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Year 2500
The Earth sphear is not what it used to be. The planet was once beautiful and bright, where people lived their happy lives. The moon was also inhabited, with many men and women. And finnaly, the space colonies, artificial homes that float in space. They were once peacful. Then it happened. A war broke out. It was the bloodiest war mankind had ever seen. It lasted 102 years. At first it was just between the supernations of the Earth. Then Luna and the Colonies got involved. New weapons were quickly developed, and eventually came the most destructive weapon of this war: The Mobile Suit. It was a giant mechanical suit controlled by a single pilot. There were at first only a few, called GM's, sent to the battlefeild. Then the colonies began making Zakus, and Luna made Leos and Aires. Soon, the tanks were all replaced with Mobile Weapons, and different forms started coming out. There was the space only Mobile Armors, the high-speed Mobile Jets, and heavy firing Mobile Tanks. But as Mobile Weapons appeared more and more on the battlefeild, new Mobile Weapons were being developed. They used the top secret alloid called Gundanium. Therefore, these suits were called Gundams. Not much information is present about the Gundams. Each was a one-of-a-kind suit, although there were rumors of a mass-produced Gundam. The Gundams were like an army of one. When used properly, they could destroy entire armies.
The war raged on, and the sides became unclear. Eventually, the reason the war was started was forgotton. However, a few armies formed aliances with each other, and the alliances began to chain together. This alliance eventually swept the battlfeilds, and was victorious in this hopeless war. The war was called "The War of Blood and Oil", and it left recorces to a minimum and the Earth spear in ruins. Much of the world had been converted to wasteland. However, the Mobile Suits still existed. The Gundams were erased from history, and were never seen again...
Until Now, the year 2650.

This is an Alternate Universe Gundam RPG. That means that the story has nothing to do with any other Gundam series so far. However, some of the mobile suits from other series are present. However, there are a few differences:
-No thermal weapons. All thermal weapons have been replaced by a big-***** blade.
-No Mass-Destruction weapons. That means Wing Zero could'nt blow up a city.
-The mobile suits are more rugged in design.
The vast amount of this sereis takes place on Earth. The Gundams will be present in this series. Here are the stats you need:

Mobile Suit: (pick an allready existing suit, not everyone can have Gundams! If you do have a Gundam, pick another suit also)

EDIT: I'v changed my Gundam

Name: Axe
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Mobile Suit: OZX-GU01A Gundam Geminass [b]&[/b] GM Custom
Bio: A wanderer who has a taste for adventure. He knows more than he lets on. Also the main character.
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Name: Tyoko Susaike
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Mobile Suit: [font=Arial][size=1]GAT-X207 Blitz Gundam and SD-VB03A V-Dash [/size][/font]
Bio: Ever since he was a little boy Ty wanted to pilot a gundam and see space, so he became a pilot and searches for work, mostly transport and odd jobs. So he uses a smaller version of the Archangel.
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Hey Jagan. I'v got a minor thing I may have forgot to mention. You have to use already existing mobile weapons. Sorry. If you need to find one, go on [url]http://www.mahq.net/mecha/gundam[/url] to find one. Thanks for joining!
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Guest Spike88
Name:Xiao Frost
Mobile Suit: NRX-0013 Gundam Virsago & MMS-01 (OZ-17MS) Serpent
Bio:Second in command of The Earth Alliance. Skilled pilot who has spent his many years destroying those who were to weak to oppose him. Looks forward to any war and any challenge. Corrupt with power and greed he vows to crush those who gets in his way. Welcome to the face of Evil!!!

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Thanks for joining Spike and Jagan. I'm going to see if I can get Botosai to join too. Then the three main members of the Ultimate Gundam RPG will be back. Mabey we can also get a few more members, too. There's still plenty of time to join.
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[color=navy]Name: Marcus Solo[/color]
[color=navy]Age: 17
Gender: Male
Mobile Suit: GAT X-133 Sword Calamity Gundam, [url="http://www.mahq.net/mecha/gundam/f91-msv/f71-vsbr.jpg"]F71 G-Cannon VSBR Type[/url][/color]
[color=navy]Bio: The main pilot of the Oasis Guild, Marcus has been trained from birth on how to operate various vehicles and mobile weapons with great proficiency. The guild long ago captured Sword Calamity Gundam from a cell of the alliance, and Marcus protects the guild from any retalliation. [/color]
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[COLOR=Navy]Name: Alex
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Mobile Suit(s):

