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The Robe of Trinia

Box Hoy

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OCC- Okay. this is the last time I goingt o try and get some people on this rpg but if nobody joins i'm just going to write it myself.

Hodur looked at the crow feather that had just fallen inside of his window. It was a magnificent dark shade of black and was so beautiful. He cherished the feather with all his heart and soul. This was the one thing he kept from the public and wished only for himself to view.
But one day a servant of his stumbled across the king of Trinia, looking at the dark crow feather. Hodur grew angry and wished only for the servant to never speak of the feather but of course with all humans, temptation is a hard foe to defeat. The servant told many of the other servants and they told others who told others and it continued.
Hodur began to neglect his duties as the ruler of the Realm of Trinia and he only wished to look at his feather and soon temptation even grew with inside himself. He wanted to change drastically but he was such a kind lord to his kingdom and the only way he could change would be for the worse.
He didn?t care. His temptation drove him forward as did the feather of the crow.
Hodur quickly grew to be a monstrous king of Trinia and his people started to drift and from his grasp and rebellion started.
Many were killed and imprisoned. Others were made slaves or soldiers in Hodur?s armies that he would have fight each other for his own amusement. This twisted dark mind created an infection that spread all throughout his body for the next few years.
The infection powered him and no one was able to fight his power. He grew stronger with everyday that passed and his anger and rage powered the infection. Finally he snapped. The infection sprouted outside of left shoulder and grew into a wing of a crow.
He renamed himself Shakia and his rage was worse than ever. He met a young woman named Rail but she hated him. She was from the Under Realm and her father was the king Drin. She had come to Trinia to wreak havoc but she found Shakia and hated him as she hated everything in existence. She found a powerful creation in the deep hallows of Trinia that had been formed by all the dead people under Shakia?s rule. This was the Robe. A great power of darkness that was based upon destruction. Rail used it to destroy Trinia. Everything was turned to ruins. Rail disappeared into an area that no one knows.
As for Shakia, he was transported to the Realm of Novur or Reality.
It was said that after this event a being came to live in Trinia. A being who was connected with the crow feather.
Many centuries later in another realm far from Trinia, called the Realm of Rivers, a boy named Van was on his way back home from a fishing trip when he heard of his kingdom being seiged by an unknown person. Nobody had seen the terrorist except before they were killed. It was said that king had gone missing as well. Van became worried about his won family and returned home to find the kingdom in ashes and his mother, father, and little sister and burnt to death.
Van set off to find the murderer of his family.

I need your
speical characteristics
race(anything you can think of that's kool)
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[color=purple][font=arial][size=2]I will join, but maybe you should space things out.

Age: 654

Name: Luaralanthalasa Triplemoon (Called Luarana)

Weapon: A triple bladed glaive, long bow and arrows, long sword with a leather handle

Special characteristics: Left handed

Race: Half elven, half winged one

Description: 5?8?, 110 lbs, crimson and silver feathered wings, pointed ears, silver hair to her knees in a braid tied at the bottom by a green thick ribbon, green eyes, tan skin, long limbs, wears tan capris that lace up the sides, a green tight shirt with loose sleeves that are slit from the shoulder to the wrist, sandals, two leather belts criss-crossing from her hips to her middle thighs, holding her sword

Background: She is often silent, but remembers her past clearly. Living in the elven community was not easy when she was a child ? her wings were still small, but very troublesome and itchy. She left with her mother, and lived with the Winged Ones. Pointed ears weren?t odd, because they came natural for Winged Ones.

Luarana left her home at the age of 45, restless. She wandered aimlessly until, two scores of years later, she came across a suffering man. He had escaped his burning village, and laid upon her a geas ? to find and protect his daughter, a young half elf, who had escaped the barbarians.

Luarana did all the could for the dying man, but to no avail. She searched, and finally found the girl ? a elfling of 35, confused and scared. Now she cares for two, mistfits, outcasts. [/color][/font][/size]
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here's my guy now

age- 16

name- Van Iskal

Weapon-Double Sided Blade, green with blue spheres embedded in the handle.

Speical characteristics- His senses are all extended and more powerful than most people.

Race- Human

Description- Blond hair and black eyes. White skin with a black spot on his right forearm. 5'11". He wears black baggy pants and a gray t shirt with a white long sleeved shirt underneath.

Background- Van grew up in the Realm of Rivers in a small kingdom by one of the three major rivers of the realm. His family's trade was not fishing however, it was creating fishing equipment which broguht in more money. Van had no siblings and always liked to go in the forest. His father loved swords and collected them. His father created one sword that he put in a will that his son would get it after he died.
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