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Gion District


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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][I]"...we enter a world where appearances are paramount; where a girl's virginity is auctioned to the highest bidder; where women are trained to beguile the most powerful men; and where love is scorned as illusion... romantic, erotic, suspenseful - and completely unforgettable."[/I] ~ Arthur Golden, [I]Memoirs of a Geisha[/I]

Welcome to the Gion District of Kyoto; where the nights are long and luxurious, colored by the bright parties held in famous tea houses, and where people of import all over the world come to spend their much-valued time.

Welcome...to the world of the geisha.

Geisha...one word holds so much meaning. Discipline, strength of will, ambition, training, beauty, grace, and intelligence. The geisha is renowned in the world of glitter and splendor. Far from the Japanese prostitutes that many mistake them to be, they are the most valued entertainers, famous for their lithe, asian grace, and foreign beauty. Valued as the most perfect of women, the geisha is a priceless piece of culture.

But as to any sparkling dream, there is a darker side. Geishas hold in grief for an eternity. As women chosen to serve powerful men, they must never let a tear stain their powdered cheek, or a frown to cloud their face. Theirs is a world of bitter sorrow, all hidden by the flowering kimonos and jade hair pieces. Superficial and yet all too real, the world of the geisha is one of swirling refinement and exoticism, but at the same time vicious, bitter, and cruel.

And Kyoto, the multi-cultural crossroad of Japan, and the place where famous geishas originate, is where it all begins. Welcome to the world of the geisha, and take your first step into the infamous Gion District.[/COLOR]

This is where it all begins. The time period will be sometime between the two World Wars, and we actually may even encounter the second one. If any of you have read Memoirs of a Geisha, much of this RPG will be based off of that. If you haven't read any materials on geishas, or know very little about them, I suggest that you get some background before you sign up. At the end of the recruiting period (I'll have to see how long I'll wait), I will pick and allow those only with *good sign-ups!* If you fail to meet my standards, I will inform you of that, and perhaps make a few suggestions. Then, if you still fail to meet my requirements, I will simply not admit you into the RPG.

But first, a little background of my own. All geishas live in an [I]okiya[/I], which is run by an older woman, who is often called 'Mother.' I will play all the Mothers, unless a very good poster also wants to take the position with me. You must PM me about this position, and I will take you into consideration. I will give you permission if I find your post qualities amazingly over the top of the standard. If you are prepared to take this position, you will also be working with me very closely, and PMing will be essential to the RPG and planning. So basically, you must be a highly responsible individual who's willing to devote a lot of time to this.

As set in the Gion District of Kyoto, Japan, it is a well-known gathering place for many powerful businessmen and political officers, as well as the military. I do need some people to sign up as such, because it will make things much more interesting. Teaching is also another position, for geishas will be going to their schools to become skilled in the arts of beguilement. However, teaching positions are much like Mother positions - you must PM me, and be qualified for the position. Also, there's a position called 'Auntie' which is open. It's like an assistant to the Mother, and it's not nearly as demanding. However, you must still have a decent knowledge on the geisha.

And finally, the Geishas. I will be accepting some full-fledged geisha in the sign-ups, but be aware that there will not be many. Most will be nameless ones played by me only when necessary. Instead, I would rather like most players to be children, who have just been delivered to the various okiyas, and are just barely starting their training. Often referred to "cocoons," they are young geisha-in-training, and will take on many tasks on the road to become apprentice geishas, and then geishas themselves. But keep in mind that I will accept a couple geishas, and perhaps apprentice-geishas.

Adversity will become a familiar face, and jealousy, envy, and revenge stalk the streets. You will be faced with all kinds of difficulties to become a geisha - I am NOT going to make this easy for anyone. And now, sign-ups:

* - required by all

*[B]Real Name:[/B]

[B]Geisha Name:[/B] all geisha have a name that is different from their real name, which they adopt when they are bought or accepted into an okiya.

*[B]Age:[/B] cocoons just coming into the okiyas will be young, most likely 5-12 years of age.


*[B]Ethnicity:[/B] Most will be Japanese, but there can be other asians. Also, foreigners are always interesting, but none as geisha.

[B]Okiya:[/B] there are several to choose from, and all are quite successful and known; the Shirakawa, the Nitta, and the Kotorii.