[B] RX-93 Nu Gundam[/B]

with funnels

Without Funnels



Beam Saber: [IMG]http://www.mahq.net/mecha/gundam/cca/lineart/rx-93-beamsaber.jpg[/IMG]

360 degree panoramic cockpit: [IMG]http://www.mahq.net/mecha/gundam/cca/lineart/rx-93-cockpit.jpg[/IMG]

Hyper Bazooka: [IMG]http://www.mahq.net/mecha/gundam/cca/lineart/rx-93-hyperbazooka.jpg[/IMG]

Larger Beam Saber: [IMG]http://www.mahq.net/mecha/gundam/cca/lineart/rx-93-largebeamsaber.jpg[/IMG]

Also has a beam rifle, power rated at 3.8 MW, powered by rechargeable energy cap

[B]MBF-P03 Astray "Blue Frame" [/B]



Unit type: prototype general purpose mobile suit

Accommodation: pilot only, in standard cockpit in torso

Dimensions: head height 17.53 meters

Weight: empty 49.8 metric tons; max gross weight unknown

Construction: unknown

Powerplant: ultracompact energy battery, power output rating unknown

Equipment and design features: sensors, range unknown; extra sensor unit (optional); high mobility booster (optional); Full Armor Phase Shift (FAP) system; Tactical Arms backpack; Phase Shift (PS) armor (Blue Frame Second)

Fixed armaments: 2 x 'Igelstellung' 75 mm multi-barrel CIWS, fire-linked, mounted on head; 2 x beam saber, power rating unknown, mounted on shoulders, hand-carried in use

Optional fixed armaments: 90 mm Gatling gun (Tactical Arms backpack); oversized blade (Tactical Arms backpack)

Optional hand armaments: beam rifle, power rating unknown


Beam Rifle: [IMG]http://www.mahq.net/mecha/gundam/astray/lineart/mbf-beamrifle.jpg[/IMG]

Beam Saber: [IMG]http://www.mahq.net/mecha/gundam/astray/lineart/mbf-beamsaber.jpg[/IMG]

Sensor Unit: [IMG]http://www.mahq.net/mecha/gundam/astray/lineart/mbf-p03-sensorunit.jpg[/IMG]

Bios: Alex is usually a loner, mercanary working for any kind of money he can get by living by. So he doesn't have any worries how bloody his hands get. He found his two MS when he was about 14 and has had them since then.[/COLOR]
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[B]Name:[/B] Lei Raiyans

[B]Age:[/B] 18

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Mobile Suit:[/B] Since I'm not a regular player in these, does someone want to suggest one for me? I'd appreciate any help. -__-;;

[B]Bio:[/B] As one of the few female pilots, she's tomboyish in looks and acts. Constant competition and hazing from male associates and students puts her immediately on her guard with all strangers; she's quick to anger, and eager for battle, to prove that she's just as skilled as any male pilot. And indeed, she can match any man in battle, and can completely hold her own.


Whee, ok, thank you for the gundam suggestions! I'll just go along with those. Thank you again!
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[size=3]This sounds fun. I want in if you dont want me, P.M. me k[/size]
[size=3]Name:Kau Manamazi[/size]
[size=3]Age: 30[/size]
[size=3]Mobile Suit:FA-010S Full Armor Enhanced ZZ Gundam[/size]
[font=Arial][size=3]Bio:One of the best warriers in the universe now seems to have lost his tuch and now is in the battle feild with His Second M.S. Kau was the son of a very rich father, his dad Promised Kau a powerful weapon. But only Kau's Father knows what it is.[/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=3][u]here is a pic of my gundam [/u][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=3]Shields Closed[/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=3]Shields Open/Half armor mode[/size][/font]
G-Fortress mode[img]http://www.geocities.com/gundam_double_zeta/msz-010-g-fortress.jpg[/img]
[center][size=2][color=white][b][font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][color=#ccffff]General and Technical Data[/color][/font][/b][/color][/size][/center]

