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Season Change (sign-ups)


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[center][color=green][b][FONT=gigi][size=3][u]Season Change[/u][/font][/b][/center][/size][size=1]
[i]As the months of the year go by the Earth goes through a change in it's atmosphere and weather pattern. The four seasons that pass over the Earth are Spring, Summer, Autumn (Fall), and Winter. There are questions though of how the seasons change and why. No one seems to know but nature itself.

The answer? Season Sprites. Although they are almost never seen doing their handy work on nature. They are real and are the reason for why the seasons change. Like the four seasons, their are four kinds of sprites as well: Spring Sprite (Bloom Sprite), Summer Sprite (Drought Sprite), Autumn Sprite (Color Sprite), and Winter Sprite (Flurry Sprite). For centuries, these amazing creatures controled the seasons and all that occured during them, but with every amazing thing, comes a small catch. During the other seasons, a sprite would rest in a sacred area where they would be safe from all danger. When the sprites season came, the sacred animal of each sprite would come and awake it so it could get to work. The sacred animals were: Deer (Spring), Eagle (summer), Bear (Autumn), and Wolf (winter). As time passed, the cycle of the sprites continued over and over.

But, an evil force was against the seasonal changers and wanted to bring an end to them and the pattern of the earth. This evil force was know as the Downed Sprite. Though it seemed to be a mix of many creatures, so it had no true form and it had the powers of all the seasonal sprites only mixed in with his own evil heart. Before they knew it, Sprites were being killed off by this thing and the seasons began to mix rapidly, putting the Earth and its inhabitants in great danger. Knowing they had to stop this force before the earth was destroyed, the sprites drained themselves of all their power, destroying the Downed Sprite. Although the sprites didn't survive. they were able to also use their powers to keep the seasons changing for an amount of time. They knew the power would eventually die, so, the sprites were able to save small bits of energy to create at least one sprite for each season when the time came.

The year is now 2004 and the power the sprites left is beginning to finally wear off. Reports of snow in Egypt have been reported along with other disturbing events. The last remaining life forces of the sprites have been sent out to four high school students. Though, they don't know that there is a bigger evil brewing deep inside the Earth.

You will be one of the four Highschool students. Yes, why the sprites picked high school students, I have no idea, but that's just the way it goes. You are suddenly blessed with this amazing gift and you are able to turn into your sprite form and the animal of the sprite. Basicly, your going to have to set the eather pattern right, but strange creatures will try and prevent you from doing this, plus, it seems that downed sprite is starting to come back. Yes, there are rules...

~No Making your sprite dude the most superior and powerful of the group.
~No Script posting, it gives me headaches
~The powers listed near the bottom are like guide lines for your attacks and powers. You must keep it with in the boundries!
~I'm not doing a first come first serve kind of thing. After a week or so I will choose the people who will go on into the RPG.
~Nice descriptives posts... should be at least three paragraphs each post... five lines... meh, you get the idea.

-------The power stuff-------
Spring- Basicly, the Spring Sprite has the power to do many spring-ish things. You are able to create grass, flowers, ect. and create rain and wind. Water and wind are Springs main elements. Spring makes life.

Summer- Summer is able to cause very heavy droughts that can last for one week to a year. Summer is able to create rain, but not flood issues or anything. Heat is your main weapon. You can dry things out, so... that's kinda fun.

Autumn- When things begin to get sorta chilly. You are able to change nature quite alot, stripping the trees from there leaves after making them multi-colored. You have rain power and a bit of snow as well, but not that much, maybe a flurry or so.

Winter- (taken by me) Yes, powers range from making it 50 below zero to a huge blizzard. Ice and snow are your main elements in this case.

[b]Name[/b]: modern
[b]Age[/b]: 15-18
[b]Gender[/b]: Male/female
[b]Season[/b]: Spring, Summer, or Autumn (I stole winter)
[b]Powers[/b]: use what I listed above as guide-lines.
[b]Special Attack[/b]: This can be just about anything, as long as it goes with your season.
[b]Normal Appearance[/b]: What your character looks like when he/she is a normal high school student. (pictures are excepted)
[b]Sprite Appearance[/b]: Very very different from your normal appearance. If you have ever seen "The Fire Bird Sweep" from Fantasia 2000, you will understand what a sprite looks like. (Make the color of your sprite similar to your season.)
[b]Animal Appearance[/b]: I don't expect a huge detail from this, but you should give your "sacred" animal form something that seperates it from a normal Deer, Bear, Eagle, ect.
[b]Personality[/b]: What your character acts like... and don't just list words for this!
[b]Bio[/b]: Just give me some info on your past. You don't have to make it terribly long, but not too short either.

OK... I'll be posting mine later.... [/size][/color]
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[B]Name:[/B] Chary Tremain (SHAW-ree)

[B]Age:[/B] 17

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Season:[/B] Summer

[B]Powers:[/B] Summer is able to cause very heavy droughts that can last for one week to a year. Summer is able to create rain, but not flood issues or anything. Fire and drought are the main weapons. Sometimes she can use summer thunderstorms to spark a flame, by striking a tree with the random lightning. However, as this is extremely dangerous, and not always controllable, she only does this rarely. Summer is able to make billowing heat waves, which can give heat strokes. When it hits you, it feels like all the air is being sucked out of your lungs, and you feel like you're in an oven. Also, ever see the heat waves on the road in summer? She can sort of do the same thing, and it distorts your vision.

[B]Special Attack:[/B] She can also concentrate the sun's rays, like a magnifying glass, to burn anything to a crisp. It's also a much easier way to create fire, and safer too.

