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school daze


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this is actually my first RPG so excuse me for any faults in the story

Kiruna rolled out of bed and got dressed in his usual clothes, black zipoff pants with a blue shirt with a dragon emblem. He ate a small breakfast and combed his hair over so that it wouldn't stick up. then he grabbed his school supplies and said goodbye to his mom. then he started his walk to school.

it was a day like any other. in the small town that Kiruna came from, walking was not an option. Kiruna now had about a five minute walk to school. he pondered over the things he had to have accomplished today. He had to remember that there was a quiz in ms izumi's class and that his research for mr rush's class was due by the end of this week. Then Kiruna arrived at Taihena Junior High. He walked to the library where his friends hung out

"Hey guys. what's up"

Skye is always the first to respond. "Nothun much compadre!"

Kiruna smiles and then sighs. everyone had just got finished with skye's 13th birthday and Kiruna now had to focus on his work. School and Bodyguard.

Kiruna waited in what seemed like forever in the lunch line, just for a pizza and some breadsticks. He grabbed a soda from the machine and headed outside. Skye was outside waiting on the bleachers of the football field.

"Hey Chicka what's up?"

"Nuthin much Kiruna"

It had been a pretty boring day.Kiruna had aced the quiz for Miss Izumi and Mr. Rush's class was unusally calm.

"Hey Skye do you want to hang out like at the movies or at my house or somethin' after school?"

"Depends... who's goin?"

"Me, and everyone whoelse?"

skye giggled and nodded her head in agreement.

Today was the day the new action movie hit the theaters, Kiruna had asked his mom to help carpool.

Kiruna was just waiting for everyone else's reply
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OOC: this is reminding me of Real Bout Highschool, but without the fighting...

IC: "Aye! What's up guys?" Jacob called from the bottom of the bleachers.

Skye and Kiruna look down and wave. He makes his way up to them and sits down, watching the school football team practice. "Anything new today guys?"

"We're gonna go see the new movie.. wanna come?" Kiruna asked him.

"Heck ya!" Jacob replied, still watching the team pummell each other. Today had gone pretty good for him... and his mom was in a good mood, wich increased his chances of being able to go.

Skye leaned over to him, putting an arm on his shoulder. He blushed a little and ran a hand through his messy hair.
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IC: Skye grinned. "What time? It needs to not interfere with my soccer practice." Kiruna shook his head, laughing. "Of course it won/t Its at eight." Skye grinned. "Right when practice ends. You'll pick me up at the Tabernacle?" Kiruna nodded.

SKye got up, and waved. "I'm going to go get some dessert/" "Just skiping lunch?" Jacob asked. "Yup." She went down from the bleachers, and went inside. She grabbed some cake and a coke, and went back out.
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since no one else even bothered to join me on this thread i will just have to continue with what i have
Kiruna was happy. he hadn't expected to have anyone else actually to go with him. He had to tell them all of the info about the movie.

Kiruna: ok guys, the movie is at eight. my mom will pick you guys up. only bring money for snacks. my mom will pay for your tickets.

Skye: ok cool kiruna!

Jacob: cool dude! free tickets.

Kiruna: skye i know u have practice, but if you want to call your mom and tell her about the movie, i will be outside miss mizumi's class after school, with my cell phone in hand. Jacob, your mom probably won't care but i want to give her a call anyway.

Then the lunch bell rang.

Kiruna: ok guys, i will be outside miss mizumi's class. catch you later!

Skye: see ya!

Jacob: peace bro!

Kiruna went to class with his held high. he finally could repay all of the things his friends had helped him with.
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Natsu walk up the rafters and waves."Hey guys......oh hi Skye...."nose scrunges up and imgainary lighting bolts start to spark between the two."Ugh..its Natsu "said Skye.Sits next to Jacob and smiles at him and watches the fottball playes get hurt."Now this is what i call entertainment".Jacob smiled back at Natsu.Natsu looked at Skye meanly with an evil grin.the imganiary spraks appears gain showing agressive tension between the two girls.
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[quote name='sunofexiles']OOC:is it ok if i join?[/quote]

ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. ok only on one condition. you must respond to my thread in recruitment first. then respond to my thread by edtiting your first post.

thanx peace out!
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OOC: Spelling, babe, grammar! Not bad, though. ^^

IC: Skye rolled her eyes, and said, " Natsu, do you really have to be out here?"

The girl grinned evilly. "Duh."

