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Minako's Super Cool Art!!


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Ok, my art may not be Super Cool, but I think it's alright...

I'm going to post a picture of my character, Ayumi Sato...I'll post again or edit this one and tell you more about her...I don't have much time.

Enjoy! Feel free to comment on what I can do better.

*Note,on her front leg, HER right leg, I screwed up the shading...I decided AFTER I did the leg, that I wanted the light to come from (my) left. *smacks herself in the head* + her foot on that leg is kind of...*cough* [I]odd[/I] too.
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Guest Dinara
:cool: you did a nice job cooling this!! I mean, it could use some work but what artist doesn't? Right?? I think you just need to have some shading!! I like the blue marks on her face though!!!
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