[B]Normal Appearance:[/B] see first attachment

[B]Sprite Appearance:[/B] see second attachment

[B]Animal Appearance:[/B] A fierce golden eagle, its feathers have a slight reddish-gold tinge, and its tail feathers are slightly lighter in color, with cream undertones. Its eyes have gold and blue flecks in the large, black irises.

[B]Personality:[/B] Chary is very easy-going and laid back. She has a naturally calm appearance, but in truth is a wild and free spirit. Bright and cheerful, she rarely angers, although when she does get angry it feels like a summer thunderstorm. Although her real nature is very free, her sense of responsibility makes her clamp down on her wild character, and she's quiet most of the time. Normally she's cautious and clear-headed, and likes to be prepared. But when she's free from the world, her daring nature reveals itself, and she allows herself to relax and let life carry her where it will.

[B]Bio:[/B] The first child of four children, Chary's family background is one of poverty. Her parents both work full-time, and she had to raise her siblings most of the time. Thus, she gained an immense sense of responsibility. Her parents are loving and kind, and can see her intelligence and wit. Knowing her enormous potential, they push her to strive and challenge herself. She is always pressured as the role model, knowing that she must set a good example for her brothers and sisters, and knowing that if she fulfilled the expectations of her parents, it would fufill their lifelong dream as well.
Since both her parents' families were poor, they could never afford a higher education than high school. However, they worked very hard so that Chary would be able to attend college. Thus, she very much feels the pressure on her as the oldest to set the tone for her family, and also take the strain off of her parents. That is why she clamped down on her wild and free nature, and made herself quiet and responsible, cautious and very objective.
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[color=purple][font=arial][size=2]Oka, it isn't done, but I'm trying to find good pictures...

Name: Dezerea Michaels(Mick-keals)
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Season: Spring
Powers: She is able to heal small to large-ish wounds, for spring is a time of life, and healing. She is good at purifying air if it is polluted, and is aware if someone is hurt.
Special Attack: Cherry Blossom Blizzard( she says Flor de la cereza Vantisca)
Normal Appearance: See first attachment(minus the gun)
Sprite Appearance: See second attachment
Animal Appearance: Doe: A white-silver-fawn colored doe with deep red eyes. Her tail is fluffy, and the tips of her ears are blue.
Personality: Dez is a very sweet, caring, and protective person. She is very intuitive, and stubborn as a rock. She makes friends easily, and confidents are hard to find. She is shy at first, but a fun person to know.
Bio: Dezerea was always the smartest girl in class, and was moved up a grade in third. She was picked on a lot, but teased back, or just ignored them. She has a ready smile and laugh, which is soft and airy. Her mother is dead, but she lives wither dad, who loves her more than anything. He spoils her, but she stays sweet and kind. Dez was truametized when her mother was killed in a car crash when Dezerea was 7.
Dez?s dad is looking for a new mother for her, but is very careful of who he picks. He wants Dez to be happy with the choice. His current girlfriend has a personality like Dezerea?s. Megean?s (Dez?s dads g/f) soft, shy personality makes it easier for shy Dezerea to get to know her.

EDIT- done.[/color][/font][/size]
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[COLOR=Navy][B]Name:[/B] Chimé "Chi" Iteki
[B]Age:[/B] 16
[B]Gender:[/B] Female
[B]Season:[/B] Autumn
[B]Powers:[/B] use what I listed above as guide-lines.
[B]Special Attack:[/B] This can be just about anything, as long as it goes with your season.
[B]Normal Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://www.orangeday.net/kanon/images/ayu/ayu19.jpg]Here[/URL]
[B]Sprite Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://www.dharmarose.com/graphics/goods/treefree/fairies/xl_TF85001.jpg]Here[/URL]
[B]Animal Appearance:[/B]
[B]Personality:[/B] Chi is kind, caring and considerate. She's someone you can come to talk to easily without caring if she'll judge you or not. She loves to help people and she'll do anything to help her friends when they're in trouble, danger or if they just need a shoulder to lean on. Chi loves to make friends with people and is always willing to give people a chance to become her friend. One of her favourite quotes is the classic, "Never judge a Book by it's Cover." Chi is also strong minded. She never gives up and hates to admit to defeat, she goes by a Second quote too, "Quitters never Win and Winners never Quit." She's a quick thinker and solves problems quickly.
[B]Bio:[/B] Just give me some info on your past. You don't have to make it terribly long, but not too short either

[B]BTW:[/B] I have a question. What is Autumn's main element? Is it Nature? Sorry...Just that you didn't list it. You just said Autumn can use a bit of rain and snow.

I'll edit this later. I need the answer to my question first. And I'm thinking about some of the info I need to put in.[/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=navy]Yeah, I was trying to give each an element or so, but I really wasn't sure if I should, but I think i'm going to now.

Spring Elements: Life and Wind (yeah, I changed them around)
Summer Elements: Fire and Drought (I know drought isn't exactly an elements, but... meh.)
Autumn Elements: Death and Water (I'll go back to my first post and change the powers around and stuuf)
Winter Elements: Ice and Snow (I don't concider Winter the death season because most plants start to die around autumn)

^^ Ok, thanks for reminding me about that Ohkami. So you guys know, you are allowed to discribe what your powers are like and how you use them, ect. I only had the power thing listed in the first post so you wouldn't make your powers way way way powerful and such. Thanks.

[b]Sign-ups are still open, Sign-ups will close Thursday or Friday[/b] [/size][/color]
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