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Luna will crawl


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[i]Though, the magi had found ancients scrolls about Luna. It seemed that Luna was connected to the Earth with a diamond, forged into a shield. Who has this shield could control the powers of Luna by his will.
But the shield had lost in eternity, out of the reach of the human or magi kind. And even though it was the dwarfs who had forged the shield, not even they had reach to it, and if they had, where could you find one? The only solution left could be the unicorns. The unicorns, also known as the creature of light.
But then they had to find one.
So the kingdom send out some soldiers for a decoy, so that a few warriors, could start their search in the magic woods in the south.[/i]
[b]And now our story begins where the Recrudescence have almost reached Graten...[/b]

[i]The wind whispered softly passed Nodotam's ear. He breathed in the fresh air around him. This was ideal. Blue skies, green fields, the sun shining bright... But the ideal landscape was being torn apart. From out of nowhere, hundreds of people came running up the hill. Screaming while fear stalked their eyes.
Nodotam stood up and ran up to the people. He looked down the hill. There, a wave of creatures came running after the people. But they were far. Suddenly the front part of the wave held still while the rest kept running up the hill.
Before anyone knew what was going on, a rain of arrows was shot from the front part of the wave, which now continued their walk and the back part stopped to ready their bows.
The arrows, just going down again, didn't hit much target, but if the people didn't hurry up with climbing, the next rain would be more precise.
Two children were crying, on the ground. Nodotam picked them up without thinking about it, and ran up the hill. He didn't notice how far he had run down when he went to look at the creatures just now.
The second rain of arrows fell down on the people and this time took down atleast twice as much as last time.
Some people tried to drag other people, dead or halfdead, along, but then someone would warn him or her not to do it and they let them go, to save their own hide.
Finally they reached the top of the hill. Just go down the hill and a few hundred meters forward over the flat land and they would reach Graten...

The doors closed behind them as the last one of them entered the city. After the second rain of arrows there came another two, which took out almost one-fourth of the whole group. But now they were save. Or at least, for a while. Everyone knew the city would have to fall aswell one day, but for now they wanted to act like the town was indestructable or at least, unovertakeable.
Nodotam had put down the children who emmidiatelly ran off to search their mother and/or father. One of them soon found out her mother was still outside of the gates, so she went to them and bashed on them as hard as she could, whilst crying.
Nodotam tried to cool her off before her hands would be tore open.
The girl went to her father who was just running towards them. Both, the father and daughter, were crying because of the loss of their wife or mother.
Nodotam ran to the pond and then saw how bad he looked. No wonder after falling and standing up the whole time. After running his legs off his body. After having to duck for arrows four times. He washed his face and then searched for his house, once owned by his parents who already have died in the war.
The only thing he wanted to do now was sleep... And long. [/i]

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after his father died in his arms baalthaczaar ran outside crying, for the loss of his father, mother and the whole village. he stood in the town square, which is just outside of his house, and screamed, screamed with all his might, all his rage, ...all his sorrow. after his breath has expired he knelt down sobbing. all was silent... the silence was deafening, not even the waves of the sea could be heard, for it was lamenting the people of the sea, the sai-boons. baalthaczaar mustered all his willpower, he stood up and beheld the village. everyone was dead. the people, the animals, even the statues that seemed full of vigor when baalthaczaar was growing up. after unknown time he decided that he will follow his fathers last wish, he will travel to graten. he packed the necessary things that he needed and the hierloom sword, kanburei. he also took with him mizukage, his fishing spear. after all was ready, he set all the villigers at thier boats, and set them afloat toward the setting sun, as the custom of burial in thier village.