Skye got up, and said, "Fine, tehn. Come on, Jacob." She took her chell from her pocket. She called her mom. "Hey! Mom, its me, I'm skipping pratice tonight to go to the movies with Kiruna, Jacob, and them. Later!" She flipped it closed. "Jacob, come [i]on![/i]"

She left the bleachers, fuming. [i]What is Natsu's problem?[/i] She made it to class before the bell rang.
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Natsu raced into class.Right when Skye was about to sit down next to Jacob she sat right in it and looked up at Skye who pulled the seat out."Wow,that was really nice of you Skye!".Snickers as Skye gets scolded by the teacher.As the class went on Natsu comepted to answer the question in class."Santa Maria ! " Natsu yelled as the bell rang.The kids got up and left.Natsu exicited out of the classroom with Jacob.Looks back at Skye " Better luck next time...."she gave her usual evil grin at Skye.Continues to walk with Jacob.OOC:I won't be here for a couple of days becuase of a family trip.As the kids enterd the movie theater the kids sat in thier usual seats when they go to the movies.Skye being on one side of Jacob and Natsu on teh other.
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OOC: Oh my god... girls.. fighting over.. me... LOL! OH, and no double posting ~_^

IC: Kiruna looked over at the three of them from his seat, next to Natsu. Jacob only put his head in his hands and prayed this woudln't last too long. Inside, he was actualy thrilled that two girls would actualy fight over [I]him[/I], but the tension was insane.

As usual, his train of thought didn't end there, and he ended up wondering what he would do. He would hate to deny either one of them, not jsut because of embarressment, but because he was afraid he might hurt one of their feelings. He had to admit, he had been friends with Skye a lot longer... and recently very, shall we say, close friends.

He used to daydream about something like this happening, but now he wished it would end.
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Natsu looked behind Jaob constantly wich looked like she was looking at Kiruna.Natsu looked at Jacob and said."Um...im gonna move....i don't like being at the end of the row,heh".She got up and went to sit next to Kiruna.

Jacob seemed to seem as it were his birthday and his present was world domination.
Kiruna looked up at Natsu as she sat down and said "You are sitting next to me,why?"

Natsu smiled and sayed " You looked lonely " she smiled and sat down and watched the rest of the movie.
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Skye sighed. She whispered, "J-chan, what excatly do you think she's doing?" Jacob shrugged. "Skye, if I find out, I'll tell you." Skye watched for fie more minutes, then got up and left the theatre. Kiruna got up and followed her.

SKye smiled as he came out. "Hey. GOt bored of Natsu?" Kiruna smiled back. "Yeah. And thought you might like some company..." He wrapped an arm around her waist, and his lips brushed her head.

They were outside laughing about something when Jacob came out. "Damn, Natsu's freakin' annoying!" Skye lauhged, and pulled him over, slipping her arm around his waist. They felt like siblings, all three, but she and Jacob... closer.
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A warm, exciting feeling shot through Jacob's chest as Skye touched him. He was always this was around girls ((lol)). Skye leaned on Jacob, and Kiruna leaned on Skye, all three of them looking a little comical standing there.

Not very long after, Natsu came out looking just a little annoyed. "What's everybody doing? You guys get bored with the movie or something?" They turned to face her, and Jacob almost felt Skye tense up. [I]Thank God she's not in the army...[/I]

You could almost seethe tension between the two girls, but Natsu walked past Skye and stood nest to Kiruna flirtingly, shooting a defient look at Skye.
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OOC: THank god she's not in the army? What was that wise crack supposed to mean?

IC: Skye sighed. "How about you take me to practice, since the movie plan isn;t working, heh? Then I can introduce Natsu to the coach." Eve if they were enemies, Skye had to admit, Natsu was a ckick-butt soccer player on the school team.

Kiruna looked at her. "Sure!" He waved to his mom, who was driving auround the parking lot. She drove up, and they climbed in, heading for the local field where soccer was held.
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Natsu sat in the car arms crossed and looking out the window.The mom looked through her rear-veiw mirror."Is there something worng,Natsu ? " Natsu replied " The fact that everyone hates me and abanded me in the movies.everythings fine"

She got out the car and Skye walked up to Natsu and put her hand on her shoulder.Natsu jerked " If you so dare touch me again...."the couch said "
Ladies,ladies".Natsu just decided to practice hitting soccerballs one went right through the goal net."No one touch me.."she kept on repeating it
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Jacob sank into a bench and put a hand on his face. This is what he had been afraid of. Now Natsu was pissed...

Options ran through his mind, though none ofthem really registered in his concious. And to think the day had started so nicely. He removed his hand and watched Natsu pummel the soccer balls. This was not exactly an encouraging sighte.

Kiruna walked up and leaned on the bench next to Jacob. "I'll never understand them..."

"You took the words from my mouth man..."
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Coach said, "Okay, girls! Line up! Five in two rows!" SKye lined up next to Tiffany, Dezerea, Alia, and Meagan. Across from her was Natsu, Danielle, Chelsea, Cameron, and Alex. "Okay! Natsu, your line at that end, Skye, your end down there!" The girls trotted off to the ends.

