trinia.

Box Hoy

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OCC- To all people who were in the Dark and The Realm of Reality and Imaginations, and are thinking of joining this, this is the preqel to those stories.

IC- There was only one realm to start out with. It was the Realm of Trinia. It was a one big kingdom and it was home to the children of the gods, or the first normal people. The king of this Realm was a great lord called Hodur. He was very fair and he loved his people but things like this were never meant to last. One day he received a crow feather of the darkest beauty ever. Hodur could not get over it's magnifecence and he kept his mind on it at all times. But his duties kept him from what made him happy and this was the feather. He grew angry with his people and started to treat them with anger. An infection grew inside of him that kept growing and growing, powered by his hatred and anger. As the infection grew so did his anger and finally he started to kill people. He began a dictatorship over the land and had no mercy for anyone. The infection started to grow outisde of his right shoulder as a crow wing. He started sending people to fight in armies against eachother and the infection started to power him in return for his hatred. He took the name Shakia to strike fear into the hearts of all. But in secret the people who died became one eteiny that was very powerful called the robe. It was a power that could be harnessed to be used for destruction. A women from the newly created Under Realm called Rail aappeared in Trinia one day and met Shakia. She learned to hate him and then through this hatred wanted his downfall for she hated most everything. She found the Robe and used it to destroy Shakia and his dictatorship. Trinia became a wasteland and Rail had disappeared into nowhere and Shakia had been warped to another new realm.
But Trinia was not useless to everyone. One being still lived there and its power was beyond anythings conception. It was linked to Shakia and was pure evil.

I need
I'll have my bio soon.
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][I][FONT=Trebuchet MS]OOC- Would this help me with Realm of Immaginations? Becuase I dont understand some of the people and who they are with and ect. I need help with that majorly. So this could and might help me? *looks pleading* Because if it does help me. Then I should say that I'll join.[/FONT][/I][/COLOR]
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Oh yeah. This stry sets up the plot to all the stories following it so you may get a few things solved.

Here's my bio though.

Name- Van Koirel
Age- 17
Description- Wears black pants and a blue shirt with a Silver sword and has brown hair with azure eyes and tan skin.
Background- Van was born in the realm of rivers many decades after the incident of Trinia. He set off on an adventure for answers to the reason his family was killed and many other people in his kingdom. The murderer was not found and there was no sign of any hints to as who it was but the king was missing.
Now he searches for the murderer and any hints to who it was but there is more to it that than h3e thinks.
Weapon- Silver SwOrd

That's it. If you want other information on this stories and other ones linked to it, look for The Realm of Reality and The Realm of Imagination sotries and also the Dark.
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