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My 4th Banner The Hardest and longest banner i worked on plz rate


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It is still really really fast though. That is fairly good. The background is pretty nifty. The pictures are a bit iffy though. The one of Kenshin is alright except for some cropping issues around the hair. Also that sword to the right looks heavily pixelated. The font is not that great. The 'Samurai X' text does not match all that well. Maybe something softer than red? It clashes a bit with the background. Also that blue is a bit too bright for me. Maybe something darker? The moving text is partially unreadable. The text sometimes crosses that black swirl, making it difficult to see. That red blur around it is a bit distracting, and it makes the words even less legible.

So your only major problem is colors. If you absolutely need that red and that blue, I would suggest changing the background colors instead.

I hope that helps you.
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