Natsu was fuming.

SKye brushed chestnut hair out of her face, and grinned at Kiruna and Jacob. She went to offense, and the others took place. Dezerea gave the ball to Natsu, who was on offense. Skye and Natsu faced one another. Natsu pummeled the ball between Skye's legs- or tried to. Skye's foot snapped forward, and the ball was racing off. She shot past Natsu, who was right behind her.

Alex tried to intercept her, but she passed to Alia, who shot it at the goal. Alex lept up, knocking the ball back down.

Natsu took the ball and shot dow the feidl. Skye turned, sprinting to keep up. THe whole team was like a field of cheetahs, or deer. Fast, graceful, and determined.
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Natsu ran up the feild.Natsu literlly had stewam coming out hewr ears.Natsu raced toward Skye who had teh ball.She kicked the ball up headbutted it,then kicked it down the feild.

Natsu looked at Skye and skye looked at Natsu.The ball was now at Skye again they were kicking eachother wich excellrated to punching wich evolved into fighting.The coach tried to pull them apart as the other girls had thier fair share in cheerings thier friends on.

The two girls screamed as they were departed.Natsu stormed of fteh feild."Stupid girl..".A bunch of mean figures waited at a bench.Natsu noticed who they were.The local gang.Natsu looked at her friends calling for her."Im insulted to even call thos people friends".She looked towardf the gang and walked off with them.Nw being part of the gang.
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Skye coughed as she knelt on the ground. Alex knelt next to her, paper towel in hand. "You okay?" Skye kept coughing, her nose bleeding. She wouldn't have fought, but Natsu... well, she was persistant. Skye was coughing hard, blood running down her chin.

A couple of her teeth had been knocked loose, her lip was bleeding, her nose was bleeding, and she had been kicked in the stomach, making it hard to breath. SHe was doubled over in pain as Alex and the otehrs helped her.

Dezerea was standing watching Natsu, malice playing across a constantly pale face. She tossed her gold ringlets over her sholder. "WHat was her problem? All it was was a skirmish! She didn't have to kill you!"

Skye finally cought her breath, and took the paper towel, wiping her motuh. She grimaced. "Ouch... the knocked my toof looth."
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OOC: ok, now I'll post... lol

IC: Jacob and Kiruna froze, shocked. This was turning out to be quite a day. Kiruna spoke, "Uhh... did they just...?"

"Yeah..." Jacob suddenly snapped into regular thought again. He jogged out onto the field, feeling a little stupid, and knelt down next to Skye.

"Umm... are you OK?"

Skye looked up at him, more than a little ticked off. "Yesh... I think." Jacob gulped. [I]Ohhh man...[/I]
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Natsu departed from the gang saying " Sorry guys,i can't".She trotted to the feild.She ran over to Skye."Sorry,i didn't mean to go that far...".She wiped a towel across Skyes forehead."Hey,are you and Kiruna together ? " she asked as she kneeled near Skye.

She looked at Kiruna and Jacob."I was just wondering".She continued to serve Skye becuase she felt very guilty."Kiruna,is very nice"."We used to get along alot....but then we got into 8th grade and girlfriends and dates started coming". "He kinda blocked me out,if he knew...there i go babbling"she luaghs
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Skye smiled at her, then grimaced. "You knocked one of my teeth looth, Nathu." Natsu laughed nervously. "Sorry!" She helped her stand. Jacob wrapped and arm around Skye's waist to help support ehr. Natsu let go, when Skye whispered in her ear, "NO, actually. He's my 'bodyguard."

Skye smiled at the coach. "Sorry Coach Daniels. Really." Natsu also apologized.
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OOC: OK sunofexiles... I hear ya...

IC: Jacob turned back to Kiruna, "Ya know... " He seemed to pause and think about what he was saying.

"What?" Kiruna asked.

"Well... Natsu seems to like ya know." Kiruna's grip on the bench nearly slipped.

"Umm... yeah."

"Soo...?" Jacob gave him an expectant look.

"What?!" The question was unavoidable. "Alright, alright... yeah, I kinda like her..."

Jacob glared at him. "OK, geez! I like her! Happy?"

"Yeah." Jacob leaned back, satisfied.

OOC: ARGH! posting going too fast... getting... confused...
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Natsu and Skye now best friends walked the sidewalks.
"So,Natsu...you gonna ask Kiruna to go out sometime?"

Natsu nearly fell as they enterd teh mall."Um,no"

"Your lying..."

"Fine ok i will "
Natsu crossed her arms as they went up the escaltor.As they came to the top Kiruna and Jacob were there ordering smoothies.

"Um...look who it is "said Natsu
The four met in a semi circle Skye and Jacob cuddled.Kiruna had his hands in his poket and Natsu still had her arms crossed.
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