baalthaczaar was now ready he ran toward the forest to begin his journey, at the middle, it suddenly stroke him, "where was graten?" he ran back to the village and went straight to the missionaries' house, where he looked for a map. he brought the map along and started toward graten. after he studied the map, he realized that graten wasnt very far, as a matter of fact, he would reach it in two days worth of walking. the first day of the journey was quiet and peaceful. one at a time bird were heard chirping, coming back after the attack to the village. the second day began like the first, all was quiet until baalthaczaar came to a hilly place outside of the forest, he saw the city of graten, he beheld the beuty of it for the first time, but he saw one more thing, people... running away from something... archers. he ran towards the people, but to his suprise, monsters came and chased after him. he ran for his life, not knowing who they were or what they were. finally he reached the city gate, but it was closed! he panicked and shouted, and a guard at the tower saw him, and baalthaczaar saw sorrow in the man's eyes for they can not open the gate anymore because the monsters were too near, and they would not risk letting the monsters in. baalthaczaar dodged the monster and threw the chain that can be connected to his spear toward the watch tower, and yelld "grab it!" to the guard, the guard pulled him up to safety. as he was inside the city he asked around for a cheif or captain to speak to, and he found a leader. he told him his story about the village. and the captain trold him to rest because there is nothing he can do about it.
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[size=1][color=gray][i]"Just two streets further and then I can sleep." This thought went through Nodotam's head and echoed on for almost a minute. He could hardly walk, because of how tired he was.
First he had spend the whole morning running around through the city, sending messages to certain people. Then he went off to the woods to get some timber. And the drop that made the water spill, was when he was just about to rest, he had to run for his life, leterally.
He just went around the corner that leaded into his street, when he bumped up to someone. The man took his hand, before Nodotam could lose his balance. Nodotam looked up to the man who grabbed him.
But he was surprised to see it was barely a child. Probably around the age of 16 or 15 or something in that directions.
He let out a "thanks" and was about to walk on, when he saw that the boy was atleast as tired as he was himself.
The cloths he was wearing didn't look very fresh either. So Nodotam decided to be polite.[/i]
"You seem exausted. Do you have a place to sleep?"
"Well, I don't know... Not really I guesse." The boy said, on a questioning voice.
"Well then. Do you need one?"
"I could use one, yes."
"Then I invite you to my place. I believe you just passed it. Its the house over there." Nodotam pointed over the boys shoulder to a big house. This whole part of town had big houses... "But... You should tell me your name first. Else I can't wake you up in the morning." He grinned to show he was kidding.
"My name is Baalthaczaar, nice to meet you."
"And my name is Nodotam, nice to meet you too. Now come, because I'm exausting aswell." He grinned again, so did Baalthaczaar.
[I]Strange really... Nodotam almost never smiled, let stand grin, since the day he lost his parents. Oh well, thats only positive isnt it?
As they reached the house, Nodotam explained Baalthaczaar that he could sleep in his own room and that he would sleep in the rooms once owned by his parents. After that, they went to sleep.

Both of them awoke under a huge noice. It was the alarm clock. The city was under attack!
They dressed up quickly and went to the city wall. But when they were coming closer they decided to go in the church tower instead. If else, they could get wounded by catapult rocks or arrows.
When they looked out of the top window, they saw this humangous stream of monsters walking towards the city walls while being constantly fired on by the archers on the walls. The creatures who got up the wall were pushed off and the flying creatures shot down.
After a few hours, the Recrudesence gave up and started setting up their camp at the foot of the hill. They would wait for the next dawn to strike once more.
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][FONT=Times New Roman] Sorry it's taking me a long time to post.

Careath's village had just been attacked. Arrows flew every way. Blood splattered. A few brave men stood up to the attackers, but lost their lives. The members of village that were still alive headed for the dark woods. There they could get shelter and it was only an hour walk to the next town. The town went up in flames. The smoke was so thick that you could see it through the trees. The town continued running through the forest, some tripping on lose roots and some tripping over each other. Careath had his sword out incase he had to chop down any trees with a smooth slash. The attackers continued chasing the village, but had a hard time shooting arrows through the trees. They retreated back towards the village.Going to another town to destroy. As the town reached the village walls, they saw a group of the attackers camped up on a hill. An archer spotted the town and went through a secret entrance of the wall. The town followed them in. He said to walk around and try to find someone who will take them in. Careath walked and knocked on a door. A man came out

"Yes?" he asked

"Excuse, but could you please provide me some lodging and food for the night?" Careath asked looking directly in the mans eyes.

"I see you have some cut marks. Has your village been attacked too?"

"Yes, if you look around you will see the people of my village."