[size=2][b][font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Model number:[/font][/b][font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif] MSZ-010S
[b]Code name:[/b] Enhanced ZZ Gundam
[b]Unit type:[/b] prototype general purpose transformable mobile suit
[b]Manufacturer:[/b] Anaheim Electronics Company
[b]Operator:[/b] Anti-Earth Union Group
[b]First deployment:[/b] UC 0089
[b]Accommodation:[/b] pilot in panoramic monitor/linear seat cockpit in torso with Core Block System using [url="http://www.mahq.net/mecha/gundam/zz/fxa-07gb.htm"][color=#0000ff]FXA-07GB Neo Core Fighter[/color][/url]; additional canopy-style standard cockpit located in double beam rifle for operation of G-Fortress mode and/or Core Top
[b]Dimensions:[/b] mobile suit mode: overall height 23.14 meters, head height 19.86 meters; G-Fortress mode: overall length 30.13 meters, wingspan 18.52 meters
[b]Weight:[/b] empty 32.7 metric tons; max gross 71.6 metric tons; mass ratio 1.78
[b]Construction:[/b] gundarium alloy on movable frame
[b]Powerplant:[/b] Minovsky type ultracompact fusion reactor, output rated at 7340 kW
[b]Propulsion:[/b] rocket thrusters: 4 x 31200 kg (operable in mobile suit and G-Fortress modes and in Core Base only), 2 x 17300 kg (operable in G-Fortress mode and in Core Base only), 2 x 16300 kg (operable in G-Fortress mode and in Core Top only); vernier thrusters/apogee motors: 36
[b]Performance:[/b] maximum thruster acceleration: mobile suit mode 1.74 G, G-Fortress mode 2.68 G
[b]Equipment and design features:[/b] sensors, range 16200 meters; bio-sensor system; separable transformation components, G-Fortress mode can split into Core Top and Core Base
[b]Fixed armaments:[/b] 2 x hyper beam saber, power rated at 1.1 MW each, stored in recharge racks in backpack, hand-carried in use in mobile suit mode only, both hyper beam sabers double as double beam cannon, fire-linked, power rated at 20 MW, mounted on main body in G-Fortress mode and on Core Base; high mega cannon, power rated at 50 MW, mounted in head, operable in mobile suit mode only; 2 x 60 mm double vulcan gun, fire-linked, 400 rounds of ammunition per gun, mounted in head, operable in mobile suit mode only; 2 x 18-tube missile launcher, 2 round magazine per tube, mounted on backpack in mobile suit mode and on main body in G-Fortress mode and on Core Base; 2 x shield, mounted on forearms, double as wing/control surfaces in G-Fortress mode and on Core Base
[b]Optional hand armaments:[/b] double beam rifle, power rated at 21.2 MW total (2 x 10.6 MW), can be mounted on main body in G-Fortress mode or on Core TopHere

Here is my M.S.
Mech Name:[b][font=Arial]ZM-S06G Zollidia Kai[/font][/b]
[font=Arial][size=2][b]Unit type:[/b] mobile suit
[b]Armament:[/b] vulcan gun x 2, beam saber x 2, beam shield x 1, mega Gatling gun x 1, back beam shield x 1[/size]
Note: This M.S. Was never used in the seires. So It might not look farmiliar.[/font]
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue][B]Name:[/B] Kiyoshi (or just 'Ki' in battlefield situations) Saito
[B]Age:[/B] 22
[B]Gender:[/B] Male
[B]Mobile Suit:[/B] OZ-07MS Tragos [B]AND[/B] Mobile Fighter Grand Gundam


Model number: OZ-07MS
Code name: Tragos
Unit type: mobile suit
Manufacturer: OZ (Organization of Zodiac)
Operator(s): OZ; United Earth Sphere Alliance
First deployment: unknown
Accommodation: pilot only, in standard cockpit in torso

Unlike the girlish pink colour scheme, Ki's Tragos is a light royal blue, with cyan highlights on the edges. Along the neck is engraved in cyan the family name.