*[B]Appearance/Description:[/B] describe your features, like eye color, hair color. Not all have to be typical asian, but don't make it really weird. I'll accept some lighter shades of hair too, because some asians to have slightly reddish or rustic-colored hair. Don't tell me your hair-length, because you're never going to get it cut.

Tell me your body type, any birthmarks, moles, that sort of thing. Describe the features of your face, and anything unusual that you have about you. But remember that if you have deformities, you probably aren't going to be a geisha. If you're a geisha and describe your clothes, I will slap you. But you businessmen and such are fine. Pictures are ok, but if I see weird hair colors - slap!

*[B]Personality:[/B] This is extremely important, and probably the most deciding factor of if you are accepted or not. Remember, you are describing a [I]person[/I]. Every nuance of their character should be described or mentioned. If I see inconsistencies in your post, you will be warned via PM, and you will be required to edit it. Please, keep this real, and leave no stone unturned. But don't worry about weird stuff, because people are very complex, and this should be too.

*[B]Occupation:[/B] Geisha, apprentice-geisha, cocoon, Auntie, Mother, businessman...etc. Heck, you could be a sumo-wrestler. It'd be entertaining, and pretty cool. Add in any others that you can think of. I'm trying to create a real community.

*[B]Bio:[/B] I'm not requiring a lot on this. Especially if you're a cocoon, then you probably won't have that much. Do remember though, most that go into the okiyas are from poor families that needed to pay some bills, and thus sold off their daughters. Older geishas and those in training can summarize of their life in Gion and such. Those in other occupations should also briefly describe their lives and explain why they are in Gion. For example, businessmen could be visiting Gion for a holiday, or perhaps their company is celebrating an expensive deal.

*[B]Character's Motivation:[/B] This can be included in the Bio section if you want. Basically, what is the driving force behind your character? What's their ambition? Why do they do what they do?

Any questions are WELCOMED! Please PM me if you need something more explained, or if you are unsure about something. Even I admit that this is complex. And if anyone thinks that I should add something, then please PM me about it too! I can always take suggestions, as I'm inexperienced at this and it's my first RPG.

I'll post my character Mothers after some replies.
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[COLOR=MediumTurquoise] Real Name: Lidan Cheung

Geisha name: Shirakawa Reiobi

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Ethnicity: Half Japanese, half Chinese

Okiya: Shirakawa

Appearance/Description: see attatchment. As you can see, she has reached the point n her life where her collar has been turned.... ...her body is unremarkable, but perfect for a dancers, slender, finely limbed, with soft pale skin. There is a small birth mark on her stomach that looks like a sideways heart and a small beauty dot on the back of her neck, just below the hairline in the center.

Personality: Lidan is a very calm character, not quite a party person, but not an extremely boring individual. She's well known for her excellent dancing, and her intelligent conversation. An avid follower of the Kabuki world, she adds a cerebral tone to any party, but can also tolerate the more raunchy style of celebration. She is also very good with younger apprentice geisha, making them feel very comfortable, even when they are surrounded by confusion. Her patience and understanding is near ledgendary in a world of cramped positions and stressful atmospheres.

Occupation: Geisha, not a Maiko

Bio: Life for Lidan began on the geisha conveyer belt and will probably end on it. She was born into the okiya and will stay there until her dying day. In the meantime though, she has been bred to be the best in Gion, and works very hard. Her reputation as a dancer is well known, even if she isn't the best yet, and her skill is enhanced by natural balance and continual lessons. Last year's Dances of the Old Capital included her in a staring role, boosting her reputation and giving her more buisness. She doesn't have a danna yet, but there is still time. Her younger sister is still making rounds to the teahouses with her and the two are often called upon to perform together.

There are many individuals of power that call Lidan to a party, sometimes to simply pour the saki, other times to be eye-candy. She is completely agreeable with both, even if she isn't having a good time. Then again, that isn't her job. Her job is to entertain, and what a job of it she does. Her mother sees her as a valuable asset, and her younger sister is about to become one. Lidan's current position is to raise her apprentice of a younger sister well, and make sure she is a success. Speaking of which, a mizuage for her is due sometime soon. [the younger sister I mean] Lidan's currently introducing her to several possible canidates, and would appreciate it very much if one paid the right price.

