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Vertical Horizon


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[FONT=Century Gothic][I][COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=2]I was wondering, if any one here ever heard of this band, called, (like the subject to my thread) "Vertical Horizon".
This band originated in Georgetown, I believe this is in Boston, from what I've read in various web-pages, but, I'm not completelly sure; during the 1990s. Currently, they have released 5 albums since 1992, when they released their first album "There and back again", I do not know much of this album, because, I can't seem to find it anywhere, and, mail service doesn't work here, so, I cannot buy it from the internet, therfore, I don't know much about the songs in this CD.

But, maybe you've hear of one of their CDs called "Everything you want",just like their hit song "Everything you want", anothe hit of them is titeled "You're a God", and, it's also from this CD.

Their latest album, is called Go, I have currently no knowledge if they have released a song from that CD, because, the radio here doesn't play it. They also have a song called "Heart in hand"; which appears in the CD from the Motion Picture "The New Guy".It's a really good song, in my opinion.

This is not a very famous band, and, therefore, not many people have heard of it, I'd like to know if someone here has ever heard any of their songs, or owns any fo their CDs, and I'd like to know what they think of it!! :D I really like this group, and the songs I've hear from them, I try to find some song ofrom them on the Internet, but, I can't, and, even though, due to circumstances, I do not know mcuh about them....

I hope this thread wont be closed!!!!I worked hard to make it interesting!!!
HetepKa :angel:
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I remember them getting some play around here and heard of them a few other times, but that's about it. Certainly not the biggest band, but they're not totally unknown to me. They struck me as a band I wouldn't care about in the slightest, but I honestly can't even remember why I came the that conclusion anymore heh.

I'll check some songs out when I get a chance.
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