Model Number: 0
Code name: Grand Gundam
Unit Type: mobile fighter
Manufacturer: Dark Gundam Corps.
Operator(s): None
First deployment: Never
Accomodation: pilot only

Though at first sight the Grand Gundam seems unstoppable, it was unearthed from a collision to earth in FC 60, the time of the Dark Armies, and still has many problems to sort out. It has mainly long-range weaponary, but the horns and fists can provide melee weaponary.

OOC: Don't worry, I won't go insane with it!

[B]Bio:[/B] Ki transfered to Colony militia when the war was in it's infancy. He quickly passed through the ranks to become a specialised commando unit leader, a unit designed for long range, heavy artillery. Ki is not one to think before firing, and constantly puts his life on the line by launching missle strinkes at point blank range in fury! Ki is focused entirely on the task at hand, and all other annoyances, such as social situations and entertainment, must be removed or "his concentration will slip and he will become inefficient". Ki has often been described as more robot than man! When not on leave, he is most likely seen wearing the OZ colony uniform, and carries his father's helmet, with specialised visor for sniper and artillery missions, when not wearing it.[/COLOR]
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Thank you for joining, but there are a few errors. Remember how I said if you have a Gundam, you must pick another suit also. That's becauce you will start the RPG with the 2nd suit, and you will find your Gundam during the RPG. Domon, you can only have one Gundam. Cyriel, I reccomend the following suits to you:
JMF1336R Rising Gundam
RGM-109 Heavygun
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I hope there's still time for me to post,
Name: Novus
Mobile Suit:
[center][size=3][b][font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][color=navy]NRX-016 Rasveyt[/color][/font][/b][/size]



[size=2][font=Arial][b]Equipment and design features:[/b] flash system, allows Newtype pilot to remote control Rasveyt bits; sensors, range unknown
[b]Fixed armaments:[/b] beam saber, stored in hip, hand-carried in use
[b]Optional hand armaments:[/b] beam rifle
[b]Remote weapons:[/b] 5 x Rasveyt bits (features identical armaments to Rasveyt)[/font][/size]

[center][b][font=Arial][color=navy]ZGMF-X09A Justice Gundam[/color][/font][/b][/center]


[center] [/center]
[center] [/center]
[left][font=Arial][b]Equipment and design features:[/b] [size=2]sensors, range unknown; Phase Shift (PS) armor; Neutron Jammer Canceler[/size][/font][font=Arial][size=2]; backpack/subflight lifter, can be separated from main body and remote-controlled for attack or use as subflight system
[b]Fixed armaments:[/b] 2 x MA-M01 'Lacerta' beam saber, stored on hips, hand-carried in use; 2 x MMI-GAU1 'Sagittus' 20 mm CIWS, fire-linked, mounted in head; 2 x RQM51 beam boomerang, mounted on shoulders, hand-carried in use; backpack/subflight lifter: 2 x M9M9 'Cervus' turret machinegun; 2 x MA-4B 'Fortis' beam cannon; 4 x GAU5 'Volucris' machinegun
[b]Optional fixed armaments (docked with [url="http://www.mahq.net/mecha/gundam/seed/meteor.htm"][color=#800080]Meteor[/color][/url]): [/b]many x missiles, stored across main body; 2 x long beam saber; 8 x cannon
[b]Optional hand armaments:[/b] MA-M20 'Lupus' beam rifle

[center][b][font=Arial][color=navy]METEOR[/color][/font][/b] [/center]
[center][font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][size=2][color=navy][b]Docked with ZGMF-X09A Justice Gundam[/b][/color][/size][/font][/center]
[center][b][color=#000080][/color][/b] [/center]
[left][color=#000080][b]Bio:[/b][color=#000000]An expierenced piolt, whose hot temper is well known. He can also become misanthropic, anbecome entranced in thought, somethimes on winning woman's heart or thinking deeply on a stategy that would win the battle.[/color]
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[center][size=3][b][font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][color=navy]NRX-016 Rasveyt[/color][/font][/b][/size]




[b][font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][size=3][/b]
[center][b][font=Arial][color=navy]ZGMF-X09A Justice Gundam[/color][/font][/b][/center]



[font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][size=2][color=navy][b]Docked with ZGMF-X09A Justice Gundam[/b][/color][/size][/font][/center]
[color=navy]There you go.[/color][/center]
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