All in all, Lidan is an excellent geisha, wall flower, and general entertainer. She dances divinely, adds intelligence to a party, and has an excellent reputation. It would be terrible if it was tarnished in some way.

Character's Motivation: Lidan is a Geisha because her mother was, and naturally then, so she would follow her footsteps. It is a life she doesn't particularly enjoy, but she doesn't dislike it. Her ambitions don't extend very far beyond inheriting the okiya from Mother. [/COLOR]
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Guest Midnight Rush
[B]*Real Name:[/B] [I]Leiko Fujimoto[/I]

[B]Geisha Name:[/B] [I]Ichisuzu[/I]

[B]*Age:[/B] [I]23[/I]

[B]*Gender:[/B] [I]female...[/I]

[B]*Ethnicity:[/B] [I]Japanese[/I]

[B]Okiya:[/B] [I]Nitta[/I]

Eyes- A bright brown, seemingly alive with intelligence and beauty, typically Asian in shape.
Skin- White, slightly kissed by the sun
Build- Thin and light, perfect violin shape
Face- Her brown eyes are set the perfect distance apart above her button nose. Her lips are not thin, but aren't thick either. Her face is rounded, no sharp lines to be found on her.
Hair-Ebony as the night. It shines like the finest Chinese silk, light as gossamer and described by one patron as "black liquid jade".
Hands- As perfect as the five petal orchid of the sun-rain lands. Clean and moist, fragile looking and feathery, but in reality strong and coordinated. Her hands and arms are the constant delight of her patrons, as she knows how to use them ?sexfully?. [/I]

[B]*Personality:[/B] [I] Ichisuzu is the consummate geisha when she is with patrons. She always knows when the right time to smile is, and the right time for a judicious compliment, for laughing, and for crying. She charms and manipulates her way through life, partially because she is gorgeous and she knows it, but mostly because she can.
When with patrons she is whatever they want her to be, but during they day her true nature is put into light. She is a complete narcissist. She demands that everything revolve around her at all times, and because she earns at a rate of a stick every 2 minutes, she gets it. Despite her deeply entrenched selfishness, she isn?t one dimensional. Ichisuzu treats her fellow geisha kindly, because she feels that they need pity in the shadow of her greatness. She is there to help a younger one as much as her busy schedule allows, and tries to make the cocoons feel as at home as possible in their new lifestyle. Don?t misunderstand, she isn?t being nice, she merely feels that anyone associated with her okiya, or anyone who came into contact with her at all should not be a failure.
In her deepest, most compartmentalized and defended heart she is an extremely insecure person. She understands two vital principles of her lifestyle: love is an illusion, and beauty dies with youth. It is the latter that terrifies her. She has a terrible fear of fire, swords, and earthquakes because she is convinced that they will rob her of her beauty and thus usefulness.
She loves life, but doesn?t cling to it. Ichisuzu has decided that when her death comes, she will accept it as gracefully as she can. Her philosophy could be described as ?dust in the wind?. She sees beauty in all things, and absolutely delights in the Kyoto cherry blossoms. Ichisuzu has ?just the right amount of tea? in her, and is a devout Teaist(see ?The Book of Tea? to better understand this. It would take a whole other topic to fully explain).[/I]

[B]*Occupation:[/B] [I]Fully fledged geisha[/I]

[B]*Bio:[/B] [I]Born in Edo and sold to the Nitta okiya for 100 yen at the age of 5. As she grew she excelled in all the arts, especially tea ceremony and dance. At 15 her mizuage sold for 15,000 yen and her debt was paid. She was rare in that she became insanely successful, and yet never had an elder sister. She?s never had a danna either, and that?s a fact that lesser geisha love to remind her of when they feel insulted by her magnitude.[/I]

[B]Motivation-[/B] [I]She is motivated by ambition to be the best geisha ever. She believes taht she is the best at all the arts, and that she can become the best in history.[/I]

Ok, I am a guy, and am going to do my damndest to play this role as accurately as possible. I was thinking of doing both a geisha and a business man, but am gonna stick solely with a geisha (as I?m gonna be in that business man?s position someday ^_~ ). Anyways, I looked up Gion lineages and all that, Mame- and Ichi- are the biggest most famous groups of geishas, thus the name Ichisuzu. This good enough Cyriel? If not please inform me of needed changes.
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