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Morrowind: Blight returns


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Its been 67 years since the Nevevarine united the Ashland tribes and the Great Houses. 67 years since the Nevevarine killed Dagoth Ur and disbanded the Sixth House, House Dagoth. For 64 years Vvardenfell was prosperous and blight free. No warring amongst the Great Houses. Little, if no crime. Everything was going great until the Nevevarine disappeared.

The blight suddenly came back. People started to have visions of an approaching doom. The Great House Hlaalu and Redoran blamed the wizards of the Great House Telvanni, but they all said they were as perplexed at the blight as everyone else. Many adventures flocked to Vvardenfell to gain money and prestige. Some joined the different guilds of the island, some just became freelance mercenaries.

Its been three long years since this all happened. The blight storms are affecting not only the Ashlands, but most of the Grazelands and the Bitter Coast. The Telvanni wizards are trying to bring the Ghostfence back, but need a few more weeks.

All people who sign-up are either newcomers to the island, or have been there for some time. All newcomers start in Vivec. Everyone else can start anywhere. (Newcomers are people who just arrived in Vvardenfell).


-Name: (first and last)

-Age: (19-45 for fighters, 35-60 for magic users)

-Gender: Male or female.

-Class: To save time, I will write only the basic classes: Knight (basic fighter), Crusader (like a knight but can cast some healing magic), Archer (likes ranged weapons) , Mage (uses a variety of magic), Sorcerers (like a summoner) , Healer (uses healing magic), Assassin (kills from the shadows). NOTE: You can be any class that I didn?t mention. Just give a description so everyone knows what it is.

-Race: Anything is good.

-Magic: Anyone can use magic, but try and keep big spells to the magic classes. 10 max and nothing unbelievably powerful.

-Weapon: No godly Daedric weapons or armor, it also has to be something your class would use. (i.e. mage=staff, archer=bow, ect?)

-Appearance: Don?t make a High Elf mage look like an Argonian archer, Make it fit with your class and race. Pictures are good too

-Biography: Long or short, doesn?t matter.

-Starting Location: Vivec, Sadrith Mora, Balmora, Caldera, any ruin, and any Imperial Fort.

I?ll post my sign-up after some others people sign-up
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name: kanburei mizukage

age: 25



race:elf, but raised by the dark water ninja clan

magic: stealth cloak-can become almost invisible by refracting the light that touches the body for a certain amount of time
doppel gangers-can multiply bodies for a certain amount of time
elemantal tonic-can use basic elemental magic

weapon: twin katars, rappel, light hand held crossbow, caltrops and other traps

apearrance:typical ninja attire, with metal head band, arm bands and shin-guards

bio: trained in the dark arts since he was a child, kanburei is a random mercenary. out to serve who pay him the most, but also has a kind heart and is willing to help those who have a noble cause.

starting location:vivec
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Name: Arthur (adopted and brought up by the Nereverine)

Age: 23

Class: Crusader

Race: Imperial

Magic: mainly Restoration- Rilm's Cure/Gift, Hearth Heal

weapon: Ebony Longsword


Appearence- bald stocky 6 feet tall 185 lbs

Bio: served in the Imperial Legion for many years under the Nereverines as his second in command but when he suddenly dissapeared Arthur decided to look for his friend.

Location: Dagoth Ur

great idea because I think Morrowind is the best RPG of all time so it should be fun to play out kudos to you
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[color=blue][size=1]Name: Kyra Ishuki

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Class: Crusader

Race: Mithra (Cat-person from FF)

Magic: Cura- Basic healing spell. Can remedy any status affects (or whatever they're called), too.
Dragon Call- She can summon a dragon made of any element. They don't last very long, and can be destroyed easily with an attack of it's weakness, but it's quite powerful.
Wingra- She can temporarily fly.
Element Burst- A random element takes a physical form around her sword, making for a very nasty attack.
Cameo- Can make her tail and ears invisible for a limited amount of time.

Weapon: Shurikens, a gold encrusted daggar, and a double-sided broadsword with a dragon sculpted handle.

Appearance: Kyra has long, golden-brown hair tied back into a ponytail. Her tail and cat ears have dark brown fur and she has piercing green eyes. She is skinny and about 5'10". She wears an outfit completely different from a normal crusader. She wears a navy-blue blouse with short sleeves and shows her stomach, saggy pants that hide most of her feet, and brown boots. She has a metal chain around her neck.

Bio: Kyra trained with her friend and three brothers under her father. She became a very powerful warrior quickly. Her friend soon completed his training, too and they became crusaders together. Than the blight returned and both their families disappeared. They went seperate ways to find them, but promised to meet each other again. Kyra's only keepsake is a ring her friend gave her. She has a very tomboyish attitude. When she wants something, she gives it her all to get it. She can be very violent and rude, but she's very kind underneath.

Starting Location: Balmora

Sounds fun.[/color][/size]
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