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Yu Yu Hakusho-The Rekai Tornent Rated PG13 for cursing and violence


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[FONT=Arial]Two years after Yu Yu Hakusho Ended [/FONT]

KoEnma is searching for a new Rekai Tanekai..

He decides to hold a torment.

TheWinner becomes the new Rekai Tanekai group.

Yusuke,Kurabara,Kurama,and Hiei return to see who will part of the new group.

You can choose between these three roles



or The Original Cast

Happy fighting!
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Name: Kurama
Race: fox demon
age: 17, but is really 317
gender: male
History: average family, only child. he grew up and recieved a great education until he left his parents and was found by Hiei.
Bio: Actually the fox demon Yoko who was thought to be killed 17 years ago, Kurama is a cunning, cutthroat fighter who will not back down form a fight unless needed to.
weapons: roses he can turn into whips. The Death Tree.
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I'll be a fighter. Here we go!

name: Shotoken.
Race: Morphis demon(formed from the combination of fire demon and dog demon(could be any type of dog: even fox, coyote, and things like that) in a human body)
age: unknown, appears roughly 15.
gender: male.
appearance: slightly long black hair with three red streaks in the front, usually wearing a hat backwards, and is generally wearing either a tattered t-shirt and jeans, or a ninja-esque outfit that changes colors when soaked in that color of a fluid, even though it's black.
History: Standard stuff, decent home, decent family, etc. etc... Of course, the second he heard about the tournament, shotoken activated the energy projecter imbedded in his arm and ran off in the general direction of where it was going to be held.
Bio: Shotoken simply wants strength and a challenge from this tournament. He might win, he might lose, but he'll be happy as long as he had a good fight.
personality: Shotoken is somewhat dark and quite uncaring. If it doesn't concern him, it's not worth paying attention to.
weapons: Energy weaponry, and controlling of the elements.

That should be everything.
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[COLOR=DarkRed]OOC:My person is a fighter and is the only child of Jin.

Name: Clesia
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Race: Wind Demon but looks human
Appearence: Short black hair,red eyes wears sunglasses to cover them up,purple shirt,black leather pants,black with purple lining bomber jacket,and black spicked boots
Bio: Rasied in the human world she learned to deal with her difference.Many people thinks she's a guy when they first she her.Her real parents where killed and she was rasied by humans.They never had time for her though.Her mother is the head of the school board and always getting her out of trouble even when she wants to be in trouble.Her dad's job is unknown.She has a spirt beast that King Yama gave her to allow her to be able to live in the human world.Her job is to report any strange happens in the human world.When her beast hatched it looked as if it would devoar her but it didn't.Her spirt beast is in the from of a small black wolf she named Fang because he bites anyone he saw expect for his owner.
Weapons: A huge black boomerage that has a blade that is realesed when she throws it and its power is based on her spirit energy.Purple spirit crossbow,kicking,and wind magic.
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I'm a fighter.
Name: Shakia
Race: wolf demon
age: 15
gender: female
History:has two brothers and a sister they where separated a long time ago
Appearance:She has sholder length brown hair with sliver streaks pulled back in a ponytail, grey eyes,two silver streaks on the side of her face, she wears black pants and a black shirt with a silver chocker and matching gloves.
Bio:After a strange fight with some demons Shakia was separated from her family and found her way to a portal to the human world. After commiting some crimes she was taken to koenma who told her he would drop all charges against her if she would fight in the torment. She personally doesn't care if she wins shes just trying to get off punishment.
personality: happy and a little bit crazy she attacks quickly and hates to wait for a fight.
weapons: Twin swords, fire control, speed
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[B][I][color=teal]I'll be a fighter as well! LOL

Name: Luna
Age: 16-18
Gender: Female
Race: Fox Demon like Kurama and also has a human form like him as well.
Human Appearence: She has long black hair that ends in the middle of her back and purple eyes. She wears a long sleeved black velvet shirt that flares out at the end of the sleeves, black leather flares, black boots, and a black chocker with a moon on it.
Demon Appearence: She looks pretty much the same, but there are a few changes of course. Her hair is longer, her eyes are a lighter puple, she has fuzzy black ears, and a long flowing black tail. She wears a outfit similar to Yoko's, but it's more like a dress and it's black.
Bio: Luna was raised by a group of demon that she hated. Those demons were only using her for her abilities. One day, Luna just escaped from the demons. She escaped to the human world were she knew those demon wouldn't follow. Since she was still young, she was soon discovered by a police officer who took her in. Now Luna is trying to mak up for all the things those demons made her do. She always wanted to be a spirit detective. She falls in love with Kurama when she sees him.
Abilities: A black spirit energy bow and arrows, poison(black) and normal(light purple) roses that she can turn into rose whips, and control over the moon and night.[/color][/I][/B]
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[size=1][color=darkslateblue]DuoFan, I'm going to ask that you put a little more effort into this RPG and flesh out the story a bit more. There doesn't really seem to be any sort of thought put into this at all, as it is now. Please explain what the tournament is, what the history behind it is, and how it's going to be run. Also be sure to remember that you [i]will[/i] need to have a story with this, and it has to have direction. Otherwise, it's just one big fight and it does not belong in this forum.

Please make these changes as soon as possible, or this will be closed.

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I think I can help fix this: If you watch the tournament when they did that saga on YYH, you'll see the storyline is in the CHARACTERS, no tthe backstory and stuff. So, all that needs to happen is all of the fighters have to form a storyline of interaction between our characters. Speaking of which, I need to modify my character a bit.
*goes to modify the profile so this can get interesting*
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Heh, loney has been waiting for a good YYH RPG!

Name: Miriki Kura
Race: half wolf demon (white)
age: 16
gender: female
Bio: Miriki had a nice full family untill a great year of disaster struck. Her father was killed by a huge fire dragon and her moher died of Typhus. Her younger sister came up missing one day and her brother left her for parts unown. leaving Miriki behind
weapons: Can also create the rose whil, but with a white rose. Miriki can call on hiddin spirits within demons and humans alike to form powerful energy blasts. her most famous one is the Snow Moon Blast.
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I wanna be a fighter! (If I can still join! I hope so!)

Name: Yuki Miyazaki
Race: Kitsune (Fox Demon)
Age: 16, but is really 316
gender: Female
History: A smartmouthed halfbreed that grew up in the human world, with abusive parents and high expectations.
Bio: She spent all her time looking up to Yusuke, fights like him, and derives her source of courage from the thought of being like him. SHe doesn't let too many people in for fear of being hurt, but she's a very sweet girl.
Weapons: Spirit pistols and throwing knives...anything else she can get her hands on. Uses her fists a lot, too.
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