"Our village has been atacked once. It is going to be attacked again if you haven't seen the army on the foot of the hill."

"Yes, I have seen them"

"I see you have a sword"

"What's it to you?"

"You could help fight. In that case I will let you stay here."

"Thank you. My name is Careath Rasgnok"

"And my name is Nodotam Suornoci. Over there is another man who's village was attacked."

" My name is Baalthaczaar son of Gil-Pathar."

" That is a long name. Can I just call you Baal?" Careath asked.

I leave it there becuase I'm not sure if Baalthaczaar would want me calling him that or not. [/COLOR][/FONT]
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This is in Graten. Just so you know.

Ban Shabriri watched the tiny ripples expand from their origin in the puddle. It had formed days before, supplied by the condensation of droplets decorating a musty wall. The alley was empty but for him, and the occasional noise made by a falling liquid orb.


The ripples move with frantic grace. Ban observed them with his glassy eyes; he gripped the handle of his athame tightly. There was no sound, the next droplet forming and preparing itself for the fatal drop, with which it would cease to exist as an individual entity. It would become a part of the whole, spread throughout the puddle until it was entirely one with it.

Ban was sure there was meaning behind it. His goddess Diluvia still yearned for him, still tempted him to return. But it was fruitless. He would not bend to her will, nor become a victim of her deceit and carelessness. The scent of smoke dulled his senses to his surroundings.

There was the vacant gaze of the woman he called mother, her mouth tilted open. She was lying prone on the ground, her hair spilling out of its harsh confines and darkened. He peered at the darkness with a curiosity that seemed inappropriate for the circumstances; though he knew he should do otherwise, Ban stopped and studied her. His fingers touched lightly the darkness in her hair.



The ceiling was aflame; it threatened to collapse. Voices called to him, were cut off from outside, and faded into the clamor. The heat was agonizing.

Ban's attention shifted to the crackling beams. Light raced upon them, devouring them with neither malice nor kind intent. A part of the ceiling heaved, then began to fall. Ban dropped to his knees as the heavy ceiling beams crashed to the floor about him. Diluvia preserved his body; the flames licked up the corpse of the woman called mother, forgotten.


The alley was cold and dark. The droplets cried out with the voices of those lost in the attack; in the flames, the teeth, the blood. His hand was warmed by the blade of his athame. It was the only thing he had managed to save.

Diluvia called to him as his mother. She begged him, warned him.
[I]"It must not touch the blood of mortals."[/I]

He watched the forming droplet on the edge of the wall. It wavered, intimidated, and did not fall. It would not join the puddle below.

Ban narrowed his eyes, answering the goddess.
"You will do your part to end the Recrudescence. Through me."
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"yes, sure why not?" Baalthaczaar said "you can call me Baal"

"good" Careath said in response.

they did not realize that the night was over until the rising sun shone through the window.

"heh. didnt even get to sleep. but that was a nice conversation." notodam said

"yup. but i feel rested from that talk. it takes the stress off of you" baal said while yawning.

"what are you talking about you just slept there like a rock!" careath said

baal suddenly stood up and took to stones from his pocket and started to play with it.

"what are you doing?" careath asked baal with a you're-so-childish look

"practicing my tricks, to cheer up the little kids around town, even for a little bit, for they have suffered so much." baal answered with a glint in his eye.

"ah. time to make the daily rounds" notodam said in a monotonous voice."coming?" he said to both of them

"sure" baal and careath replied in unison.

it was empty outside when they first stepped out, but one by one people started getting out of thier tents and houses. sadness can be seen from thier eyes. they found a group of kids playing around, baal smiled and called for the kids. he started playing with them, showing his magic trick to everybody and cracking jokes.

"he's a kid, isn't he?" careath asked notodam

"well... i dont think so. he is young i agree but hes very mature, hiding his sorrows from the world. a great deal of pain has made him a man. oh, did you know that hes the only survivor of the sai-boon people?" notodam commented

careath: "really! thats a burden"

notodam: "yup,his father died in his arms. pity. such a young age. well time for the morning rounds, lets leave him here."

after what notodam said careath's view of baal changed.
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